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Earn 20x Everyday Rewards Points on Apple Gift Card (Excludes $20, Limit 10 Cards Per Day) @ Woolworths


Earn 20x Everyday Rewards Points on Apple Gift Card

Collect 20x Reward Points‡

‡Offer available from 25/5/22 to 31/5/22 on all denominations of Apple Gift Cards (excluding $20 Apple Gift Card), in Woolworths Supermarkets, Woolworths Metro and Woolworths MetroGo only, while stocks last. Excludes Woolworths Online and Ampol Woolworths Metro. Standard points will not be earned on the amount spent on gift cards, but the relevant number of bonus points which you qualify for under this offer. Bonus points can take up to 14 business days to be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards Card from the date of purchase. Refer to individual cards for their terms and conditions. Limit of 10 cards per transaction and one transaction per day per Rewards Member. Rewards Points - $30 = 600, $50 = 1000, $100 = 2000, $200 = 4000, Variable Gift Card $1 spend = 20x Reward Points. TM and © 2022 Apple Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.

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    Nice, got $500 worth for $450 deal today and have $1400 cash will use for this deal.

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    phew I can finally pay the ATO back

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      Or send to your Nigerian prince to release your $2.6M in funds

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      Saw this same comment on another similar post which had many downvotes… ozbargain if nothing else are inconsistent…

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        I just have more alt accounts :P

      • ozbargain = fair = consistent? Sorry to disappoint you, but no.

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        "I'm sick of you people. You're nothing but a pack of fickle mush heads."
        "He's right!"
        "Give us hell Quimby."


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    Can you use these for Apple Care?

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        Thank you

    • The answer is No for me. At least when I tried in Jan. it can only be used to buy AppleCare if it is in the same transaction as you buy a new Apple device. Or if you use it to pay for AppleCare on a recurring plan which is more expensive than one-off.

      • +1

        I bought $2000 worth last year and added them to my account - it sounds like you were using them at the checkout, rather than using the balance loaded in before hand.

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          So loading the gift cards into an Apple account allows using that credit to buy hardware in store?

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            @kevorulez: Yes, and the cash value appears on the invoice too, in case you want to use it for tax purposes

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            @kevorulez: You can only use unredeemed gift cards in an Apple Store.

            Once you redeem them into your Apple Account Balance, it can only be used online (but can still be used for pickup for physical stuff ordered at Apple.com)

      • +5

        You can't buy AppleCare in the same transaction as hardware anymore thanks to the new insurance laws

    • +1

      I bought $500 worth to use for apple care for my Mac, after not being able to use my apple balance to pay I spoke with apple support and they said this cannot be used for apple care as apple care is provided by a third party.
      Not sure how @barginbuyer11 got it to work.
      Don’t waste your money I still got $500 of apple credit just sitting on my account doing nothing

      • +1

        The $500 still have many use cases like iCloud, Apple Music or app purchase

        I personally think iCloud is a must for any iPhone users especially google photo backup are no longer free

        • +1

          Yeah that’s what I’m doing with it, I think it’s a few $ a month the balance keeps going down for the subscription charge. Was just annoyed I spent $500 on gift cards and then still had to spend another $500 on apple care anyway

          • @Iwantthebestprice: That's not right.. I'm paying for AppleCare+ monthly via my account balance from the gift cards purchased at Woolies etc.

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      You’ve received a range of answers so far, so I’ll toss in another one!

      It depends.

      • If you go to a physical Apple Store with an Apple gift card (or maybe even multiple) and ask to purchase AppleCare+ for your new eligible Apple device, you should be fine.1 Apple gift cards can be used for purchases of “Products” (or items) within an Apple Store, and the way in which Apple have written their gift card terms and conditions means it would be unreasonable to stop you from using it to purchase AppleCare+ coverage.

      • If you go through the Apple website, you won’t have the option to pay for AppleCare+ using gift cards or Apple Account Associated Balances. AppleCare+ is not sold on Apple online stores (e.g. regular Apple Online Store, Apple Education Store) on their website, but rather through a special portal.

