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Free - 10,000 Telstra Plus Points with Registration and Card Link by 30 June @ Telstra Plus Market (Telstra Plus & ID Required)


New service offering as part of Telstra Plus, and an incentive to sign up :)

Doesn't specify when the points will be delivered, but I'd say it will be after June 30.


To celebrate the launch of Telstra Plus Market, we’ve created two special offers to help you earn points even faster.

Offer 1: Get 10,000 Telstra Plus points when you join Telstra Plus Market, and link a credit/debit card, by June 30.

Offer 2: Get 10,000 more points simply by making an eligible purchase by June 30.


  • Step 1: Download the My Telstra app (if you don’t already have it). To download the app, open the App Store (for Apple users) or Google Play (for Android users). Search for My Telstra and select install.

  • Step 2: Register for Telstra Plus Market using your Telstra Plus credentials in the My Telstra app. If you’re not a Telstra Plus member, you’ll need to join.

  • Step 3: Select the offer categories that interest you (such as fashion) and link your credit/debit cards to ensure you earn Telstra Plus points when you spend with participating businesses.

  • Step 4: Start shopping. Browse Telstra Plus Market businesses to find the offers you love. You can choose as many as you like, there’s no limit. Keep an eye out in the app as we’ll continue to add more businesses.

Instructions within App: Thanks to Yabadabadoo

  1. Open app
  2. Click button under your name with number of points you have
  3. Click My Benefits
  4. Under Offers and partners click View Offers
  5. Click Telstra Plus button at top of screen (your on offers button)
  6. Scroll to Latest Member offers
  7. Click the little arrow on the right to scroll through offers and it should be in the list

What is Telstra Plus Market?

  • Designed for our small to medium Telstra Plus Business tier members, Telstra Plus Market can help you reach new customers and reward existing ones, all in one place. You can do this by creating unique Telstra Plus points offers that incentivise your customers. The new channel allows Telstra Plus members to take advantage of exciting offers and explore businesses from across Australia. With Telstra Plus Market, supporting small businesses is even more rewarding.

As always, enjoy :)

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    • Just curious were you using a secondary account as well?

      I had the points pop for our main account that we have used for everything for years but started a new account for the NBN deal. I seem to get no points popping automatically on the secondary account (different name) however they played ball and added the 50k + 5k for downloading the app manually. They added then removed the 20k for this deal though.

      The NBN 50k was very easy once it had been 14 days from the activation date. Guy on live chat said he could see it's been 14 days and added them instantly.

  • Placed an order with ACTFAS on Friday but have yet to receive a pick up ready email nor transaction tracked email from Telstra. Not sure what to do.

  • +11

    For those still playing… FYI

    Hi Andy,

    As requested, I am sending you this email based on our discussion earlier over the phone about the case 3######.
    The 10,000 Telstra Plus points from doing the the 1st purchase (The Geek Academy) through Telstra Plus Market, is not yet applied on your account
    I have made a follow up call earlier to advise you that the issue with the Telstra Plus points from Telstra Plus Market is still open and still being fixed
    There is no specific timeline for the fix but the Back of House IT is aware of the issue
    As of this stage, no one will be able to apply the 10,000 Telstra Plus points mentioned above as this is still being fixed
    You have mentioned that you want the issue escalated
    You also thought that you are dealing with the complaints area now as you were advised via chat with Front of House representative on 31 May 2022
    We are closing the case 3###### assigned to us Telstra Plus Support-BOH as not satisfied/ unresolved
    We will request to raise a case to be assigned to the Complaints area
    Once the Gate Keeper received the request to raise a New Complaint case, a case will be created and will get assigned to a Complaints Representative who will get in contact >with you about the escalation
    Thanks for your cooperation.
    Best Regards,

    - There is a technical issue with this Promo (Offer 2) and their tech team are still working on it
    - Their Live Chat reps are a bunch of incompetent monkeys that don't know their products, cannot read history transcripts and continue to misdirect you - ask you to wait another 48 hours, 72 hours, they are a useless bunch and makes your blood boil dealing with them
    - If your purchase was >14 days from now, don't waste anymore of your time with the Live Chat reps and seek to be put in touch with Telstra Plus BOH (Back of House) team or Complaints team

    • +1

      Thanks for the info mate. I also never received the 10k points from the $1 gift card from Geeks.

