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NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 4K 2019 $248, NVIDIA Shield TV 2019 $158, Xbox Series S Console 512GB $398 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon has price matched the Harvey Norman Nvidia deal

Credit to RichardL for the original find on the non-pro deal on Amazon

Edit: Amazon has price matched the Harvey Norman Xbox Series S deal

NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 4K

Built for the avid home entertainment enthusiast, the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 4K HDR Android TV Streaming Media Player is packed with state-of-the-art features to let you enjoy a cinematic viewing experience accompanied with stunning visuals and immersive sound. Comes with the new Shield remote.


Nvidia Shield TV 4K HDR Streaming Media Player with Remote feature-rich setup, and convenient design. The NVIDIA Shield TV 4K HDR Android TV Streaming Media Player lets you easily enjoy immersive entertainment when watching your favourite multimedia content.

Xbox Series S

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +3

    Still excellent value.

    • Also:

      Scanner Resolution ‎4K

  • +2

    Now we talkin'.

  • +10

    Thats more like it. Take amazon prime next day delivery and that service over Harvey norman C&C any day. Now i really wanna pull the trigger.
    Do i need it? No

    • That's what an OzB'er says right before buying 3. Enjoy your new collection!

  • +4

    Very tempted now.

    I was going to hold off till Prime, but I could use price protection if required.

    What features is this missing that’d I’d want. Seems to check all my boxes (Dolby Vision, Ethernet).

    Already got the 2017 version, but want DV, and my sis is in need of something to replace the MiBox 3.

    EDIT: Ordered.

    • +1

      Missing HDR Youtube and WIFI 6.

      • +2

        Don't care about either of those , but thanks for the response

      • +8

        Missing WIFI 6

        Connected via wired gigabit ethernet

    • I bought one from the good guys for $349 during ShopBack upsize cashback at 15% and claimed price protection. Effectively $201.40.

      • +1

        Lucky you got your cashback, many don't when dealing with ShopBack.

    • I really wish it had optical out. Not everyone have super fancy AVR supporting 4k 60 HDMI passthrough and my TV doesn't support DTS passthrough

      • You can connect a USB DAC with optical out to the Nvidia Shield TV.

        • Nah, I think wait till HDMI 2.1 audio extractors are on the market. Got my PS to think about as well.

  • +1

    Still the only device which handles playback of my HQ 4K Remux files. Series X - Nope. Sony TV - Nope. Both had issues, where the Shield didn't hesitate.

    • Yep, same. There hasn’t been a file this hasn’t played via Plex.

      Plex on WebOS struggles with some higher quality files.

      • The only issues I had on plex via webOS is when subtitles are enabled but for some specific files which is a bug in the app. Same files play fine on the android TV version of Plex.

        • I've got a 2019 Shield TV Pro and when any ASS subtitles are on the files just will not play. Turn subbtitles off or switch to SRT ones and plays just fine. Not sure if the problem is the Shield or my NAS (DS920+) that's serving the content up.

          • @MrFunSocks: I have zero issues with Plex playing subtitles. This is on my 2017 one.

            • +1

              @giventofly: Android / Shield TV don’t support .ass subtitles, so a lot of Anime needs to be transcoded if subtitles are enabled.

              Just because your specific use case doesn’t cause you issues, doesn’t mean others don’t run into problems.

          • +1

            @MrFunSocks: Have you tried Kodi? eg with Plex Kodi connect? I set it up on my cwgtv, IIRC it supports ASS subs without transcoding

            • @SuperMrBlob: Nah too much hassle when I can just switch to a SRT one. Thanks for the suggestion though :)

      • Never had a problem playing DV 60gb rips..

      • +2

        change burn subtitles to "only image format"…

        • I will look into this and have left this comment to help me find it later :p

          • @jonathonsunshine: I don't know why its not the default setting because no one seems to know you have to do this in order for it to not transcode your video with subtitles on.

    • +1

      Agree, has played everything I've thrown at it. Highly recommend.

    • I totally expect the tv would throw Playback errors too because of Cinavia and being Sony?

  • Dang my C1 finally plays DV via Plex now, I'll keep telling myself I don't need one. Going to watch YouTube videos on all it can do tonight 😅

    • C1 doesn’t do DTS which is frustrating.

  • Anyone have experience playing xbox cloud on this?

    • I played some sea of thieves using a 360 controller the other day. My internet is a bit sketchy but it worked.

  • +1

    I was hoping they would release a new model by now. So I can move my old pro into the bedroom.

    • +1

      Likely won't be a new model until the Switch's successor releases, which is still likely 2-3 years away at this stage.

      • +1

        I don’t get it. What does shield have anything to do with Nintendo switch?

        • +4

          Same hardware.

