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$30 off $49.99 Minimum Spend (Club Membership Required, Online Only, Includes Sale Items, Excludes Shipping Cost) @ Anaconda


The title isn't a mistake - I came across a coupon that after extensive testing appears to discount anything $49.99 or above by $30. It only works for Club Members signed in (Sign up for free account), 1 redemption per account and works for products on sale, like those in the Click Frenzy Sale.

For example this Oztrail Genesis 9 Person Tent is reduced to $169 making it $10 cheaper than last time.

It's worth mentioning that there's a good chance this deal might not be honoured given the discount, but hey it's worth a try!

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            • @ATangk: yeah it worked just once on both my accounts.

              how many orders did you make on the one account lol?

              • @CVonC: Just 2… they weren’t borderline scam orders though. $110 for 2 orders.

    • Its still working if you input the code before they shut it down it seems.

  • +1

    Ordered a few things but pretty sure they will cancel orders… someone getting in trouble.

  • +1

    Cheers OP!

    Got the Coleman C-3 for $34.90


  • Thx I ordered a new work backpack

  • Like a true OzBargainer, I stayed awake, spent some time figuring it out, and have officially bought $31 worth of stuff for $1.

    This is truly insane value LOL

  • +1

    Code still worked for me just now. But waiting for the cancellation to come through!

  • Thanks OP. Was lucky to have added the code into my cart while decided, ended up with the headlamp someone posted earlier.

    Half expect a cancellation but gotta roll the dice

  • Still working, fingers crossed i get my camping chair !

  • +1

    Still works. Not expired

  • Got a 2L dry sack and some grangers performance wash. Missed moving it to click and collect but hopefully my order goes through. So far only received an "order acknowledgement".

    • Yeah i got 3 sea to summit 35L dry sacks, 2 pairs of snow boots, a table and a sleeping bag. Done in 2 orders with my account, and wife's account. Fingers crossed no cancellations.

  • +1

    Still working

  • Purchased an aeropress maker for $25 and a beach cart/trolley for $49


    Thanks OP!

  • Bought some snow gloves + snow boots on one account and the We Love Summer Deluxe Beach Wagon for $49 on another account (even though I already have the one from Rebel -_-). The version without the canopy, brakes and extra basket is $10 less.

    Couldn't be bothered to do the Giftz giftcard stack in case this all gets cancelled.

  • It still works

  • Working in qld just bought the tent

  • I tried to use the code for a second order earlier and it didn't work, I just tried again and it did work… (second order was only $42)

    • need to use a different account

      • Nope, I did both orders on the same account…

        • Using the same account is why it's not working twice? I tried to buy a 2nd item but got an error message so I made a new account and was able to buy with it
          Edit: ah ok I get what you mean now. It's not letting me buy twice on the same acc

    • Huh?

  • Thanks. Got a Crocs.

  • pls share if any good kids jackets recommend to buy?

  • Got a Thermos, still works! (fingerscrossed no cancellation)

  • Bought a moutain design light weight chair for 39.99 click and collect. It said I saved 80 bucks?

  • +2

    got two pairs of gloves and a hoodie for my husband. Thanks OP

  • Awesome OP, got a Zoleo Sat communicator for $290…almost unheard of price, great find.

  • +1

    Their Chermside store (Brisbane) today has instore sale, got 3 shirts and 2 jackects for 25 dollors. Worth going instore to check for more discount.

  • Thanks. Kids snow gear sorted.

  • This deal seems to have become ridiculous, get a half price $70 thing for $5, then come back and get another.
    What will I get next?

    • -1

      100% sure if you don't spend over $50 you will get cancelled!

      They are not going to give away free items!

      • I got Havianas for free once with $15 voucher, had to buy a bag though

  • DAMNIT I hate ozbargain peer pressure >_<

    Bought 2 pairs of croc slippers haha!

    You can never have enough slippers lol!

      • +6

        Not with that attitude they won't 🤣

      • +1

        It is now ready for collection, that's 100%

  • Thanks OP, grabbed a new Thermos for $10!

  • Cheers OP! Worked on $47.99 jacket for my kid :)

  • Beach wagon for $50 seems pretty good

  • Bought a thong and water shoe for $14 ☺️☺️

  • Just used code, it worked, thanks!

