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Samsung HW-Q900A 7.1.2ch Soundbar (2021) $795 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Harvey Norman


This is essentially Q950A without rear speakers. Those who prefer a clean set up or don't have space for rears, this is a good option. Half price according to Samsung. You can also buy at $799 from JB or Samsung direct.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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      All talk. Why don't you call first because they won't beat anything.

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        Just called my local store underwood QLD and they as long as I can show the item on the website or in a catalogue they will beat it by 10%..so keep you hopes high , I mean their is no harm in trying wouldn’t cost any money , besides that’s we learn from being an ozbargainer

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          Your local store won't stock it.

          It's a marketplace item.

        • Your local store aren't selling the item. The seller is 'KG Super Store'. Bunnings price match is completely irrelevant.

        • They probably didn't know what item you're talking about and told you want you wanted to hear

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    Have. Paid more. Would again! Amazing soundbar.

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      Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?

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      Good times. Had by all. Great speaker. Have been told.

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    It's current discount price on the Samsung Partnership Portal is $1,199.25 (was $1,599.00).

    So cracking price at $795.

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      Normal samsumg website price is lower than epp.

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    Will this soundbar be too high for a LG C1 that is on its normal stand and not wall mounted?

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      Most soundbars are - I solved the problem with my sonos beam by putting an Ikea lack shelf under my TV for my soundbar and it should give enough clearance.


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        How did it look? Mind if you upload a photo or send me a pm with what it looks like? Cheers

      • Does it hurt forking out several thousand for a tv and soundbar and then sitting it on a piece of wood on top of your tv unit?

        • At that point just get a home theater system hey lol

      • Alternative option to a shelf https://www.bigw.com.au/product/crest-universal-soundbar-mou...
        Could mount soundbar above TV if it’s on a stand.

        • Neat, just bought of BigW ebay for free shipping. Thanks!

          • @nfusion: Neat, you will

            maximise the audio impact.

        • Think you need the TV wall hung for this to work, probably won't work with the stock desktop stand that the TV comes with.

          • @megadeth:

            Could mount soundbar above TV if it’s on a stand.

    • Have the exact same set up. Soundbar sits just above the screen. Barely noticeable. Especially where most formats are 16:9 black bars on top and bottom.

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    can you get rear speakers separately?

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      Yes. This kit: SWA-9500S

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      You can get rear speakers separately, but you cannot purchase separately the rears that come with the Q950A. The Q950A's rears are 4.0.2ch (3 drivers per unit: side,front,top), whilst the SWA-9500S are 2.0.2ch (2 drivers per unit: font+top)

      • also the 9500S is extra $349 from Samsung

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    $770 at VideoPro, Bunnings should have to match that.


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      Not just match I reckon they will have to beat it by 10%

    • ouch $129 shipping if you can't C&C

    • Check the delivery fee (over $100) on Video Pro - not really a deal unless you can pick up. Bunnings already commented above.

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    Great speakers, but careful when you say that it's basically Q950A without the rear speakers. It's true but it's also not possible to recreate the 11.1.4 setup later as the kit uses 4.0.2 CH, while the only set of rear speakers you can buy from Samsung is the SWA-9500S which is only 2.0.2 CH.

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    So basically you're paying $400 - $500 more for rear speakers in the Q950a model when looking at current sale prices. Are the rear speakers worth it?

    • Q950 can he had for now $1000 if you haggle with JB/Good Guys. They have been marked as outgoing clearance models by Samsung.

      Won't be surprised if Q900a drops to be around $600-$700 very soon but stock will start drying up

      • Is $1000 claim based on the actual purchase or speculation? If former, would you be able to share the receipt please?

        • Just got Q950A from Samsung EPP for $1059 last week for a relative. Not sure about other retailers though.

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            @rookie317: On an actual purchase Q950A at $1000 at goodguys. Ask for the category manager in the sales area, they get to see supplier actual price and will give you a better deal

            If you can wait a couple of months, Q950A run out price should be around the $900 mark , less so if you can stack cashback, gift cards, store credits etc.

            As you see people got the 2020 Q900T model for around the $600 mark, so you just have to wait it out and pounce and buy as soon as the deal arrive, usually will sell out within hours

            • @regenade: "As you see people got the 2020 Q900T model for around the $600 mark, so you just have to wait it out and pounce and buy as soon as the deal arrive, usually will sell out within hours"

              This is my plan. I can't find reviews on the rears that can be bought separately vs the q950a pack in speakers. And I assume you need the rears to get the full dolby atmos effect so I'll be getting the q950a. Samsung knows how how to make me spend money.

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          Bought the Q950A during boxing day sales for 1069 from JB, I wouldn't be surprised if you could get it for the same or less now.

          Highly recommended if you have the room for it. Atmos is worth it.

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            @educalifa: Don't think they even have it at JB anymore

      • if you don't want to haggle or not very good at it, could be bought off Elite Electronics on Ebay for $1299 with Spend and Save (spsave) coupon

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      I got the Q900T for $650 a year ago, absolutely worth it. Incredibly powerful speakers for the size that test well across the spectrum.

