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Hisense A6G 70 Inch 4K UHD LED Smart TV 70A6G $899 + Delivery/Click and Collect @ Myer


Solid Budget TV i found scrolling.
Beating all the other retails by $100 it seems.
Might only be worth it for click and collect if you have a Ute/trailer as delivery is $75

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    Wow, has to be one of the cheapest 70in 4K smart tv I've seen!

  • Is it a android tv? Looking for a new tv.

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      No it is a Hisense not likely to be updated beyond once OS, buy a Chromecast if you want this.

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      OS aside is this a good tv - picture quality wise

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    Is the 85inch any good?

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    No stock

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      There is for online delivery

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    Does anyone know how to turn this TV on using Google Home? I can turn mine off with Google Home but can’t turn it on.

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      HDMI CEC should be enabled in settings. Sounds like it is already. Make sure you have a CEC enabled HDMI cable. Mine didn't work at first so changed HDMI cable and voila.

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      A WiFi enabled RF device like the Broadlink is the way to go.

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    Bought the same model from Costco Ipswich on boxing day sale around this price tag. Upgraded from Panasonic 55" LCD TV. Sitting away from 2m within medium size living room. Used for about 1 week, here is my consumer experience.

    - The colour of images are great for TV, Blue-ray, gaming. Great for HD channels on TV. Tested with PS4 "It takes two", colour are sharp and clear with 4k output. No problem or delay that I can notice.
    - The internal OS is VIDAA, it has most basic functions that I need. I can turn on Youtube, Youtube Music, Amazon, Netflix with specific buttons. App loading time around 5-10 seconds on average, which is not too bad. It has good reception from my home Wifi, no problem on streaming.
    - the remote feels light
    - the TV speaker is loud enough for medium size dinning room.
    -TV setup requires 2 people when installing the stands at the bottom.
    - The space from the bottom of the TV can put a TV sound bar. Unlike other TV stand design in the right middle that won't allow you put a TV soundbar.

    - The view angle is limited. It is not designed for wide-viewing angle. If you sit and not facing the TV directly, you probably can't see the right colour and images of the TV. Otherwise, if you sit within the right viewing angles, there's no problem at all.
    - The TV locates next to windows and during sunny day time, it would too bright and lots of reflections and it would not good at all if you are not viewing at the right angles.
    - Only 3 HDMI inputs, I would expect more HDMI inputs available. Anyway, use an extra HDMI switch to solve this.

    Overall, despite the viewing angle issues, for that price, IMO, I would recommend to buy.

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      Hi mate, thanks for the review! would you be able to measure the length of the stand so I could see if my tv stand is long enough

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        It is around 144cm long from left to right stand.

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      that's me out, I would never buy a tv that had poor viewing angles. Spend too much time with the tv on while working on other things, cooking etc

    • Thank you. Bad viewing angles drive me nuts. My kids have TVs like that (cheap Dick Smith specials years ago) and I honestly regret buying them. So I don't feel bad letting this go.

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    Thanks for the detailed review ☺️👌

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    I own the 50" A6G and noted that the VIDAA OS for this model doesn't have Disney+ and Paramount+ (already had a Nvidia TV Shield Pro, so am using that) - great TV for the price though.

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    I'm reading that this doesn't have Disney+. Can I just plug in a chromecast and play it from my phone or does the TV still need the app for that to work? Thanks a lot

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      A chromcast will definitely work

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      Yes a Chromecast should work. If it’s a Chromecast w Google TV, it comes with a remote which can sync with a variety of TV brands.

    • I recently received an update to my 43inch A7g with Disney+.
      I assume they are starting to roll out to other Hisense TVs too.

    • Yep the new Vidaa update has Disney+

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    Don't forget cashback…

    And discounted gift card.


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      Ay Careful. Do not go down the discount gift card path with Myer. It’s not worth it (4-5%) when buying things like Asian made electronics where there’s reasonable chance you will need to return it (dead pixels, sound issues etc). You will not get ur cash back but a refund as a gift card that ur stuck using at Myer (usually have overpriced junk to sell). I still can’t get rid of a $50 one last 2 years. It’s better to pay the extra 30 bucks and have peace of mind that if the product is faulty that you will get real money back!!!