  • Looks like it doesn't have to be $49.99. $30+ allowed me to use the code for $30 off. Order is probably gonna get canceled when I wake up in the morning haha

    • +4

      It was already "morning" when you commented this :)

  • Could use a water resistant jacket/ jumper, nothing to warm or hot, any ideas?

  • +6

    I think my order is honoured, just got a tracking number from Aust Post.

  • Thermacell mozzie repellent plus refills for next summer. Down to $52

  • cheers OP
    ordered one of these sleeping bags for $22.90 (C&C)

  • Thanks OP

  • +2

    Like a kid with an adult pass in the candy store…. Do I need one? Man that shit looks fun ? https://www.anacondastores.com/water-sports/beach-surf/barne...

    • You definitely need one

    • far more concerning is why a compound bow is listed under "beach and surf".

      I'll be avoiding the ocean for a while I guess…

  • Just receive a SMS saying my order is ready for collection..nice

  • Kids stretcher for $10 after discount code!

  • One time use per account, or are people able to do multiple orders using the code?

    • Wasn't able . Let us know if you can

    • I did 2 times for one acc. Other acc cant . Dont know why?

  • not working for me

    • Which there RRPs are are crazy most of the time.

      Also be careful when you get the catalog saying say like 40% off when you go to the item it's not always 40% off, it's like 25% or 30%.

      I've contacted them multiple times and they let me C&C the item but don't fix the website.

  • Thanks OP. Got a pair of crocs for my child. $16.99 with delivery!

    • +1

      At what cost for their dignity though?

      • +1

        All good, child likes those so who cares about that.

        • My boy loved them until about 8

          • @MS Paint: Yeah, mine is 8 and stills likes those.

  • Just got an SMS confirmation - lets hope they hold it! Thanks OP

    • Got 1 confirmation.. waiting on another.

      • +1

        Got the second confirmation!!!

        Sick!!! What a great deal this is.

  • Party over? I get this when adding code - "Promo code is invalid or conditions not met. Please note, promo codes are case sensitive."

    • I'm getting the same & logged in as club member

  • Order cancelled without any reason provided. It was over $50 too. I reckon don’t bother anymore :(

    • What did you order?

      I opted for delivery, paying the $7.99 delivery charge

      • A pair of walking poles for C&C

        • I was going to get those Denali poles, but got some Sea3Summit cookware instead

    • Odd !… I made 2 orders, $56 & $42, the $42 order is ready to collect, the $56 order is being prepared…

      • On the same account?

        • Yeh..

          Edit: Second order ready to pickup now… They both went through ok…

    • Did you check store stock on the product page?
      The click and collect option at check out let's you choose stores that are show "low in stock, call to confirm" on the product page.

  • Thanks OP. What a deal. Just received a text from my local Anaconda advising that my order is ready.

  • +1

    Code not working? This is on a new account.

  • +1

    Think the party is over. Got a click and collect confirmation from last night on a jacket for tassie thanks OP.

  • Looks to be over. Unable to add anymore.

  • Party is Over !

  • Party over :(

  • Why can't I get this work…

  • Put code in working went to pay reverted back to old price. So I guess they became aware of it.

  • Placed 1x order for $69 item and ready for pickup. Thanks so much Op.

  • Order approved and received message to collect. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    why am I always like 15 minutes too late to these parties D:

    • +9

      11 hours 38 minutes late*

      • No.
        The like 5 or so people above me who first noticed that the promo code had suddenly stop working, about 15 minutes before my comment. Up until this point (for the preceding 11 hours), the deal was working for everyone.

        • +2

          They were also late to the party which kicked off last night 🎉

          • @haydent: fair

  • Promo code is invalid or conditions not met. Please note, promo codes are case sensitive.

  • I just received my confirmation pickup text… I'm tempted to run out to the store and pick it up before there is a mass cancellation…

    • +1

      I very much doubt they would cancel after sending the pickup message …

    • I would go now if it is convenient

      • +1

        Legally I doubt they could cancel at this stage, contract complete and all that, they've accepted it…

  • +2

    Bugga. The deal is over "Promo code is invalid or conditions not met. Please note, promo codes are case sensitive."

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