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Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 4G $0 on Optus 30GB Choice Plus Data Plan $12.50/Month for 12 Months @ Optus


This one started today, but I went into my Optus App to get it and there was a 50% off data sim offer that stacked with the $0 Tablet.

Has to be 30gb data plan or above.

So my deal was

$12.50 x 12 Months
Tab A8 64gb 4G
30 GB Data added to my data pool
$150 total cost.

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    • Did you?

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    Ordered 1 on Sat night and 1 Sun morning.

    Hearing crickets from Optus

    Not having high hopes here folks.

  • I just got my tablet and I'm a new customer. How do I activate the sim and the data?

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      Did you read the instructions on the Welcome letter that came with your delivery?

      • The welcome letter didn't give any instructions.

        • It says that it will be automatically activated within 4 hours or else you can follow the instructions on the paper

      • What should I do?

        • @nightqueen Welcome letter says follow the instructions on the SIM pack, scan the QR code or wait (or call)
          I was gonna do mine later on, but received an email a little while ago saying the service is now active.

          • @KNGPN: Service is activate, can't create an account online. Doesn't match my email and date of birth. Been on customer service for the last hour.

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            @KNGPN: Did you actually try scanning that QR code? It doesn't seem to scan.

            • @truetypezk: No, coz I received an email saying the service was active, and I can see the service under my accounts.

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          send the tablet to me :P

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          Post to me I'll activate for you then keep it.

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      I think startrack is batch processing the delivery info. Mine is still stuck at some depo despite it has been delivered early in the morning. My guess is when the delivery status changes to delivered Optus will automatically proceed with activation of the SIM card.

  • I got a temp order on 24/4/22 at 11:45am. No contact from them since that email so I called up just now and he put the order through for me. 23 minute call, but a nice enough guy.
    This was for the 128gb model.
    ETA 3-5 days.

  • No movement on tracking but got carded in brisbane.
    So delivered I guess.

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    I got both of my orders today in Brisbane, sim and tablet delivered together. Happy day!

    • When did you order , I am in Brisbane too I ordered about 10:00 pm on the 23 April 2022

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        I ordered early when the votes were about 60+

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    I just received my delivery. Both Sim and the tablet. No contract, though.

    Oh and i needed to show ID.

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    placed an order last night as a new account. got the confirmation today saying ready to be delivered.

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      hmm. negs for providing a status update? strange.

      anyhow, seems like optus still hasnt allocated the full stock to all the temp orders / orders which arent confirmed. contacting support might help to push your order through.

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        There's lots of salty people around here :) I'll probably get negged for this post too.

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        Sometimes people see a neg and stack on. It's not your fault Optus don't know to ship out earlier orders first. I ordered on the 23rd and 26th, 26th order is ready for delivery, no updates on the order from the 23rd. I didn't expect the 26th order to be fulfilled, but ordered just in case they got more stock, no harm if it doesn't. I never expected it to get put to the front of the line.

    • Hey kazer, just wondering how were you able to place the order when it was out of stock?

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        username checks out :D
        and yea, I used one of the links in the previous comments which takes you directly to a pre filled cart.

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        • ahhh nice, didn't realise those links worked. Came to this too late rip

          • @Ineedtoknowplease: nothings stopping you from trying your luck with the above link. as i said above i got the delivery confirmation in around 12 hours.

            • @kazer: Unfortunately it's saying that the item is out of stock in that link now, but thank you anyway.

  • Just had another chat with the Optus rep online, they pushed my order through for me and I finally got order confirmation (ordered 24/04). Seems like they got more stock?

    • Plenty of us got order confirmation days ago but never got any tracking/delivery emails at all to let us know that the order was on its way as others have received. No idea how they prioritise these orders though, as it seems that people who ordered well after I did are saying they have tracking confirmation.

  • Made my order on 23rd 10pm WA time or 1AM 24th Eastern Daylight Time, but still service pending. I have an order number ending in A so that's good.

    No clue how people ordering after me are getting it before me smh.

    • Are you a new customer? - Were you prompted to send through copies of your ID for the credit check?

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        Nope. I think my ID went through fine automatically. Just chatted with them they told me they're just waiting for stock, ETA 3-5 days.

    • Ordered around the same time WA…delivery ticket in my door just now.

  • My A8 128GB Tab got delivered today, online ordered about 10pm on Saturday. No rep intervention - order number ended with A, (I was an ex Optus customer).

    • Lucky you, where are you based? I ordered mine at 8pm and nothing.

      • I'm based in East Melbourne, if you got a dispatch SMS/email you should receive it.

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      This gives me hope, ordered 11:30p. No intervention either..

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    You get the order number if you place the order. But once it is in stock, it will be sent out to you.

    But SAMSUNG is yet to provide a tentative date to us about when they will back up with the latest stock. So, unfortunately, we do not have an update here as when the new stock will come up.

    • optus reply me via live chat. Hopefully, it is still coming even though it has been a long time.
  • My 64Gb delivered this afternoon. Ordered about an hour after deal was posted.
    Amazon case came this morning after ordering it yesterday after delivery confirmation.

    • What case did you get? And how was it?

      • The JETech case linked earlier.

