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Toyota Offering 2.9% Finance on Selected Yaris, Corolla, Camry, RAV4 Models


First post! Toyota are once again doing some sharp finance rates, this time 2.9% Comparison Rate, on the following vehicles;

Yaris YR 3 and 5 door hatch
Yaris YRS sedan
Corolla Ascent hatch and sedan
Corolla Ascent Sport hatch and sedan

UPDATE: Now includes 2011 plate Camry Altise, and Atara S, SX and SL (ASV50R/new generation/new shape only).

Manual or auto for all above-listed variants. Terms and conditions apply. See the link for more information or visit your local Toyota dealer.

Ends 30th June 2012.

Disclaimer: I don't work for Toyota Motor Corporation Australia, but I do work for a Toyota dealership.

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    • +12 votes

      is it? "Finance"/loans can be considered a product. The interest rate is the measure of their price. Can you point to a cheaper loan rate for new cars somewhere?

      • +6 votes

        I retract this comment, bad deal because you have to pay full retail price for the car. No bargaining is lame.

    • +4 votes

      Because if you buy it for a business that depreciation is claimable… :P

      • +3 votes

        So you get a 30% discount on the depreciation, meaning that in after-tax dollars your car only depreciates 21% after the first year. Yay!

    • +11 votes

      Its simple.

      A brand new car has no history, how you care for it will shape the car.

      A second hand car is basically a gamble on how its been treated in the past. You have no idea if the previous person treated the car very badly and decided they they were a mechanic overnight and put twice as much oil as it needed etc.

    • +1 vote

      not every brand. and this depends a lot on what you pay for the new car (and therefore your negotiation skills).

      • +2 votes

        Think of it this way:

        People buy new cars = more second hand cars on the market + Fewer second car buyers = Cheaper second hand cars

        Win for me :)

    • +4 votes

      because you like your cars new and you are willing to take a financial hit for that privilege.

      I used to swear buying a new car wasn't worth it, but these days I do always buy new - replacing old car every 8-10 years. I just had to give up drinking the Grange.

  • -3 votes

    pretty sure if we called Toyota they would tell us you are not a 'representative' of their company

    • +5 votes

      Nobody cares about that.

      Ozbargain has listed what a "representative" is and he is according to that.


        I'm not a big fan of it though - working in a store but being marked as a 'rep' for the company caused some friction at my old job. There should be a distinction between 'having a vested interest in this post' and 'just working for the company' - plenty of bargain posts come from people who work for the retail store but gain no direct benefit from posting it.

    • +3 votes

      the key point though is that he is being transparent about who he is and that is all I care about when evaluating a deal

  • +2 votes

    I'd be a bit more excited if this was offered on the FT86

  • +5 votes

    2.9% - for those that pay full retail and are in an ideal finance position etc etc. Read the PDS guys! Is it worth it if u cant bargain the price down? Doubt it!
    Negged for the above reasons and that its only available to a very few people


      OP can you comment on this? You cannot bargain the price for the rate? Then this is a spam for sure.

      • +4 votes

        C'mon guys give me a break, my first post and you're already labeling me a spammer? Sheezzz… :)

        You can't have more than one bite of the cherry, the manufacturer doesn't offer incentives during these promotions, full stop. Hence, there's little or no room for discounting.

        Try looking at it this way. Generally, the repayments still work out less for a car with no discounting on the lower rate, compared to a discounted car on a conventional rate.

    • +7 votes

      Good find in the PDS.

      I have done some quick sums using the Toyota finance calculator on their site and it may still work out better paying the full retail cost and getting the low finance rate.

      Full retail example:
      $40k loan @ 2.9% finance over 5 years (+$265 establishment fee, 0 onroads, 0 tradein)
      gives repayments of $727/m
      gives a total cost of $43.6k

      Bargaining example:
      bargain $5k off the $40k retail price = $35k
      pay 9% finance (just as an example - most banks are around 10%)
      $35k loan @ 9% finance over 5 years (+$265 establishment fee, 0 onroads, 0 tradein)
      gives repayments of $738/m
      gives a total cost of $44.2k

      So in the end paying full retail and getting such cheap finance (in some cases - not all) still can leave you better off than bargaining and paying the full rate.


    how often this comparison rate comes around?


