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LG 77" C1 4K UHD Self Lit OLED Smart TV $4399.20 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Original Coupon Deal

Record low price for the most wanted TV in 77 inches.

Combine it with this deal to make it sub $4000!

Not available everywhere but worths a shot.

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  • wow, what a deal!

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    If anyone has any luck price matching let me know. There's none near me.

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      yeah had no luck at HN. Sing out if you find anyone willing

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    Sony A80J beats this in pic quality, decent price though!

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      Amazing Screen, Amazing Sound.

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      Only just.. take it home and you wouldn't notice the difference. Although the Sony essentially has one HDMI 2.1 since the other one is used for E arc ๐Ÿ˜‚

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    Good price but no stock

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      Please stop, my eyes are bleeding

    • +3

      Yes. But I got them banned. Good riddance!

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        Thanks. They were super annoying

  • Wow I wish I didnโ€™t buy my cx65๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    • +5

      In hindsight.

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        I was hoping for username checks out๐Ÿ˜‚

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          username checks out๐Ÿ˜‚

  • This link is showing up as $4888 for me in WA…am I missing something?

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      Gotta apply the code in cart or @ checkout.

      • Right there in the title….got me. Thanks

    • Lol, read carefully then you will find the trick.

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    Unfortunately no stock for delivery in Vic :(

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    We are at that apex of this TV at it's lowest price vs the availability of getting it at that price

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      Yep, don't be like me and miscalculate.

      I wanted to stick with LG, knew the 77" would go lower but didn't check the stock levels. In hindsight shoulda coulda woulda jumped on the Sony with the $500 g/c

  • OMG

  • I just bought this exact TV from JB yesterday for $1000 more. Classic. Anyone know if they'll refund me the difference? (It's being delivered tomorrow)

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      Certainty should be able to. Call them up.


      • +17

        Yup! Actually, they had reached out to me yesterday to line up a delivery time. After submitting a ticket on the JB website i thought why not just reply to Ron in the delivery warehouse and he refunded the $816 immediately. Ron, you bloody legend.

        • +10

          good on ya ron

        • +4

          Hey Ron in the delivery warehouse …. fill up a truck with 77-inchers and ship it down to Victoria!

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    Bit of a price jump from 65" to 77" tho damm

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      12 inches gonna cost you

  • Anyone else get an item in your cart is no longer available for delivery?

    • Means thereโ€™s no stock available to your post code

  • No stock in Vic :(

  • Have one somewhat near us but will this fit in a standard 4wd?

  • Dayum! This might sound crazy, but would anyone pick the new Samsung QN90B over this in 75 inch for a bright room?
    I've been hoarding JB GC's but can't get last year's QN90a, so was hoping to pick up the QN90b given my living room gets quite bright during the day.
    If it was for a cinema room where lighting isn't an issue, I'd go OLED anyday.

    But wow this is an exceptional price… anything think I'd be crazy not to pull the trigger on this or even the Sony A80J?

    • If u r after samsung tv then go for QN95B not 90B, it has got one connect box, 4 hdmi 2.1 ports and has a screen which is being used in 8K Tvs of Samsung.

      • Funnily enough JB don't stock the QN95b in 75 inch on their website :(

        • Check Samsung EPP sites.. they r offering good discounts even on 2022 models

          • @hellboi: Didn't downvote you, I'm sure you can get it marginally cheaper via that method but I've got JB gc's to blow! Thanks anyway bud

          • @hellboi: Has anyone ever had any luck getting JB to match Samsung EPP?

        • It seems to be Harvey Norman exclusive atm (and Samsung.com.au)

      • +1

        90B has 4x 2.1 ports and I am pretty sure the identical screen to the 95B.

        95B does look a bit nicer physically though - design is super square and clean where the 90B is a bit rounded and thicker and the base of the stand looks a bit clunker if you can see it from the side.

        95B has better speakers too, if you care.

    • +1

      C1 77inch is better than QN90B 75 inch, and QN85B 85 inch (4xhdmi 2.1, VA panel same as QN90B) is better than QN90B 75 inch.
      if you are not in a hurry, wait S95B to reduce price and 75/85inch version should come later this year or next year.

      • Just haven't heard many great things about the C1 and even Sony's A80J in bright rooms, tis my main concern as our current TV (Samsung TU8000) is horrendous to watch during the day given the bright reflections, but at night it's a completely different story. I just don't want to repeat this after spending $$$ on an OLED!

        Didn't know the 85in QN85 has the same panel, wonder if that's exclusive to US or worldwide? Unfortunately 85in would be too big and leave little/no space around our cabinet so that's a no go.