      I can’t be bothered wasting my time and chasing this up… Kudos to you and others who follow through and ask for what they promised.

    • +4

      So the Complaint Case Manager assigned has been keeping in touch, still Telstra Plus BOH still working on a fix.

      In a newer development, I took the opportunity to use this resource and asked about the 50k points from this deal as it's ticked over the 14 days. Low and behold, he couldn't find the offer in the archive. Lucky one of the members in that deal posted a screen shot!

      So seems like it's going to be a drawn out process to get these points too. For such a blue chip tech company such as Telstra, how is it they can be so bad at tech, wow 🤦‍♂️

      Great to see some members having a win and seamless experience, although seems like many of us are not as lucky. Buckle up for the ride!

      • Boom! Just thought I'd check my Telstra app just now and to my pleasant surprise I see an added 50k points for "New fixed internet bonus points" 🎉

        Looks like the bigger fish has been sorted, wrapped about that!

        Now to sit tight and wait for the 10k that's still owing…

        • Thanks for the updates. I decided to file my Geek Academy complaint the other day and have also been told the back office folks are 'working on it'…

        • +1

          Any more updates? Are you waiting on both the 10k for the purchase and for signing up?

          I thought I'd take another swing tonight on online chat (roughly 10pm Perth time) and was told to wait till the "30th Calendar Day" when I pressed them they said everyone has to wait till then despite the fact it's obviously not the case. So I asked for it to be escalated with a manager.

          Telstra Rep: There is no manager or supervisor at this moment they are all engaged with closed door meeting with clients

          Me: They're meeting with clients? At midnight?

          Telstra Rep: Yes everyone is on Zoom

          hahaha I got a chuckle out of his attempt at not dealing with the situation at least

          • @MBix: Still waiting on the Offer 2 10k points as of this min. Been busy with work and other priorities so haven’t looked to chase up. The Complaint Case Manager assured it’s guaranteed to come through when BoH fix up their sht, so will wait a bit more. Will chase up when I have some time.

            • @AnDyStYLe: Still status quo on Offer 2 10k points.

              Although, I just noticed that my NBN service has "Account payments on hold - You're not being charged for the Telstra services or device repayments on this account as agreed while it's on hold". Possibly due to my complaint?

              I haven't been debited $1 for the second month's $2 for 2 Months NBN Home Internet Plan. Next upcoming payment is $110 for the third month. I wonder how long they'll keep my account payments on hold… Maybe I'm better off sitting tight until the end of time 🤣

    • the rep on live chat told me my 10k+10k bonus points will land after 'next month bill'. i have a telstra prepaid mobile as my only service. is that total bs?

      • That was just a sugarcoated version of wait. Basically a similar response from the first CSR I chatted to.

        The second CSR I chatted to regarding missing 50,000 points for the Telstra Day NBN deal was really nice and switched on. She acknowledged the issue, raised a case for me and informed me that the missing points would be added within 7 days. It happened the next day.

        I was hoping to also request her to do the same for me for the 10,000 points, but she ended the conversation too quickly. Also, for me, 50,000 points is more important than this 10,000 points. Just an FYI, I have now received the 10,000 points. I am not eligible for the second 10,000 points because by the time I tried this, the loophole to get cheap second 10,000 points is closed.

        The main issue with Telstra Plus points is that it is very inconsistent. Some people get their points very quickly. Some need to wait, and some probably need to manually chase up.

  • Has anyone placed an order with ACTFAS last week and have their orders tracked by Telstra Plus Market?

    • Nothing

      • +1

        Either they are swamped by the sudden influx of bandaid orders or Telstra is starting to get sus.

    • I went to an actual retail store from the list and did a spot of shopping - that was almost a month ago, and still hasn't been tracked…

      • Do they track for in store purchases? I can't find any thing saying in store purchases count but might be overlooking.

        • I don't know but this retailer doesn't have any online offering - it's instore or nothing. So that would be an epic fail if they can't track 🤣

    • i did end of may and got tracked and got 10k bonus points

  • +6

    ACTFAS aren't doing card payments on their website for the time being. I contacted their Facebook page and they said "unfortunately due to a lot of spam with Telstra rewards, for now you can only pay by direct debit from your bank account." Not sure why they are complaining about thousands of orders of Bandaids which were never going to be collected, sounds like a win to me.

