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ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX 3080 Trinity OC LHR 10GB Graphics Card $1999 + Shipping ($0 VIC/NSW C&C) @ Scorptec


Long time reader, first time posting !

Scorptec have the ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX 3080 Trinity OC LHR, 10GB on sale for $1,999 ( $400 off )

Seems like a good deal, seems like afew deals around for the 3080 model cards. Good time to pick one up cheaper than usual.

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    10GB card would be considered "old stock" now, as they have been superseded by the 12GB model of the 3080.

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      It actually hasn't been superseded, they are different SKUs which will be sold concurrently. The prices for each SKU needs to be judged individually.

      • It will probably be a 3060ti situation where most of the time it doesn't exist due to 3070 models, although it was never discontinued. It will be the least prioritised GA102, the 308010gb chips waiting behind 308012gb, 3080ti, 3090, 3090ti .

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        let the miners get the 10gb.

        Games at 4k are already hitting the 10GB limit, and the full on next gen games arent even out yet.

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        That's the FHR variants. These are LHR just like the 12GB. If anything the 12GB are slightly faster than the 10GB due to the wider memory bus.

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          no, 10GB LHR can hit 75mhs, 12GB LHR only 60 or less.

          10GB FHR can do 100.

          • @non-LHR: Not that I encourage mining, but that's probably because they've had longer to optimise firmware and drivers on the 10gb version as it has been out for longer?

            • @incipient: I think if you're just mining on the side, single card mining is fine, helps pay itself off over time when you're not gaming. netting you a free card in the end. Its the mining farms hoarding cards thats the problem.

          • @non-LHR: It says the 3080 unlock isnt available yet, so assuming they do I'd be expecting close to the 3080Ti LHR speeds

            • @BargainKen: time running out, clock's tickin till eth 2.0, better just get 3080 10gb anyway you can now.

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    Paid $1685.00 last month at PLE for AMP HOLO LHR version after 12 months waiting of 3080 (original ordered EVGA XC3 3080 for $1169 back in Dec 2020).

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    3 Graphics Card per household lol

    • +19

      my household can't even afford 1.

      • +11

        That's because you all still have 2 kidneys… :D lol.

      • +1

        Rice and beans for a year, you can do it!

        • +2

          Wow beans… high rollers here at OzB … Rice n tomato sauce, few extra cents go a long way!

          • +5

            @scud70: Ditch the tomato sauce and save another few extra cents. Go with free soy sauce, ketchup etc from food court.

            • +1

              @klownvandamn: Genius!!!!

              • +1

                @scud70: bro flour has way higher calories/$ than rice

                flour, chicken, oil/fat the true budget diet, its not half bad just make some doughy chicken pizzas, precook the chicken and you can fry the dough in a pan.

                • +2

                  @abctoz: Chicken? get a load of this bourgeoisie over here!

            • @klownvandamn: Your body runs in Max-Q mode on this diet, but at least your GPU will be at max performance after sacrificing everything.

          • +1

            @scud70: The beans allow you to cut back on your Gas bill so it can beat the rice and sauce for value.

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      its not just the GPU its the rest that needs upgrading too :(

    • Soon will see 5 per household

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    Don't buy, prices will drop in the coming weeks, as Crypto is crashing atm.

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      I hope whichever cryptos use GPUs just fall off a cliff. Been holding out on getting a new PC for so long now, my 1060 is struggling with newer games

      • Yeah, it's a bad run and alot of people are losing alot of money right now.

        I'm seeing alot of mining rigs for sale, had a few good chats too and yup it'll be a huge issue soon.

        It'll probably take a while, but expect a sharp drop. Everything cycles in life, sooner or later.

        • Everything except property right? Property only goes up.

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            @OzzyBrak: Yeah, basically lol

          • @OzzyBrak: There has never been a drop in electricity prices during the entire period after the reees voted to destroy the economy using the private sector.

    • Fingers crossed.

    • Many will hold on their GPUs in wait of the next boom cycle.

  • $13 delivery fee to Sydney, not $0.

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    Right, so these are nearly double the price of their launch price from over a year ago and are now superseded, yet the $1999 price tag is considered by some here to be a bargain? At best this vendor is the least greedy of all the greedy makers/suppliers/vendors inflating the GPU prices. Until these are sub-$1000 where they belong, I see no bargains only stock availability (sometimes) in the GPU listings on OzB.

    • Agree but thats just the market, I dont see things changing unless crypto prices crash hard, presumably when/if the pandemic ends and all the free govt money dries up.

  • 10GB 3080 needs to drop another $500 in price later this year before I would consider buying one.

  • Unfortunately people keep buying, or prices would drop.

    I read in the paper, even tho prices have gone up they expect cheaper prices when demand and supply chain has improved and there's over supply

    So many people the last few years have spent money, but as the world frees up again and people's spending changes again I think retail will suffer majorly.

  • The deal for a 12GB 3080Ti plus a free PSU included which was posted the other day was a much better deal!!!. it was only 10% more



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      ikr. not sure why anyone is upboating this

  • I can't see prices coming down much.

    I think demand is pent up and is going to shoot up again.

    Plenty of people have put off upgrading their GPUs and have older 8GB cards waiting to upgrade. I've got three, three year old 1080's just at my house I would have started replacing in 2021 if the newer cards were at RRP.

  • The hash rate just hit ATH a few days ago.

    Hash rate ATH = more miners.

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