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Join MATE nbn Internet and Get $100 Credit Applied 28 Days after Activation @ MATE


Promo Code: $100 Account Credit

Get $100 credit applied to your MATE account when you connect an nbn internet service! June month only.

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  • +2

    When I joined mate 2 years ago they styled themselves as a provider who offer low rates all the time and won't engage in promotional offers which is why I joined them. Looks like that was an unsustainable promise.

    The rep is now going to say, you're eligible you just need to connect a second NBN service to your property.

    • +11

      I don't really have any thoughts on it either way, but to be fair, NBNCo are now the ones deciding how pricing/promotion works. They offer discounts to retailers for new clients, they pass it on. It's why there's all these stupid 6month discounted rate offers - which forces us to rinse providers each 6months just for a reasonable plan.

    • +2

      Companies will say this or that or whatever, but the company and the executives that run it have different agendas.
      Executives all have KPI's, and when the CEO is 85% of the way towards making a sweet bonus with a few weeks left on the clock you can bet their attitude will change and they'll do whatever they can to get new customers.

  • +2

    I'm still stuck with my $1 per month Telstra plan. I hope they keep these offers coming.

    • +2

      I never got the modem. Never again will I be sucked in to Telstra.

      I’m also guessing all these promotions will wind up in the new financial year.

      • +6

        F$%* Telstra internet

      • I got the modem but never used it. Trying to return it but my nbn service has no account as I have not plugged in the modem.
        Nbn has been working from the day I wanted it to but some crap about having to plug it in to fully activate the account…….
        Will be leaving the on the 10th of July as the $2 for 2 months is up.
        Still not sure as to how to return the modem as I have no account number

        • Might want to check - are you with Telstra or your previous RSP?
          Mine didn't churn until I plugged in the Telstra modem. Immediately unplugged it after the churn and it's working perfectly except for Telstra messaging to say my internet has issues which it doesn't hah.

          • @jasong: Yeah was with ABB and called and set a cancel date.
            Just checked whoismyisp.org and it says Telstra.

            • @zemphism: This is more or less what happened to me except they sent the modem via Star Track, marked it as delivered when it wasn't (or stolen), then didn't mark the service as active until I plugged the modem in a week later. If my pings didn't go to shit and it was 100/40mbps I probably would have stayed on just to see how long I could have had "free" internet, but knowing Telstra a big old bill would have come calling eventually.

    • Wasn't that only for the first month?

  • Does this stack with referral code?

    • When I signed up I tried and hope that the person who's code I got was rewarded. Not sure if it worked.

    • +1

      From chat with Mate's mate

      You cannot stack referrals with any other offers. You can enter only one promo at a time during sign up.

      • That is incorrect, promo code is a different field, in addition they have 'referral customer name' and 'referral customer number'.

        You can certainly add both. Whether they honour it is a different story. I'm still waiting for the $100 bonus, despite having it on the order confirmation page (got a screenshot).

  • +24

    Stay away if you can. I've been with them for more than 2 years and the FTTN 100/40 plan was fine. Early this year, I noticed that I couldn't even watch Youtube during peak hours or constant lagging and huge spikes in gaming, Ookla speed test shows speed test is all fine while a few other speed test sites report well under. Support blamed NBN and sent a technical over, but no issues were found.
    Switched to another provider recently, and all packet loss and latency issues are fixed. Very happy with consistent speed now. It was definitely something to do with Mate's CVC.

    • Which provider did u switch to? Having similar issues.

      • Changed to More combined with Commbank 30% discount, costs less than Mates.

        • Thinking of doing this after my $1 month on Telstra. Was wanting the 250 plan with More. Are they any good?

        • How’s more? Thinking about getting it. Could you please let me know?

          • @kay007: They are great, with easy signup and the future activation date works great. Got connected mid-day on the specified date. They are basically Tangerine's sister company. After connection, they also provide information about max obtainable speed. So far so good.

            Your nbnTM Plan
            nbn100/40 (this is the plan maximum speed down/up)

            Your Maximum Attainable Speed
             113.00Mbps down / 47.00Mbps up

            • @wrl24: Great. Thanks a ton. I think I’ll get it

          • +1

            @kay007: Im with More also, switched from Mate… so far so good, i get 52/18 at peak for 50/20.. 2 months in and not a single drop out on FTTP :)

            The top comment above is 100% true, mate is fast on a speed test.. but in actual usage, not so much

    • Is this typically caused by CVC lacking by the ISP?

