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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 GAMING OC 10GB Video Card - Rev. 2.0 LHR Version $1999 + Delivery @ My Bogo


Hi Ozb,

I understand the GPU price are high and this deal might be negged however the market is still crazy and we are trying our best to keep prices as low as possible.

We have 10 units in stock ready to ship.

Cheapest I could find online was $2099.

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    Cheapest I could find online was $2099.

    You haven't searched hard enough

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      Hey Bappy, Its not the same card.
      The product code you have provided is N3080TURBO-10GD-V2.

      We are selling GV-N3080GAMING OC-10GD 2.0

      Turbo is not RGB version.. they are used on work stations

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          3080 gets hot, single fan won't help. I've got eagle oc and jesus christ it gets hot with 3 fans. Regardless not a deal this is the new price now

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          Are you saying all 3080's should be priced the same?

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            @Ryanek: When did I say that?
            I was merely replying to OP's statement of "Cheapest I could find online was $2099"
            Maybe OP should have clarified that s/he is referring to this specific Gigabyte Model of 3080…

            • @Bappy: I mean, are all EVGA 3080 cards priced the same? Must it be said explicitly that they're not referring to all 3080 Gigabyte cards?

      • Inno3D still available for same price:


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        Upvoted as its OC version not Eagle. would be nice if you give free shipping so you beat other competitors on total cost.

    • The two GPU looks totally different.

      Yours is flat while this one has extra fun.

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    Not a bargain, this is the new baseline price.

    Edit buy a 12gb model here same price https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/677143

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    Hopefully seeing a price trend going down $100/week will be nice!

    • 3080 10GB might be sold out at $1999, and the 12GB will replace it.

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    So I am getting negged above just because I tried to help the OZB community with a cheaper RTX 3080 price?!

    Ohh well - if you need a cheaper "3080 with 3 Fans" then do a quick search and Google will tell you this $1999 (+ shipping) is just an OK price in the current market.

    For the Records: at least I have not negged OP or anybody in this thread.

    Here you go: 3 Fan 3080 - cheaper or same price as this Post

    MSI Ventus 3X Plus for $1981.09 + $10 Shipping

    Zotach Trinity OC for $1999 + Shipping

    Inno3D GeForce RTX 3080 $1999 + Shipping

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    • So I am getting negged

      Then don’t bother…

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      Don't be offended, it's just people don't interpret it as a deal. $100 cheaper would be pretty good though

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      Don't worry the post had 5 up votes and you had 4 down votes at the time. I'm sure it's just coincidental and not a conspiracy.

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        Thanks, I was referring to my 2nd comment with 10neg votes as of now

        I was merely pointing out OP's statement of "not finding cheaper 3080" is not correct, of course I now understand OP failed to explain s/he was referring to a specific model of 3080.

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          OPs post history is lists of "not bargains" literally trying to scalp ozb community.

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            @Jazza2400: I am sorry you feel that way. It was never our intention to scalp the ozb community.
            We have always tried to stay competitive and this is acknowledged by the Ozb community members as well.

            You statement that We are here to scalp Ozb community frankly Hurts and reeks of a competitor looking degrade other businesses on Ozb.

            Here are my posts. Tell me where I am trying to Rip you off!


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              @ilsan0: Not a competitor but if you go to these links the votes speak for themselves:

              https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/656570 17 downvotes 2 upvotes
              3080ti for $3k in October 2021?
              Comments mention scalper ALOT

              https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/658455 - not a gpu - my point is regarding your posts with GPUs

              https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/659105 - 21 upvotes 7 downvotes
              2060 for $700 in October 2021, Card was released in January 2019 for $599 and you have acquired a bunch 3 years later and charging $100 more? Where's the deal in that.
              Several months before your post there was a deal for $700 for a 2060 but you'd get a free Mobo https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/639983.
              In June 2021 they were $600. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/627874
              Single fan was $450 in January 2021 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/598074
              I know mining was a thing as cards were around $20/mh - this card hit around 32mh so 2nd hand was going for $600-$700 2nd hand on marketplace. It seems like a phallic move when 3060 are pushing that price and are 2 generations better.

              https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/662618 - not a gpu

              https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/678745 - literally this post why buy a 3080 10gb for $2k when the 12gb were $2k last week? Not a deal. Doesn't matter it's "the cheapest you can find right now" a bargain is based of a products current value in respective to its past value. And past value shows this price is dropping.

              https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/655506 - this is actually a better deal than your current I'm glad you included this.

