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Hough SARS-Cov-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kit Nasal Swab 5pk $49.95 + Delivery @ Healthy Life


Looks like these guys just came back into stock a moment ago. I just bought two of these 5 packs. At $10 each it seems to be a good deal as well. Apologies if this sells out quickly but wanted to share with you lot.

Also make sure you read their notice: "Due to increased demand, all orders will ship within 4-5 business days from order placement with free express post for orders over $70 - thanks for your patience."

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            • @DisabledUser283005: Still showing as OOS on my desktop and phone. I wonder if location has something to do with it.

              • @eug: I’m using my mobile

                We purchased with an iPad about 20 mins ago

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    I set Notify me this afternoon around 4pm, got email from them 10 mins later. Order two 5 packs. one for me one for my colleague. Set NOTIFY ME and good luck.

  • Got 2 thanks OP!

  • They are up again !!

    Be quick

  • +3

    Was not able to purchase from the product page, used "Add" button from this page and bought one pack.

    • See upthread for way to get into this by looking at the overview and adding from there - my order just got processed.

    • Thanks, that worked for me! Hope there is actually stock.

      • +1

        I bought a pack of 2SAN back in Dec, still in processing … So, good luck.

        • I managed to buy this Hough brand at IGA the other day so maybe there actually is a supply for it. Guess we'll find out soon!

  • No stock

  • can i use these before i hop onto a flight from nsw to QLD?

    • Yes, I don't see why not. QLD just requires a negative PCR or RAT test.

  • Just be mindful that this post upsets Danstar.

    • +1

      Lol thanks for thinking of me in a separate comment 😜😂

  • Thanks OP finally got some

  • Join the club for free delivery over 50$

  • Back in stock. Thanks OP. Ordered 1pk.

  • OOS

  • Thanks OP, got in just in time.

  • OOS

  • Is this the test you can take at home and then enter Queensland if negative

  • back in stock now! gogogo!!

    • Nope. OOS

      • I purchased 2 boxes without any issue. Maybe sold out right after I made a purchase.
        Keep an eye on it. Stocks keep coming back.

  • By the time this arrives a new strain will be here

  • +9

    How is this not for free is a nation like Australia?

    • +7

      ScumMo…. Gerry told him no.

  • Curious how shipping these goes - we have a pack and it's supposed to be kept between 2°C and 30°C, which we definitely aren't between in Bris atm

  • OOS once again.

  • Appears to now be out of stock. :(

  • Keep trying, these have come in and out of stock 3 times in the last 30 mins. Must be releasing them in bursts.

  • +1

    woohoo, covid surge, website returns to ozbackinstock!

    • Yes, appears to be back in stock.

    • Anyone got any deals on toilet paper, baby wipes or hand sanitizer?

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    Able to add to cart, but check out screen then says OOS

  • +1

    This was my concern, test-kit showed negative very fast!

    I've had a cold for over a week now, I feel fine and it's clearing up.

    Will it ever show that I possibly has Covid down the track?

    • No, this test doesn’t show whether you had Covid or even immunity from it. It only shows whether you have now and even then, best after a day or two when you might have a symptom but be unsure if you have it for sure.

  • You can't checkout. it says sold out..

  • Great deal, are going for $30 a 2 pack at Coles.

    They have been classified with "High Sensitivity" for Sars-Cov-2 by TGA - https://www.tga.gov.au/covid-19-rapid-antigen-self-tests-are...

  • What a rollercoaster !!

    These are up again right now

    • +1

      You sure? Goes out of stock when you go to check out

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    I read somewhere that if positive you should get a PCR test.
    And if negative you should get a PCR test

    So really, can someone tell me what the point is of these tests?

    • You are right, but what were you reading? Someone in the industry that benefits for selling PCR tests?

      There will probably be a new virus coming out that will make these tests will be obsolete.

      • +1

        You are right, but what were you reading? Someone in the industry that benefits for selling PCR tests?

        Even putting aside the accuracy differences it's so ironic reading this when PCR tests are provided to us at no extra cost while the industry as a whole benefits from selling marked up RAT tests. Plenty of chemists for example now breaking up these 5 packs to sell one individually for up to $20, and it's hard to find a 5pack in the wild selling for their previous $50 price tag.

        That being said in NSW where PCR queues can close testing clinics hours before usual or people get turned away for not having serious enough symptoms to get tested (remember when before it used to be "assume its covid", now its "assume its everything else from a cold to headache, but not covid?"), I get the appeal of these tests if your employer accepts them.

      • I was reading the rat sign at the iga where it said what to do in the case of POS or neg

      • Lol, there was a new more deadly new strain found in France Yesterday called the IHU strain or B. 1.640.2 variant. Which is possibly a VOC.

  • +1

    smh..Ozbargain…the land of FOMO…

    • +1

      I was at a birthday party, two of my friends and one of their kids have tested positive (RAT)…ive used 4 of these in one day testing us… Because technically they haven't been confirmed via pcr we aren't a close contact so can't rock up with 3 kids and line up for hours ( also a bunch of testing places near me has closed)… So my only option is to wait half a week for my friends pcr to come back or use these to see if we are positive then we can go straight for a pcr and not run around pretending we are covid free if we arent…. This is the mess our PM has created for us… So no it's not FoMo, we don't have much of a choice!… If I have to isolate and am negative (via pcr) to get out of iso I need a RAT on 6th day and I don't have enough for all of us…

      Sorry about the rant but a lot of people are going to find these similar situations…

      • +6

        Personally im done with covid tests. With the case numbers and uncontrollable infections, what really is the point of a test?

