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ASRock Radeon RX 6700 XT Challenger Pro OC 12GB Graphics Card $692.10 + Shipping + Surcharge @ Shopping Express


This looks like the cheapest Radeon 6700 XT on the market right now, beating the Gigabyte 6700 XT Gaming OC for $749 @ BPC Tech. 1% surcharge for select payment methods.

The cheapest version of this card is $799 @ BPC Tech according to PC Part Picker with some retailers still asking between $849 and $999.

Shipping for Sydney: $9.90, Melbourne: $12.50

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Shopping Express


  • +9

    Good card if you dont care about RT & DLSS, just sit a bit above 3060Ti

    • +1

      If more games adopt fsr you won't be missing much dlss wise (which is possible since even older cards can utilise it)…leaving just RT.

      • +1

        Apparently fsr 2.0 runs better on nvidia cards.

        • Yeh not a huge amount in it.. VRam also plays a part especially for older cards.. Hardware unboxed did a comparison but only with one game… They'll expand on it in the future as more games support both.

    • -4

      3060 Ti is faster at 4k, 6700 XT is faster at 1080p, they're about the same at 1440p.

      • +1

        That's probably because the "1440p" ,marketed 6700xt is 192 bit memory interface compared to the 3060ti's 256 bit interface. I was arguing with some guy on a forum about this and he swore the infinity cache nullified this issue, which it doesn't. The bandwidth between core and memory is still clearly reduced despite bigger cache capacity lol.

        Infinity cache isn't a core it can't think. Which is why a wider bus between core/mem is important at high resolutions.

        • +4

          no idea what you just said but i enjoyed reading this

        • Exactly this. People think more VRAM means better, but don't understand the significant of a tiny bus and less bandwidth.

          Even me quoting an historically AMD-biased reviewer (who was blacklisted by Nvidia) got downvoted lol. AMD fanboys are something else.

      • +3

        This is misleading at best and just wrong at worst. The correct analysis is that it depends on the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oj8SuJ2Mb6A.

        Some games/resolutions, the 3060ti is quicker. In others, the 6700xt is significantly quicker. Actually in some, it even beats out the 3070.

        • That's the average of a 50 game benchmark. Anyone could click on the link to see the specific games tested and the difference.

          Whenever anyone mentions this card is x% faster than this card, they're talking about averages. I'm obviously not going to list the results for every single game ever made.

    • +1

      You do however get FSR with these cards.

    • +1

      Also nvenc

    • +5

      What is wrong with asrock?

            • +5

              @garetz: Actually most do, the old intel pentium 100 I have at my native place still boots, None of the mobos have died on me. But this one gave up half way.

              • +5

                @Vita85: Anyone with half a brain would take a Sapphire Pulse over this imo. Sapphire has never ever made an error with AMD cards.

  • +10

    These prices are getting close to what they should be.

    • +2

      Don't jinx it now

  • +15

    Graph showing the $ per frame for 3k, new version 3 using latest benchmarks for the AMD's 6x50 non bargain pricing too for comparison
    Note: this is based on the latest benchmark figures from HUB and shouldn't be compared to old tables I have posted because the games benchmarked and settings are different.

    • Hasn't the 3060 ti been around $710 a couple times now? (at least the 2-fan versions) So the 3060 ti and 6700xt $/frame numbers should be really close

  • +4

    Not bad, not bad at all. Above the 3060 ti in pure performance but off course 3060 ti has purported better driver support, dlss support out the box (this card will have fsr 2 equivalent though), better ray tracing, better codec streaming support below 6k bitrate. Also has 4gb vram advantage which combined with increased fsr 2 adoption might make it more 'future proof'. Can't go wrong with both options. Price is great on this deal, definitely heading in the right direction.

    • +2

      3060ti is also 256 bit memory. 6700XT only 192 bit. So for 1440p and above I'd actually prefer 3060ti

      • +1

        Until you run out of ram.

        But 6700 xt draws more power and runs a little hotter.

        Latest drivers helped DX11 performance for AMD cards.

        Not an easy call.

  • +3

    Shame the 6800 XT system at 1199 despite having a $650 USD MSRP, I need a bit more grunt than this.

    • -3

      the people downvoting these comments are screwed in the head. Nvidia fantasy shareholders and people who bought asrock bakerlite plastic instead of hodling

  • Upset I pulled the trigger on the sapphire pulse for 799 🤟

    • I paid $830 2weeks ago for the sapphire nitro+ 6700xt….. not the best overclocking card but it keeps cool which is needed during summer here.

      • That still sounds like a decent price for a Sapphire card. Where was that purchased through?

        • BPC tech. It was a couple hundred off at the time. Was a much lighter card than i expected for a 3×fan.
          I needed a quality card that keeps cool because during summer here it averages 35°c up to mid 40's. The sapphire is said to be a very cool card.

  • +3

    Is this a mid tier card? I recall my hd7970 OC 3GB on sale for $300

    • +1

      Careful lot of people will neg your comments for being unhappy with current market

      • +2

        Will build a pc in a years time, ddr5 should be cheaper, will see if am5 is favourable to Intel. It seems we get a higher inflated price for Intel CPUs after exchange rate for whatever reason.

    • +2

      I mean inflation is a thing, die sizes are going up, nodes getting smaller, all of which drives costs up. N I'd being allowed to charge whatever it wanted in 10xx and 20xx generations really screwed us too.

      The current market is definitely bad, but $300 for a high end gpu isn't ever going to happen again.

  • paid $1069 in feb.. for 6700xt is good card for 1440p then got the 48" 4k monitor.. so bought a couple weeks ago 6900XT for $1360.. for 4k..


  • Impressive, very nice.

  • Half of what I paid 6 months ago 😭 oh well. Has been very good so far, runs great under Linux - nvidia only not announced they were going to start releasing Linux drivers. Too late, I'm all AMD these days!

    Don't think I've ever pushed this card to the limit, the fans don't even come on in most games I play

    • Why Linux over Windows for gaming? What games run well and how do they compare? Genuine interest as I'd like to give it a go.

      • Because Windows has gotten more and more invasive and horrible to use in the last 10 years. Do you want to know how many times my operating system demanded to spy on me and sell my information to advertisers during install? Zero. The correct number of times.

        Every game I have tried has worked excellently except for Halo Infinite (Microsoft anti-piracy crap) and Satisfactory (multiplayer) on Epic Games Store, that's because EGS is dogshit. If I'd bought it on Steam, it would work properly. Single player works fine but the developers of EGS are useless and apparently can't devote the resources to fixing their own platform, despite unpaid volunteers doing an even better job than them for Steam

        Check out wwww.protondb.com - Valve has made enormous strides in Linux gaming. As long as you pick a GPU from a company that doesn't have contempt for Linux users (AMD) and you don't choose games that have contempt for paying customers (kernel-level anti-piracy spyware) you won't have any problems.

        • I could never get into Linux. I love the concept but I can't stand the penguin logo. It just irritates the absolute shit out of me to the point I can't use Linux. It's eyes or facial expression or whatever it is. If the CIA wanted to torture me forget waterboarding just force me to look at that penguin for a few hours and I'll crack.

          I recently downloaded tuxguitar and the logo triggered the same inner subliminal rage. To the point I instantly uninstalled it, googled it and found it was also linux based.

          • +1

            @Jimmy77: What a truly bizarre thing to consider a deal breaker…… I don't ever see the "Tux" logo on anything but ok. You do you

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