              After going through your posts, best case scenario you aren't a scalper you just haven't acquired enough units to get a larger discount and it's distributors scalping since there is only a handful of units each time. So I apologise for the heavy handed S word.

              But I think you can do better which might be negotiating with distributors and getting better prices.

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                @Jazza2400: Savage

              • @Jazza2400: Why would you separate out GPU's, when your blanket statement suggests we are scalpers across all posts?

                We are a small business trying to build slowly. We do not have the buying power of the big guys. We are working off single digit margin trying to build our brand.

                Dismissing what we are trying to do as scalping is not fair IMO.

                I have been a member of Ozb since 2012 and whenever I post on Ozb, I only have the best intentions.

                You are entitled to your opinion but please understand such statements are discouraging and sometime disrespectful.

                Have a good day ahead!

                • @ilsan0: Hey OP, can respect that you are trying your best to get GPU's out in the market but also understand your audience.
                  A LOT of us are understandably dismayed at not being able to acquire a GPU for the least 2 years. Not because they are unobtainable; in fact local retailers like PLE, centre com and pccasegear have stock of GPU's…
                  But because manufacturers and retailers (to an extent) have hiked up prices to get their 'piece of the scalping pie'.

                  Having this in mind just be careful when you say something is a bargain…..

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    This isn't "OZ-wehavesomeinstock" …

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      it was 6 months ago

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        The post was 1 hour 14 min ago and the "deal" is current… so "WHAT" was 6 months ago?
        Sure it's fristrating cards are expensive, but above RRP, or at RRP isn't a deal, ever.

        There are occasionally deals, they're just hard to find. there were 3080Ti's (CORRECTION) - were under $2200 recently… still not a deal.

  • Does the brand make a difference with warranty and support nowadays?

    • It does if you're mining, cooling performance matters. You don't want your vram hits 110c without you even knowing lol.

      My preferred choice is Asus Tuf and Evga FTW3.

  • I'm absolutely flabbergasted by the price of GPU's at the moment.

    • Yup… use an xbox for $750 most of the time these days, it's touted as performing around an RTX2070.. crazy prices
      If you just have to have 4k+ and 120+ hz then ok…then you just burn the money.

      • For some perspective

        I purchased a Nvidia 1080 on 10 Jul 2016 for $850 AUD.

        in 5.5 years, it now performs like a 2070 (Without RTX)

        • Exactly.

          I didn't think I'd be on the "nobody needs that speed" committee, but if I can run VR on a 1080/2080 I don't see the need for $2k cards apart from benchmark wankiness and e-peen showoff. I'm no stranger to wasting money on computer parts but damn….

          buying them to run s miners… that's a filthy practice…

    • 3080s have been this price for a year or so

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    dont buy yet guys, retailers are starting to panic sell before etherium goes to proof of stake in a few months, price crash imminent

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      ETH2.0 will take another 6Y.

      PoS isn't coming this year.

    • True, Crypto is crashing now, heaps of miner are panic selling heap of used RTX 30xx on the used market.

      • heaps of miner are panic selling heap of used RTX 30xx on the used market.

        Is this on eBay? Do you have a link?

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          OCAU Forum is one of them.

          Best for miners to sell their cards now, before the price crashes further.
          BTC is now 50K AUD
          It will be 40K AUD by the end of FEB is my prediction.

          I can't wait to be able to purchase a brand new RTX 30xx series at RRP, no thanks for used miner card.

  • only a whoppingly large 2k my little (mod: edited)

  • Jesus the prices haven't changed at all

    • just wait 48 hours. no-one is going to be buying at current prices given crypto crash

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