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Join MATE nbn Internet and Get $100 Credit Applied 28 Days after Activation @ MATE


Switch your internet to MATE in May and enter the promo code MAY100 on signup to get $100 credit on your account once connected!

Applicable for any MATE nbn plan:

  • great mates nbn 25/5 | $59/month
  • best mates nbn 50/20 | $69/month
  • wireless mates nbn Fixed Wireless Plus | $69/month
  • soul mates nbn Home Fast (100/20) | $79/month
  • soul mates nbn Home Fast+ (100/40) | $89/month
  • elite mates nbn Home Superfast (250/25) | $99/month

$100 credit will be applied 28 days after activation. See T&Cs.

All internet plans include unlimited data, no lock-in contracts and award-winning Aussie support.

You can also save $10/month ongoing on the above prices if you bundle one of our postpaid mobile plans. All mobile plans use the Telstra Wholesale Network. See a coverage map.

Plus, this $100 credit offer is also available when you bundle nbn with our exclusive $40 for 80GB mobile plan as well.

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  • +3

    Any gamers have any ping during peak time feedback?
    Currently my superloop has regular ping spikes.

    • +13

      it was pretty good before, but in last 2 months or so I get dropped packets at night (~5pm-11pm)

      • +6

        Similar for me. Got significant packets dropped in recent 2 weeks(better than @daemon’s 2 months)

        The experience of online game is terrible at night

        • +4

          Same with the packet loss - only been the last 8 weeks for me around the Geelong area - Technicians are currently working on it apparently noting this has been extended 3 times.
          I am on the soul mates package

          • +2

            @mirrinz: Unfortunately I've had peak time (8pm-11pm) connection dropouts when playing LostArk. Viewing Australian hosted content isn't too bad where media streaming services are mostly consistent. In the past 2 months I've had about 3 total WAN dropouts where my modem wasn't getting any pad0 packet responses (no PPPOE response from Mate). Mate never proactively indicate an issue and i constantly have to hit them with modem logs. Following each email, Mate acknowledge the issue but never give any explanation of the root cause.

            However if you are working from home and need internet for work or media streaming (Netflix etc), this should be fine.

        • +2

          this is exactly my experience too! I notice its terrible during peak hour as you described. Apex and Dota2 have had up to 50% packet loss. Had one of their technicians check it out a month or two ago and they blamed it on the heavy rains we had earlier damaging our node, with no ETA for a fix…

        • +2

          I've experienced the same thing in both houses I've lived in the last 4 months - packet loss every evening. I'm on the 100/20 plan. They mentioned their provider has identified that there is indeed a fault.

          "Due to the complexity of the issue, an estimated resolution time has been set for 21/05/2022 for this issue to be resolved." - I have sent them the IP to the game I play (Apex Legends) so I don't know if it's only going to resolve it for Apex Legends or all the other games I play on occasions too.

          I'll see how it goes after…

          • +4

            @tdubz: Also adding that I have/had been experiencing the same issue in the last two months. As soon as it hits peak times, packet loss out the ass. 20-50% packet loss. I have lodged several tickets and had several issued identified and fixed, but I believe it's to do with the CVC we're connected do. MATE uses the vocus network and doesn't have their own infrastructure the way ABB does, so you're sharing your infrastructure with lots of other RSPs and households, and MATE has no control over how congested they are.

            • @samba: Yeah anything in peak has been ass, and I find it hard to believe that even if they'll be able to resolve this, that it'll be a long term solution. I figured it would have to do with the CVC as well which is unfortunate. There's only so much "good customer service" can do. You pay for what you get I guess?

              I may have to switch to ABB and cop the difference. Have you made the switch yet?

    • I am on their 250/25 plan.

      I play Warzone frequently at night and no issues that I've noticed.

      On a side note, Disney+ does lose quality when streaming frequently, but I believe this is their subpar bitrate as Netflix etc is fine.

    • +4

      Its very hard to answer this because it depends on how constrained the CVC is on your local interconnect, and its different for everyone. I've been with them for a few years and it's been great on 100/40 FTTN on NLTN. The last week or so NNTP performance has been woeful between 7-10pm. When not downloading, even using Discord has been virtually impossible as theres enormous packet loss so everyone sounds like a robot, while pings to WoW and other games remain fine.
      They claim not to shape traffic but I get suspicious when theres great performance on the popular sites and not so great on less popular ones. Netflix is great, kayo is terrible. Outside peak everything is perfect.

      As I said though, this has been a week out of the last 3 years, I'll give them time to sort it.

      • Probably just crap peering.

    • +1

      Pretty poor for me in North Balwyn CVC. Had bad ping spikes for the past couple months. Switched to abb

      • Same for me in noble park vic. Seems they flag speedtest.com for higher bandwidth too. I was on 250/25 and barely measured 100 down on other speed test sites.

    • Ping around 10-30ms for me from Wollstonecraft (North Sydney). Packet loss in the evenings happens, and one in twenty evenings the ping is so irregular that you can not play anything realtime. 95% of the time it's consistent and good though.

    • +2

      Literally just left mate because of the unusable internet during the evening. Was amazing on 250/25 until the last few weeks where I can barely get 5mbps.