    However, I just placed an order with Christmas Elves for a gift bag and did click and collect in Ferntree Gully and total was only $0.50 - https://www.christmaselves.com.au/happy-holidays-red-gift-ba...

    I will let you know if it tracks and if I get the 10,000 bonus points!

    • +1

      If I were ACTFAS I wouldn’t complain with the sudden windfall and be shushed about the whole thing. The thing is they have debited my credit card but failing to process the order. I will request a cancellation because they took my money without supplying me with what I want (!). Call me cheap but I will ask for a chargeback if they ignored my cancellation request.

      Thanks for the heads up mate and waiting for your good news :)

      • Yeh it's a little interesting. They may be getting charged a card fee from their merchant for each transaction, but you'd think they'd still be coming out on top somewhat anyway.

      • They can keep my 65 cents.

    • +2

      Received my points for the purchase after 5 days and then received the bonus 10000 points one day after. Can confirm that the christmas bag at Christmas Elves worked, only spent $0.47

      • Only can do click and collect if address is Vic. Do you live in Vic?

      • +1

        For anyone else who wanted to try this, minimum spend for that store for points is now $25, so a small purchase won’t work anymore. Must have been inundated with Christmas bag orders.

    • I paid for a $5 gift card through a different merchant and its in oblivion lmao, it was worth it at the time due to some items in the store but its been heavily raided

  • thanks to this deal, i got the lenovo smart clock 2 with wireless charging for just $12

  • I signed up and made a purchase on May 13. Still no points allocated so I chased it up with live chat. I have a Telstra SIM card so I can get the membership, but no active service. Live chat has said that not having an active service doesn't count as being a customer, so no points for me.

    That was a waste of money then.

    • They tried that excuse but I told them it is clearly not in the terms & conditions. Chat eventually agreed to add these points plus 5,000 offered for app download but haven't delivered yet.

    • I can assure you that is incorrect

  • Didn't get any points for the Geek Academy gift card.
    Gave up wasting time with online chat.

    Apparently completely different department handles that section. This department doesn't have any phones, since every time I've been promised a call back, it's never happened.

    I got the standard points and bonus points for the bandaids from ACTFAS, but seems some comments has stated that not happening anymore, due to the being spammed with tiny orders.

    I did however, get 10,000 points, for some delays acknowledgement and apology.

    I can't imagine 10k points being worth that much, but I did a search and I've been given 10k points from Telstra in the past as an apology for delays.

    • If you got the 10k points with ACTFAS then why did you bother asking for the Geek Academy one? How many points is $1 of purchase worth?

      • Maybe read the previous comments on this post.

        Bought the Geek Academy first, nothing happened.
        Eventually bought the ACTFAS and tracked straight away and for the 10k points

        As my post above says, I just received 10k points for an apology. And I've had 10k added in the past also under an apology.
        (Usually for my monthly bill) there was a time there when every month my bill would be a different amount

        • Maybe read the previous comments on this post.

          Bought the Geek Academy first, nothing happened.
          Eventually bought the ACTFAS and tracked straight away and for the 10k points

          I know but it sounded like you got the 10k points from ACTFAS then go back and ask for the untracked Geek Academy order. That‘s why I asked.

  • I think Telstra is not giving out 10k points for eligible (small) purchases anymore. I don’t see people post on here about they are getting the 10k points for recent purchases.

    • +1

      Nah Telstra assured me their back of house team are working on it and I would receive the points between now and the end of time

    • Purchased something for $1.20 on 6th June and received the bonus on 13th June.

      • Where and what did buy? Thanks

        • T+ Market Bonus Pts: Christmas Elves

  • Received 10k for adding CC and 10K for first purchase bonus. spent $1.20 to get $20K points, not bad ;-)

  • +1

    logged a tio complaint for not getting this 20k points and the 50k for an nbn connection. i’ve been assigned a “complaint manager” by telstra who assures me they have resolved the “IT issues” and the points should post over the next few days.

    i’ll believe it when i see it.

