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MSI GeForce RTX 3080 VENTUS 3X PLUS 10G OC LHR 10GB Graphics Card $1899 + Shipping @ Shopping Express


Good price on this RTX 3080 video card and seems to be one of the cheapest prices around at the moment. It also beats this overseas deal posted earlier.

The correct price will show at checkout.

For a quick price comparison $2199 at Mwave, $2199 at Umart and $2249 at PCCG

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  • Shows as 1969 for me?

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      Add it to your cart

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        Lol just tried to edit.
        Was gonna say ignore me, apparently i can't read more than 1 line at a time. Please neg me into oblivion

        • Haha learn the hard way! πŸ˜‚

          All good!

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    Prices are dropping, Nice!

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      clearing out old stock to make way for 12gb version coming in next month.

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        Yep, exactly. Its not actually that cheap, people has complained that the LHR version has reduced performance in gaming. I got my non-LHR versions cheaper than this price.

        I haven't been gaming with them. :P

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          LRH and non-LHR being used for mining. as long as it makes money, even $1 a day, people will use it to mine.

          Games can be played anytime years from now. I've replayed witcher 1 from 15 years back.

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            @non-LHR: I've heard that people has been able to hack the LHR ones to 75% efficiency, I'm still not buying any LHR cards though.

            All the cards in my mining rigs are non-LHR.

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              @techlead: Are you not offloading them? miners been selling non-LHR in droves on ebay…

              • @non-LHR: Nope, I've been a miner since 2013. I just got my 3080s last year and they've paid for themselves already. Not selling them any time soon. Maybe in a couple of years, hopefully for a profit like my 1080ti's. I mined with them for 3 years and sold them for a profit. I bought them brand new lol

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                  @techlead: your comments will irate many gamers here that's been waiting 3080 to drop to $800 so they can pick 'bargain'. LOL.

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                    @non-LHR: I know, I think all gamers are irate with miners. The gamer side of me is irate with myself lol, card prices are insane. Every time I game, I can't stop thinking about the money I lost by gaming and not mining haha.

                    That's how the invisible hand of the market works I guess.

                    • @techlead: what's your plan after ETH 2.0?

                      • @non-LHR: Immediately after ETH2.0, I will switch over to Nicehash to mine BTC, then I will re-assess at that time.

                        ETH2.0 is continually delayed, so I will re-assess when its actually implemented. It was first proposed to be implemented in 2017 lol.

                      • @non-LHR: ETH2.0 will take 6Y.

                        No rush, keep mining.

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    Yup, will be $1500 in a few weeks.

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      How many are you willing to bet? 😏

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        How few is "few weeks"β€½

        • That's what I'm asking.

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          Around 200 weeks.

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            @Dienk: That might not be 'few' enough.

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      Bookmarked to tell you that you were wrong in a few weeks time.

    • So it's been almost a month and the price is still the same. I told you I would be back to tell you that you were wrong.

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    They are only dropping because retailers are trying to offload 10gb cards, the price gouging will continue.

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      Yep… shops are used to people paying that much now, why wouldnt they continue with it….

  • keep these prices down, please don't stop!

    • Stop shopping on all graphics cards will bring prices down πŸ‘πŸ˜

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    Waiting for a decent deal on RTX3050.

  • Predictions on how many years until sub $1k prices?

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      Never? When the 40xx cards come out they'll be sky high and these cards will retain value.

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        This is what people trying to hold out for the 40x series don't seem to get. Nvidia themselves are gonna set the MSRP for the 40x series high as they know people have been paying it, stores won't be making as much off them I predict but Nvidia will be making the cash.

        Only reason that Nvidia haven't upped the price on 30x series is because it would look bad (although the did up founders cards prices in UK a little this week), they will makeup some BS about the 40x series costing a lot to manufacture.

        These crazy prices are here to stay sadly.

        (I truly hope I'm wrong, but come on what giant corp wouldn't want to make more money)

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          Nvidia already upped the price in Europe. People here are kidding themselves about price drops.

          This will be the 2000 series all over again. Everyone avoided it because it was expensive relative to the 1000 series but as soon as the 3000 series dropped….people rushed out to pick up the 2000 crumbs.

