Gaming PCs: R5 5600 RTX 3080: $1988 / i5-12400F RTX 3070: $1568 (B550/560MB, 16GB RAM, 500GB NVME) + Shipping @ TechFast


Hi folks

Two today, a slight price drop on R5 5600 RTX 3080 and a 12th Gen 3070 system.

Ryzen 5 5600 RTX 3080 10GB Gaming PC: $1988 after 5600-3080-MAY

  • Ryzen 5 5600 processor (5700X upgrade available)
  • RTX 3080 10GB LHR (Gigabyte cards mainly in use)
  • Gigabyte B550M DS3H motherboard (Giga Aorus Elite upgrade available for superior VRMs and functionality)
  • 16GB 3200MHz RAM (2x8)
  • 500GB NVMe m.2 SSD
  • 750W Gold PSU (Giga in use)
  • MSI MAG Forge 100R case

Intel Core i5 12400F RTX 3070 8GB Gaming PC: $1568 after 12400F-3070-MAY

  • Intel Core i5 12400F processor (12700F upgrade available)
  • RTX 3070 8GB LHR (Gigabyte cards mainly in use)
  • Gigabyte B660M DS3H motherboard (MSI B660M-A Pro and other upgrades available for superior VRMs and functionality)
  • 16GB 3200MHz RAM (2x8)
  • 500GB NVMe m.2 SSD
  • 650W Bronze PSU (MSI and Giga on hand, specify preference in Notes if you have; Giga Gold PSU upgrade available)
  • MSI MAG Forge 100R case

Updates We're working through existing 3080 orders with more dispatch happening for the rest of this week and next to close off existing orders as cards come in.

Other deals

  • Ryzen 5 Gaming PCs: 5500/3060 Ti: $1288 / $1548
  • i5 11400F RTX 3060 Ti Gaming PC: $1288
  • i5 11400F RTX 3070 Gaming PC: $1487
  • i5 11400F RTX 3080 Gaming PC: $1888
  • i5 12400F RTX 3080 Gaming PC: $1995


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  • +7

    Nice to see the MSI B660M-A pro as an option, thanks for listening to the feedback!

    • +8

      Yep, based directly on feedback that one. And good on MSI too - the B560M-A Pro was a pretty basic board but they've really stepped up the B660.

      • +1

        Thanks Luke for accepting the suggestion for this board.

        B660M-A can take i7 non K without VRM throttling. It is worth upgrading to this board if you are running CPU intensive tasks with i7. It is an overkill for a non K i5.

      • Hi Luke, any possibility on a MSI B660M-A pro Wifi version?

        • Someone always gotta ask for a step further xD

      • Does anyone know if the MSI PRO B660M-A will fit a wifi card under the GPU? The website says ‘should’ fit.

  • +1

    Typo in the second build, B560M is not compatible with i5 12400f

  • Ordered! The order site seems broken on mobile, you can't get to the cart if you miss the countdown after adding item. Then on the cart page, the shipping estimate doesn't allow you to select the state (why is that needed with the post code anyway?). But I switched to "desktop site" and everything worked fine.

    • Thanks for your order! And feedback.

      Did you (or others on mobile) not get this area via the Cart Icon appearing? I'm on iPhone 12.

      Changing shipping was also working for me on the Cart page before Checkout.

      • I just tested this on an S20+ in Chrome and I was able to get to the cart and choose a state.

        However with the state, despite showing as a pretty standard looking drop down menu I could only get it to show the list of states if I specifically clicked on the words "—- Please Select —-" anywhere in the space to the right of that, or even the down arrow and nothing - this behavior can be replicated on computer also, in fact at first the words "Please Select" don't even appear so I just thought the drop down menu was broken until I started randomly clicking around and then hit the 100px box that will trigger it. Also as an extremely minor UI bug on mobile, if you bring up that list and then click away from it the arrow stays pointing upwards until you click on the screen again.

        • Thanks, will pass onto devs.

  • Intel build MB link should be

    Also just noticed MSI MAG B660M Bazooka has the wrong link too -

    (Pretty sure those are the correct links…)

    • +1

      Updated thanks Marty!

