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Samsung Portable SSD T7 Touch 500GB Silver/Black $39.60 C&C Only @ The Good Guys


Really good price if anyone wants 500GB,

Link for black color

Thanks to @1030510410, also take benefit of this steam wallet offer

Thanks to @Applause for 10% coupon code.


Mod: 1145am - Out of stock at most stores but some rural/outer stores still showing stock, eg Rockhampton QLD 4700.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    This is CRAZY cheap! Thanks OP!

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    Use code CLICK

    • +1

      Brings down to $39.6!! What a legend!

    • +2

      Legend, added in the details

    • Ahh damn, was too quick to order, only just saw this :/
      Can i ask for the credit to be applied from the code or just cancel and place a new one?

      • +1

        Well,best bet would be ask for refund, and reorder with 10% off on site when you pickup. Do not risk to cancel and reorder online

        • Thanks mate, good call

  • +15

    Portable SSD T7 Touch (500GB) - $20

    • +4

      n.b. $20 back in Steam credit not cash. Better than a slap with a wet fish.

      • If you get your codes, people reporting not having received theirs.

        Also lots of problems with validation of proof of purchase

        • Bought 970 Evo Plus from BPC last month, got $40 steam credit back

    • Cheers, reported for this to be added to the deal

    • +1

      Can I claim 2x$20 credit if I purchased 2 ssd under 1 invoice?

  • Any good for a Xbox Series S? I know it can't play the latest gen direct from an external drive.

    • +4

      Sure. It will definitely work… but only for Xbox One or Xbox 360 games.
      Xbox Series Enhanced games tend to require the internal SSD or expansion card.

      • +3

        Correct. But - it will copy those games much quicker than downloading.

        • You can fit 5 PS5 games on this 🤣

        • +1

          One for ps5 one for xsx. First time feel 2x500g is better than 1T

  • +1

    Cheers! Got 2!

  • Amazing - just ordered one for C&C.

    Any idea if they will keep the C&C for several days? Not sure I'll be able to pick it up until early next week,

    • +1

      That should be fine

    • The most aggressive c&c I’ve heard of is after one week they’ll refund. Can’t remember who though.

      • +1

        Spotlight for me was very aggressive c&c. I purchased something on the 10th may and then on the 14th may had 24 hours to c&c otherwise they would refund.

    • +1

      Same drive yes, this version has the touch fingerprint Protection feature.

      • Thank you

    • no. this is Touch version

    • +2

      Good guys one is better (it had fingerprint lock)
      Same SSD specs though.
      This is a crazy good deal

  • Thanks.

  • Bargain, bought 2 thanks.

  • This is ridiculously good wow!! Thank you so much!!!

  • Grabbed one. Thanks!

  • Will this work with Macbooks?

  • +1

    is everyone collecting in store?

    • +1

      Yep, when I ordered it did say in store pick up only.

    • Yep, and stock is plummeting. Closest to me is Mornington or Frankston, a good 30+ km away

  • +8

    Lol the nearest store for pick up is getting further and further away from me.

  • +3


  • +2

    Awesome deal, but I missed it, out of stock at my closest stores.

    • +1

      Me too ☹️
      Got to billing twice, then it suddenly said not available for pickup at that store.

    • ditto and not avail for delivery…. boooo

  • Are ssd worse for long term storage then hd

    • yess

    • At worst SSDs can lose data if they haven't been powered on for 1-2 years. But most people say a couples years or so, i haven't really looked into it completely.

      For long term cold storage, HDD is a better choice.

  • +1

    umming and ahhing then oss…

  • gone back up to $79. Must have been a price error.

    • don't think so, It was also mentioned in Little birdy email now that I realized.
      this was as part of clearance deal

    • still showing $44

    • still 44. different model?

  • +2

    Ready for collection already!

    • Same they must be having a quiet morning

  • Insane price. Managed to order 2 in ACT but out of stock now.

    • Lucky! I was just too late, not keen on heading to Wagga for it haha

      • Haha let's carpool and road trip to Wagga ;)

    • Lol downvoted for buying 2x 500gb SSD. Is having 1tb of external storage considered being a broden now?

  • Appears to be sold out everywhere in metro Sydney (at least) and unavailable for delivery

    • Drive to Tamworth, or Ballina 😀

  • Melbourne stores sti showing in stock depending on location for both silver and black

  • +1

    Great ! bought 2 - good for backup footage for Tesla . Thanks

    • +1

      Oooooo I bought one not knowing what to do with it, but using it for sentry mode is a good call! Thanks for the (unintended) suggestion!