      • +2

        Does this apply to Sony, Panasonic, Samsung - which are all Asian made? Just curious…

        • I know it’s a smart arse comment but making a point that with TVs (yea all made in Asian counties) have a % that will have defects (hisense probably more than Sony or Samsung which are built better). Point is the gift card cheap a$$ way doesn’t pay when you need to return it and a fair chance this could one of those times. Don’t get caught with ur pants around your ankles when you that poor shmuck trying to flog a $899 gift card on marketplace for $700 regretting you purchased the damn gift cards in the first place.

      • +1

        Actually I didn’t choose to buy giftcards because it is Myer not because it is Asian made electronics.
        non Asian made electronics are any better?

        • ozb's do love their German appliances

      • so you actually want to be able to spend with cards and get cash back…

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      If you like to watch movies in the dark, stay away from the models with IPS-type panels, as they have a low contrast ratio, sub-par black uniformity, and no local dimming feature.

      This. And for 70” of real estate you’ll probably get a tan watching movies at night.

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      The ratings reviews are for US Hisense TVs. They use totally different panels etc. Not relevant for us.

      • Which panel do they use here???

      • What panels are they using the Australian model? Wouldn’t it be an IPS panel with no local dimming zones?

      • +11

        USA 70A6G - https://www.hisense-usa.com/tv-and-audio/televisions/all-tvs... (Full specs at bottom)
        AU 70A6G - https://hisense.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/70A6G_-Spe...

        They make it hard to compare but example refresh rate for USA panel is 120Hz and AU panel is listed as 100Hz
        VESA mounting is also totally different between the sets
        Also, the USA model is Android TV based where the EU and AU get the Hisense's own VIDAA OS

        Ultimately, the Hisense USA models are totally different c.f. EU and AU. Particularly the U series. I was looking at the U8G based on the rtings reviews and almost purchased before I stumbled across this all. Totally garbage company. Initially they didn't even make it clear on their AU website until Gizmodo did a piece.


        Lots of posts on reddit as well as an entire thread on whirlpool if you want to dig deeper.

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          such smart business people, make decent tvs for the competitive US market, and then screw everyone else by changing out the parts but keeping the same model numbers (facepalm)

        • why would you want 120Hz in Australia? The TV signal is encoded in 50Hz so motion smoothing can realistically only be a multiple of 50.
          Both are actually a 60Hz monitor for HDMI.

          • @Phoebus: Well my comment was more about the fact that the reviews for the USA model are not applicable to Australia. And I picked a few differences that were apparent from the spec sheets.

            Hisense AU apparently is being quite cryptic and won't disclose any details re: Panel.

            Nothing against the brand. The USA U8G if it were available in Aus would be in my living room immediately.

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    Can anyone comment on the viewing angle from it being wall mounted, and your in bed, so the TV is higher up, is it still bad as if you were sitting to the side of it?

  • How does the picture quality compare to EKO QLED 4K with Android 9 sold in Big W early last year

  • I price matched the 43" with TGG, 43" good enough for bedroom, HN didn't want to price match

  • -3

    This is a good deal… until you have to use it.

  • Spewing, I bit the bullet on the 65 inch model for about this month just before Christmas

    • Did you get the A6G or the A7G? And either way, what are your thoughts on the television?

      • I recently got the 50in a7g for simracing and It's decent enough for the price. Depends what you want to do with it.

      • AG7 but even more frustratingly we haven’t opened it yet, we were waiting for some cabinetry to be installed which now has but because of Christmas our sparky who is going to add a PowerPoint to the wall behind the TV (currently there isn’t one on the wall at all) and wall mount the TV for us, wasn’t able to squeeze us in…hopefully this week!!

  • how does this compare to 65q8, (if there was a 70q8)

    • Q8 Wins by a big Big margin

  • can their web browser run those dodgy streaming sites like vipbox and the like?

  • no dolby atmos

  • +2

    Jb or thegoodguys usually can price matched myer, for the people who already have discounted gift card.

  • I managed to get TGG to price beat $889 + delivery

  • Wow! I had paid $800 for the 40" model. Bit over a year ago.
    Not looking good for legacy brands.
    Prior model to mine was much better, I have an idiotic Netflix button and a Youtube that does not allow a external keyboard search.
    But new models are looking as clear as an lcd seem to get.

  • Does Myer normally restock? :O

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