  • Just watched a few videos on that mobo and it lags behind the main b660's ( even after bios updates )

    This intel build would be perfect with a "MAG B660M BAZOOKA DDR4" ( which can handle a 12900 level cpu at max turbo without major issues )

    • +11

      They're in the game of cheap builds, not perfect builds.

      • fair call

        • +1

          Fair point by you too :)

    • +1

      My bad I now see bazooka mobo was a upgrade path thumbs up

  • Hey Luke, i bought a i5 12400F RTX 3080 last Friday and just wondering how long would it normally take to arrive. i live in Melbourne.

    just i haven't got an email or a tracking number, so i am a bit unsure. all i have is the bank transaction details and i paid $2236.92 on 13th May.

    • +1

      3080s are around 2 weeks at the moment. We have some older orders than that out shipping this week.

      • thanks for the response.

  • Hi Rep,
    May I ask should I go for i5 12400k or ryzen 7 5700x? I just want a computer to play games, no overclock.

    • +1

      Be fine with either.

    • Do you mean 12400f? No such thing as 12400k. I reckon it's more than capable given the price compared to a 5700x

    • 5700X is available as an upgrade from 5600 in most deals I post. K chips from Intel have never worked for us sales wise so we tend not to stock them.

  • Hey Luke a mate ordered 5600/3070 last week, where abouts are they at now?

    • Those are constantly going through. I can check with an order number.

  • Any chance you guys can give more options for cases?
    I really want a sexy white case

    • Have you seen the Hyte Y60 in white? Looks so good

  • Total PC noob here. Looking to get a pc for games, mainly AAA games and valorant/apex/pubg/modded minecraft etc.

    Do I need to upgrade the cpu/ motherboard/power supply?

    • +1

      While it doesn't hurt upgrading the PSU, for someone new to things any other upgrades would probably be a waste of money. Unless you really fancy yourself to tinker with it but I don't think that's techfast main clientele….

    • +2

      Valorant etc will be perfectly fine with any of these computers. Modded MC can be beyond insane, if you're using 512+ textures and any ray tracing mods even a 3090 can be made to struggle! (if you try hard)

      AAA games will depend on what resolution. the 3070 will be great for FHD, or QHD 60fps. if you want high hz QHD, or 4k, you'll need to go with the 3080.

      Generally Luke matches CPU and GPUs very well, so no real need to bump up much there; again MC is the only holdout - sometimes it can really slam the CPU.

      In terms of the PSU, personally I like going with something decent, and at least gold efficiency and a 7yr+ (ideally 10yr) warranty. If I was buying this, I would ask what model/models of PSU they use. I would generally however trust Luke and that they don't use any junk parts…I'm just (too!) fussy about my PSU.

      All of this aside, if you can wait until the new series of GPUs drop, you'll be able to make a much better choice. e.g. if you're running say a 1070 or something, I would be waiting. If you have zero computer at all now, then Luke does give some great options.

      • I have a laptop with 1050 right now so a 3070/3080 would actually be a huge upgrade. Thank you :D

      • My current comp is i7-6700 and ASUS GTX 1070 Strix
        Rams 16GB
        Do you think should i order ryzen 7 5700x + RTX 3080 or wait for 2 or 3 months?

        Thank you in advance.

        • Unless your laptop is breaking, or you really need to play some new game, it'd wait.

          Prices should be coming down still, and even if you don't buy the new gen cards coming out, their performance (and extra supply) should really push down prices.

    • +2

      You may or may not want wifi, but its cheaper to buy a wifi card than to upgrade to the highest tier mobo for built in wifi. That said, there are other reasons to get those mobos, for example if you want to use optical audio, or have thunderbolt requirements.

      • I do want WiFi, but I have no idea what optical audio and thunderbolt requirements are so might actually grab a WiFi card instead. Thank you :D

    • +1

      As others have suggested CPUs look fine. As do the motherboards. That being said, if it were me I'd splash a small amount for a better mobo (next tier up on their offerings) on both these. I just like the MSI intel offerings better than Gigabyte and the aorus on the AMD side gives you more fan headers, and improved voltage regulation.