        If you feel sick, try stay home, wear a mask everywhere.

        If you're not sick, go mingle, wear a mask indoors.

        I don't care if I get negged.
        This is my personal opinion

        • +1

          Think of it this way, the test isn't for us … i've had a booster so i can get sick but might not even show it.. if i visited my mother in law who is immuno compromised because we assumed nothings wrong then that's a bit irresponsible … also i'd like to know if my kids are sick or not, even if its not meant to hit them hard.

          • +1

            @scud70: How is it the PMs fault?

            Also what if you do a rat test, it’s shows negative but you’re really positive. Or your positive a day later after you did a test the day before ?

            You can wrap yourself in cotton wool forever.

          • @scud70: I agree if your job requires it or you have a real risk of infecting sensitive people then yes a test is valuable.

      • +4

        Yes, the RAT distribution is messed up, yes, it's terrible governance, yes, testing sites are overwhelmed. But all of these facts are out of our control right now.

        If you attend a gathering where people come from different places, it's highly likely this gathering will be an exposure event now.

        When people go around from one retail shop to the next to hunt for RATs, they may spread the virus around, as most people who are looking for a RAT is either a close contact or have symptoms. These retail shops and chemists have so much foot traffic these days, it just does not make sense to add to the panicked FoMo queues.

        Reported case numbers are way less than the actual figure as people can't get themselves tested.

        Control what you can. if you think you are a close contact and you care about fellow human beings including the vulnerable, stay in. If you have symptoms, stay in. When the case numbers are this high and if you have loved ones who are vulnerable, minimise your exposure to gatherings and don't visit your vulnerable loved ones until you're certain you're virus-free.

        When we panic buy while there is a supply shortage, we just add to the problem. This is a whole new TP roll situation again. One of the major chemist chain CEOs made a statement advising by next week there will be plenty of RAT supplies will be available.

        Just chill. Wear a mask, sanitise, social distance and avoid social gatherings when the situation is this bleak. Use your vote when it matters, so everyone involved will learn a lesson. Hopefully, with that, we may have a better chance at managing our next pandemic better.

        • Only if most people could be as sensible as you said. Some people absolutely partied the F out during Xmas and NY so we are all paying the price. It is just going to get worse and worse…

  • +2

    Of you're still searching, check out this site…..


    ….and browse via map view.

    • -1

      I'm going to retire tks m8 :)

  • +2

    I signed up to be notified when back in stock and got one about an hour ago.

  • +2

    Ridiculous that we have to buy these. Government subsidised PCR testing so why shouldn’t they subsidise these. The poorer in the community will have no way of buying these which leads to more transmission. I was lucky and bought a bunch of these overseas for $4.50 a test so we are no doubt being gouged in Aus

    • -1

      Do you really think low income people will stop going to work/out if they got a free RAT test and test positive?

      You’re kidding yourself if you think they will. Some might, majority won’t.

  • Does the kit have an expiration date?

  • +5

    Best to get rid off the current price minister before we have a serious discussion about antigen tests, given 2 years of he's blabbing shits another reason to wait unless your job demands it.

  • I've orderd 2 pack for the fam. Will these be in plentiful supply soon or do I need to hoard my stash…

  • +2

    affordability is really an issue for many as you need usually need more than two test for requirement. these are still too expensive for a wider community…

    can't get head around why this is not free in australia. even countries of the west US or UK issue these freely to residents.

    also accuracy is a concern

  • These do not work.

    Had symptoms, used twice. 2 negative results.

    Pcr test taken same day, positive result.

    I had all the covid symptoms.

    Not accurate at detecting covid, save your money and get a pcr test done if you are suspecting you have covid. You need to get a pcr test anyway if these show as positive.

    • +2

      I bought two rat tests as a collector's item to store in a time capsule, along with a pack of toilet paper, some face masks and a 10L bottle of AdBlue.

      • Lol

      • +2

        specifically where is this time capsule stashed? asking for a friend!

      • Lol

      • Chuck in some hand santizer (also was very hard to get early on), and write "my precious" on the side of the time capsule. Oh and some keys for a 4WD, but put a price sticker on it that's whatever it cost brand new 10 years ago + 20% mark up for it being "vintage".

        • Ah hand sanitizer! I forgot.
          The 4wd is still in use though.

    • +2

      they can't detect low viral loads. basically detects if you're infectious.

  • -1

    Serious quest - Why do people need these tests if they have no symptoms or mild symptoms? Wouldn't you isolate yourself anyways if you feel something. If you are seriously sick them you would be heading to emergency.

    • They dont, they think they will miss out if they don't buy it. Do you remember toilet roll crisis. At least it had it's purpose to wipe some sh**.

  • I hope scalpers on Ozbargain are not buying these for a quick profit!!

  • +1

    Some more in stock… just got an email!

    • And it's OOS again.

  • Would be great if they actually posted them out to people that had already purchased them instead of going in and out of stock.

  • How long is the delivery of these? Mine are still processing

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