      I seem to be in the exact situation but never considered it was Mate that was the issue.

      • Definitely due to Mate being cheaped out on CVC. My current speed with all other speed test sites during peak hours is on full speed, 98/36 almost the same as daytime. The worst I made with Mate was on 1/10 during peak hour.

      • CVC issue would mean all sites are slow, not just some. If it's some sites then it might imply the congestion is in Mate's network.

        • Yes, all the sites are slow except speedtest.net. On one of the worst nights, takes 30 seconds to load google.com.

    • +6

      I had the exact same issue with them. Was like they had throttling on all streaming services. They kept denying it, but doing speed tests with fast.com showed it all over the place getting down to 5mbps on a 100/40 service. But do a speed test on speedtest.net and it was perfect everytime, like they had a QOS on it. Because of this they wouldn't do anything and told me I needed screenshots from speedtest.net to pass on to NBN. Was with them for almost a year with no issues before this happened, ended up switching to Aussie Broadband and the issue magically went away.

      • +2

        Glad I'm not the only one. Also heaps of other people with the same issue in Whirlpool.

    • exact same thing here, FTTN 250/50~ and for about 4 hours during peak times it's not uncommon for it drop to around 8~15 / 40. Support has me jumping through hoops and it might be better just to switch entirely.

    • +1

      I have exactly the same problem here. Was fine for ages and all of a sudden can't even stream videos in peak times without lagging. Ookla speed test shows full speed (most untrustworthy speed test) but all others show about 1/4 of the speed I pay for.
      Raised a ticket with them and they got me to bypass my router and got me to perform 3 ookla tests and share the results. Naturally they came back fine even though I told them other tests were not fine. Mate blamed my hardware and left it at that. I even told them I use pfsense so it is definitely not my hardware and I also tried with my unifi USG and same problem.
      Even performed traceroutes and showed them the hops were very slow but they did nothing.

    • +1

      Can vouch for this. Last 2-3 months, peak speeds have drastically dropped. I can't even update apps on my iPhone, and watching netflix is a mission and a half. My wife switches off the wifi during peak as it's so slow. Yet, speedtest shows full 100/40 speeds, and when I complained, they just told me to look at speedtest (which obviously shows nothing wrong) - yet using any form of the net at peak times is a struggle. Steam, torrents, usenet - all download in the kb/s or low mb/s during peak - it's a joke. Moving to another provider, and moving our mobile sim cards too.

    • +4

      Same issue with Mate! Their ProductReview ratings surprise me. I hope everyone switching out can share and post on ProductReview as well. I know I am.

      • +2

        I’m with you.
        I almost went with Mate after reading all the overwhelming 5 star reviews opposed to the bad ones.

        Then I read all the negative reviews on here thinking what the heck ?

        As gaurav2780 suggested above, you guys should go on https://www.productreview.com.au/c/internet-service-provider... and put in your experience’s on there to help others out so as we can all make informed decisions, regardless of which provider it may be.

        That website is not just for internet reviews only.

    • +1

      Yeah ive been with mate for about 18 months. Been real patchy the last few months. Ended up working out 1 of the hops on vocus that i went through had a 30% packet loss. Not sure how I was the one that picked that up for them.

    • Overall my experience has been pretty decent, perhaps it depends where you live. Occasionally the quality will drop maybe once a week anlt absolute peak times but even then I'm still normally able to get at least 720 or even 1080, but maybe not 4K

  • I signed up during the May promotion and asked to get connected on the 30th (to get close to the end of the prepaid month with Belong). It worked.

    Although a couple of things were weird and made me call support:

    They charged a full month on the day I signed up. Support told me they would process a pro-rata refund to my account once I'm connected. There is some credit shown in the account, I didn't get any email or similar to explain.

    They other thing: they have a quite hefty Amex surcharge. I did not see that mentioned when I entered my card details, otherwise I would have used a different card.

    Speeds, even on the 25/5 plan, are sufficient to watch UHD content on Prime without buffering.

  • +1

    cost of living pressures, will try 25/5

    • You will get dial up speed then

  • +12

    Switched on only today (100/20) from Superloop to give them a chance once my discount period ended.. The choke at peak hours is real, I’m lucky to get above 7Mb after 7pm came around. It’s a shame. On Superloop got constantly 100Mb+ even during peak.

