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Refunded Return Shipping Costs (8 Per Year, $45 Max Each, Activation Required) @ PayPal


An OzReminder of TA's deal being more than 6 months since it was last posted.

  • (1) Activate Refunded Returns. You’ll be eligible for a refund on return shipping costs from your next PayPal purchase.
  • (2) If you return an eligible purchase, log in to your PayPal account to find the original transaction.
  • (3) Submit a request with proof of return within 30 days of return and 150 days of purchase. Receive your refund, usually within 5 business days.

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    Glad they are no longer the financial war lords @ eBay, they are/where very difficult to work with 👎

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      I kinda miss PayPal after having dealt with the new warlords that eBay Payments have become. They do whatever they want since they can just withhold your money

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        I agree PayPal > ebay which is saying something!

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        and am i right in saying eBay charges ~15% of the proceeds, which is as least as much as, if not more than the amount hitting sellers when PayPal was with eBay. you'd think eBay would be charging a bit less now that the fee to ebay has gone.

        wishful thinking i guess.

      • i feel the same. Paypal was slow to work with but they at least move things along when nudged. I don't know how "ebay case workers" are assigned their work, but looks like they can just put anything in the too hard basket and let someone else deal with them, and the timeline stated in the emails are not followed.

        • Absolutely, I have 2 open cases, one from early December where I was promised a response in 48 hours, another from 28 December, no response. They are absolutely useless f words…

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      It is getting rather tedious reading how awful PayPal is without so much an explanation as to why they are so bad, and what the next best alternative is.

      very difficult to work with

      Actually, they have been great to deal with as a buyer.

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        That's part of why they're so difficult to work with. They always side with the buyer, even if they acknowledge the buyer is fraudulent. The problems start if you use them for anything else.

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          My most recent discovery with PayPal was that they still charge the seller transaction fees even if the sale is refunded for any reason.

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    Refunded return shipping is one of the main reasons I prefer paying with PayPal over any other payment option.

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      Also if it is a scam, you get your money back through buyer protection

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        True. I was able to get the refunds through buyer protection twice in the past 18 months. One of it required returning the wrong product at my cost which is where the refunded returns came handy.

        Incidentally, the returned product came back to me as the postal service weren't able to deliver to the address provided.

      • You still get that if you pay with a credit card

        • Most just have a debt card and paypal is easy to open as many cases as you want, i can open 5 a day if needed within 1 minute without complications.

          • @MrMedoMan: If you are using a debit card on PayPal then it is a Visa or MasterCard running through the credit card network which means you can do a charge back just like a credit card

      • Many time items or a delivery for food would not arrive and uber eats or any toher food service would deny a refund, easily fixed with paypal since they never reply and you win after a brief period.

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    Does it go on once you activate or do you have to activate every year?

    • If you click on the "Activate Refunded Returns" on the deal page, it will tell you if it's already activated.

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      They say yearly but everytime I do this it says I already have it

    • +19

      Username checks out. First in line to complain

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    Used it a few times this year. Really good feature for when shopping online particularly for clothing and shoes from stores without a shop front or free returns.

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    did once a few years ago.

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    Do you have to renew this activation each year?

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    Thanks, did a return this week and almost forgot to use this!

  • Will elong Musk contact me if payment issues happen.

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        Tried messaging him on Twitter, he's account says spacex wtf thought it was PayPal.

        I still want my refund.

  • Can this be done with Catch.com.au via PayPal return. Catch do not offer free returns

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      Yes if your payment made via paypal, because in order to claim reimburshment for your return you have to select the payment from your paypal summary and upload the postage receipt. Even works for return to overseas store/overseas postage, I returned some order to Japan costs me $50 express parcel, paypal refund me $45, so only $5 out of pocket.

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    didnt know this.thanks op

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    have used this a few times. works really well, even got a full $45 refunded last time where the only option to sent something back to china was $48ish.

    the only catch is you need to take photos of the parcel with all the paper work on it before sending it. just take lots of photos of the parcel and receipt together etc, there are some conditions

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      It’s hardly a catch. They make this pretty clear. Lots of photos is a bit of an exaggeration - one suffices.

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        sure paypal don't hide it. if you forget to take a pic with the receipt / with the address visible etc and the parcel is half way around the world by the time paypal decline the request, you'll could be up for $45

        its a little different to a regular amazon return or something like that - with paypal you need more proof that you've genuinely sent something back, which is understandable

        agreed 1 photo will suffice

        great perk when using paypal if the seller doesn't provide free returns

        • Yes, but if you think of this as an insurance policy it’s very logical what you need to provide as ‘evidence’ (a receipt showing that you actually paid for the postage). It’s a claim at the end of the day and a claim requires some form of proof.

  • Last time I used it they paid for cost of the box and insurance.

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    Would the free return benefit still be applicable if a $100 product is paid partially with PayPal? Eg, with $95 in gift cards and remaining $5 with PayPal.

    • good question

  • Is it a one off activation? Or does this need yearly renewal?

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      One off

  • Am I eligible if I use my credit card through the PayPal portal?

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    All the sheeps out here please neg me:
    Paypal just teases us just like Gerry to proudly announce that they become more law compliant.
    Seriously after 5 faulty items getting refunded they just cut you off from all communications and send the debt collectors (another US owned fraudster) after you.
    Now they have lost a huge customer base they are throwing lollies at strangers just to counter act past bad behaviour. Ever wonder why they do not give you their address?
    US firms and privacy laws?? Laws? No they do not apply to all and the sentiment here on this board can be clearly felt against the current federal government.

  • What's the catch?

    • The catch is you need to use PayMorePal

  • Recently returned a purchase, paid 8.89 postage via parcelpoint or sth like that. Tried to look for submit refund shipping cost option but failed, the UI sucks.

  • Was about to use this for an overseas purchase but it seems the foreign currency conversion fee that PayPal charges made it seem less appealing. Seems to be 3% (https://www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/paypal-fees).

    On a higher value item that 3% fee does add up, and it's almost like buying insurance for returns. The alternative is to use a Latitude card and pay no fee, but accept that you won't try and do a change of mind return and hope you won't need to return for defects.

    But makes a lot of sense for domestic purchases.

    • You can just pay using the destination currency within Paypal rather than Paypal converting it for you?

      You just need to change the conversion to calculate by the card provider instead of Paypal and it won't charge any extra fees (unless your credit card has international transaction fees).

      • Ah brilliant. Haven't tried it but that makes sense.

        I was under the impression that Paypal forced a conversion to your home currency. But not sure why I assumed that.

        • They definitely force it for their own benefit which is annoying, but there's also the option to convert by the card provider which is the best option :)

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            @doweyy: I guess most people want to keep the stuff that they buy, so only a small % would return. And then, if Pay Pal generates more business with this offer, most people aren't going to check the conditions and will allow PP to charge them the fee. Presumably the increase in business more than offsets the cost of reimbursement for refunds. As much as I don't want to get gouged, I do kind of respect the modelling that must go into figuring out these kinds of promos.

  • If I activated this before, do I need to re-activate it again from time to time?

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      No. One off.

  • N00b Question: Will this work for change of mind returns? For example: a clothing or footwear item is of the wrong size, and therefore the buyer will not pay for return shipping.

  • Sorry if this is a dumb question, how did anyone claim this? Can't seem to find an option to request refund for return postage anywhere. Did everyone just send an email to the email account provided with the documents needed? Thank you in advance :)

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