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75% off (Stack with 10% off VIP Code) Vera Wang Moderne Chopsticks Pair $4.88 (Min $10 Order) + Delivery @ Royal Doulton Outlet


One day only special offer. While stocks last.
Available online only. Minimum order amount $10.

18/10 Stainless Steel
Dishwasher safe

Standard Delivery is charged at a flat fee as follows:

  • $9.95 for all deliveries within NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD, SA
  • $14.95 for all deliveries within WA,TAS & NT

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  • +6

    Chopsticks Pair $4.39

    $14.83 delivered…


    $19.34 delivered…

    WA,TAS & NT

    • +1

      WA came up as $14.95 for me with 4 pairs added to the cart

      • Second that with 8 pairs

  • -1

    Free from your local Asian takeaway?

    (I know you can't compare the two….)

    • +7

      (I know you can't compare the two….)

      You just did…

      • +1

        Sure did!

        Having never used a set of designer chop sticks, I would be interested from feedback from those who have as to how it has enhanced their eating experience.

        • dishwasher safe and thinner taper than plastic ones …… i’m european, have various designer chop sticks, can pick up 3 peanuts at a time using chopsticks , last grain of rice in the bowl, etc ……. hard to beat knife and fork … allows you to cut food, chopsticks don’t ….. and you still need spoon for soups …….

          i’m sure i will get negged by people who have grown up with chopsticks and might not like knife and fork ….

          • +5

            @garage sale: With Asian cooking style, everything is pre-cuted be4 bring to the table.
            Different tool for different jobs, can't say one is beating another.

  • Why would anyone need designer chopsticks?

    • +3

      To chop in style

    • +2

      stainless steel matches the rolex ….. unless you have the 2 tone gold and stainless rolex …..

  • +1

    Thanks OP, spent substantially more than $4.39 but like Wedgewood stuff …

  • +4

    5 Pairs Premium Stainless Steel Chopsticks $7.50. If you are not good with them better to get wooden ones.

    • I am half decent with chopsticks and I still find stainless steel ones painful lol. In teams of usability, it's really hard to go past a good pair of bamboo.

    • "Premium" 304 Stailess Steal lol.
      yeah, ok…

  • +1

    It is made from 10/18 or 316 steel and it is a designer brand.
    Could be a good deal for some.
    Especially for a typical Asian family, it is common to have more than 10 pairs of chopsticks. So it would work out < 6 dollars per pair delivered.

    • +8

      sorry but imo a typical asian family will get 10 pairs of yellow plastic chopstics from their local asian grocery

      • +2

        Plastic chopsticks? That's definitely not a typical asian family.
        For home use, the popular choices for the material are: wood, bamboo and steel.
        Plastic ones are more for commercial usage.

        • +4

          Plastic chopsticks? That's definitely not a typical asian family.

          Guess @fatbunn and I aren't from typical Asian families then.

          I've only seen steel ones at Korean restaurants, not people's homes where they're all plastic.

          • +1

            @kerfuffle: also Korean homes. We have all steel chopsticks

          • -1

            @kerfuffle: "not people's homes where they're all plastic."

            Speak for yourself.
            The ones i know & myself included use bamboo, not plastics.

        • I wouldnt call it a plastic but something more easier to clean and more durable then wood or bamboo.
          Only Korean using the steel one, their chopsticks are shorter and they use it less often.
          For the Chinese their chopsticks are 1.5x longer, too heavy if make out of steel.

        • +3

          wood is only good for frying
          metal chopsticks are annoying to use
          the yellow plastic ones that fatbunn is referring to are the best chopsticks

          this is coming from a Vietnamese

          • @pt87: im western and agree after using metal and wood chopsticks …. decent plastic are nice and light, dishwasher safe ,etc ….. tend to use knife and fork more, just chopsticks to show off how many peanuts i can pick up at the same time or individual grains of rice ……

        • +1

          Plastic are definitely the best, and most commonly used.

          Steel are annoying to use, wood are used for cooking, not eating.