        Haven't had chance to open either but I have that case on my old Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 I got a few years back. It's been good for the price on that.

  • received delivery note with correct IMEI addressed to my but welcome letter addressed to someone else. its a bit of a worry mabye the packers stuffed up. did the same happen to anyone ?

    • I received two identical welcome letters (addressed to me) that looked like they'd been quickly shoved in the box. I'd say their printer is working overtime trying to print everyone's orders.

    • my delivery note is correct. i'm waiting for my sim to activate

    • Yup, got someone details beside mine. A bit worrying.

  • Another update: despite being told through online chat that ny order will take 6-7 weeks due to devices being out of stock, I just received a phone call telling me my device will be delivered within 5-6 business days.
    Anyone else had this?

    • I was told the same via chat. Atleast my order is not on backorder or cancelled.

  • Got my sms and email confirmation of delivery, ordered Saturday 23rd at 8pm and based in Sydney.

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    Ordered at 6:30pm (Brisbane) on Sat 23.
    Immediate "ready for delivery" text/email.
    No comms about delivery but app's delivery section got info on Tue, and became trackable by startrack/auspost.
    Delivered at around noon today though auspost initially showed tomorrow.
    Again, thanks OP!

    • Yep same.

      Startrack even still shows now that it wss last scanned in Sydney last night. But got it delivered to Adelaide this afternoon

  • Ordered mine on the 23rd and just spoke to chat and got some non committal w'ell notify you when its on its way Better than telling me its on back order or getting cancelled I guess

  • wow, they delivered today. nice!

    • When did you order?

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        23 evening WA time.. 64GB

        • Lucky you. No update from mine. Ordered around 7.30pm

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    Got my 128gb delivered to Perth today. StarTrack just left it at my gate. Says ID required. Lol.

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      Poor form from startrack.

      If it was stolen Optus would have to send another one

  • What is the eligibility for sub hub ?

  • Cheers OP. New customer - got my 128 gb tab + sim delivered to sydney today by startrack. Ordered 23/04 at 7.20pm. "Ready for delivery" sms received late yesterday - delivered within 24hrs.

  • Has anyone had their SIM activated yet and confirmed the plan is $12.50 for 12 months (my delivery still on the way but will be first thing I check when activated)?

    • +1

      just had my sim activated and can confirm the plan is $18.32/m(128gb) for 12m so should be OK for anyone who ordered the 64gb.

      • Awesome cheers. Looking forward to receiving mine!

  • Just got it delivered now, Vic - 5:40 pm.

  • +1

    For anyone interested in buying a case - this seems a decent pick from Pro Case (On sale) - $13.99 Black ($1 voucher coupon to be applied at checkout).

    • Looks good (standard), but I'm going to wait until I get a shipping notice :)

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    My tablet + sim was delivered today (regional NSW). Ordered Saturday afternoon.

    Good ol' StarTrack driver left it right at my door with no sign/ID though… -_-"

  • My 128gb order is still in Submitted state. Arrrggg.

    • When did you order?

      • +1

        Swapped to the 128gb on Sunday morning.

        This is what chat support just shared:
        - 128gb is out of stock. Samsung have advised delivery of more this week.
        - 64gb is also out of stock. They're waiting for this as well. No delivery date shared.

  • Anyone know if the data sim is esim compatible? Want to use it in my note 20 ultra

    • But there is no voice included in the plan

      • Set as data esim ,get another sim for calls

    • I think you can swap it to esim. I just swapped my Kogan physical sim to esim today.

  • 1st one ordered 23/04 at 2pm WA time was just delivered (4.26pm WA)

    2nd one ordered 23/04 at 8.30pm WA is still sitting at Submitted

  • +1

    ordered this case last night
    alongside this screen protector
    should be arriving tomorrow, will let you know if its any good

  • Excellent deal thanks OP, ordered sat delivered today

  • I have 2 contracts


    Wtf I only made 1 order.

    Different phone numbers.

  • 2x 64gb arrived today. Yet to unbox and plug in or whatever.

    Exisiting customer, Newcastle NSW, 5:30pm Saturday order time.

    Data doesn't seem to be pooling together which is a bit odd. The sims automatically activated without me even opening the box.

    • sims automatically activated

      That's how they do

    • How old are your existing plans? Optus has made their newer plans separate to older ones for pooling.

  • Got mine delivered this morning around 11am, live near Cranbourne Victoria, I'm an existing customer.

  • Unbelievable.
    Order from 23rd: still nothing
    Order from 26th: tracking confirmed on Startrack website

    Both to the same address. I was sure the ready for delivery on the order from the 26th was going to turn out to be nothing. Not sure what is wrong with their stock allocation.

    • Your friend will be ecstatic!

      • +1

        Or very sad, she doesn't get it if I only receive one. I'm currently giving live chat a hard time about the order from the 23rd for her though.

    • I am in the same situation! ordered 23rd no news….

  • +1

    Tablet arrived today
    New customer

    Only issues is in the app it still shows as a pending service & I never got the contract/pdf of it when I originally signed up. Not going to open till everything has cleared…

    • This gives hope…

    • I'm the same as you except I opened it :p

    • +1

      Can you see your contract here?

      • I can

      • Thanks for that! Could see the contract and everything is in order!

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