    • +1

      Yep, I'm going to place my 128gb thumb drive with this

  • +2

    Buy first , think later

  • Just got my ready for collection email, that store is now showing as out of stock.

    • my store showing oos, and my order showing backordered. maybe refund is ahead.

      • +1

        oh, ready to collect now. good

  • Smashing price! But the nearest stock to me is 150km away 😂

  • +3

    Beware: This is a deal which actively monetises your private and personal information.

    No matter which way you choose to pay, the TGG checkout enforce your acquiescence in joining their marketing program. This is forced opt-in, and contrary to the Australian Privacy Principles in the Australian Privacy law.

    By buying, any information you provide is stored and shared and used for 'marketing purposes'. Whilst TGG and its partners retain your information, it is open to malicious collection and use should it be abused by an employee, contractor, third party and vendor employees and contractors, or malicious actors targeting any of these organisations.

    Name, email, phone and address, let alone credit card numbers, are all collected as part of this, and are easily related to other unique IDs issued by governments and other online services, queried en-masse by numerous corporates and data distribution services, who access these for verification purposes, but similarly store them for future abuse and monetisation.

    • +1

      Not to say that privacy isn't an important thing, because it is. But what you have stated could happen at any store, either online or bricks and mortar.

      And many, many retailers opt you in, as long as you can opt out, its legal.

      • There is no way to opt out, as I didn't create an account.

        • +1

          You can opt out of any communications that are sent to you. To meet the legal requirements those communications would need to have the ability to opt out.

          • @Willowtea: But can you request TGG to delete your data?

            • +2

              @sween64: I dont know. But to be serious, how can you never have your details passed on when you buy something online or in store. Paying cash for everything just isnt realistic.

              There are far worse ways to give your information and habits away such as shopback and other "loyalty" programs.

          • @Willowtea: eCommerce standard practice, not just the way as advised in the APPs, is to request people opt-in.

            Not to force opt-in, create database records, share the data with others. And possibly subsequently, require them to jump through hoops to allow opt-out. Which I say hopefully, as these may or may not work across the web of profiles that were actively created in a multitude of undisclosed locations (and most usually, different legal jurisdictions), all of which may (and usually are) entirely against the customer's best interest.

            All to make a few Adsense credits, or earn marketing cents in the dollar.

            It's the digital equivalent of harvesting gold teeth whilst customers are facing the other way.

            Allowing customers to buy from you without actively monetising their data is just a start. And not enforcing opt-in is a basic way to avoid trouble, as all the guidance and industry practice has always made clear.

            Instead, TGG (Macquarie Bank) have chosen to do the opposite, and not disclose what and who gets to use & abuse your PII.

  • +1

    I mean this thing even has an 'Emotional LED to show products status intuitively'! On a more serious note, this is a really good deal even though I don't have a need for yet another portable SSD

  • Thanks!
    Got one in QLD Sunny coast, still seem to have stock for Click and Collect

  • +1

    Great deal but sold out around greater Sydney.

  • shuckable?

  • +1

    cannot find stock.

  • +1

    No stock in metro Melbourne

  • Can anyone send me order confirmation receipt please? Feel free to censor out personal details.

  • +1

    Only stock in Mildura…

    • better start driving

  • Can you find in store? I dont see any stock

  • 346km drive to my closest store with stock. I’ll pass…


    • +1

      TIL Bunbury isn't in Australia

      • +1

        Nor is Wagga Wagga

  • Does JB Hi-Fi provice price matching via Live Chat?

    • +2

      can try but they may refuse as it is marked as clearance

      • The queue kept resetting itself, I've given up. I don't really need a portable SSD.

      • This was my experience when trying to match things like Demon's Souls from Target the other week. Specifically said they wouldn't do clearance =(

    • I thought they only price match via calls? Since when did they have a live chat?

  • sigh.. too far then not worth driving especially this petrol price.

  • i got 2 in the cart.. any one want it?

    • i'd love it mate

      • question how do i transfer to you? it's pick up only

        • +1

          you can put my name for pick up and i can pay for the order. PM'd you

  • +1

    Got one from Thomastown Vic Thanks Op

    • Lucky you!

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