    What's the difference between Finance & bank loan?
    what factors any one has to check before going on loan or finance?


      Finance and bank loans are basically the same beast.
      See my calculations above. You have to factor in the total vehicle cost, the term of the loan, the interest rate etc.
      The main factor to check is that you can afford the repayments without crippling yourself financially :)


        Not all people can get a bank loan, this loan is secured against the car itself. I think this is a better benefit for business owners as I have discovered some financiers won't lend towards specific structures i.e. trusts & companies


    My friend bought his Aurion last year on the finance deal and got a pretty good discount on the price as well

  • +1 vote

    Me too, I bought mine last Nov on this 2.9% finance and still got a 12% on RRP.

    This is the best option rather than taking money out from your mortgage, where else can you borrow almost $30K and ended up only paying around $2K interest in 4 years?

    DONT BE LAZY! Please go and shop around.


    Rrp and campaign pricing are different. Even reading the ts and cs says that its on paying full price.
    Feel free to find out guys, but u wont know your interest rate till after you buy the car, so you might not be in the position to actually get the 2.9%!

    To the OP, are you a car salesman or Business Manager? What im getting at, is can u legally talk about finance? 1 can and 1 cant, what category are you in?


    This surely is a financial offer and not an Automotive offer. I only say that because if I pay cash, I get a better deal because I am not paying interest (but I have to have the money) even if I pay the rrp.

  • -2 votes

    Every where is 2.9%, Everywhere say you need to pay full price, if I am going to buy new call, go everywhere and ask for better price.
    Example, if the car is $15,000 and delivery fee (sales commission = delivery fee)is $1,999 and they asking a car for $18000 then you better ask the sales people, can you have the car for $16500 or the most $16700. So remember delivery fee is sales commission, so if they say delivery fee that mean the salespeople get the delivery fee.


    In Taiwan, 0% (up to $33k AUD depends on the model) for all Toyota model is a norm nowadays during promotion.


    I think Lexus are 2.9% too?


    In USA, 0% financing on Prius. 0% on Highlander (Kluger). 0% on RAV4. 0% on new Camry. 0% on Corolla. 0% on Tacoma, Tundra, Venza, Avalon, and Sienna.

    • +1 vote

      Yeh, hence their lousy finance/retail position ;)


        Indeed. 0% finance is often a sign of a sick economy, just as much as double digit finance for mortgages is also a sign of something not working right. The only exception to this is 'interest free' Harvey Norman style, where the real cost is just rolled into the price.

        If 0% finance was so great then Japan should be booming. They've had essentially zero percent financing for over a decade.


    Some people have the cash to buy a new car and find haggling with car salesmen to be about as pleasant as visiting the dentist for a root canal treatment. For these people this deal is a win: finance at 2.9%, keep the cash in UBank at 5.5%. After tax it's still a win overall.


      I find haggling with car salesmen amusing. I recently went through 3 dealerships (partly to find out what the real fleet and rock-bottom price was) and purchased at the third once I was confident I pretty much knew their fleet/wholesale price.

      Bargaining with salessharks is great fun, you just have to want to play their game and be better at it than they are (they make slip ups and give away important info if you are listening carefully).

      Not that many 'surplus' vehicles in the country to get rid of though - ours had to be ordered as stock levels are now kept low locally. The surplus may be overseas, but with Japan's earthquake and Thailand's floods etc it's all over the place with supply depending on what you are looking to buy. I know that the Honda Civic has been in very short supply, and thought the RAV 4 was in the same situation.

      Still, noone is buying so give them a free loan (almost) if they don't bargain what can usually be a 15% saving on a new vehicle.

      FYI, VW were doing a similar finance offer recently (may still) though I don't know the full details. Therefore, Toyota are not the pioneer of this idea.

  • +1 vote

    Do we need buy a car? I just want the finance at 2.9% to re-finance my home loan :b)


    Hey all, just an update on this, 2011 plated Camry (new shape, not the old one) is now included in the 2.9% finance offer. This info won't show on Toyota's site, but all dealers should be aware of the inclusion.

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