    • +1

      yep paying for MateNBN 50/20 plan, get 5-10Mbps during night time peak hour. Luckily they have no contracts these days.

    • +1

      What are you using to check your speed other than Speedtest ? I’m with mate and same issue but they constantly ask to refer to Speedtest which seems to be fine

      • +2

        A combination of:
        downloading well seededLinux torrents
        eero inbuilt speed test

        I will say one thing, I believe them when they say they don’t prioritise speed test results as mine were all bad during peak (perfectly fine during day)

  • Is there any prorata credit if cancelled half way through a billing cycle?

  • I’m with Aussie Broadband (pretty good) and paying $69 per month. Is this worth switching to?

    • +2

      Might be a good idea to tell us plan you’re on.

      • nbn™ 25/10 Casual Unlimited plan
        Typical evening speed:

        • You can easily get 50/20 for $69 before any promos with many providers.

    • Switch to Superloop - NBN 50/20 is $54.95 for six months

      I used to pay $79 for ABB NBN 50/20

  • Two months in a row. Might as well make it permanent.

  • +2

    Mate Communicate I guess provides 1 month risk-free guarantee too. If not happy, you can get your money back.

  • Do you need to pay for the first month like most NBN providers and then get the $100 credit after 28 days?

  • +1

    Signed up last month for mates elites with 200mbps peak hour and just getting 120mbps max at any given time.

  • +5

    Thanks for the negative reviews everyone. I've been suspecting Mate's perfect speed tests are a lie since the beginning. My 4g connections on Kogan are only in the ~20 Mb/s range yet the downstream connection speed will max out and beat my 50 Mb/s Mate NBN connection. It seems that every site that doesn't check speed is throttled (and maybe Netflix is OK too), despite the claims otherwise.

    Based on OzBargain consensus, I will try the More/CommBank deal, and if not that, the Superloop/Exetel deals.

    • +4

      Yeah even my speeds on 250mbps down were capped at under 10mbps on speedtest during peak hours. Moved to Superloop and having no issues.

  • +7

    Was with them for two weeks last month after churning from Tangerine. Immediate horrible speeds and barely 10Mbps during peak if that. They blamed everyone but themselves and I had to chase them up constantly only to be given cut paste responses and excuses. Couldn't even port my phone number.

    Churned to Superloop and everything was immediately fine again and my number was ported in minutes. Mate gave me 75% refund despite their one month risk free guarantee. Got nowhere chasing them up. Just more of the same "award winning" service.

    Might turn out to be good for some but for me, they turned out to be the worse provider with the worse customer service from every ISP I've ever been with.

  • TPG is better with 3 months free it's more than 100!

    • Link please for FTTC.

    • +1

      How do you get 3 months free?

      • He must be talking about the FTTB offer.

  • +1

    I’ve just switched from Aussie and I’ve seen no noticeable difference.

    However, as nest router does a regular speed test I’ve noticed about a 10% drop in top download speed for every test over the last week vs Aussie on same hardware setup.

  • +8

    As others have also mentioned, the Mate services during peak hours had completely turned to mud in the last 2 months.

    Coincidently they have also made this offer twice in two months. Seems to me they are trying to recoup their customer losses from torturous peak hour speeds. If you're lucky enough to not be affected then good for you, otherwise please don't waste 28 days of bad speeds for $100 credit.

  • +2

    I wouldn’t bother. Tried connecting with them a week ago from aussieBB
    Connection was supposedly up that day — but could never get onto the internet
    Spent an hr with customer service to do my modem configuration still nothing.
    They sent an nbn technician 3 days later (after a weekend) and they still couldn’t fix it.
    Called them again for another hr and still no fix
    Went back to AussieBB, not worth saving $20 a month for this hassle

  • +4

    Don't do it, worst ISP i have ever been with perfomance wise.

  • If I get 50/20 for 69$, I will pay 69$ for the first month from my pocket, and then I can use 100$ credit to pay the second month, and the remaining 31$ for the third. Is that right? What about if I leave Mate after 3 months?

  • +1

    I thought my experience would be different based on all my past ISPs, but the peak slowdown on streaming services is real and awful on 250/25. YouTube particularly, buffers constantly and I get weird timeouts when just browsing. I don’t know that I’ll make it to the $100 credit from May.

  • +4

    Wow, based on many posts in here. I will never try Mate NBN.