      • If you go to purchase AppleCare+ through your Apple account on the Settings app, you may or may not have the option to pay for it on a monthly basis. AppleCare+ is not offered by Apple Media Services, so it is technically not an eligible item. There have been previous reports of some people having the option to pay for AppleCare+ on a month-by-month basis, but I don’t know whether that’s still possible nowadays.

      • You cannot purchase AppleCare+ at the same time as the purchase of a new device. You can thank ASIC for changing its regulations on “add-on insurance” last year (which is how AppleCare+ is classified).

      1. You cannot use Apple Account Associated Balances (at the moment) for purchases within a physical Apple Store, so don’t be too hasty and add all your gift cards to your Apple account! 

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        Monthly AppleCare+ comes out of your Apple ID credit balance, or your payment method.

        Just load up your account with the gift cards. It's quite simple. I've been doing this since it was called iTunes Credit.

        • +1

          Same me. I paid monthly apple care + with credit in my apple ID balance and i always top up when coles or woolies has promotion

  • Can Wish giftcards be used to pay for the Apple giftcards?

    • No

    • Using Wish giftcards with Everyday Pay: perhaps… they did allow it in the past but it hasn't been tested lately.

      • +3

        Doesn't work - terminal will error, even if you're only using debit/credit cards with Everyday Pay.

        Everyday Pay and gift cards are a no go.

        • In the past I had it work by scanning Everyday Pay prior to scanning the gift cards… do you know if this still works?

          • +1

            @adam: Nope.

            Whether you scan first thing or not - you end up with a 'NOT FOUND' error and then you have to awkwardly call over for assistance for them to clear the error so you can pay with cash/card.

            And as I said, this happens even if you just wanted to pay with your credit card in Everyday Pay.

          • +2

            @adam: I also tried purchasing gift cards using Everyday Pay myself at Woolworths and BIG W a few weeks ago, and I was greeted with Item Not Allowed errors once I went to the payment screen. (And both transactions were where I only had a bank card attached to Everyday Pay.)

  • So $10 off $50?

    • +2

      Nah, $5 worth of points.

      • +1


        These deal posts are always impossible to read imho.

        Should just say
        $50 gift card = $5 off points

        And so on for each denomination

        • +3

          Some of us are here for the points 😅

  • +2

    Sweet, my order for the 10% off Apple Gift Cards was cancelled. I’ll settle for this.

  • +1

    is $200 highest for a physical gift card right? Anyone know if i can add 7 gift cards to buy an iphone from apple store?

  • can you use woolies gift cards to buy these?

    • No.

  • Looking to get iPhone 14 pro max. Should I stash these up?

    • +1

      If you are certain you will be purchasing the upcoming iPhone then yes. It's what I did last year in anticipation of the iphone 13 when the promotion was 30x points. It seems unlikely that we'll see the 30x points (equivalent to 15%) anymore.

    • I'm always tempted to do this, but I never do because I don't want to forgo my credit card protections… namely that first 90% of accident/loss coverage, plus an extra year of warranty, and the right to dispute in case of major unresolved issue, etc.

  • I guess earlier Card.gift deal was a lot better at least it gave the discount of 10% upfront in Cash value

    • That assumes you successfully passed Card.Gift’s fraud checks.

      If you look at the comments of that deal, quite a few OzBargainers are having their orders cancelled, and my guess is that at least a few of them failed Card.Gift’s fraud checks.

      • I personally never had a problem with that, I think its only problem for those who are trying to spend like $3000 or more one the same Credit card, same email, same IP etc

        • Yeah, I reckon most people having their Card.Gift orders cancelled are first-time purchasers buying a large amount in one transaction.

  • -1

    Waiting for 3x

    • +1

      Is that a realistic thing to hope for? Has that ever been done, or likely to be repeated?

  • +2

    I'm not sure if it's related, or just coincidence but……(and this is a longish post)

    I took advantage of the WW 20X deal earlier this year.
    Redeemed gift cards, got my MBP etc - all good.

    Not long after this, my WW Rewards card was hacked and purchases made using the WW Rewards Dollars stored on the card.
    My card had not been misplaced - was with me in my wallet
    My account is setup to SMS me if I want access to the account.
    I was putting my kid to bed so I missed the SMS.
    Somehow they still got access even without the code being sent to my phone.
    Since then WW took over a month to investigate and refund my Rewards Dollars.
    I still get notifications of attempted access to my account to this day - even after changing the email address.

