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Hough SARS-Cov-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kit Nasal Swab 5pk $49.95 + Delivery @ Healthy Life


Looks like these guys just came back into stock a moment ago. I just bought two of these 5 packs. At $10 each it seems to be a good deal as well. Apologies if this sells out quickly but wanted to share with you lot.

Also make sure you read their notice: "Due to increased demand, all orders will ship within 4-5 business days from order placement with free express post for orders over $70 - thanks for your patience."

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  • +1

    Is this a reliable store?

    • +8

      Yeah owned by Woolies I believe

      • Ahh goodly. Also are these type of tests good?

        • +1

          If it's the same as the other Hughes one I've used I didn't have an issue with it, it comes with a cool UV light to see the results which is fun.

          Also the app is really solid and helpful, at the end you can get a little cert that states you are negative

          • +1


            cert that states you are negative

            If you're lucky :)

            • +2

              @SBOB: hmm maybe you are lucky if you catch it and it's mild and then you get better and develop antibodies? or if you are asymptomatic and it doesn't effect you…

              • @jonathan111: You can develop antibodies from Covid (assuming you survive it). However the effectiveness of them apparently diminishes even more quickly than the vaccines.

                • -1


                  assuming you survive it

                  Are you being facetious or serious ?

                  If it’s the latter, you do know 99%~ of people who contract the virus get over it quite easily.

          • +2

            @DrunkTechSupport: I used the little UV torch on my furniture lol

          • +1


            at the end you can get a little cert that states you are negative

            So a useless gimmick that has no value then?

          • +6


            If it's the same as the other Hughes one I've used I didn't have an issue with it, it comes with a cool UV light to see the results which is fun.

            The UV light is pretty fun.

            On an unrelated note, I think its time for me to change my bed sheets.

            • @MrPants: Yep I had fun scanning the house with the UV light - especially around the light switches

        • +2

          Rated as “high sensitivity” by the TGA

          • @noren7: Thanks for the link. I just had a look at the RATs I used and they're rated "acceptable sensitivity". EcoTest.
            I would probably avoid in future, I've done two, a day apart after getting back from camping with a bunch of suspected positive cases and I now feel horrible - they both resulted in negative but I'm pretty sure my PCR from this morning still come back positive.

            • @lyle88: Let us know how it goes.

              • +2

                @Scrobo: Got my PCR result back and I'm positive.
                I did 2 RAT tests (EcoTest) on the 2nd and 3rd.
                I felt horrible on the 3rd and 4th.
                Both RATs came back with a negative result. Would not recommend that brand.

                • @lyle88: Damn, I hope you don't have it too bad.

                  • @Scrobo: I'm much better now thanks.
                    My symptoms were only really bad for ~48h.
                    Now I just have a bit of a lingering cough and mild headache which I think will pass.
                    I think being vaccinated helped keep the bad symptomatic period to a minimum, I certainly wouldn't like to be like that for a week or more.

        • +1


          This is the best roundup of the sensitivities. The Hough ones there are 'High Sensitivity' or 90% likely to pick up a positive.

          • +1

            @OpenHand: A friend of mine used them 3 days in a row and were all coming back negative. Grabbed another brand and tested positive half an hour after testing negative with Hughes.

            • @errorius: Yeah definitely some variance. I had a friend who got three positives and then received two negative PCRs.

              That's the downside moving to less accurate tests depsite the convenience!

              • @OpenHand: Why would you buy a defective test kit, hope they refund..

            • @errorius: What brand was the other test kit that showed positive?

    • Paypal available, so I'm not worried.

  • +2

    I ordered from them a week ago and still hasnt been sent yet , probably due to public holidays and huge volume of orders though

    • +2

      I had picked up some tests from here before Christmas and they arrived about 2 days later. This was before demand shot up.

      I know when I looked a few days ago they had a note saying that new orders wouldn't be shipped until Jan 9th.

      So yeah, definitely slammed.

    • Same here, said in stock at the time and now almost 2 weeks later my order is 'still processing'.

      No response to my enquiry email either.

    • They had specified that any orders pre-new year would be shipped out on 4th January. So they might just be on break or really high demand.

    • Got mine a week ago and arrived today.

  • +1

    I purchased a 5 pack for $50 at Coles recently. One per person.

    • That's awesome! Unfortunately all of my local supermarkets and pharmacies are sold out.

      • +1

        Local Priceline was selling single tests at $16.99, such price gouging.

        It wasn't even in the proper packaging, it was shoved in a little zip lock bag with some instructions, essentially a five-pack that they are selling individually (yet state there are no 5-packs available).

        Is this even legal?

        • I got 5 for $20 each yesterday. It’s obscene.

      • +1
  • +4

    The shipping is free if it's your first order. You'll need to make an account first before placing the order though.

    My order was placed on 30 Dec 2021 with 12% upsized cashback, still in the processing stage.

    • How did you get cashback? Is it still available?

      • +1

        If you click the "Cashback" widget under the Go to Deal button near that deal thumbnail you'll see historical data about cashback rates.

      • Got standard 5.25 percent from Shopback and it tracked very quick for once

    • Yes got free shipping just now. Thanks for the info

  • Rip didn't check for cashback!

  • -1

    $10 sign up for $50 order too

    • +7

      Excludes RATs

    • That says it couldn't be used on RATs so I didn't bother, did I just burn $10 by not signing up????

      • +1

        Yes, excludes RATs.

      • +1

        Nah I tried it, said 'Not available on this order' or similar

        • Phew.

      • You will get free shipping on your first order by signing up and making user account, but the $10 voucher can't be used to buy the test.

  • +1

    I will go with the 2SAN ones $48 for 5 or $60 for 7

    These are rated 'very high sensitivity' compared to the Hough ones which are 'high sensitivity'.

    • Both are OOS

    • Where did you find the sensitivity ratings?

    • +1

      I ordered a 7 pack back on 17/12/21, of the 2SANs, when they had the 20% off sale, so for $48. Arrived quickly. Just wish I’d ordered a few more. But good to see the full non discounted price is the same and not inflated. It’s a genuine Woolworths brand.

  • +8

    Got a feeling the government will backflip and finally make these free by the time they get delivered

    • -1

      Make sure you pay with a credit card that has price guarantee then

    • +23

      Nah scomo won’t allow that to happen as it will stuff up old mate Gerry’s attempts at rebuilding gross profits after it was announced a ‘huge’ hit last financial period.

      • Is HN actually selling them>

      • +2

        It’s pretty sad huh. We’re talking about people’s health including a massive proportion of the population who can’t really afford many of these. So they’ll opt to not test themselves nor get PCR tested (due to the lines and wait times).

        I think it’s more about supply and the govt knows it’s thin, they don’t want a repeat of the vaccination supply issue on their hands again. It would just be good if they actually leveled with everyone and said this.

        • It's pretty sad under the current Domicron premier and Rubbish Scotty the marketer

    • +30

      A (profanity) of a prime minister.

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