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Collect 10,000 Everyday Rewards Points @Woolworths


To collect 10,000 points you must boost and spend at least $0.98 in store and scan your everyday rewards card before completing the transaction at checkout.

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    You must never shop at woolies to get that offer

    • I go there all the time. Can’t be seen at Coles, maybe that did the trick.

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    Thats the best 98c offer so far. Not sure how your triggered it, but well done!

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    was that through the app "spin to enjoy a surprise"?

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      No, that one only gave me 1,100 points.

  • There is a 5000 bonus pts offer. The promo date period is varied as it is an anniversary offer.

    • Never heard of that one before - is it the anniversary of joining up?

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        No it's anniversary when woollies started trading in 1801

    • Does everyone get an anniversary offer? I dont recall ever getting one

      • Maybe a recently created offer. It seems to be with 98c minimum spend regardless of the bonus pts amount.

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    I got offered 800.

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    I got 1,000.

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    These deals are heavily targeted. Not even worth posting.

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      It’s the Ozbargain way of flaunting

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      That was my initial thought, but it's $50 back so it's worth upvoting to get people to check in case they do have it.

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        Has anyone else been lucky enough to get this offer?

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    They only target me for a lucky spin-o-meter which after spinning gave me 1000 only for any purchase even toothpick purchase

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    I got 700pts offer for a min spend of $.01.

  • 200 points for at least $0.01.

  • I got 1900pts offer for a min spend of $.01.

    • I got this as well.

  • I got 10x points at next shop as the Woolies' App Anniversary 'Spin n Play' offer..

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    Classic 0 spand for 0.

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    I got 2,000 pts for $0.01! Cheering

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      And also stacked with 1,000 pt spin surprise!

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    No offer in my email or app

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    10000 points for 4x $115 in 4 weeks for me

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    Not on this offer topic, but I got an offer for 30 days free of their new "Everyday extra", which sounds like a standard trial offer TBH.
    Extras is $7/m or $59/y.
    Not a bad "extra" offer with a 10% off one shop per month (of your choice) at woolies and Big W, easy for me to get it for "free" and 3x points as well.

    Maybe if you don't subscribe, they'll start targeting harder with bonus points for signing up like they're currently doing with 5000 points on their delivery plan.

  • I got offered 1600 on one card that I use maybe once a month and 1900 on another that I've used 3 times in the last 6 months.

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      Its to top up your points to reach 2k so the less points you had the more your offer.

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        Received the full 2000 top up, as card had few points.

  • Should I stop shopping at Woollies for a week to get this promotion. lol

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      Just create another rewards account and ONLY use it when you get good offers

  • got 1900 top up offer. Coleworths are rewarding you for your disloyalty these days pretty much

    • To the cheater go the spoils

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    Got offered 1600. Haven't used my card in 2 months

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      Don’t let them grind you down… wait for the 10,000 before you give in

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    Not bad! But the holy grail is being targeted for a free lettuce

  • 600 points for spending $0.01 to me…

  • When did you guys get this?

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      Got it on 23 Jun for use by 26 Jun.

  • I got 1900 for $0.01

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    Make sure you spend your points as soon as you can. Huge amounts of fraud happening with everyday rewards points. Woolworths will give the points back but doing nothing to stop it (like 2FA etc..)

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      I agree 100% lost $70 -$80 got it back after two weeks. Bank for Christmas good option

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        How did that happen did you lose the card or something?

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          Judging by the large ongoing forum post, it may be more sophisticated than people simply losing their Everyday Rewards cards.

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            @WookieMonster: Wow cheers buddy had no idea this was going on in this sort of scale. They should introduce a PIN like Flybuys at least not sure why that still hasn't been done.

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    To collect 1000 points, you must have v22.1 of the Everyday Rewards app, boost this offer and spend at least $1 (the Qualifying Amount)° in a single transaction in-store or online at Woolworths during the Promotion Period (Qualifying Transaction).

    • Nothing about an app version in my offer and only $0.01 minimum spend.

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        its the spin surprise offer t&cs that states v22.1 with min $1 spend

        • Correct, not this deal.

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  • got offerred 1100 .s from Spin and 1000 from Booster both expiring tonight. anyway to redeem both? thanks.

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      They stack, so just go in store and purchase something

      • ty

  • That is not fair 😭😭 I haven't got anything 😠 maybe because I already have $270 rewards dollars

    • how do you get $270 rewards dollars?
      any secret or shortcut

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        If you are a pro like a weekly giftcard promo shopper, it is easy to reach that amount. Any secret or shortcut may not to be discussed in the public. But if you really care about it, you may find clues scattered in other similar deals.

  • What is the email subject / headline please?
    anyone else got this offer?

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