          • @Wizard: Oh right. Didn’t know that. Cheers

    • My current pro is still working fine with my 1080p TV. Was also hoping for a new model that would go with a new 4K TV.

  • +11

    I bought this a day ago full price. I told Amazon to price match and they told me they can't, I'll have to return and repurchase and there's nothing they can do. I pitched the environmental harm angle, and they said there is nothing they can do because the system doesn't allow it. I told them if I return it I will be purchasing from Harvey Norman because this is unnecessary environmental damage. Suddenly their system works, and they refunded the difference.. 🙄

    They were banking on me being too lazy to return it despite the environmental impact.

    That aside, I'm thinking of getting a second one for my LG C1 at this price… Is it worth it though? I've been generally happy with WebOS performance on the C1 but also don't have any experience with the shield pro to comment yet…

    • +1

      Thanks for sharing, I will definitely remember this for the future.

    • It's hard to say I'm in the same boat Plex now does DV etc and it also has GeForce now etc so it's hard to find a use for one

  • +1

    Usual question is if the pro is worth it over the tube? I know the pro gets more ram and has USB ports, but if it's just being used as a Plex client is it worth the upgrade? Or is it worth the upgrade from a Chromecast with google TV dongle to the tube? That would be the progression of these devices I would imagine

    • Also keen to know the answer to this. Thinking of replacing an older HTPC.

    • I'd argue it depends on what you want to do with it. If you want to run a Plex server on the Shield, get the Pro. If you're running games (eg. retro, Steam Link, Gamestream, Geforce Now), get the Pro or non-Pro, but Pro will be have more umphf. If you want to do any gaming, avoid Chromecast. If you're running it simply as a client, or for adding smart features to a non-smart TV, get the non-pro or Chromecast.

      I have 2 Pros (2017), one as a Plex server and it's honestly fantastic for that purpose and saves me running a PC constantly. The other is only a client but also allows me to run my HDHomeRun in that room without an antenna for FTA channels. Also have 2 chromecasts - 1 built in to a cheap TV in the spare room which is slow but functional and the other an old school one before Google TV which is now a bit dated/frustrating. It's in my bedroom so thinking about replacing it for a non-pro so it can add smart features to the 2007 Sony TV and also replaces the Steam Link and Telstra TV that are also hooked up to it.

    • +1

      If all you're doing is watching plex, no, it's not. I've got both a Chromecast with Google TV and a Shield Pro, and while the "AI upscaling" is decent sometimes on lower resolution content, that alone isn't worth the almost 3x price point.

    • I own the tube and regret not buying the pro. Although I haven't done a 1:1 comparison, the tube freezes up occasionally with 4k content, it generally plays it fine but menus can get unresponsive. I assume / have heard this is less of an issue with the pro.
      Other bonus is USB ports which I wouldn't mind for attaching a DAC as I have a old analogue receiver.

    • In terms of a Plex Client, to my knowledge the Shield TV Pro is the only device that can do true Dolby Atmos and Vision pass-through.

  • +1

    Just ordered. Thanks!

    Can anyone suggest a good external hard drive with this? Thank you.

    • +1

      If you have plenty of internet you could just redownload anything that fails, so go with anything that has the size you need. If you are ripping discs yourself or don't have unlimited internet, get at least some redundancy - you will use the Shield to run your Plex, so you only need a super basic NAS. Synology ds220j is likely overkill, but check JBOD (just a bunch of discs) NAS options. mwave has a 4 drive option for $220 - search IB-3640SU3 on their site and follow your nose from there.

  • anyone had experience with a USB tv tuner to watch FTA channels

    • +10
      • Do I just copy and paste links into Kodi?

        • +1

          You need to use the add-ons.

          All the information is on the website I linked, its a little more complicated than copy/paste though unfortunately but it's also not too hard if that helps.

        • +2

          Download an iptv player like tivimate and feed it the AU iptv link, works like a charm.

          • @Groovyuvi: Do you have a link to IPTV?

            • +1

              @Mahip: Its on the link posted above, there is also a link for the AU epg so makes it a good experience watching it through the app.

    • +1

      Get an HDHomerun and be done with it. It just works and is simple. Works as a PVR in Plex too.

  • +1

    Thank you have been waiting for this to go on sale!

  • does this still have the issue of Google derived adverts being forced on the user in the UI?

    • +2

      They really are not that noticeable too me but they are there, I think it's been made into a more significant issue that it is BUT I agree you should be able to turn them off considering the price paid for the item.

      • +1

        Also it's android. If it bothered me THAT much then I would put a new launcher on it.

    • +1

      Yes, it does, it totally annoys me.

