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Lenovo Yoga 7 Slim Pro 14" 16:10 2.2k IPS i5-11300H 256GB 8GB $799 Delivered @ Amazon AU | + Delivery @ TGG


EDIT: Amazon price expired, still this price at TGG https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/lenovo-yoga-slim-7-pro-evo-14...

JB hi-fi has this listed for $999, can potentially price match TGG there and use GC

Small and light machine with a good 14" 16:10 300nit 2.2k IPS panel with a promise of 100% sRGB coverage

Comes with i5-11300H CPU and soldered 8GB of LPDRR4 RAM

2x Thunderbolt 4 ports on the left, and one USB-A 3.1 on the right. WiFi 6.

SSD is 256GB

Aluminium body, 1.3kg weight. Not sure why the price drop, the model with twice the storage is twice this price, not to mention that you hardly ever ger Slim 3 or 5 at this price, let alone slim 7.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Pity about the soldered ram.

    • +8

      true that. but let me be clear: I was looking for a budget lappy for kids' remote learning 2ce a week and thought ok $750 is the budget I'll find some cheap laptop

      and found this instead. I think this is better than anything in the price range, prove me wrong

      • -5

        If you can increase your budget by $100 this is a good value

        HP Victus 16.1-inch 144Hz R5-5600H/8GB/256GB SSD/RX5500M 4GB Audio by B&O; HP Audio Boost


        16" display would be good for kids learning and less strain on their eyes.
        Screen size and distance: The smaller and closer a screen is, the harder your child’s eyes must work to focus on it. If possible, encourage your child to work on a larger screen

        • +4

          thank you for the suggestion, but we really need a light one.

          for remote learning we're connecting to 24" Lenovo usb-c monitor anyway, and the current machine is Lenovo 10" duet, so upgrade to 14" will be equally appreciated.

    • Is there are second bay available and can you add another 8GB?

      16GB is a must in 2022 unless you're doing very light stuff

      • +6

        no 2nd slot, this is LPDDR4 memory which is faster than normal DDR4 but is always soldered

        I wouldn't say that 16gb is a must, well that's what the industry wants you to think. 16 is nice to have, and must for gaming and creative workloads (the more the better). 8gb is more than adequate for an everyday machine

        • +1

          It was borderline for 2021. Not so much for 2022. You don't see the impact as much with SSDs now helping paging performance.

          8Gb is sufficient if your ok with keeping the number of browser tabs to a low count and not much else. Edge helps with its memory reduction, chrome hasn't rolled out yet. Taskmgr etc will show how much is wasted and the paging to disk

          You will need to remove as bloatware, disable windows useless services, and choose your AV wisely.

          • +3


            and choose your AV wisely.

            If you're worried about run-of-the-mill script—kiddies and exploit purchasers, Microsoft provides quite adequate protection. If you're worried about professional hackers and/or Government actors, the fig-leaf of a commercial anti-viral solution is as much protection as a U.S. Supreme court.

        • +2

          True that. 8gb is more than adequate for everyday machine plus casual gaming.
          This laptop's memory clock is 4267MHz LPDDR4X which is really nice to have. High-frequency RAM is especially important if Laptop have integrated graphics: iGPU shares memory with the CPU and you’ll need as much memory bandwidth as you can get. Memory throughput and latency is respectable on this laptop.

          My brother uses exactly same model for his uni and he plays valorant (Does not require much spec, I think) and dota 2 (fps on high setting:75-80) without much fan noise.

          • @sudeep: My laptop just arrived, love the build quality, keyboard and screen. Initially I thought 16gb isn't a must but after using it for a few days just for light browsing with 10 chrome tabs my ram is already at 85% full with pagefile increasing lol.

      • +1

        I've got a Ryzen 5 Slim 7 8gb and it's perfectly fine for daily work use. I've got a 'proper' laptop as well but use the Slim 7 95% of the time because the form factor and weight is great.

  • +5

    also on tgg eBay but no code to drop price further

    $30 back via redemption

    buying from tgg is the best way $80 store credit with $500+ purchase:

    TAX TIME BONUS◗ CLICK & COLLECT STORE CREDIT! Score $40 Store Credit when you spend $300 - $499.99, OR $80 Store Credit when you spend $500+ and Click & Collect (plus earn even more when you pay using PAYPAL Pay In 4). One Store Credit earned on purchases during June. Offer ends 30 June 2022 T&C’s Apply

    • yes I reckon if you live next to TGG you can click and collect and score store credit, that would be sweet

      me I don't want to drive far, and Amazon promises same day delivery, so Amazon it is.

