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Private Internet Access VPN: 115% Cashback on Subscription Plans (New VPN Customers Only) @ ShopBack


Shopback is offering 115% cashback on Private Internet Access VPN plans.

Seems like the same deal posted in November 2021 is back.

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Referral: random (3927)

$40 for referrer, $20 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Users will need to fulfil the referral criteria within 180 days from referee's sign-up date to unlock cashback. See all terms

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  • +8

    I got my cashback from a previous deal - don't turn off autorenew until cashback has been paid

    • I just got paid out too!

    • How long before the cashback was approved?

      • +2

        Bang on when shopback advised - 75 days

        • Wow … that's long … but at least it was paid.

          • @peuwayaqdq: That's cashback in a nutshell.
            Except for when it doesn't track, I suppose

            • @Jonzay: It was just because a lot of negative feedback for ShopBack.

    • Thanks checking mine now

    • Thanks reminded to switch off auto renew for my last paid out cash back deal with PIA (not that I've really used it that much) lolz

  • You earn 15 percent just for signing up

    • +28

      They want your data

  • A noob question.
    Can I access to overseas Netflix (with Aus account) through vpn?

    • +1

      I don't know about PIA but Nord works…


      • -5

        Pretty sure Nord doesn't work..

        • I use nord with Netflix

        • +4

          I'm overseas right now and my Nord works…

          I've tested Nord whilst I was physically in Aus, Singapore Indonesia, South Korea and Philippines. This is in the last 12 months.

          No issues with Netflix and even Foxtel Go. Some of the VPN location sometimes does not with Foxtel Go though…


        • Nord works, they have a support page detailing which regions (it's like 12 of them, not every region). Servers get blocked over time but just reconnect and you'll get a different server and you'll probably be all good.

    • -2

      Paid VPNs tend to be able to access overseas content

    • +1

      No you cant with PIA

      • thank, i will wait for surfshark deal again then

        • You can, they have streaming servers now.

          • @jiberz: is this PIA or surfshark?

          • @jiberz: You are right, just tried the US streaming server and worked like a charm on Netflix. Thank you..

            • @hnl: What are the advantages of using a VPN for overseas netfix? I thought all netflix content in Australia was the same as overseas. And how are you connecting your VPN to netflix through the TV? Or are you watching o'seas netflix on your PC which is connected to a VPN? Thanks

              • +2

                @[Deactivated]: Streaming services are region-locked, due to regional/per-country licensing. So the US Netflix catalogue is different to the Australian catalogue.

                Usually Netflix Originals are available in most countries, but not always:

                • @deadpoet: Thanks for the info, so VPN is only to be used when watching netflix on a PC, not a TV?

                  • +1

                    @[Deactivated]: As far as I'm aware, PIA does not offer VPN services for a TV — this is for watching Netflix/Hulu etc on a desktop web browser only. There are probably other VPNs out there which do support certain TVs, but I'm not familiar with the details so someone else will have to expand on that.

                    • @deadpoet: I notice PIA has a few locations with the word 'streaming optimized' after it like US West, US East, Japan, UK London, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy. As a test I connected my PC to PIA's US West Streaming Optmized and then opened Netflix and logged in through my web browser. I was then able to search and watch Breaking Bad the TV series. However if I do a search for Breaking Bad on my TV (which doesn't have a VPN), then I can't find Breaking Bad. So I guess PIA does allow you to avoid geo blocking with some movies/shows.

        • surfshark doesnt work with netflix ime

    • +1

      I haven’t had any luck with PIA.

    • +1

      Apparently you can they have added US streaming servers especially for Netflix, Hulu etc

      • Which servers?

    • Yes as they have GEO streaming servers.

    • Pretty sure you cant

  • Anyone had good feedback for this site?

    • +100

      OzBargain is great!

      • +7

        Why did I laugh uncontrollably at this? Take my upvote, friend.

  • How does these companies make money

    • +7

      Your data

      • You mean, anonymous' data?

        • Coping that VPN companies don't steal your data lmao

    • +10

      Through renewals

      • +7

        Yup, the lazy/loyalty tax.