    • What kind of ads? That's screwed up for such an expensive device

      • +1

        It's a complete non issue. On the home page there are suggestions for shows/movies right up the top. That's it. When you turn it on the cursor is on your apps so you don't even have to click past the "ads".

  • -1

    I own both and I'd recommend Fire TV Stick Max over this as they have similar features except Fire Stick has Youtube HDR, WIFI 6 and less convulated settings and is 17% of the regular price.

    • Does it plays 4K remux from a nas?

      • +1

        Yes, and supports Kodi/Plex. Normally you would want ethernet for your big bluray rips but WIFI 5 and 6 is good if you have a router that is compatible.

        • Thanks. I’ll do some research on it.

      • +1

        not lossless audio

    • +1

      Only has about 5gb of storage though, once you download all your apps you're struggling

    • No lossless audio support. Absolutely no enthusiast would use a Fire TV.

      • +10

        i’m a compressed audio enthusiast

      • Lossless audio isn't available on any streaming platform. So for playing your own content yes this may be the difference that can set it apart.

  • Decent price on series S, hopefully some deals on X

  • +1

    Purchased. Thanks mate!

  • +2

    Can this play 4k remux on a 1080p TV? All the devices i try such as chromecast, PS5, Xbox One X work on my LG OLED 4K but when i use it on a 1080p TV it wont play the files back.
    Edit: i just bought one and will test it out, if it doesnt work just easier to return than at harvey norman.

    • +1

      I just tried one on my old Samsung plasma and it played it with no problems. Can't say if it will work for all files but at least it worked for the one I tried.

      • Just recieved it and unfortunatly it doesnt work, wont allow direct play unless im using a 4k TV. As soon as i play a 4K remux my server with 24 cores 48 threads goes up to 80% usage and i still get buffering and lagging, Since i dont want to put a gpu in the server for transcoding i will just go and buy a 4k HDR capable TV, i think this is the only solution.

        • What player are you using?

        • Are you using Plex? I am sure there is a setting somewhere to stop files from transcoding.

          • @ChiefAJ: Yes I’m using Plex, please help me :)

            • @harryozz: To disable video transcoding: https://www.plexopedia.com/plex-media-server/general/disable...

              However, that will disable all transcoding which might not be what you want. If so, then it gets tricky and you will need to look at client profiles: https://www.plexopedia.com/plex-media-server/general/client-.... There is an example Nvidia Shield profile here: https://trash-guides.info/Plex/profiles/

              I am pretty sure that it doesn't transcode for my Shield connected to a 1080p TV and I don't have transcoding disabled. Your issue might actually be that the container/codec that your files are in are something that isn't supported by the Shield. (Mine are straight-up rips of discs that I own).

              You could try taking a file that transcodes, stick it on a USB and play it direct from the Shield. If it plays then at least you know that the Shield isn't the problem, it is the Plex configuration.

              • @ChiefAJ: I disabled this yesterday and it said unable to play media

          • @ChiefAJ: The problem is Plex gives a not-so-obvious error message when transcoding is disabled and it couldn’t find the matching file to serve.

        • … just go and buy a 4k HDR capable TV, i think this is the only solution.

          New 4K TV? Sounds like a pretty good solution to me.

          • @ChiefAJ: Yeah I just ordered an LG 4K tv as I know it works on that setup with a google chromecast. Not what I wanted to do but this was my final straw. 30% of my movie library is 4K films so about 300 films I couldn’t watch on the 1080p tv

  • +1

    Anyone have experience using a dns on the Shield for overseas channels?

    • Does the torguard app count?

      • -1

        Not sure if they also provide a dns option, VPN's are usually no problem but some tv boxes are a bit more stubborn than others with the DNS

    • +1

      This question makes no sense.

      Use a DNS on the Shield? What DNS? You can use any DNS you want on this. It's an Android box, just set the DNS server you want in network settings.

      How do you plan to watch overseas channels? You can use any app to watch overseas channels if they support it. Literally nothing to do with DNS.

      • -3

        Sorry not interested if the answer is no

        • You can be as uninterested as you like but your question still makes no sense so no the answer to it will always be no.

      • You should read about smartdns from getflix

    • +1

      I have set this up for my parents in NZ using VPN to access Stan Australia and it works like a charm

    • -2

      I think you mean VPN

    • +2

      Yep, I use Smart DNS Proxy (same company as Getflix) on my Shield for BBC, ITV, My5, CBC, TVNZ etc. It's fiddly to set up but faster than a VPN for geo-unblocking and very cheap (sign up for a free trial, let it expire and wait for the discount offer).

      You can set their DNS servers in your modem, but I run it via the DNS66 ad blocker by adding their servers to the app's custom DNS menu. Alternatively, the LIDS app is a handy DNS changer (have to sideload the apk).

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