[WA] 10 Free Rapid Antigen Tests for COVID-19 Close Contacts - Pickup Only @ WA Government


Western Australians who are COVID-19 close contacts are each entitled to 10 free Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) to help them meet testing requirements while asymptomatic (one daily test for 7 days).

Close contacts with no symptoms can each collect 10 free RATs at metro and regional locations.

Close contacts with no symptoms are allowed to leave their isolation premises but must undertake a RAT every day for 7 days and return a negative result. They must wear a mask outside of home (12 years and older) and avoid high-risk settings unless they work there.

People who test positive to the COVID-19 using a RAT must register their result and isolate according to positive case guidelines.

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Western Australian Government
Western Australian Government

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  • +3

    Looks like stocks are
    Getting cleared

  • +4

    Word is the gov overordered the RAT tests and forgot that they had a use by date…

    • +13

      They never sent the 15 that I signed up for, and their and support team just said keep waiting.

      The process has been pretty poorly managed, good intentions poorly executed.

      • Mine arrived 2 months after I ordered them

      • -1

        Ditto still waiting for mine
        Apparently you could go to the airport and grab them

        Even then this is classic wa health department antics. Possibly one of the clunkiest overstaffed gov depts in Australia

        • +4

          Give them a call. They lodge a claim and then send send you 15.

          • -2

            @pandadude: Id rather just whinge about it on OzBargain

            • +1

              @Keeno: I've called them 3 times.
              As I stated above, they told me to just keep waiting and blamed "logistics issues". They wouldn't look into it despite me asking to review my Order Number.

              I'd rather not read and try to call people out on Ozbargain…

              • @cook99: Mine arrived only yesterday and I ordered them within an hour or two of the process opening. They just arrive in a bag as they've been taken out of the bulk box.

          • @pandadude: Work's already provided copious amounts fortunately.

      • +4

        My 15 RATs arrived within a week. I assume its Austpost that is dropping the ball.

        • Mine’s been sitting there for over 3 weeks now with the usual “delayed due to COVID-19” excuse.

          Meanwhile, parcels from Amazon still gets delivered like clockwork.

          • @darthsparrow: Amazon is amazing. Often get things next day or at the worst 3 day turn around. EBay is a week.

      • Yeah I got mine within a month of signing up. I did sign up on day dot as well.

        • Signed up within 5 minutes of the announcement, I was on the site before it was live. All good it's lost in their process or the mail, just stating that I've tried to get them but no luck for me unfortunately.

      • +1

        i've filed two "missing item" enquiries with australia post, just for the first batch of rats. both times a canned response telling me to wait another 14 business days, blaming "high parcel volumes" etc. meanwhile i've received many parcels through aus post since then, even from flood-affected regions without any noticeable delay

      • +1

        My 10 extra didn't arrive after a month so I rang up and they were super helpful. Apologied and got it in motion. 10 days later and they arrived.

      • Called last week and see said mine never got delivered. It was in my postbox in 2 days

      • Mine were sent to my neighbor's address

    • +3

      I highly doubt use by dates are anything to do with this. I have received WA government RATs in a few ways, and none are anywhere near expiry.
      15 gov AllTest nasal via post: Jan 2024
      5 gov employer Roche nasal: 21 Jan 2024
      10 local state MP V-Chek saliva: 05 May 2023

  • I assume they will ask for a name or address to check the register that someone in your household has registered as having COVID?

    • +3

      They took down my drivers license and mobile phone number and and gave me 6 packs (total of 30 RATs, household maximum) upfront, no further questions asked.

  • +12

    Gov doesn't give free RAT - criticise.

    Gov gives free RAT - criticise.

    What a world we live in.

    • +2

      It's almost as if people can have opposing views on the very same issue. Wild concept.

    • -2

      We have around 100 tests at home ready to be binned. What a waste?

      • Chuck em on marketplace?

        • -2

          I don't have a FB account and I don't even know there is even demand in Vic for these things anymore.

      • +5

        You picked up 100? why?

        Couldn't you have just stopped at 50

        • -6

          Got 2 Kids. They were given at school. Kids brought them home. My kids never fell sick. We never tested them. In Vic, we don't go get them. They will give in school for kids regardless

          • +11

            @DisabledUser318679: Well there in lies your problem, you weren't supposed to test them only if they seemed sick, you were supposed to test them regardless. A significant proportion of kids with COVID are asymptomatic, they can carry and spread it without having any symptoms.

            • -10

              @joshau: In which planet are you living? Kids didn’t got sick. We didn’t got sick. I will be in close contact with hundreds of people daily. I never got sick. Use common sense. If you think by testing yourself or kids unnecessarily you are saving whole Australia single-handedly, then grow some brain cells. It’s over. Covid party is over. Come back to real life.

      • give it to people in need..

        • -4

          I don’t even know that people still need them. I thought covid party is over.

    • +2

      Gov gives free RAT - criticise.

      Gov failed to get free RAT to the public, i think it's pretty fair to criticize that.

    • Always crticise.

    • -3

      Free RAT? no such thing.. they're taxpayer funded.
      When you see how many the bought up and how soon they expire you soon realise this isn't an act of generosity, it's an act of desperation to save face.

  • Any offers for other states? What can we get in Victoria?

    • +1

      Similar deal for Victorian's, each close contact can get 5 free RAT tests from a PCR testing site when someone they live with tests positive.

  • What about if you're a close contact with symptoms?

    • +2

      then false;
      else true;

      • i am having compilation errors on that code.. had to update it

        if [ close contact has symptoms ];
        then false;
        else true;

    • -1

      Get a PCR.

      • +1

        And then? If it's negative but you still have symptoms, can you go get some free RATs?

        • +1


        • +1

          For me, I went to get a PCR after someone I lived with turned positive, and they gave me the RATs at the same time.

  • -3

    Pick up rat tests - check!

    Sell on ebay - check!

    • +4

      be a scum - check!

      • Wrong, I am entitled to my RATs

    • No wonder they didn't have any when my partner went to pick some up…

  • Just picked up 30 from the convention centre. Zero line, saliva options for kids otherwise nasal. Too easy.

  • This was easy, just walked up and they asked how many in my house, got given 10 for each person

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