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          The only thing that can bring the prices down is competition.

          • @mimik13: Pray that Intel Arc is decent i guess.

          • @mimik13: massive sustained crypto mining crash will also do it,

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              @Rod M: About the only thing that would do it.

              Can you imagine the amount of panic to just sell out. So many more cards than buyers, there'll be sellers undercutting other each other just to get something back on their investment, but the crash would have to be quite severe.

    • new or used?

    • 1 million years? when everyone dead and humans start all over again.

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        It’ll be a relic then, so priceless

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    Ventus is C tier according to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_VC_00wcMU&t=1138s

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      Yeah I've got the MSI Ventus 3X 3080 OC (original October 2020 purchase is that non-LHR?). The thing runs really hot for my 1 hour a day of Red Dead 2 :)

      • +1

        I'd spend extra $100 for better cooling like inno3d or gainward phantom.

        Its best to pick the right card for the money, once you mess around with the thermal pads, paste and the fans you void the warranty.

        • +1

          Hmmmm now I'm thinking of upgrading the cooling / thermal pads…

      • I have this card non-LHR and it does run hot - more than other 3080's -

        • How hot?

  • i remember when $300 would get you the top of the line video card…

    • When was this? 1980s?

      • +1

        i don't. I paid $350 for a radeon 960 pro. Earned the money by doing dishes at a pub as a young teenager

        • Are you talking about Nvidia GTX 960 or AMD Radeon 9600?

          • +1

            @edfoo: 9600 sorry

            • @gorge: Radeon 9600 Pro wasn't exactly a top tier model at that time, more like mid tier.

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      I got a Msi Turbo GTX 680 for $600 and later a Gigabyte windforce GTX 770 for $450. Crazy how much it's gone up, even without the covid/ mining on top.

    • +1

      I remember. I bought a Gigabyte Windforce 670 back in 2012 for $370 from a local online retailer.

    • I remember my Orchid Righteous 3d Costing $449, and being envious of those who managed to get the 6MB buffer cards.

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    i got a 3090 ventus 3X, MSI definately cheaped out on the stock thermal pads and compound, they're attrocious.

    I replaced my thermal pads with thermal grizzly minus pads and noctua NT-H2 as the compound, saw a temp drop of 10-15c

    • If you changed the thermal pads yourself, you voided the warranty.

      • But now the card will probably last a bit longer due to running much cooler. Funny.

        • Don't need to change the pads unless mining.

          • @non-LHR: MSI in my experience have been the cheapest cheap arses with their products. They could have given you a much better product for a fractional increase in manufacturing cost but chose not to. If you trust yourself with a screw driver then I think it is silly not put decent quality paste and pads on your card like they should have done in the first place. Small cost, big benefit. As for the warranty, if the card has been working fine for a few weeks since you got it new, then probability is high that it is not a dud. Most failures if they are going to happen, will happen early. This applies to other hardware too. It comes down to personal risk/benefit analysis.

            • @Schnox: What do you think of gigabyte and asus? I heard asus tuf is da best?

              • @non-LHR: I have owned a number of both and the ASUS quality is better. The ROG cards in particular. Pretty much every Gigabyte card I have had has an irritating clicking sound coming from the fans when they spin up from idle or sometimes just running at normal speeds. Never had that issue on the ASUS cards including the DUAL OC. If you care about the best 'niceties' then paying extra for ASUS is worth it.

            • @Schnox: Most GPU comes with a 3Y warranty. Just swap for a replacement, repair or refund.

          • @non-LHR: ughh…no.
            The mosfets on the gpu reach high 90s even though the displayed gpu temp is significantly lower on afterburner.

      • +1

        the warranty sticker comes off super easy, i just put mine back on, looks as new

    • Sorry to be that guy but definitely*.

  • Once upon a time graphic card is a peripheral, now a peripheral card can cost more, sometimes double or even triple the price of the actual PC.

  • +2

    Good price?!? Jesus.

    I remember back in the day a really good top gaming GPU was like $400.

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    price has expired. how can I expire this deal? thanks

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      Report button under the deal. Notifies myself, power users and mods πŸ˜‰

      • thanks. I'll do that next time.

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