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Free - 10,000 Telstra Plus Points with Registration and Card Link by 30 June @ Telstra Plus Market (Telstra Plus & ID Required)


New service offering as part of Telstra Plus, and an incentive to sign up :)

Doesn't specify when the points will be delivered, but I'd say it will be after June 30.


To celebrate the launch of Telstra Plus Market, we’ve created two special offers to help you earn points even faster.

Offer 1: Get 10,000 Telstra Plus points when you join Telstra Plus Market, and link a credit/debit card, by June 30.

Offer 2: Get 10,000 more points simply by making an eligible purchase by June 30.


  • Step 1: Download the My Telstra app (if you don’t already have it). To download the app, open the App Store (for Apple users) or Google Play (for Android users). Search for My Telstra and select install.

  • Step 2: Register for Telstra Plus Market using your Telstra Plus credentials in the My Telstra app. If you’re not a Telstra Plus member, you’ll need to join.

  • Step 3: Select the offer categories that interest you (such as fashion) and link your credit/debit cards to ensure you earn Telstra Plus points when you spend with participating businesses.

  • Step 4: Start shopping. Browse Telstra Plus Market businesses to find the offers you love. You can choose as many as you like, there’s no limit. Keep an eye out in the app as we’ll continue to add more businesses.

Instructions within App: Thanks to Yabadabadoo

  1. Open app
  2. Click button under your name with number of points you have
  3. Click My Benefits
  4. Under Offers and partners click View Offers
  5. Click Telstra Plus button at top of screen (your on offers button)
  6. Scroll to Latest Member offers
  7. Click the little arrow on the right to scroll through offers and it should be in the list

What is Telstra Plus Market?

  • Designed for our small to medium Telstra Plus Business tier members, Telstra Plus Market can help you reach new customers and reward existing ones, all in one place. You can do this by creating unique Telstra Plus points offers that incentivise your customers. The new channel allows Telstra Plus members to take advantage of exciting offers and explore businesses from across Australia. With Telstra Plus Market, supporting small businesses is even more rewarding.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • OP any idea how do my mum can join Telstra Plus if she doesn't have Telstra account/mobile/landline?

    • $2 sim

    • sign up on their web page with land line account then install the app on a mobile. Then log in with Telstra ID you created when you signed up on website.

      • Wouldn't she need to buy a landline/home phone plan though?

        • sorry I misread your text. I thought she had a Telstra landline. So going with a 2$ Sim like chickenface suggested is probably the best way.

  • can someone post links or name of the store/item for what qualifying cheap items we can buy?
    and maybe OP can add it to the original post as well

  • -1

    anyone receive the 10k points for signing up yet? been 1 week still haven't received mine

  • clicked "Register for Telstra Plus Market", and it tried to load a back and unsure if it goes back or whatever but I end up back on the plus Telstra webpage

  • If you were to join, does the purchase need to be a targeted offer from the app, or could you just go straight to the a site and pay with linked card?

    • Per other comments, the payment is tracked, not click-through. VISA etc report your purchases to Telstra and the points are awarded based on that.

  • Yup, still a problem. Endless loop when trying to register, on Android.

    • read all comments from page one, someone had the same but then it works, slightly different step

      • +2

        Tried. Still can't. I can see it tried to go to a telstra business portal, but then goes back to the twists plus home page.

  • +1

    Geeze, how many people placed orders at GeekAcademy? I haven't received my order confirmation email yet from yesterday, anyone else?

    • Same, no order confirmation here either.

      • I would imagine it doesn't matter about order confirmation, since big T just gets a confirmation from VISA or Mastercard to say a transaction was made

        • +1

          Received the gift card this morning.

    • They must be under pump. Free money for them though, I doubt anyone will actually use it… Then again this is Ozbargain…

      • +2

        maybe an ozbargain group buy with all the $1 gift vouchers combined

        • +2

          We could all donate to a charity or under privileged like a food bank or something.
          We add all our gift cards and they are able to purchase something to help

  • After completing all 7 steps from the OP, i can no longer see the Plus Market offer in my app, it was there yesterday. has Telstra bailed on this offer?