    • Strange they didn't easily cough up the 50k. As soon as it was 14 days from my connection date I contacted and the guy added them instantly. Very glad things pop on our main account and as soon as the 20k is added to the secondary account going to churn away.

      • Churn away?

        What's worth buying on the rewards store.
        I'm at 65k and I'll cash out now

        • +2

          Churn = switch to a different provider for my NBN. $2 for 2 months wasn't a terrible deal now they gave me the 50k points, but the internet quality definitely has taken a hit over previously being with ABB/Superloop

    • +1

      Where did you lodge your complaints? I want to lodge one too, they keep refusing me the 2nd 10K points with so many different excuses

  • +4

    Currently going insane trying to get live chat to add the points. Idiots

    • +2

      don’t waste your time they’re worse than useless

  • I can't even access the market following the instructions from Yabadabadoo….? WTH?

  • For those in Melbourne, Glamp Bar (near Townhall in the CBD) has $7 drinks for happy hour 4-6pm. (Lager, Ale, white, red or prosecco)

    Spent on 8/6 and haven't got points yet, but comfortable it will come eventually.

    • I also did an in-store purchase exactly like this, but the points never arrived…
      Start your case with online chat 👍

  • One of my accounts finally received the
    10,000 points yesterday even though others created earlier still are yet to be credited. Telstra logic.

    • +1

      how dare you use those two words together !! :)

  • +1

    Bazinga. Finally got the 10,000 points for linking card (10th of May) and 10,000 for first purchase (20th of May) on our secondary account. A live chat rep added my 50,000 points for NBN signup manually last month too…and today I just had another 50,000 automatically pop for the same thing. Today is a good day

    • wow.. thats a lot of points

      • Yeh I’m pretty damn happy with the extra 50k. Now sitting at 270k so gotta work out what to buy!

        • not many attractive offers for redeeming the points. thought they will have some good offers for EOFY, but nothing much.
          Or wait for the telstra day and redeem the things that are offer

  • Another fail so far. 5 purchases at a Market store, using the correct linked card. Chasing support for the 5th time, at least. Still getting nowhere. Got the sign up 10k but nothing from my 5 market store purchases.

    First txn is from 17th May.

    As always, Telstra support is frustrating, useless and a complete waste of time.

    Keep getting feed bs about delays. Apparently my case was escalated twice since early June and here we are end of June and still nothing.

    • +3

      Same. But I made 3 purchases, not 5 :P
      However, I am not sure I will bother chasing the 10k points with Telstra support because every time it makes me more mad after dealing with them. They are becoming more useless and incompetent since Covid.

  • telstra support now asking me for all the details of the transaction, e.g. merchant, date, card, amount, transaction # etc.

    Maybe I'll finally get the points?

    • Got the same email too, so have sent the details off. Let's hope the points lob in soon…

      • Same lmao. After they were given all the information already

  • It took 2 months but I finally got my 20,000 points!!

    I also asked about the Xbox Controllers and they said they are having trouble getting stock, if that is helpful to anyone.

    • Yeah - the turtle beach controller however looks pretty good. For me the belong sims are the better value

  • +2

    2 months later and still only got 10K points, constantly chase up and every time they come back saying the 'automatic bestowal of the points did not happen and we cannot do it manually blah blah blah", very frustrating. One rep had the nerve to say "you have to purchase within telstra plus, if you go the geek academy site you will not get the points'. Yeah right Kumar, can you be any more stupid. Looks like I'll give the 10K points a miss after the 2nd month of $1 internet is up

  • +2

    OK fooled by Telstra. only got 10K points. Supports are monkeys.

  • Hooray! Telstra (finally) credited the points for the $1 Geek Academy spend…

    • I never ever got those. I only got them after buying the (60c??) Bandaids. Which was then patched to a minimum spend

  • Still no points and support offering me 1k…

  • Just trying to chase up the 10k points now on the live chat.

    • Haha how incompetent are the staff on the live chat..

      • +2

        Don't bother. Just lodge a complaint with TIO and someone who knows what they are doing will contact you to get it sorted.

  • +1

    Checked today and 20000 was added, never bothered to contact Telstra so they must be working through the backlog.

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