      Power supply upgrades totally depend on how you do PCs. If you're likely to upgrade and pass on/selll the whole unit then the standard supplies look fine. If you're likely to squeeze in graphics card upgrades or other tweaks (extra storage drives etc.) to make the machine last as long as possible then I'd definitely suggest getting as big a power supply from a quality manufacturer as your budget allows. GPUs will just keep getting more and more power hungry I think, and having the added cost of power supply swap with a GPU upgrade can be a pain. Power supplies also don't tend to change that fast in price or performance over time, so a decent PSU now will still probably still be good in 5 years.

      • Sorry to hijack, would you have any suggestions for a air cooler CPU fan for the Ryzen 5600 3080 build? I know certain fans my not fit due to the size, and potential to block the ram slots

        • +1

          Gonna need to know what the RAM clearance mobo heatsink clearances are. but that case has 160mm of CPU clearance so most air coolers except the very largest "should" fit assuming you don't have super high RAM sticks etc.

      • Might sell this pc off pretty soon after I graduate so I reckon that means I won’t have to buy a better power supply. Def will upgrade the mobo. Thank you so much for the input :D

        • Giddy up and smash those frames!

  • Could anyone help to suggest a decent air cooler fan for the Ryzen 5 5600 RTX 3080 build with the default case MSI MAG Forge 100R [ATX]

  • I thinking getting gaming pc with equal XSX performance to play all gamepass exclusive, while can use it for my work to and claim it on tax return.
    The AMD Ryzen 5 5500 RTX 3060 Ti ($1288), will this equal or better than XSX performance? Or if I want to play all gamepass exclusive, better go for i5-11400F RTX 3060 Ti?

    Or do I better get the i5-12400F RTX 3070?

  • TF absolutely nailed it on these prebuilt specs and prices, now making all the XPS and AW really a big ripoff …

    • buy one then.

      • +1

        already few weeks ago one of their 3060Ti prebuilt

  • Does this 3080 model pc support DDR5 RAM?

    • No. Pretty sure TF don't have any PCs with DDR5.

  • +1

    Are you offering pick up now that masks, etc have settled down?

  • I bought the Intel 12 Gen with the MSI B660M-A Pro MB. I need an additional 2 TB of storage - is there any benefit to getting a second Mvme m.2 over a mx500/similar ssd?

    I'm asking because of this sale

    • No reason to buy a SATA drive if you have a spare NVME slot, unless it's really cheap. Go for the Kioxia that's mentioned on the other deal, or a Gen 4 drive if budget allows.

  • Any chance of having an mitx build?

  • Hey Luke ive got some people interested in any new end of financial year builds ryzen 3080s etc just wondering if thats going to happen! cheers mate.

    • Hard to forecast mate. These are ultra-lean bordering on silly at current prices. If there's no pricing changes ours can't go any lower.

  • Hey Luke, is it possible to get some air coolers as an upgrade option? Like Noctua? Thanks in advance.

    • We've tried air coolers in the past and had way too high transit damage rates with perpendicular air coolers. Not an experiment we can trial again unfortunately at this point.

    • I purchased with the defualt aircooler and bought one off Amazon seperately sepetaly. Ended up going with Vetroo V5

      • I literally just bought the Vetroo V5 today. How did you find the installation? Do you have to take the motherboard out the case?

        • Still waiting on arrival of the PC think its a few weeks away yet. I'll update once I do get it

  • The AIO upgrade options are kind of vague, which AIO cooler are we getting for the upgrade?

  • How can it be so much cheaper than buying the parts separately o.0..??

    • Of coz, they buy everything in BULK, and you are paying retail prices on each individual component.

  • What's the difference between a bronze and gold PSU? This one has a bronze PSU.

    • It’s an efficiency rating; gold is more efficient at passing power directly through opposed to wastage as heat/noise

      • Do you have a deal for 3080 with i7?

  • Hi, Is it possible to reconfig the case to some thing I like, e.g. Thermaltake V21? I also dont like AIO, can i swap it to something like noctua U12S?

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