$20 off Per Month for 6 Months on nbn Plans: 100/20 $69.90/M, 250/25 $89.90/M @ Tangerine Telecom


They usually offer $15 off per month for 6 months but that's been increased to $20 off per month for their 100/20 and 250/25 plans. This increase has occurred just in the last week but I'm not sure if it's a long running deal or a short term promotion.

Plan Speed Typical Speed Discounted Cost for 6 Months
Standard 25/10 25 down $44.90/month
XL 50/20 50 down $54.90/month
XXL 100/20 92 down $69.90/month
XXXL 250/25 205 down $89.90/month

Prices will of course go up by $15 or $20/month after 6 months, but this is OzBargain, you'll churn to the next provider before then.

Not sure if you can combine this deal with the $25 referral credit and/or 10% off your first month. Either of these codes will probably exclude you from 12% cash back from ShopBack or 14% cash back from Cashrewards. You can also apparently get $10 credit by writing a review, I'll try it after a month.

I signed up today for the 250/25 plan and have so far had a good experience. Speedtest.net gave me result of 251/24 to a local Telstra server. Connection to my hosting servers was 250+ Mbps to Sydney servers, 190 Mbps to Hong Kong, 230 Mbps to Singapore and 110 Mbps to Cloudfare. Customer service and tech support were both quick to answer and helpful.

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    These guys are not bad, I used them for 6 months and everything was fine.

  • I am with Superloop, how does this compare for consistent speeds and drops?

    Can anyone share their experiences?
    Paying $69.95 for 50/20 speeds to Superloop.

    • +1

      I did not notice the difference when switched from Tangerine to Superloop, and I work from home as an IT specialist.

    • My son was with Tangerine when he moved into a new house (E burbs of Melb). Lasted the first month, had numerous dropouts and once, a few hours with no net at all. Went to Superloop, has not had a single problem.

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      I moved to Tangerine from Mate NBN two weeks ago since I was having huge issues during peak hours. Tangerine was almost as bad during peak hours, so I quit within the 14 day trial, got refunded, and went to Superloop. Very happy now.

    • I've been with Tangerine for over 12 months now after changing from AussieBB. Lots of drop outs and useless troubleshooting from Aussie. I was pretty unimpressed by their service.
      All got fixed up by Tangerine.

      Recently I've been getting lots of disconnections and average speeds with Tangerine. Might be time for a switch to Superloop!

  • I went from 100/20 to 25/10 with tangerine, was awesome lol didnt realise
    Moved to MORE NBN supposedly tangerine sister company, just as good so far.

    Anyone know, if we come back to tangerine do we get the 6 month discount again?

    • It's worth a try, considering there's no code for the 6 month discounted prices there's a fair chance it would work.

      • yeah i remember asking, they said no, but then someone says the system resets after 6 months lol
        ill look into it after 1 year =D

    • I’d like to know if after 6 months we are treated as new customers or not.

      I noticed some providers make it 12 months not 6.

      • Just add spintel to the churn mix. They also have $20 off for 6 months so you're off the books after 12 months for each of them 😂

        • yeah, there is a massive pool nowadays, MORE NBN is 12 months, so i should be solid, jump back to tangerine then, superloop too into the mix!

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    Was just with them, can't recommend them. Kept dropping out and during peak times my speed will drop to 1-5mbps (on 50 plan)

    One time I called them to ask if there was a service disruption as I was getting under 5mbps and all support did in the hour long phone call was walk me through disconnecting all devices connected to my modem (even though I said that's not the problem) and in the end told me to factory reset my modem, so that sucked as well

  • +1

    Been doing the 6 month switch and on these guys now, FTTC. Nothing to complain about. Similar to Superloop and Aussie Broadband that I had before, though support is from outside of Aus, but still responsive.

    I'd stay if they offered these prices as permanent, but same could be said for any of these 6 month deals.

  • Do they use DHCP or PPPoe? My eero mesh needs DHCP

    • If you have eero 6 it can support PPPoe with a firmware update

      • It's the version prior to eero 6 so no go :-(

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  • +2

    Been with them for FTTP in rural VIC for the past 6 months and have yet to come across any issues.

    • Could be throttling/bottleneck issues with the denser city hub traffic causing the dropouts/latency for other peoples here.

  • Has anyone ever experienced any difference between switching providers on NBN at all?

    I know it's the same NBN, but Aussie Broadband mentions its own infrastructure etc.

    • +3

      CVC is managed by the provider. They also manage routing. Providers can definitely make a difference to the user experience.

  • I recently moved away from Tangerine to More due to the discount from Commbank.