      I've got mine wall mounted under a Q80T with the sub across the room next to the lounge

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      The rear speakers on Q950A is different to the ones you can buy (9500s).
      Q950A rear is 4.0.2
      addition 9500s rear is 2.0.2
      They don't sell the rear of the Q950A separately

  • Keen to hear some thoughts from those smarter than me. I've got the Samsung HW-M550 3.1 channel soundbar paired the Samsung SWA-8500S rear speakers to make it a 5.1 system. It's a pretty old unit but sounds fine to me, is a jump to something like this, with rear speakers going to be a significant improvement?

    Most of the content I watch is YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime with some downloaded movies via Plex from time to time.

    • I have the same setup, albeit a couple of generations ahead of you in the Samsung ecosystem. Still sounds great to me, with good speech clarity and decent sub-bass. However, my next upgrade will be an actual hi-fi setup given the similarities in price, but with significantly better performance and upgradability.

    • The big difference is sound height with Atmos.
      All the streaming services you mention have Atmos.
      I just went from 5.1 to Atmos (Q950A) and it's far more immersive.

      • Thanks mate, appreciate the reply!

  • Purchased Q870A for $600 through some meaty staff discount at GG but haven't collected the order yet. Not sure if this would be better?

    • This is a way better model and if you could still change your mind go for the Q900A

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        I actually wanted to avoid rear speakers but 870A came on a good price so had to bite the bullet. Might have to ring my man and ask if he could swap the 870A with this

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        thanks for your advice mate, managed to get it swapped. So, Q900A for $600

        • absolute steal

          • @Gojkins: Yes very happy with it, though no stock at GG in Victoria so will be a while before I get my hands on this beauty!

        • If I can get this price, I would buy another one!! I only wish is they don't use stupid cloth cover and stick with their aluminium covers.

          Well Done mate!! Enjoy especially if you have an amp or run through xbox, or a 2021 TV etc so can utilise Atmos

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            @JCRALLYART: Purchased 85' Sony X9000H few months back so yes looking forward to experience Dolby Atmos with this combo.

          • @JCRALLYART: Or a Chromecast with Google TV (Atmos)

        • Lol I got a staff discount at jb and also managed to nab this for $562.
          I know I should not worry about extended warranty but managed to get an extra 2 years for $44.
          Totalling 3 years for a total of $606.
          You won't regret it. It's an epic soundbar

          • @maverickjohn: haha too good. I wonder what it costs Samsung to manufacture this soundbar (my guess not more than $150-200)

            • @go2force: Logistics for the past year gone up more than double so I guess just to ship them from where they made to Australia would already costs them close to $100

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                @JCRALLYART: That's true, prices have gone up everywhere (and especially shipping). Though I am sure Samsung would be making a decent buck by selling these @ $700-$800.

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      If rear speakers are a must, then go with the top model Q950A.
      This Q870A is not really a international model. If you google review, you won't really find any in those popular review sites.

      It is basically a Q700A main unit (3.0.2) + SWA-9500S rear speakers (2.0.2) and a Q900A Sub (0.1.0) = (5.1.4).

      Only Q900A and Q950A shares the same main body (7.0.2) + sub (0.1.0) = (7.1.2).
      With Q900A, you can also buy the rear speakers separately if you wish in the future SWA-9500S, then you will have (9.1.4)

      As for the Q950A rear speakers, Samsung doesn't sell them alone as they have (4.0.2) being 2 side firing, 2 angle ceiling firing and 2 standard surround, to make (11.1.4) as a whole unit.

      I have the Q900A myself and I like the sound, not the cloth cover (I also have the K950 first gen Atmos with similar looking casing like the Q700A). The most disappointed function I really want is to be able to use the Multi-room apps which is NOT COMPATIBLE when I have 3 others soundbar using the wifi connection.

      • Is there much of a difference with or without the rear speakers for this one?

        • Samsung Rear speakers are not powerful but it does make the surround sounds nicer if you are sitting rear close to it. However, given the price is $349/pair, plus most likely you want to get the stand (unless you prefer wall mount - does have wire for power) You looking at $400+ and I personally don't think is necessary or enhance the experience by 50%. I would rather buy Q950A (approx $1300 cheaper if you have GC). With this soundbar/sub alone, it is extremely powerful. Just don't think of any huge different if you use it to watch news/standard TV channel.

  • I'm guessing this wouldn't work well for an unbalanced lounge room setup, since the virtual surround speakers are firing sideways? The left wall in my setup is significantly closer to the entertainment unit than the right wall.

    • -1

      To be honest the surrounding sound effect is going to be minimal what ever shappedroom you have.

      • Have you used these type of soundbars which bounce off walls before? I've had people come listen to my set-up and get them to point to where the sounds are coming from and guess what…..they're not pointing at the speakers. I've used rectangle rooms which have been well balanced and rooms which open onto one side which becomes noticeably unbalanced. The room shape has a big impact.

        I've used the YSP2700 which adds great width to the soundstage, and HWN950 which adds great width and average Atmos but I really think you need the rears to make the most of it.

  • Can it be fully controlled using the LG Oled Tv remote?

    • Yeah, should be able to via eARC connection.

    • Hi mate, yep. I don't even know where our remote is (for the Q950), I just use the LG remote. If I turn the TV off, it turns the soundbar off, and it also controls the sound etc.

      Not that I ever need to adjust any settings, but if I did then I would just use the Samsung app on my iphone (way better than mucking around with a remote and crappy LCD screen menu).

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