  • +3

    Looks like they have fixed the Android problem. In the app, there is a new option.

    When you open the app, and press on your points balance (underneath your name) it now comes up with 4x options (previously only 3x). The 3rd option is "Telstra Plus Market" and you can complete the sign up process easily and quickly.


      This finally worked, after an endless loop with the method on the OP, or going to https://plus.telstra.com.au/benefits/market/customer on my desktop.

      To reach spend, I'm gonna go to Heng Sheng Asian Foodstore in S.E. Melbourne (Glenhuntly/Carnegie) because it's close to me, and I can get a proper receipt to verify.

  • +1

    Possible 5,000 points for new app users
    Like the sound of a 5,000 Telstra Plus points boost? It’s yours when you download the free My Telstra app, log in before 30 June 2022 and join Telstra Plus if you’re not already a member. 

    Excludes enterprise, business and corporate accounts, and customers who had downloaded the app before 25 Nov 2021. Offer ends 30 June 2022.

  • +5

    Just a little update for everyone, my $1 order was completed by the Geek Academy this morning and already received 10,000 points in my Telstra Plus account this afternoon.
    The 10,000 points for marketplace registration and card link is not there yet, Hoping to get it soon.

    • Nice!

      I got their email at 5am this morning but still haven’t got the 10k points…

      • +2

        Same here - got the voucher this morning but nothing in Telstra Plus yet

        • Also same.

          • @Spending2Much: I still haven’t received any points. Don’t think I’ll get them…

            • +2

              @zzzman: Get on to chat so they can escalate it. They issue you a case reference number and the points get added after 48 hours.

              • @adr8: Do you mean Telstra chat?

              • +1


                Thanks for confirming the details REDACTED, as checking I can see that this points are applied after 14 business working days from the time of the card registration and purchase request you to wait for 2 to 3 more days if the points are not added then you can contact us back so that we can raise the request for the points REDACTED.

  • Anyone have issues adding card? I press add and it rolls forever

    • I found when it has an issue with your card and fails you have to exit and re-enter the payment area otherwise it won't proceed no matter what new details you input.

  • -1

    Will Telstra send me a bunch of junk emails when I signup?

  • Seems like the Geek Academy has changed it so that the minimum gift voucher you can buy is $50.

    • Same here. I wonder what the next best option is.

      • I bought bandaids from ACTFAS.

        • Did the points show up? Also how quickly? Thanks

          • @magwri: ordered a 97c sticker for pick in SA lol. Hopefully, Point come soon.
            Nothing at the moment for signing up or purchasing.

            • @OhTeri BhenDi: how do you purchase under your Telstra plus account, it seems to send me to the website with the standard link. does the company relay the linked card with Telstra plus market?

            • @OhTeri BhenDi: got a link for that?

          • +1

            @magwri: Got the purchase points but not the 10,000 yet. Took a few days.

            • +2

              @Sweet3st: Just checked and my 10,000 for first purchase is there!

              • +1

                @Sweet3st: How many days did that take you from purchase to getting the 10k pts?

                • +2

                  @ilovefullprice: I ordered on Thursday.

                  • @Sweet3st: Ok thanks.

                    • @ilovefullprice: I tried the chat. Like an exercise in Freud.
                      Everything I said, they responded with the same… The last comment from them

                      No worries. If you have done all the steps. Than the points will be added to your account. You are having account with Business. For the Business account the points will be valid.
                      As per checking the steps I have seen the offer is available only for business customers. There is no account which is related to consumer account.

                      I think my chances are low to get these points… And my patience equally.

                      • @Ozbargainasaurus: Is that right? This offer is only for business accounts?!

                        • +2

                          @kickling: I doubt it, but that's what the chat help.believed. I gave up after this.. don't have the patience

                          • +2

                            @Ozbargainasaurus: I believe this deal is getting people to join Telstra Plus and Telstra Plus Market, so nothing to do with business.

                            It’s worth 20k pts and I reckon it’s worth chasing up for.