  • +1

    Yep same experience. It was good at first but their speed during peak hours had completely choked. Switched to Aussie and I'm getting constant advertised speed

  • +2

    There are cheaper services with better offers

  • +2

    I ported to Mate on 31st May and things are fine so far 🤞

  • -1

    Anyone do a scheduled transfer?
    Mine supposed to happen today and no notification or anything yet.

    • -1

      Hey mate I put my order in last night and was connected by 9am

      • Doesn't sound like a scheduled transfer

        • Not sure chimp. It's literally a digital changeover that automatically cans your old provider. Sorry you caused issues in a seamless process.

          • @Madkant: What are you on about?

            I scheduled a transfer for June 3rd, I didn't do anything else.

            Said transfer did not occur.

            This company is garbage, as is evidenced by all the bad experiences others have had.


  • Give Mate the big old avoid, went a week in before cancelling due to peak time congestion just being unbearable, look at the providers who own their own CVC!

  • I just changed over to Mate. Put in order last night and was connected by 9 am this morning.
    I was with Aussie but lately have been getting dropouts and poor connection. Max download I ever got on this line with Aussie was 4.2 MB/s. Mate has maxxed out at 5.2 and seems pretty stable.
    $10 a month cheaper than Aussie and $100 credit. Happy so far :)

    • This is in peak time too fyi

    • What plan were you with ABB and mate

  • 50/20. I'm up in the hills so my line is restricted to 50mb

  • As a Mate customer, all comments above about Mate bad speed performance during peak hour is real.

    They are not your Mate anymore. I am churning out once i have found the mobile service provider (i have internet + mobile plan with them).

  • So, based on comments - not going to take this deal. I need to swap from Superloop as I lost my first 6 month deal/bonus. What's the next best provider with a discount? Looking for 50/20.

    • Potentially commbank if you have an account (debit or credit)

  • +1

    My service with mate has gone to shit the last couple of months with poor evening speeds on their 100/50 plan. The past week I have had regular dropouts, think it’s time to change providers.

  • Anyone able to tell me if I require a modem if I have google wifi??

  • Mate or Superloop? Im with AussieBB, thinking to switch to a cheaper. Currently 50/20, $79 monthly

  • Absolutely hopeless. Signed up up to 100/40 but obviously only on 100/20
    They said fixed, but it's not.

  • Finally sending out an nbn technician tomorrow after weeks of dropouts and now no internet at all only took about 10 emails and 8 phone calls😕

  • Anyone here attempted to go to the telco ombudsman or ACCC?
    I've been with mate since the start of the year - initially the customer service was EXCELLENT - best i've ever had.

    The speeds are atrocious - drop outs unbearable.
    I get 5-60% packet loss which is constant and varies constantly. Ping is perfect but when i try to load a website it takes 30-60 seconds.
    I couldn't get onto my email because the page timed out before it could load…..

    Now that i need help, the service has gone completely down hill.

    • Why wouldn't you just port out of Mate?

      Firstly the ACCC does not take action against business for individuals.

      Secondly what exactly do you expect the TIO to do?

      When there is a problem at first yes it is the provider problem. But if you keep allowing this to happen and the provider has taken no action this ends up been your problem.

      Move providers and if the problem still happens then its most likely NBN or your equipment. Also its much easier to troubleshoot when the provider does an initial speed test when you join.

      • Should have constructed my post a little bit better. I've been with mate since the start of the year AND as of the beginning of this month I've had constant issues. I am not with mate anymore - switched to Superloop.

        I'm not even going to bother addressing the rest of your post because it looks like you're just taking the piss or i hope lol.

        • My bad. Seems you have taken action so will leave it there.

          Saying that I am tired of people quoting the ACCC. The ACCC does not take action on the behalf of individuals.

          • @pandadude: Fair enough re ACCC comment. I thought they offer a route to dispute resolution but can see that each state has its own body to deal with disputes regarding consumer affairs.

  • Still no internet technician came and apparently the issue is outside no idea when it will be fixed. Anyone would think we lived in a third world country but they probably have access to better internet than us.

  • Internet was down this morning and can confirm it’s not NBN network issue. My router keep saying my pass and username wrong. Must be something wrong with Mate validation system. Not good during weekend!!!

  • People who are having issues with Mate, can you please let us all know what technology it is, FTTP, FTTN etc? I am on FTTP and need to know before I sign up today.

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