      • +1

        Yep. That and I’m sure more than a few are looking to grow the user base so they have a high number of active customers, with the intention being to attract the attention of a company to buy them out.

  • Anyone has any experience/ recommendations for VPN to watch rakuten tv? I had been using windscribe but it has stopped working recently.

    • +1

      For your info, I just tried all the United Kingdom servers for Private Internet Access and Surfshark and neither worked.

      • Thanks! Nordvpn does not work either so they must have ban all IPs from VPNs.

  • +1

    So 3 years + free 3 months is cheaper than 2 year plan? Am I missing something?

    I know cheaper means less cashback (the extra 15%) but that's beside the point.

    • +1

      Same question here, with 79% off the two year + 2 month plan is still a lot more expensive than the 3 year one.

      Signing up for the most expensive one is the best in this case tho. I know I know…

  • What's the catch?

    • +18

      Hoping your purchase will track.

  • +1

    Noob question, does this cqshback work on any of those plans that is offered? Or only the monthly ones?

  • Does this stack with current plans?

    • +1

      Nop but you can merge it through chat I think

      • Thanks

      • Anyone know if merging won't invalidate cashback?

        • +1

          im on the same boat. My current account has 4 months left.

          I think I'll sign in as a new user on a different email and not risk missing the cashback.

          Just signed up, jumped on the chat, and they have done everything with no questions asked.

  • CIA has access

    • CiA get access to when ever they want , doent matter it's VPN or not. Otherwise you wouldn't call them CiA.

    • CCP and Russia has access even without VPN.

  • -1

    none of these deal are ever seem as cheap as what I am paying…. 2 years for $60usd

    • +5

      Umm, math? 3 years for $79 USD….and that is before cashback..

  • +1

    Just purchased - hope it's tracked. At least there is a 30 days money back guarantee. Anyone have experience with this?

  • +28

    As a previous PIA user who jumped ship a couple of years ago, you can never pay me enough to use it again.

    They were bought by Kape, an advertising company.

    You may know Kape better by their old name, Crossrider, from when they were a malware company.

    I strongly suggest not using a VPN provided by an advertising and malware company.

    • +13

      For those where this is that big a deal please note Kape also own ExpressVPN, Cyberghost, zenmate, maybe a few others im not up to date about. Whilst i find it quite distasteful in the scheme of things given their past antics, it is what it is and as long as you go in eyes wide open its not really neg worthy in my view. It's a VPN, it functions in large part with good speeds, and is good value for basic consumer use. If you want a company with a better track record pick someone else of course. For me, companies are pillaging data (anonymized and personalized) such as apple, google, social platforms, apps etc 24/7 so i can only be so principled in the face of also wanting a bargain.

    • +1

      which VPN are you using these days? I'm currently with PIA and my subscription is due to renew June 1st 2022 so I was going to use this deal but keen to hear your opinion

      • +3

        Personally I use Torguard (nothing to do with tor, it stands for torrent guard). They have a good reputation, I can max out my 100 Megabit connection, and the customer support is also great.

        Apply a discount code and it will remain for as long as you use their service. I used a black Friday code in 2020 for a monthly sub, the code was still being applied 6 months later, then I asked if they could convert my monthly sub to a yearly one while keeping the black Friday discount active and they were happy to do so.

        When it comes to VPNs, I'd strongly recommend researching a few (and be careful, as most comparison sites are run by VPN providers, comparison articles are sponsored and online comments are regularly stealth marketing) then use a monthly sub for one or two months before going with a yearly one, as you never know what might happen.

        PIA ended up being bought out 2 months after I purchased a 2 year sub, but I ended up moving away from them regardless. Now I'm a lot more cautious.

        • +1

          Yeah I will never pay for multiple years. I did last time with pia, as soon as I got it a free months later were bought out.

          They also keeping logs now apparently, mines up in 3 months. I won't be going back with pia that's for sure

    • Any other popular VPNs you recommend to avoid? Is Nord any good?