        I'd like to see Sony's new equivalent models, but we want to get something in the next 4-6 weeks… S95b looks nice but I'm sure 75inch would be $6-7k AUD.

        • My C1 is ok in my bright room but depending on how bright your room is.
          If it's you main concern, you can wait for C2/G2 to reduce the price which is brighter than C1,although it's same panel with minor tuning, C1 firmware/chipset not supporting the additional 20% brightness. BUT OLED is a consumable, the higher brightness means less lifespan, if base panel is same.
          if you are not in a hurry, just wait for next year. QD-OLED manufacturing cost has reduced a lot, because yield rate greatly improved. so the price will reduce.
          LG also is developing eLEAP for higher brightness but wouldn't be in production very soon.

          only 85inch QN85B has VA panel, because there is no 85 IPS panel in the market, 75 is IPS, which should avoid. I also have QN85B, and OLED picture quality is much better.

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    Great…. Wow…. Must get…..

    No stock.

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    Amazing. Thanks OP

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    Will my wife notice if I swap out my 65" to 77" in the theatre room ๐Ÿค”

    • +11

      She will notice an extra 12 inches.

      • +1

        Not if it's in the other room

    • she won't be complaining with the extra inches :)

  • looks like there's one at Tweed Heads, but I don't really need one

  • +3

    Thanks OP got one!

    • +1


  • crazy price!

  • Quite a few places in NSW, my local has one no delivery though. Pick up.

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    What do I do with a 18 month old Sony 65โ€ X9000 lol

    • Waited for Sony's new mini LED TV (coming out very shortly). Will make this LG look second rate.

      Sony A95k

      • qd-oled != mini LED though?

    • +1

      Invest in a Nvidia shield

  • Got it, thanks OP!

  • +3

    So mate got the 77"… Traveling todubbo to get the same tv… Can pick up a tv for somebody if interested..

    • Fingers crossed it doesn't crack

      • It won't when strapped properly

        • +3

          Strapped on the roof of a Barina. She'll be right mate. Take it out of the box for less drag.

  • I think all gone. Link didn't work now

  • +2

    Sweet saved 4.4K lol

  • Anyone recommend a good mount for this tv with good movement out and left right?

    • Just get a really big lazy Susan

    • +1

      Check out the one Costco sells, if you have one near you. Works perfectly for me.

      • Been a member for a couple months now. Thanks for that advice. Is there a brand you recommend? Or its the main one there?

    • LG make a good OEM wall mount, with Vertical + Horizonal movement.
      Please be careful with any screw lengths, on generic mounts of the VESA Mount, so you don't kill your TV.

  • OP I also get self lit

  • +3

    Brilliant TV.
    I bought this a year ago, for $5400
    In fact I joined Ozbargain, to say thanks to the guy who posted the deal!
    No regrets. But the 83" C1 seems to be going at what I paid.
    Be warned, once you own an OLED, watching ordinary TV is like going from Colour TV to Black and White.
    OLED is freaking amazing!

    • where is the 83" going for $5400?

    • Mate might need to go Specsavers

    • +3

      I paid $5800 for my 83 C1 4 weeks ago at the good guys. Was on special for $6995 then negotiated The rest, amazing tv - no regrets! Tv went back up to full price one week later, felt goooood.

      • Great TV ! Excellent deal! Congrats !
        I'm jealous… only a 77 C1.

  • I bought the Sony 77" from day before..if this came out same time I would have had a tough choice. What's the thoughts as to which is better.

    Sony for movies and online shows (upscaling etc)
    LG for games?

    • Pretty much. LG too if you needed more hdmi inputs.

      This isn't that much cheaper, i'd be happy and enjoy your new purchase not bother looking at other deals :)

      • +1

        Yeh just $100 or so after the gift card. But rather have spent less and no gift card. Sony comes tomorrow so I'm getting excited. Went into the store today to have a look and compared the lg and they're both beautiful.

        • +1

          Totally agree with you, I also purchased the Sony.
          I don't need a gift card but I would've liked $500 extra off the price… either way I'm excited for tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜Š

          • @ry34: Arrived and setup the Sony. The damn leg screws were on tight! I couldn't put it on my wall because the mount was too high. Samsung vesa is higher up whereas the Sony of lower down

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    Could anyone share a screenshotb of the price for price protection purposes? Thanks!

    • Anyone know if credit card price guarantees work if you used the card to buy JB gift cards to buy the item?

      • +1

        for 28 degrees it won't work , need to buy the actual product with the credit card

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