                          • +2

                            @Ozbargainasaurus: telstra chat is like a rogue ai trying to lose them customers out of spite

              • @Sweet3st: Checked just now and my sign up bonus there too. I’m rich!

                • @Sweet3st: Did you order click and collect from ACTFAS / did you actually pick the order up?

                  • +1

                    @MBix: Yes c&c and no, I’m in NSW 🙂

        • How did you collect them?

    • No points for this company either. At least none so far

  • +1

    purchased the $1 gift card and arrived yesterday, but no point received yet.

    • Gift card only came after I chased it up with them, points never tracked :-(

  • +2

    got my 10k for joining. description "T+ Market Bonus Pts: Join and card link"

    • Still nothing here at all. (Card link plus the purchase)

  • Got my points for joining and linking…

    Description Points
    16 May 2022
    T+ Market Bonus Pts: Join and card link

    Still waiting on points for $1 Geek gc purchase though. Still haven’t received email from Geek but they deducted the $1 from my linked card, this was purchased mid last week hmm 🤔

  • Got the 10k sign up points, but the $1 giftcard never tracked and no points there :-(

  • +1

    Received the 10k points for signup/card link yesterday and received 10k for the purchase on 14/05.
    So, promotion completed with expected reward & without any hassle for me.

    • I have also just received the 10K points for signup/card link.

  • -1

    Whats everyone buying to complete the second 10k points offer?

    • +1

      read all from page one and check if they comeback in stock

    • +2

      reading lessons

  • Do I have to purchase something from one of Telstra market offers the same day as I sign up to get the second 10000 point bonus?

    • dont think so, did you read somewhere it has to be same day?

  • hmm weird i got the first purchase bonus 10k points but not for linking card (well i obviously linked the card first and then bought)

  • +2

    Didn't get either of the 10k points. Then I asked Telstra live chat, who said their internet is having problems and I haven't heard anything for an hour lol. They've told me up to a month to get the points

  • Got 10k points for signing up on one of our accounts, but haven't received the 10k for the other

    • Same 10K signup received for one, but not the other and the other was done around the same time.

      • I have the same experience - the allocations really are all over the place.

  • Does anyone know if these Telstra points have an expiry?

  • +3

    what is the current recommend cheap purchase to get the 10k points?

    the geekacademy deal is no good any more due to the $50 min spend.

    • +2

      ACTFAS & purchase a bandage for just over $1 choose local pickup

  • Linked card on Thursday 12th, still no points on both husband and my account :(

  • +1

    Anyone got the 5000 points for using the app for the first time?

    • Which deal is this?

      • +1

        Possible 5,000 points for new app users
        Like the sound of a 5,000 Telstra Plus points boost? It’s yours when you download the free My Telstra app, log in before 30 June 2022 and join Telstra Plus if you’re not already a member. 

        Excludes enterprise, business and corporate accounts, and customers who had downloaded the app before 25 Nov 2021. Offer ends 30 June 2022.

        • Thanks, but the link is not pasted properly with the complete link at the end. Do you have the complete link?

          Edit: I think I found the link:


          • @ilovefullprice: Yeah no worries - I feel like I would be eligible going by this faq

            Already a Telstra Plus member but haven’t downloaded the app?

            If you already have a Telstra Plus membership, but have not downloaded the app before 25 November 2021, you can take up this offer by downloading the My Telstra app before the offer end date.

            • @simplerick: Yeah I am definitely eligible for the 5000 points too going by the T&Cs. I haven’t received it yet.

              Will contact support next week if I don’t see it in my account.

  • Another update, no 10,000 yet for eligible purchase.

    17th MAY + 10,000 (T+ Market Bonus Pts: Join and card link)
    18th MAY + 10 (T+ Market Bonus Pts: ACTFAS)

    • What was the 18th May 10k points for?
      What's the ACTFAS?

      • ACTFAS is just another Telstra+ store where I purhcased $1.08 bandaid.

        • this and tracked no worries

  • I finally got the 10K points for join and card link.
    Nothing yet for the $1 gift card purchase

    • Which store did you buy that from? Was it online or in-store?

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