      • +2

        Moved to Nord after PIA, but they aren't any good either.

        Additionally, they have issues with quite a few things, such as 99% of their socks5 servers being shut down for an extended period of time with no notice to users, and servers occasionally just being shut down completely, requiring changing the socks server you use every month or two.

    • +2

      Windscribe seem to be one of the better ones - they have great server support and Netflix works without issue. They've spoke out against affiliate marketing and such, however are not the cheapest. Speeds, region availability and apps were great in my experience.

      • +1

        VprVPN for me. Just works. And even worked in China three years ago when last there.

    • +5

      I mean they are paying you to use your online product that’s suppose to be about ‘privacy’ and ‘security’. That alone makes it a questionable choice.

    • +3

      I’ve read about this as well

    • It just work, cheap, good connection speed for my needs, most importantly easy to set up in any OS.

      Only reason I'm using this thanks to our doddgy government blocking some sites.

      • +1

        PIA has released their source code onto GitHub, so it's now an open source product. I wonder if that will rebuild some trust for the company… It seems completely inexplicable that if they were dodgy, they woudn't break connections with their dodgy past and start up as a new entity?

        • +1

          Im not sure but I believe most VPNs have some sort of hidden agenda. Either advertising / organised crime etc.
          More and more of us use VPN mainly to avoid government annoying legislation and GEO blocking.

        • Is there any guarantee that the code they're running is what's on GitHub?

          • @node modules: Excellent question! No, I guess there is no way to verify that.

          • @node modules: You'd have to verify yourself by building/compiling the executable from the source and then comparing the hash with the downloaded executable file to make sure that they're identical. Most non-tech savvy users wouldn't be able to do this though.

            Here's their GitHub if anyone is interested:

            • @deadpoet: That wouldn't result in an identical hash.

              There's too many variables to reliably recreate the hash for compiled code.

      • +1

        Change your DNS to use the cloudflare one.

        Resolves faster than your ISP DNS, takes 2 minutes to change, and bypasses websites being blocked.

        • Changing dns is a pain, VPN is much easy, I got it set up to auto change based on the URL.

          • @boomramada: The most painful device to change DNS on is an Android, and even then it's dead easy and takes two minutes:

            Go to Settings > Network & internet.
            Select Advanced > Private DNS.
            Select the Private DNS provider hostname option.
            Enter one. one. one. one or 1dot1dot1dot1.cloudflare-dns.com and press Save.

            And Windows steps:

            Click the Start menu > Settings.

            Select Network and Internet > Change Adapter Settings.

            Right-click on the WiFi network you are connected to and click Properties.

            Select Internet Protocol Version 4.

            Click Properties > Use The Following DNS Server Addresses.

            Take note of any IP addresses you might have and save them in a safe place in case you need to use them later.

            Remove any IP addresses that may be already listed and in their place add:


            Do it once per Android device, and once per Windows network and you're done permanently, no cost.

            • @NobalaKoba: I got that but I need to switch it back at times, it's an pain.
              Mine just switch based on which site I visit.

              • @boomramada: Out of curiosity, in what cases do you need to switch it back? It should resolve all domain names, but faster and without blocking.

    • +1

      If you're serious about privacy ProtonVPN and Mullvad VPN (Firefox VPN) are some of the best out there.

    • PIA used to be good (years go) awhile ago they updated their website and it's all about marketing and signs ups. They don't support ABC Iview.

  • -1


    Where is that from?

    Avg: 2.5/5

  • Yeah, I'm needing a VPN but this business doesn't have great reviews.

    • What do you need it for?

  • +1

    Hmmm. With the CDC credit card it’s more money for nothing.

  • +2

    Can this stack with existing subscription?

    • +4

      Just chat with support. You can stack:

      1) Sign up for the deal and get a new account/member ID.
      2) Contact support and they'll add the remaining days from your old account to the new one.
      3) Use PIA using the new account.

    • I'd just start a new subscription and have 2 to play with

  • 3 year plan price appears to be $109 when you click through, not $79? Am I doing something wrong?

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