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$30 off $49.99 Minimum Spend (Club Membership Required, Online Only, Includes Sale Items, Excludes Shipping Cost) @ Anaconda


The title isn't a mistake - I came across a coupon that after extensive testing appears to discount anything $49.99 or above by $30. It only works for Club Members signed in (Sign up for free account), 1 redemption per account and works for products on sale, like those in the Click Frenzy Sale.

For example this Oztrail Genesis 9 Person Tent is reduced to $169 making it $10 cheaper than last time.

It's worth mentioning that there's a good chance this deal might not be honoured given the discount, but hey it's worth a try!

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    Coupon isn't listed on Cashrewards so it might not track but I gave it a go for the extra 2.8% back.

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    Thanks OP. Found a decent headlamp on special from $99.99 to $49.99. Not bad for $19.99!

    • Which one's that?

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        Dorcy 1000 Lumens. I'm sure there are better headlamps around but for $19.99 it seemed a no brainer.

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    If any of you are looking to spend a reasonable amount on Anaconda to take advantage of this deal, you could purchase Ultimate Active eGift Cards from Giftz.com.au at a 10% discount. Ultimate Active eGift Cards can be redeemed in-store and online at Anaconda, and you can also exchange the gift card for an Anaconda gift card.

    The kicker is that the minimum face value you need to purchase for the discount to apply on the Ultimate Active eGift Card is $100, so this route won't suit anyone wanting to spend the bare minimum to maximise the discount offered here…

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      If this deal doesn't get honoured how would you be refunded. Store credit?

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        Most likely refunded back onto the Ultimate Active eGift Card. Ultimate eGift Cards are prepaid Visa gift cards that can be redeemed at a number of participating retailers.

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      If they cancel the order due to incorrect code, you get refunded in a store gift card… May not be worth the risk

      • A refund may go onto an Anaconda gift card, but it's more likely you'll have the funds returned back onto the original Ultimate eGift Card, because Ultimate eGift Cards operate through the Visa network and Anaconda state in their returns policy that any refunds will go back to the original payment method.

        I agree it is a quite risky strategy.

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    Just got two pair of snow shoes for 20$

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    Hmmm, might try stacking it with my $10 birthday code… Now I just need to find something to buy…

    Edit: Grrr, can only use one code :(

  • Thanks!
    Bought one cooler I havee been eyeing for a while

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    Picked up a $49.99 bike helmet I was considering anyway, so worked great

  • Guess the grandkid just scored a new bike.. Thanks again clear.

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    Thanks just good butane heater for under $30.

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    Here is a bike helmet that is $49.99 (maximum discount, $19.99)


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    Cheers OP - went for the Dune mulitool for $19 for the car:


  • cheers OP

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    Here's another good find I was considering.

    Spinifex Twilight Double Sleeping Bag $29

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      I bought 2 singles you can zip together a few years ago. More versatile.

      • Welp I feel stupid lol.

        • Don't think Anaconda sells them. I believe it was BCF.

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          Actually the Spinifex Twilight Double can also be used as two individual sleeping bags. I have the same one.

      • ^ second this. We got 2 bags from Coleman that can be zipped together. Very roomy and cosy.

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          And if you get into a fight, you don't have to sleep in the cold ha ha

      • +1

        "You can use this sleeping bag as 1 large sleeping bag, suitable for 2 adults or convert into 2 single sleeping bags." isnt this the same thing?

        • Look at the 2nd picture.
          You end up with a single adult and single kid (or small wife? Lol)

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            @ShouldIBuyIt: The “shorter” bag is 190cm, longer bag adds 30cm making it 220cm.

  • Dang shipping

    • Click and Collect

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      7.99 is pretty good compared to other companies

  • Nice find Op. just got the kids some crocs which are normally pretty expensive. 👍

  • Nice find

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    Havaianas, a 29 inch tube, and Muc-Off dry lube for $7.98! Lets see how this plays out…

    • How did you pay $7.98? The minimum you have to spend is $20 ($50-30 = $20)

      • +1

        minimum isn't exactly $50, I was able to check out with $10

  • Legend op.

    Picked up a pair of crocs and a solar camping shower. Happy to cop the $8 shipping.

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      Got the croc mesh sandals for $24 pickup, in case I need water shoes

  • +9
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    To be very clear - I am really grateful OP

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    Merrell Moab shoes for $77 delivered is pretty good.


    Hopefully they fit better than the bcf fiasco.

  • Thanks got some crocs.

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    You can add giftcards to help with minimum spend…

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    Cheers OP. Winter jacket for $29 (sale) regular price $130 https://www.anacondastores.com/clothing/jackets-outerwear/so...

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    Denali Explorer II Carbon Fibre Walking Poles Black $19.99

  • There are some Casio wrist watches on sale as well. Mostly for outdoor / tides


    Casio G-Shock DW9052-1 would be $59 + Shipping. Looking at deal history this isn't a bad price

  • Seems it can only be used once per account.

    I split a purchase up to try and get $30 off multiple items.

    But still, saved me $30 thanks op

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    They have some DJI gimbals too


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    Good time to load up on Alvey gear before they disappear.

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    I guess the party is over - "Promo code is invalid or conditions not met. Please note, promo codes are case sensitive."

    • new account?

    • Have you login into your account (Club membership) before applying promo code?

    • Are you a Club member?

    • +1

      Just worked for me - make sure you are logged in and that the code is all lower case.

    • Nah, I just put an order 1 min ago in and it worked just fine.

      Also, I managed to get $30 off $39.96 spend. So maybe extra $10 not required?

      • +1

        I'm not sure what's going on but same with me.. I have a feeling that maybe the $49.99 minimum spend is worked out on the rrp and not the discounted price of items
        E.g I had 2 jumpers in cart $40rrp sale price $20.
        When I added 2 to the cart $40.. it still took off $30, unfortunately couldn't click and collect and had to pay $7.99 postage.

        But overall $17.99 for 2 is a bargain

    • +1

      Need minimum order of 50$

    • I got that message first time round, then I went back to the main page, then returned to the checkout, and the code had been applied…

  • Ripper deal, thanks OP!

  • Placed an order for Wacaco Ground Minipresso GR, only $19.99. thanks OP!

    • I got the capsule version… now I'm down the rabbit hole researching the Picopresso model!

      • struggled between these two version, capsule or ground, but choose ground finally. I have a manual grinder attached with hand drill, easier and cheaper to use gound I think :-) Picopresso is good except the price. Can not say much for $19.99, hope the order be accepted tomorrow morning

  • Note single use. Register a new account.

  • Just a reminder, since it seems to be once per account, some of you may have already used the code on this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/699840

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    Here's he kicker: you can add an Anaconda gift card for part of the order (not for all of it).

    I had $50 worth of items, but when I moved them to click and collect, only $30 worth of them were in stock at my local. I added a $20 gift card to get back to $50. Went through check out no problem. Wish I'd already had the gift card since it was offered as a payment method ;-)

    Edit: that said, while I have an email from Paypal and an order Acknowledgement from Anacondo, the giftcard has not arrived yet (10 minutes). Might still be rejected during some manual order processing tomorrow morning.

    • I like the cut of your jib. Doubling down is always the best way.
      If you get the card, and can then use it as payment with the code on a second account I will personally accord you OzB legend status!

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