    The connection and speed from Tangerine was OK (FTTP). But their customer service is hopeless - sent me an e-mail saying direct debit was set up when it was not and I only found out when I was charged late fees. Did not waive when I called them about this.

    Then when I relocated the move was chaotic - lodged the request online but didn't happen and I had to call again. So 2 days without internet.

  • Do you guys need to cancel with the old provider when moving to new one every 6 months? Or just sign up with new provider and they will sort out the rest?

    • I've moved a few times (but not every six months) and have never had to contact my previous provider. I have read that some may continue to bill you so it could be worth contacting the older provider a week after the move (or before the next expected billing date) just to be sure.

      Edit: I should add I'm on HFC. FTTP can have multiple connections so that's quite different.

    • +1

      I'm on fttn, connected to Telstra yesterday but tangerine showed I was still active, had to submit a cancellation request, so I would always make sure to cancel it just in case

  • "This increase has occurred just in the last wee".

    You should probs see a Dr about that.

  • Fwiw been with tangerine for about a year and it has been the best isp I’ve used for FTTN connection at our house. Video calls are perfect.

  • I've been with these guys for over a year now, and haven't had any problems. Had maybe two dropouts in the first few months but it's been rock solid since then. Coped with WFH, streaming, other…downloads…, PS updates without any stutters.

    On their 50/20 plan, speed tests report 52/18, so I can't complain. FTTC.

    Only reason I went with these guys is they give you a static IP address for free, which I need for work and reasons.

    I haven't had to use their customer service, so can't comment on that.

    I assume for those who had speed issues, Tangerine oversubscribed on that exchange? Maybe I lucked out (suburban Sydney)…

  • No issues with Tangerine regarding their speed but their payment gateway is bugged and their service is crap. I made a payment in response to a late payment sms via the provided link and somehow they can't find it. A week later I got another SMS with the same content, this time they disconnected my internet and I had to make another payment. I contacted their service reps, they continually tell me they've credited my account but this month I was charged the full amount plus the late fee.

    • Their bills are also very hard to read, so confusing, as if the one who worked on the billing system had a goal to make it as complex as possible.


      If you look at this bill try to understand why I had to pay $54.89

      • Yeah I had a quick look, no idea what 0.27 - None Surcharge means, unless that's referring to the debit/credit card surcharge that is applied upon payment.

        overall tangerine is okay, if you use their automated payment and don't have to deal with their service reps. Otherwise their reps are plain lying to me when they report my issue is resolved when it is not.

        • +1

          Yep it's their fee for charging my credit card. I get 1% cashback from Kogan anyway - this compensates the loss. I guess including GST it comes to $0.30 (GST on fee). Lucky I don't get charged another GST on top of GST 🤭

          But the amount due is $0.30 less and it is highlighted multiple times in that bill.

  • On checking my address i get a message:

    "Great news! By ordering a XXXL Speed Tier (nbn250) or above, nbnTM will install fibre to the premises for you at no cost! (Please allow 1-3 weeks for an installation appointment)"

    Seems worthwhile. Any catch to this? (currently on FTTC)

    • I'd sign up and see what happens. Have you entered your address with any other providers recently?

      • Hadn't tried any others but just saw the CBA offer with "More". 250/25 plan for $83/m with free FTTH upgrade.

        Cheaper than the 100/40 i am on.

    • The catch for the nbn FTTC to FTTP changeover is that you need to signup for nbn250 or above for 12 months.

      There is a $200 nbn downgrade fee if you change to a slower speed plan before 12 months ends. It is up to the ISP if they pass the $200 nbn downgrade fee onto you. If you change to a slower speed after 12 months there are no nbn downgrade fees.

      Change from FTTN or FTTC to FTTP by Upgrading to a Faster Speed Plan (Select Locations) @ nbn co via Participating ISPs

  • Did anyone faced CHAP authentication failure with More?
    Contacted their Tech Support who are blaming NBN whereas Authentication issues should be handled by ISP. No internet since last 3 days and helpless with their Tech support.

  • +1

    A quick PSA, when you leave, Tangerine will not refund the remainder of the months fees. Make sure you churn at the end of your billing month. I just got burned by this. Their service was quite good up to that point and speeds were fine.

  • Has anyone confirmed if new users can have $15 discount AND referral credit?
    For that matter, can I also get CashRewards (hey, so I'm greedy)?

    I'm about to switch and will use OzB referral code if that won't mess up discount.

    • I’ve attempted to use a referral code but it wouldn’t enter during sign up so I had to email them. I’m hoping the credit appears before the next billing month.

      • Thanks @sween64. Will you keep us posted? I will do same if I take action before your credit is supposed to hit.

  • How to switch and avoid the router/ modem cost?

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