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Xbox Series X Console $749 Delivered @ Microsoft


Xbox Series X is back in stock on the Microsoft website. $749 with free delivery. No accessory purchase required unlike the last deal

Save a further 10% with Xbox gift cards from the ShopBack gift card store

Login to your Microsoft account and redeem them here:


At checkout it'll use the credit on your account by default.

Don't forget cashback and to activate the Microsoft $20 cashback with $200 spend challenge as suggested by this comment - Credit to user currentfad

If you have done all the above steps your cashback should read the following:

1.5% cashback = $11.24
+ Microsoft challenge = $20
+ 10% back from gift card purchases = $75

Total in cashback = $106.24

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  • +2

    How long will this last? Hmm

    • +3

      GPU price has dropped so that will make it last much longer.

      • +15

        I really wish Microsoft had called their service something else. Every time I see GPU I have to think about if it's for a graphics card or game pass based on the context.

    • Last week was the first time they were in stock for a considerable amount of time in the US, so we might finally be reaching equilibrium.


    • It should last a while…
      Microsoft has just stated they paid for chip priority to increase Xbox Series X availability

      Also Microsoft has completed the global upgrade of Xbox Cloud Gaming to Xbox Series X hardware, so that should help too.

  • +3

    I also have spend $200 get $20 bonus cashback @ Microsoft challenge in shopback in case anyone has that too

    • +1

      Same - so almost $100 off with discounted gift cards.

      • +1

        wow that ends up being a good deal for the most powerful gaming console of all time

        • +20

          You forgot about the Amiga CD32

    • +1

      Does that count if you use gift cards for the purchase? I had that saved as well but completely forgot and went through cashrewards. Although i assumed neither would work as i am using gift cards. But if gift card purchases count then damn, i just lost the ability of another $20 discount.

      • I checked with shopback. cashback and the bonus cashback isnt eligible if you use gift cards or credit as payment.

        • Better off with the 10% off gift cards still ($75 vs $32)

  • +5

    Thanks got one. I didn't want to risk it and take time buying gift cards!

    • Same! For the sake of the small benefit, just wanted to lock in the purchase!

  • Looked yesterday and it was OOS but went to a Telstra store today and they had stock on plan so decided to go down that path. But this does look like a good offer using the 10% shopback.

    • You can ask them to purchase outright. No need to be on a plan

      • I believe you need an account with Telstra at least

        • Nope. You can just walk into Telstra store and buy one.

  • +3

    if you have microsoft rewards points, dont forget to redeem them to get the price down.

    • how do you do that?

      • Use your rewards points on the rewards website….????

        • I meant, I dont quite understand get the price down? Do you redeem them as cash / credit to your account, or is it like redeem them for a promo code that you use specifically for the xbox?

          • +1

            @lonewolf: Use your reward points to buy a Microsoft store gift card at the redeem tab.

            • @QF99: ah ok, then i cant use it, I already have more than enough gift cards.

    • Is there a maximum limit on how many gift cards you can stack? And is $25 the biggest denomination?

  • +13

    If anyone is wondering about how this has held up long(ish) term (17 months); I got one at launch and it's still whisper quiet, and the vertical design means it doesn't really get dusty. The matte finish will pick up some smudges from natural skin oils if you move it about often.

    • +6

      Yep. I also got mine at launch. Have used it way more then my PS5. But I play a lot of older games. My friends and I have been playing heaps of Trials Evolution. Beating each others high scores is very addicting.

    • +2

      One month after launch here, no problems and it is heavily used by my family.
      The new update that lets games etc update in low power mode is great. I have found I haven't bothered with my PC as much since I've had this and I have GPU on both.

    • Can you elaborate on why the vertical design means it doesn't really get dusty? Does't the mesh top allow easy access for dust to get in the interior? I only got my one last week and I am already worrying about how it holds up

      • +3

        As the top fan exhausts up and outwards it would discourage dust accumulation while it's on. I absolutely would not worry about it in terms of dust - unless you never use it.

        • if its in lower power/always on mode it will always have the fan running ever so slightly.

    • in my experience, ps5 is quiet (except when that disc drive kicks in) but the series x is absolute silent!

  • How do you use gift card? In the payment it only accepts credit card or paypal?

    • Login to your Microsoft account and redeem them here


      At checkout it'll use the credit on your account by default

      Don't forget cashback and to activate the Microsoft challenge as suggested by this comment

    • You need to basically first deposit the giftcards into your account (redeem gift cards). Then that credit can be used as payment.

