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Wellcare KN95 Masks 5pk $2 (C&C only) @ Bunnings


Just saw it at Bunnings Chadstone on clearance. Whole crate full of KN95 masks 5 for $2


Comfortable elastic ear loops & adjustable nose piece
Tested to GB 2626-2006 KN95
Five layer filtration
Dust protection
KN95 disposable respirator filtration provides daily protection against dust, air pollution, substances and particles. For single use only.

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  • I/N 0189170
    Available online too.

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    Tried buying them online and send an SMS saying the masks are out of stock and refunded me. Try buying in-store if you can!

  • Dumb question, is KN95 similiar to P2 or N95?

    • Yes, think similar to both . Just different standards.

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        Oh okay. Thank you.

        In anycase, they should be much better than surgical or fabric masks.

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          Yes. https://www.rollingstone.com/product-recommendations/lifesty...
          The main difference lies in how the masks are certified. “In general,” says Sean Kelly, founder of New Jersey-based PPE of America, “N95 is the U.S. standard, and the KN95 is the China standard.” Because of this, only N95 masks are approved for health-care use in the United States, even though KN95 masks have many of the same protective properties.

          • @m2000: Lol the Rolling Stone as a medical reference lol

            They have zero credibility about music!

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      They should be similar however

      it should be noted that the KN95 is a self-reported test standard, and lacks strict government regulation by China, resulting in many underperforming and often flat-out fake masks

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    Always this price ive been buying them for months .

    • Yeah, though TBF they were previously weren't on the website to be able to check stock and order online (just going off the comments).

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    This has been $2 for 5 forever (at least 12 months or more)
    You can buy individual ones for 40c each if you don't want to commit.

    All of the Bunnings I've been to sell them

    • Are they individually packed?

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        No. 1 pack of 5

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      SMH is such a fitting acronym for the Sydney Morning Herald lol

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    Also 10 pack for $4 and in stock at more places:


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    These are great, very fitting and the mask doesnt touch your lips.

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        correct me if i am wrong but you dont wear the mask to protect you directly from the virus , you wear it to protect you from the large droplets from people breathing.

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          and mostly to protect other people from your droplets

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          Surgical masks are more to stop your droplets spreading through the air (because in a surgical setting that's what the concern is)

          The sort of masks in this deal are for both yours and others.

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        2000 micrometers

        That's 2 millimetres which is much larger than what the holes on the mask are.

        Prehaps stop spreading junk information without educating yourself first

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      Masks were mandatory indoors from 24/12/21 onwards

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        You don't get it it was too late.

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      There's "Morans" everywhere.

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        One is my accountant, good guy!
        Saves me heaps every year.

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    but it is not for Medical purpose.

    Just dust right?

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      yes, I read that it doesn't mention viruses, so…..KN95 is the Chinese certification

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        KN95 is the Chinese standard and they should be similar.
        KN95, P2, N95 etc all aim to filter 95% of particulates and are generally interchangeable offering the same protection


        it should be noted that the KN95 is a self-reported test standard, and lacks strict government regulation by China, resulting in many underperforming and often flat-out fake masks

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    Good deal if you don’t like dust… in this case the K stands for knock-off, as in Knock-off N95s

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      KN95 is not a knockoff.
      N95 is the American standard
      KN95 is the Chinese standard

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        Knock off standard.

  • good for filtering virus and pollen????

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      Yes, they will filter out aerosol sized particles that people exhale that could contain Covid… And yes for pollen as well. They do a better job than cloth masks a lot of people wear now.

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    Worth trying KF94 masks. I find them to be much more comfortable than these kn95 or n95.

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      We need more deals on designer masks. I think Apple might have missed an opportunity — they have the Apple Polishing Cloth, so why not the Apple Filtering Mask? They could put a subtle Apple logo on it… maybe a spot for a personal political slogan… or maybe the default “If you have a Mac, you’ll never get a virus”

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      KF95 is a standard and has nothing to do with how a mask fits.

      Even on the same standard one brand will offer your face better protection than mine.

      That's why fit testing is recommended in the Australian Standards (AS/NZ 1715:2009) so you know what brand and size fits you best.

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        Perhaps that's true. If you take a look online, you can see 95% of KF94 masks are designed in a very specific way which makes them sit further away from your face. I had assumed it was a part of the Korean standard but perhaps that's just how they all happen to make them.

        Either way, whether it's the standard or just western vs Korean design, I suggest trying a mask labelled kf94 to see if people like the fit better.

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      King of Fighters 94 was a good game. Brings back memories. Which was ya fav character?

      • Gotta be Kyo?

  • These have been 50c or $1 (can't remember) at my local Bunnings for a while now. These started as individually packed and then changed to all five packed in one bag. They also don't fit quite as well as the earlier model.

    Bought at least 50 of these and used them for a while, but have moved onto better quality and fit masks (for much higher cost) due to genuine risk factor.

    • Ready your respirator — this thing will be endemic for the remainder of existence

      • Endemic means the end of the pandemic right?

        That's good news!

    • 1pk or 5pk ? 50c ?

    • There is still a bit of store variability. There's this Wellcare one, which I think is the same as the Craftright branded one. At another store I got a box of "Sojo" ones which are slightly larger but they feel slightly more papery rigid too so they don't conform as well (they kinda soften after a few uses lol). This was before any were on the website again.

      I've seen some people at the shops wear what is probably yet another variation of it.

      • Bought both. Wellcare are not the same as Craftright. Completely different manufacturers.

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      We're all going to die at some point to according to history and generic. Might as well be now.

      I'll ready the nukes

      • By that logic… might as well die from a blood clot now than roll a dice? And nukes are so 1980s…

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      Pretty sure lower viral load is correlated to a less severe infection.

      • i think lower viral load .. correlate to less chance of infection break through

      • The evidence suggests an association of viral dose with the severity of the disease. However, the evidence of the relationship is limited by the poor quality of many of the studies, the retrospective nature of the studies, small sample sizes and the potential problem with selection bias.

  • Note that these are primarily for dust and lack the waterproof outer layer (the blue outer layer) on surgical masks and may not provide droplets protection.

    • So only a blue layer is waterproof and can provide droplet protection?

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    These are a different brand to the KN95s that Bunnings were previously stocking, but worth noting that the previous ones were counterfeit/not up to standard: https://mobile.twitter.com/doctorkarl/status/126650705332278...

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      So how do we know if the current ones are up to scratch?

  • Plenty at Hoppers Crossing if anyone out West Melb is looking for some.

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