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LG C1 65” 4K Smart Self-Lit OLED TV (2021) $2850 + Delivery ($0 to Select Areas/ SYD C&C) @ Appliance Central


It’s cheaper than this deal if you prefer to have it delivered

I’ve tried random Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra’s postcodes and seems to be $0 delivery

WA has a delivery fee incurred

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Appliance Central
Appliance Central

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  • best to use these prices to negotiate lower between few stores

    • time to ask gerry for a good deal. :P

    • What stores would you suggest?

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        JB will price match or beat it, can try Good Guys and Harvey Norman too.

        • As kyptex said, try anyone who stocks it really, always going to be someone that will beat it might save $50-$200, might not worth a try

          • @RogueWolf: exacty this point, can't hurt to try. You'll notice some of the retailers have it on their website that they'll price match or beat the price.

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        JB matched it in store and even allowed me to add the 5% discount afterwards (see: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/694767).

        Meaning the price was $2710 delivered.

        Then used gift cards bought from AAMI and Suncorp to save a $100 extra. So i paid $2,610 in the end.

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          Damn, that’s a true OzBargainer!

        • I tried 2 different jbhifi, one price matched but didn't allow 5% extra discount, the other didn't even price match.
          You got lucky!
          Which store?

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            @1centTomato: Yeah I was surprised cause the online chat only offered me $2830 ish delivered but that included the 5% off.

            It was the Preston store (not the one in Northlands).

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    I used Appliance Central recently for a 65" NeoQLD and they were brilliant. I ordered Wed night late and it was delivered Friday morning.

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        And far more expensive than what I paid and I can't tell the difference . I was just giving an opinion on the company so keep your shirt on

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      Can share the sentiment. I bought our 65” C1 from Appliance Central during Black Friday sales and they were prompt on answering queries about delivery, which arrived quickly considering the stock shortages at the time.

  • 2k more for an extra 10 inches worth it? Feel like 65 is the sweet spot price wise..

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      12 inches.

      Solely depends on your room size.

      But 65" OLED is the economical option…… will likely be for a while too.

    • are you saying there's a 55" OLED for ~$800?

    • Depends on your room and distance! Check out https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/by-size/size-to-distance-r...

      • As per that guide I should go for 75" but spending close to 5K for a TV does not seem right.

      • based on this i need a 90 inch….

  • What would be the Sony or Samsung equivalent too this tv?

    • Samsung don't have a specific OLED Model. So while others may be priced similarly, they won't be a real equivalent.

  • Got a75inch Sony x90j for $1950 other week. Looks like Tvs are dropping price.

    • Where at?

      • Sony Education Store, some OPs posted deals on it on OzB few wks back

        • Aah yes but do not have to be a student to get that one?

          • @Francis82: There are many "students" with 83 and 77 inchers now

  • Going to bite on this offer.

    FYI — Harvey Norman price-matched (excluding delivery costs) on their live chat (took a few minutes)… but I decided I'm too lazy to pick it up so will give my business to ApplianceCentral.

  • Is there a better tv than this?

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      None that are on a sale/clearance at the moment.

      But overall depends somewhat on your use.

      The new LG C2 will be better than the C1, but from all reports slighly and won't be on sale for quiet a while year. It's currently $4500 for the 65".

      LG's have better gaming features and support. But Sony OLED's are considered slighlty better for movie watching (people like their image processing more).

  • What do people think of webOS. This is my main decision point vs Sony. I like Android TV but haven’t tried WebOs before.

    • Personally not a fan. The UI itself is quite unattractive and overall it's messy. Android / Google TV isn't perfect but imo it's nicer to use. C1 is a fantastic telly though and you're hopefully spending more time watching content than webos.

  • So add another $300 for a media player.
    Takes the shine off it.

  • Do any of these stores offer unboxing/setup onto tables/mounts by any chance? Haven't seen these services being offered from stores

    • Most stores offer installation services. Just ask in store.

    • Guy at JB, Elizabeth St, asked if we needed help setting it up.

      Got it at JB for $2850 including delivery and the 5 year extended warranty. Just a bit more peace of mind if the thing goes belly up. I wouldn’t buy extended warranty but getting it for free is a bonus.

      JB offers 2.5 years warranty, normal, on some electronic stuff over $2,000.

      • Guy at JB, Elizabeth St,

        Is this the one in Melbourne CBD?

        Can you please upload your receipt

        • Yup, it was Elizabeth St, Melbourne CBD. Are you interested in the set up, or the extended warranty, because we didn’t, actually, get them to help us with set up?

          • @try2bhelpful: The extended warranty.

            My local JB said they can 2850 for delivery and the tv, extended warranty would be extra.

            I am going to the city today, so if I have the receipt maybe I can get the same deal.

  • Gerry gave me $200 off their RRP by simply asking what’s the best price you can do on this TV. Didn’t need to ask for a price beat so just grabbed it, sales guy was nice, wasn’t cocky or pushy and was very helpful. Was surprised after last few years entering Harvey stores. $2795.

    • Sorry what store is that ?

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        Harvey Norman (aka on OzBargain: Gerry/Hardly Normal)

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