    Note, until I got all the rewards $ from buying the Gift Cards, I had never had any attempts to access my account.
    I suspect that I'm not the only one, and someone on the inside at WW has access to see who has bulked up with Rewards Dollars and partnered with someone to try and gain access to those accounts. The person who made the purchase was on the phone to someone else trying different cards to redeem until they finally got mine to work (WW cannot explain to me how given the scammers didnt have access to the security code in the SMS!).

    My tip, use the Rewards Dollars as soon as you can!

  • Just purchased 10 $200 cards this morning!! The checkout staff said they have to keep each transaction under $1000 for some reason, so I got 10 $200 cards through 3 separate transactions, but still got the bonus points straight away.

    • Doesnt T&Cs say 20x bonus applies on one transaction per day?

      • Yes, the terms state that. However, Everyday Rewards has never enforced that clause.

        • Yes and I can confirm it worked for me, but I didn't try getting over 10 $209 cards.

    • That keeping each transaction under $1000 is real. The checkout staff at my Woolies didn’t know and I was putting through 3x $500 cards - the last card got rejected and they had to refund me $500.

    • I came across this issue too and the staff told me regular employees have a $1000 limit duty/line managers $2000 and store mangers anything higher. Usually I find going to the 10items or less counter is best as there is usually duty manager there to approve higher $ transactions.

      • Sounds like what happened to me where I went straight to the 12 items or less which was attached to the service desk to purchase my $2000 worth of cards because I foresaw potential problems if I went through a regular checkout or self serve. There was a duty/line manager there to authorise.

  • +1

    Wondering if I should take advantage of this to get a new iPhone, or wait for a 20x on Ultimate gift cards that includes JB HiFi and try and get a price match to use …

  • Is this for targeted customers only or for everyone?

    • Anyone with an Everyday Rewards account

  • Can’t seem to finds any information about this outside of Ozbargain. Its not listed in my Eve try day rewards app either?

    • +2

      Found on page 5/6 of the Woolworths Catalogue.

    • Two Woolworths stores I visited yesterday had posters promoting this offer.

      The Everyday Rewards app never advertises the gift card bonus points deals found in Woolworths or BIG W catalogues.

  • +1

    Just got $5000 of variable 500s with my brand new Hiver bank account for an extra $250 off. Have to wait until 2023 for next time

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Used this opportunity to grab my missus a new 13 Pro Max. Combined with the 10% cashback at Apple thru Cash Rewards for $300 of cashback / rewards dollars! I also got the "Are you sure you want to purchase $2000 of Apple Gift Cards?" check at the checkout which is good to see as some people still get tricked into buying these.

  • +1

    Just got denied buying more than $1000, even if I split in different transactions…might got to another Woolies

    • Had the same issue. My WW store managed said their POS won’t allow $1000 or more in one transaction. Anything less than that (eg $999) is fine

      I bought a bunch of $200 and $500 cards

      He suggested I do
      - transaction 1 ($500, $200, $200)
      - transaction 2 and subsequent ones as above

    • Same here, but they wouldn’t let me buy >$800. Apparently a “company policy”. Very annoying!

    • Yeah my checkout staff didn’t know and they had to refund me $500, the first two $500 went through but not the third. Same transaction.

  • My card.gift order was cancelled and it really pissed me off, thought these WWS cards would disappear very quickly so didn't even bother checking the card section yesterday when I was at my local WWS. Went back for something else today and surprisingly found there were plenty of Apple gift cards on the shelf, so happily grabbed 2.5K, no one asked question at checkout, already spent them along with CR's 10% off deal. So happy, if that stupid card.gift order wasn't cancelled, I'd miss today's CR deal, perfect!

  • +1

    Thanks OP
    This worked brilliantly yesterday!!

    It also applies to the variable gift card ($20-$500). You get 20x points as long as you’re not selecting $20.

  • Excellent, thank you!

    Education store 12.3% discount
    + Card.Gift 10% discount the other day
    + this
    + CashRewards 5% cashback

    Not a bad discount if I do say so myself!

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