      I reported the issue since some friends also with mate were and still are having the same problems. They told me there was no issue and nothing has been reported.

  • +14

    Deals for current members?

  • +6

    Any deals for current members?

    • +1

      Head to Telstra for $1 for 1 month and then return?

      Edit: Actually, maybe that's not available anymore.

      • good idea

  • +1

    Getting Error "Incomplete or Invalid Promo Code Please Call 131413"

    • +1

      Working on our end, can you try again?

      • Lol

      • +1

        Tried to check out upload speed on your site, can't find. After "chatting" with your AI, can't use the site anymore. If you are not capable of a setting up a working Internet site, I guess you are no good in solving technical issue either. Thanks for OZB to not let me make a mistake.

        • The download and upload speeds of each plan are listed in this post.

          Can you confirm what you mean specifically by "can't use the site anymore"?

          • @rfc850: I think this post is not part of the contract, and not binding.

          • @rfc850: "You said: What is the upload speed in your plans"

            "Alright, to troubleshoot your nbn service, follow the steps in this link"


            And then the browser says" The page is unresponsive"

            So nahhhh, thanks but no

        • If you can't use the site anymore, don't forget AdBlocker could also be the culprit as it is very common for AdBlock that blocks live chat when we need them and some other weird thing they block.

          Btw I visited MATE site, I have no problem browsing through the site? I'm on Brave browser, and also did check on my Macbook, still no issue so I dunno what you're on about beside that. Extension and AdBlock you may want to disable one thing at a time and find it what is causing the block on the site from loading or so. Have a good day

          • @jmytch: Start a chat with their bot, and then see if you can do anything on the original page. That's what happened to me. Main page was inaccessible. ( still displayed in the background )

  • +1

    Good timing, my superloop discount is ending this month.

    Thanks OP.

    • +8

      You didn't sign up for the telstra $2 for 2 month deal?

      • +2

        No I didn't, and I'm not sure why I didn't either.

        I remember seeing it but just forgot about it whoops.

        They have $1 for 1 month now though I suppose. Gutted I missed out!

        • +1

          ahh yeh it happens. I missed out on the origin 2 months free even after seeing the deal so I had cop paying $85 per month for dodo

      • It wanted to do a credit check…

      • +1

        If you signed up online Telstra would automatically include the modem. So if you left before 24 months you would have to pay a certain percentage of it. It was basically a trick to to get people to sign up with unseen stipulations.

    • Mine was extended another 6 months

      • That's lucky, I got a $5 discount for 12 months or a free eero router.

        Was planning to go with More Telecom for the CommBank deal, but may as well churn to this one first.

      • How did you get that discount after 6 months?

        • +1

          I got sent an sms that they were extending the $10 off (hmm, though previously was $19 off… will wait and see what I get billed with next month)

    • How many days before your next superloop rollover date will you put in the application to switch?

      • +1

        I'll likely do 2-3 days beforehand like I did when I swapped over from Belong, just to be on the safer side.

  • +1

    Can activation be forward dated beyond May 31st into June?

    • +6

      Yes, it can. If you wish to delay the activation, please specify your preferred activation date in the "customer notes" field.

      • +2

        Great customer service btw

  • +3

    Can you still get this if you have been a MATE customer before but not for the last 12 months?

    • +2

      Yes, you can. Would be best to call our sales team on 13 14 13 and we can then use your previous account :-)

  • +1

    Tempted to swap over from Optus (have been with them for a very long time) unsure how all this works. I'm on FTTN. does anyone know if the swap over is easy?

    • Should be very simple… When I switched to Mate they do all the leg work for you… Been with them 2.5 years & have not had an issue

    • It's very easy as this is a service transfer. Just need to ensure your modem is compatible and not locked (unfortunately, Optus modems don't work as they don't allow you to change the PPPoE details).

  • +1

    Already on the elite mates nbn Home Superfast (250/25) | $99/month and absolutely love it.

  • Anyone comment on these guys? I’m with superloop and will want to switch soon

    • Likewise here. Superloop customer service has declined over the last few months.

    • Been with them 2.5 years & have not had an issue… decent price too…Just my take on them

      I'm FTTN 100/40…good speeds at peak times

    • I've been between super and mate and never noticed a difference

      • +1

        Mate are amazing! Been with them over 2 years (briefly switched to origin when there was free promotion), tried to go to spintel that messed up. Back to mate now and they are incredible.

    • Always had drop outs during the day while WFH while on Mate (resetting router didn't do anything). Switched to Superloop and pretty much never get drop outs now.

  • +3

    If you're with Commbank, there's also More Telecom, 30% off for 12 months and $30 cashback

    $15.10 cheaper on the 50/20, which is $181.20 over the 12 months plus $30 cashback = $211.20 discount, $111.20 better than this deal

    • -3

      That CBA deal is "Targeted"!

      • +3

        If you're with Commbank

    • I'll go with this deal for 3 months, then if nothing available, go with the commbank deal

    • Hi where is the $30 cashback of More, I can't find it anywhere.

