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[VIC, Refurb] Office PC: Intel Core i5-4590, 8GB DDR3, 120GB SSD, Wi-Fi, $50 + $50 MEL Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Price Performance PC


For the cheapskate Ozbargain hunter this desktop PC is a steal. Nice compact unit for students or the home office.
Works well for surfing the web, multimedia, basic spreadsheet or word processing. At this price you really can’t go wrong.


i5-4590 3.5ghz cpu
Intel HD Graphics 4600
8gb dual channel DDR3 memory
120gb Solid State Drive
Usb wifi and bluetooth adapter

Click and collect or contactless delivery can be arranged around Melbourne.

We also have a range of monitors that can be purchased separately. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs.

Comes with 6 months return to base warranty.

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  • That’s a great price, do you ship outside of Vic?

  • +1

    But $50 delivery fee is very expensive.

    • +1

      True, though overall it’s still a bargain

    • +19

      Does $100 (FREE DELIVERY) sound better?

      People have been brainwashed into thinking Free Delivery is a luxury.

      • Hehe

      • +1

        It might have been 9 years ago, but it reminded me of this

        • Geez you've been on OzBargain for a long time… The fact that you can remember a comment from 2013 is crazy!

  • Also factor in the price of Windows 10/11 (if that's what you use) because there is no mention of it being included…

    • Good question - can the OP answer?

    • +1

      Can always leave it unactivated, works fine you just can't personalise. There are also other ways to activate for free…

    • +8

      Or use Linux, apparently there are user friendly distros. Discussion starts here

      • This is the way if you're a bit more tech savvy. That being said, user friendly distros keep getting better and better, it's just that you can run into some problems occasionally that might need to be solved in the command line.

        • Which user friendly distro do you recommend?

          • +1

            @retailsaver: Pop os. Been using it at school and theres are tons of videos about it on YouTube

          • +1

            @retailsaver: Zorin OS


            Pop OS

            • @HumbleCat: These are great options. I've heard Elementary OS has improved a lot recently and is pretty good, but haven't used it so can't be sure. If you're more tech savvy, Manjaro or Endeavour OS are good choices.

              • @reloxation: Elementary OS used to be good but their original founder left. The new one is pretty sus. You will need to see if its still suitable.

                Only madlads use Manjaro

                Endeavour is pretty good but not so much user friendly.

            • +1

              @HumbleCat: Zorin & PopOS are my two favourites too.

              Zorin probably the friendliest and most familiar for those coming from Windows.

    • +1

      Afaik prodesk comes with a Windows licence tied to the uefi from factory

  • Processor Graphics
    Intel® HD Graphics 4600
    Max Resolution (DP)
    [email protected]

    good for connect to a 4K TV

    • You'll need an active DP->HDMI2 converter for 60Hz, or just a simple cable for 24-30Hz video. Not many TVs accept DP.

  • +1

    Will make a good Home Assistant server

    • +3

      Isn't a Pi the better option, especially when power usage is taken into account?

      • Yeah but this is only $50 and easier to use and a lot more powerful.

      • +1

        Depends on your use. For the average person a Pi 4 will save power and probably do everything they need, where ram, cpu, storage not the limiting factor.

        Unfortunately they are expensive at the moment due to low stock.

        With a PC you can easily upgrade, have more processing power, ram, storage so you can run a whole bunch of different things aolong-side HASS without having to worry about maxing out ram/cpu/storage.

        • Absolutely, and even if you consider the power consumption difference, the difference in just the price ATM will cover a couple of years of usage

          • -1

            @abs898: No mate, a pc like this will cost you the cost of a pi in electricity in less than a year easy so if you don't find any other use case for it it'll be an expensive choice soon.

            • @lgacb08: It wont, an idle PC won't consume more than 50-80 watts considering it won't be running anything else.

              • @abs898: 50W is $100/year around here! I hope it is not that bad.

                My PC is 20W idle (screen off), and the NUC running Home Assistant about 9W.

  • +1

    what location is collect from? Berwick?

    • Interesting to know if I can collect it without pay $50 deliver :D

      • title says $0 C&C (click and collect)

  • Is this ProDesk 600 G1?

  • Does this have a HDMI slot to connect to a TV?

    • You can use a DisplayPort to HDMI cable or use a graphics card with a HDMI port.

  • $50 is about what they're worth

  • +1

    Oh man, I wish I can get it this price outside of vic. I want 4 of these things.

  • Great deal! Can't argue with that for $50+$50.
    Wish I had some use case for this.

  • have one running openmediavault, with 2 3.5inch disks, still got one spare sata port.
    solid machine for NAS, if you don't mind a little more power bill

    • +1

      Can save some power if you don't mind tuning it a bit by underclocking.

  • +2

    Can you let me know which USB wifi you use?
    Slap in a low profile GPU and it will make an ok kids Minecraft/Fortnite build

  • ozbargained. Yeah?

  • This is a steal. CPU alone is worth $50. Would be a decent blue iris system

    • +2

      who would pay $50 for a 4 core no hyperthreading cpu from 8 years ago tho…

      plenty of better options around

      • CPU is probably worth $20-30 at most

        • Most listed $40-$50 on eBay and local FB.

  • +1

    Absolute bargain

  • +2

    Sold out?

    Thank you for introducing yourself.

  • +1

    Went out of stock!! I live 5 minutes away from the pickup location!!

  • +1

    Sold out, but stayed for the cougar vid.

    • nar just 20 something on meth

  • I got something similar from this deal parents are very happy with it, loads fast and browses quickly. Although the unit we got came with an SSD.

  • -1

    Have a downvote for ridiculous shipping charges and being an arrogant arse

  • +5

    We sold a dozen in half hour. Sorry for those who missed out. Look out for our next bargain.

  • +1

    This is a steal.
    Add a lp1650 and you can game

    Upgrading the ram will cost more than the machine lol

    • +6

      It's their business, they can do what they like. In this specific deal they have restricted to VIC only as per deal title unlike the old deal.

  • -1

    so you think victorians are better than everyone else huh??? lol jks good deal

  • $50 is very cheap if you can pick up.

  • Damn. Was actually looking for something like this because I was too cheap to by the RPi. Missed out. :(

  • I use Acer i5 4590s for running Games. The motherboard fits a regular case and an ATX adapter is $5. It will take any graphics card.

    • I've done it with a Dell also and I think you can do it with hp

  • $50 shipping!?

    • +1

      computer is cheap as, what are you complaining about?

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