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GALAX Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 EX OC Sniper 8GB $599.25 Delivered @FutuOnline eBay (eBay Plus Members)


Good price for a GTX 1080. $799 regular price, less 25% off coupon (PROXY) for the $599.25.

Other brands and models available too, this was the cheapest.

Original PROXY 20% - 25% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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      It does the same as any other GTX 1080.

        • +14

          Galax originates from the Galaxy. Just recently, NASA has been able to locate the manufacture warehouse from the extra terrestrial life forms who produce these cards. That's why most people have not heard of this brand.
          Note: These require a flux capacitor PSU to be able to run correctly.

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    So tempted. Even to hold me out until the next gen prices fall in a few years.

    Umart do have this for 699, so the 799 RRP is a joke

    • +1

      Was tempted too, but these are crazy old now and right before the next gen; though, would have paired nicely with my new 2x Dell u2717d's I just bought on the 25% off :) Will hold off till at least Xmas though as I don't game.

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        Why would you buy the number one gaming card on the market if you don't game? I game 3-4 times a week and I have GTX670.

        • Mining coin? Plex Server?

        • @Dex: Since when does Plex utilise GPU?

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      Umart do have this for 699, so the 799 RRP is a joke

      Why? Other places have it for $799 and so did Umart until recently. You do realise that it stands for RECOMMENDED Retail Price and that often you get a discount on this price and it's only generally places like Myer and David Jones who sell at RRP.

      • -1

        Just because others have it for the RRP doesn't make it less ridiculous. Just makes their RRP also ridiculous. mwave have it for 730, msy 699, umart 699, pccg 789

        • +1

          RRP is set by the manufacturer. That's who is [R]ecommending the [R]etail [P]rice.

          It isn't something magical.

  • +1

    Is this the best price ever for a 1080 (since stupid mining craze)? Not sure if I've seen it below $600 before…

  • What's a good monitor to go with this?

  • +5

    Futu - the price jack kings

  • -1

    Terrible brand thou, never heard good stories abou them

    • +1

      Had a 1060 galax for a year and a half. Been pushing it above clock since then and it hasn't skipped a beat. She stays cool and isn't a noisy beast. Can't fault it and it was a great price.

    • Galax a pretty decent brand and there are issues with their products but thats the same as any other brand.

    • Ive had my gtx 970 galax card for almost 3 years i think and its never given me any issues.

  • Wow awesome price but still considering a 1080ti. Any good deals for the 1080ti? Otherwise i might just bite the bullet and grab this.

  • +1

    I bought mine $769 three months ago. Wish I had waited. Very nice video card.

    • +3

      Wish I had waited

      Just know that using this mentality, you'll never buy a graphics card. It's always the same story. "Wait till Model X drops" then when X drops, the story is "Wait till Model X 2.0 drops".

      • +1

        This mentality is why I'm still on an AMD 7950.

        Just waiting for next next next gen to drop! (Not like I can't afford new shit either)

        • I am still on a 7970. I was intending to grab an RX580 and then the miners hit. I would have a bought nvidia but they do not support different resolutions with multi monitor setups.

        • Great card and AMD are first at supporting older cards

  • +2

    There are reports that GPU's will see a 20% price drop across the board this month.

    • Still won't be able to beat the MSY ebay deal for the Asus Strix RX 580 8GB OC Top Edition for $300 with a Free Farcry 5. I doubt that deal will be beaten in even 6 months.

    • Source?

      • nothing is definative but theres a few factors that will cause Nvidea gpu prices to drop in the coming months:
        -word going round that Nvidea have a massive stock pile of pascal chipsets due to a large oem vendor returning a sizeable quantity of them.
        -specualtion that the 1100 series cards are around the corner will see existing 1000 series cards drop
        -demand from miners has tapered off somewhat

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    I reckon the 1070 ti deal I posted is much better value.

  • +1

    Bought this one.
    Almost bought the Gigabyte 1070Ti. $60 more for a high end, oh well. spread the cash to the air

  • How does this compare to the Gigabyte GTX 1080 8GB Windforce?

    It seems like the Windforce is a bit lower in performance but has 3 fans, so assuming winners are; Windforce for cooling and GALAX for performance?

    Would anyone be able to help clarify?

  • +1

    Now $596.25 @ PC Byte also.

    • Those cheeky buggers. They had to wait until after I bought!

  • Just got the Rog Strix 1080 for $674 delivered with this deal.

    • nice!

  • out of stock.
    anyone found similar deal?

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