  • +6

    If I was op here, I'd have a specific code for ozb, and keep a keen eye on retention rates haha

  • +2

    I found Flip plans (https://www.flipconnect.com.au/) to be the cheapest. A better option if you hate churning providers every 2-3 months. I was with Mate - like their customer service but not a fan of their pricing.

    • Do you know their upload speeds? Namely on the 25Mbps plan.

      Nvm they are in the Critical Information Summary pdf. 3.7Mbps on the 25 plan.

  • +1

    How do they compare with AussieBB? I've been using them for 2 years with very good costumer service. But double the speed of my current plan paying the same is quite compelling.

    • Same question here, although I was eyeing a cheaper monthly spend. Cost of living pressures, declining sharemarket etc. A man's gotta eat.

      Edit: I"ll probably eat sausages all week rather than churn from ABB.

      • Well. Some comments below were not very reassuring… ABB has a rock solid service, although I don't know if that is a feature of the NBN connection rather than ABB.

        One thing it doesn't have is free static IP… hm…

    • I’ve been with Mate several years but can’t really comment on the customer service except when I moved house (which was super straight forward).

      Perhaps it’s an even better sign of a provider if you never even need to contact customer service! :-)

    • +1

      You get what you pay for. Aussie BB and superloop are good.

  • +1

    Damn, please offer this again in September when my 6 month promo pricing with MyRepublic ends!

  • Can i put connection date in july?

    • +2

      Yes, you sure can. If you wish to delay the activation, just specify your preferred activation date in the "customer notes" field.

      • How far into the future can you date the activation date? I can only change ISP towards the end of August

  • +2

    Very important to note that the credit will be applied only after your first month of service.

    $100 credit will be applied 30 days after activation.

    So you’ll end up paying your first months plan rates then get the next month to month and half free.

    • Credit will be applied 28 days after activation.

      • Any deals for current members?

        • +1

          All current customers are eligible if they add a new nbn service.

          • @rfc850: What about if I'm shifting properties ??? Moving in a few weeks can you class that as a new connection ???

            • @ThePunchingBag: Yes, customers moving address would be classified as a new service. Would suggest contacting sales on 13 14 13 as they can place the order now for connection on a future date.

          • +1

            @rfc850: How do you add 2 NBN services to the one address?

      • +1

        Does this mean we can use the credit for the first month?

        • +1

          Would like to know this als. A few have asked but no answer so far. do we get charged the first month (As in prepaid), and then get the credit to use in the future?

          Also it seems you can pick a date in the future past the 31/May, but will we get the $100 after 28 days from activation?

  • +15

    I swapped to MATE for one month and had serious buffering issues and packet loss during peak times. They reported no issues on their end, changed ISPs and the problem was gone.

    • cvc issues

    • +5

      Same experience. Was with them for 3 years and it was great up until a few months ago. Ended up switching to More and no issues during peak time now.

    • +4

      I lasted less than a month with Mate due to buffering issues. Same story as you not on their end and when I churned all the problems were gone

    • +4

      Same, I ended up switching to Superloop and no more dramas

    • +4

      Joined them barely a week and a half ago and had nothing but drama. Took them 5 days to churn for some reason and that was only after I chased them up. Gave me some excuse about complications despite churning from another vocus carrier but wouldn't give any specifics. It was immediately connected after my call so more a case of hadn't bothered yet. Instantly my speeds dropped to barely above 30Mbps and around 5-10Mbps during peak. Something I had never experienced with my previous vocus ISP or any for that matter. Also had an unstable line sync.

      Their "award winning" service consisted of mostly cut and paste emails, not return phone calls, claiming none of the issues were from their side with a complete lack of interest other than giving me the hard sell on purchasing a modem from them for $165. The NBN themselves had fixed all network boundary points and home lines just last year and my modem is perfectly fine (also tested with other modems) but they were disinterested and blamed everything but themselves even saying it's the 2.4Ghz wifi (despite being connected via ethernet) and my smart TV.

      They were also unable to port my number which is something I have never encountered before. They blamed the phone provider for that.

      I switched providers and was churned in an hour. Speeds were instantly back to normal and my mobile was ported in under 5 minutes. Not sure what happened as Mate do have decent reviews so it was very disappointing. Long story short, my internet was fine before and after them. Only changed to bundle my mobile for less and I'm still currently trying to get my money back for that phone plan they never provided. My experience with them was absolutely horrible but again, it seems to be hit and miss.

    • +1

      I had the same experience.

      All for giving them a go but be prepared to churn away quick.

      ISPs seem to be one of those thing you can't cheap out on and mate is cheap.

  • Does anyone know if nbn fixed wireless is included for this promo?

    • +1

      Yes it is, includes all nbn plans.

      • Skymuster?

      • Hi OP, I like the look of this deal thanks but am concerned by some customers who’ve negged and their real world experience.

        What concerns me more is that you’re associated but seem to have made no attempt to address some very valid concerns from days ago especially on a public forum like OB. What would that mean for us if we became customers.

        Keen to join but would love a company response to some of the negs especially Freezies above.


  • +7

    Had a terrible experience with mate, my speed would drop to 6mbps during peak times, ended up canceling after 3 days.

  • Credit check?

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