    • EDIT: Thanks, works!

  • +2


    • Yep. OOS

      • +1

        Still working - try again I just got to checkout just then

        • Intermittently OOS. I wouldn't be buying gift cards at this point. Too risky.

          I'll pass on RRP.

          Thanks for the deal though maybe I'll snag it next time.

  • +2

    I'm surprised it's not OOS in 3.5 seconds

  • +1

    Is it worth to get this for xb game pass alone?

    • hi actually i have an OG xbone i hadnt touched for about 6 years now.

      it is AMAZING for xcloud.

      X would be good if you actually wanted to install the games and play it like that at up to 4k res.

    • +1

      If you didn't have a 360 or Xbox One. Series X on game pass is a no brainer.

    • Yes, plus games on the Xbox side will start to be Xbox Series X|S only now so you won't be able to play Starfield natively on the old consoles.

    • I don't have a 4k tv, so a series s would be sufficient for xb game pass?

      • +3

        You still benefit from having a XSX compared to XSS on a 1080p TV. The image still puts out at 4K and super samples down to the 1080p display. Then there are other advantages like less pop in, greater draw distance, more consistent frame rates. XSX besides being faster in every way, also has 1TB SSD, the XSS only has 512GB.

      • Series S is great for casual non 4K
        Much smaller too and can get for under 400 used

  • bro i didnt even get the chance to login to shopback ffs

  • +2

    Can't believe I'm upvoting a "deal" at RRP!

  • Stock at amazon as well if this goes OOS

  • -2

    Xbox is readily available. PS5 is another ballgame lol.

    • +2

      Big W drop today sold out in little over a minute

    • +2

      Like I said in a previous comment Microsoft bought more chip capacity, which probably wouldn't exactly help PS5 production. I hope both get in stock with walk into shops soon but I don't know about that it might be another whole year.

    • +2

      Are there any games worth buying a PS5 for yet, or is it still basically a Ratchet and Clank machine?

      • +2

        Horizon Forbidden West but that's on PS4 as well

        Not really any PS5 exclusives

  • cant seem to find the gift cards?

    • You need to use the SHOPBACK APP. And search for Xbox.

  • Oos

  • This time last longer before OOS.

  • Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd its gone

  • Back in stock?

  • My order went through but the email says "you'll be charged once your items ship" is that what normally gets sent instead of a email confirmation?

    • May depend on your payment method?

      I paid with gift cards and PayPal and I got "Thank you for shopping with us on 06 April 2022."

      Possibly if you paid via credit card they process the payment upon shipping instead of instantly.

      If you paid by one of or both the same methods as myself then I have 0 theories as to why we got different emails.

  • +1

    If it’s OOS, just wait couple of minutes and try again.
    Bought one. Thanks.

  • +7

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While loading the gift cards this is oos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have $750 worth of gifts cards…………..

    • +4

      Keep checking it has many times come in stock after OOS as they trickle some more in.

  • +5

    Went OOS just as I was checking out. Damn!

    Update: keeps refreshing the page. They are slowly releasing stock, I just gone one.

    • Thanks

  • Can't believe I ordered one.

    Depression buys are dangerous!

    • +3

      Depression be gone! Xbox smite thee.

  • +4


    Someone tell OP to change the status of promo.

  • Back in stock as of 5.52pm

  • Didnt run the risk of gift cards. Did do the $20 challenge

    • Where do we find the $20 challenge

      • Shopback app

        • Thanks I'm just looking for it in the app does everybody have it or is it targeted?
          This is my first time using the app

  • Ordered one, delivery date 12th APR, come on long weekend!
    Thanks OP!

    • Where did u see delivery date…

      • In the email I got after ordering there is an button to "Manage your order" that showed it. the next day the DHL tracking showed a morning tracking ship details.

  • +1

    Purchased 10X $75 gift cards from Shopback but they're pending for half an hour now. The payment went through but they didn't release the gift cards for whatever reason.

    Be careful if you're planning to do the same.

    • Igore the pending, just click on the pending and you are able to see it straight away. I have done it this way and got the console!

      • Unfortunately, it doesn't work when I click on pending. It just sends me to the gift card page where it also says pending. I bought many gift card before with no problems. I don't know why it's taking forever to release these gift cards today.

        • Sorted?

          • @julz15: Not really. Still waiting. I bought an Amazon gift card to check if it's about my account but that one went through immediately with no problems

            • +2

              @Hazz125: Damn. I reckon they are getting smashed due to this deal. Fingers crossed mate

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