          • +6

            @jdawgydawggy: Depends which part of asia you come from though. lol.

            You are describing more the Chinese / viet / malaysian side of the fence.
            Koreans usually go metal / steel
            Japanese usually go bamboo / wood

            I'm chinese and we grew up using light yellow plastic ones, but after moving out from home, moved onto using japanese chopsticks which I find a lot nicer.

            • @lplau: same, using the Japanese plastic one from Daiso.
              We also use the Korean one.

            • @lplau: Picked up a 14 pack of the plastic ones from the local asian grocer for like $4 the other day lol

            • @lplau: i love japanese chopsticks, nicer taper …..

          • +1

            @jdawgydawggy: Have been used plastic ones for 40 years, now prefer the steel ones.

        • +1

          Shout-out for the Asian families who use fork and spoon…!

  • What's the VIP Code?

    • yep can't find it ????

  • Can't beat wooden ones.

  • Finally something affordable that looks nice and can be thrown into the dishwasher..

  • +2

    Wood, plastic & bamboo are not dishwasher friendly and they eventually need to be replaced.

    Stainless steel gonna last forever. Taking that into consideration, it's a bargain!

    As far as designer brand, who gonna know?

    • +1

      My family have used the same plastic chopsticks through the dishwasher hundreds of times & they look only slightly worn compared to new.

      Plastic chopsticks not dishwasher friendly, your having a laugh mate…

      • +2

        Plastic/wooden ones also nicer to hold. I don't like slippery metal ones.

        I guess it depends what type you are used to growing up.

  • +2

    Nothing like mistiming your bite and grating your teeth on porcelain. almost as bad a metal.

    But I like cross/multi cultural dining, whatever I eat I use a knife and fork….

    • +1

      same find knife and fork the most practical but when i dine out i use chopsticks if it’s the mood in the eatery and if others are using chopsticks …… and then there’s the thai fork and spoon, etc ….i think it’s good to have the multicultural skills to adopt to cutlery if it suits the occasion and dining out, at home it’s practical … knife and fork …. chop sticks aren’t much good for that chicken parma and chips dinner ….

      • +1

        chop sticks aren’t much good for that chicken parma and chips dinner ….

        That's racist ;p

  • They look nice. I do like to use nicer cutlery, plates etc. Boss said no though.

    • I was sacked, so don't need approval from the boss until I find a new one.

  • Im gonna de-clutter all my plastic and wooden chopsticks and replace with these fancy ones :-)

    • same, I like nice cutlery …. keep looking on Ebay for someone selling Christoffle cheap ,

    • Yeah, we threw out all of our wooden/bamboo ones and upgraded to fibreglass and stainless steel ones a little while ago. Need to get through the cooling off period before upgrading again though

  • hmm paypal gateway fails, credit card OK, think the VIP code is for people that have accounts ????

    • Yeah, I think you just need to subscribe. If you ever go to their outlet stores you get 10% off most sale there too so it's worthwhile. You do get a little bit of spam but you can always filter it.

  • +3

    VIP code: VIP10

  • I'd be curious to find out how they're different to the stainless steel ones I got from my local Asian market for maybe $10 for ten - they look the same, only mine have ridges on the business end to make them grip food better.

    • They are 18/10 Stainless Steal, which means it has high resistance to rusting (like in a dishwasher), and it also holds it's polish.
      The local Asian market might sell 304 grad stainless Steel, the basic stainless, or possibly a lesser grade of metal that isn't technically Stainless Steal.
      Who knows what you're really getting there.
      If it rusts easily, then you'll know it's a cheaper metal, and I'd find it very hjard to imagine they would be 18/10 SS.

  • Nice post, thanks OP!

  • +2

    For those that prefer a knife and fork then this set on special may do the trick instead - https://www.royaldoultonoutlet.com.au/gordon-ramsay-by-royal… :)

    • LOL knife and fork, technically correct !

  • Received mine today, very pleased with the quality and on hand feeling!

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