  • Any reviews?

  • Yogas have fan problems - google: Lenovo Yoga fan

    As I found out.


    • +8

      not only Yogas, it's a common Windows issue, I can't remember the details but any sleeping laptop can "wake up" closed

      the solution, just like mentioned in the post you linked, is to use "hibernate" instead of "sleep" for closing the lid. I know, it means longer start up when you want to use your laptop again, but for me I'd rather be sure that when I take the laptop out of the laptop bag after commute it isn't red hot and with almost depleted battery because it was running in the bag all this time.

      I had that with Lenovo T470s, I had that with a $5k Dell Precision, I had that with Dell Inspiron 7590, I had that with HP Omen, the list goes on. It's not a "yoga problem", it's a windows problem with an easy solution.

      • +3

        Microsoft are trying to replace regular s3 sleep (suspend to ram) with "connected standby", where the pc is effectively still running (with wifi etc. active) just in a lower power state. It's an ok idea in theory, but in practice if often fails to meet their performance targets in terms of power use etc.

        What's worse is that manufacturers tend to disable the option to revert to s3 sleep entirely, so there's no alternative except s4 sleep (suspend to disk, or hibernate).

        • thank you for explaining.

          I haven't used "sleep" for 13 years now, just always "hibernate", so I haven't been following what they do in this space.

          hibernate means zero battery drain. that's what I want while I am not using the device anyway

          • +1

            @shabaka: Yeah hibernate is very useful. I find s3 sleep helpful where I only need to sleep for a short period, and want to be able to jump right back back in quickly without rebooting. But alas it's a dying feature now.

            Apple seems to have done it right with the M1 devices, whatever they use — instant wake and little battery drain.

            • @snep: I guess I am a different kind of user, I never felt like I need the sleep function. I battle it more than I use it: usually when I am away from my laptop when it's on, I want it to stay on because I am downloading something (think a 50GB game or movie), and sleep is my enemy

              when I'm done, I'm done, I close it and I don't want it to be consuming power, meaning hibernate

              what was the purpose of "sleep" again? lol

              • @shabaka: Exactly, depends on the user. From your perspective connected standby might even be a feature, given it can e.g. keep downloading stuff in the background while reducing power usage. Of course, that's in theory — in practice it seems to have ended up buggy and causing more issues than it solves.

        • I'm not sure why this is a good idea, the new s0ix sleep state means that laptops drain battery when asleep now

          I don't need my machine to wake up overnight and drain the battery just to check emails I can see/get alerted from my phone.. Even update checking/installing should wait until connected to a power source

      • fans whirring loudly and continuously, unvarying, even while sleeping, is a yoga problem, much complained about. I bought an expensive laptop, not a jet engine. That Intel evo quality assurance? worthless.

        windows wakeup timers (advanced power settings / allow wakeup timers) is a different problem.

        s3 control vanishing from Windows 11 doesn't help.

        • use hibernate?

          • @shabaka: Can't hibernate it while I'm trying to use it jet engines!

  • Which one is better for my missus (MS Office and Browsing use): the one in the post or the one from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/708767?

    • +2

      missus will appreciate thinner and you will save on this deal.

    • +2

      HP looks more "girly" for one

      Also, should have better battery life, is lighter, and a tad smaller

      I am not a big fan of those HP Pavilion Aero models though, I find the build quality a bit lacking.

      Also, I will never understand those silver keyboards with white backlight. Looks great but during the day with backlight on it's hard to read the letters on the keyboard, so you turn it off. Then you open the laptop in the dark with the backlight off, and you can't find how to turn it back on again. whoever thought that silver keyboards with white backlight was a great idea needs to have an IQ check for sure.

      • Agree with the poor color choice on keys. Silver on white just blends in during day, but the keyboard backlight button always has a dot lit up on it so no problem locating it at night.

    • +2

      The HP has a more power efficient Ryzen 5600U CPU with 15w TDP, 16:10 QHD and brighter screen at 400nits. Unfortunately the Intel H series of 45w TDP CPUs is not very power efficient. If you Mrs needs something that will last longer during day away from home, the HP maybe an option.

  • +1

    Is this similar to the X1 Yoga series? My wife has that one and it is so feather-lite!

    Overall a big fan of Lenovo laptops. I have an E-series Thinkpad (frequently listed on Ozbargain) and they are excellent workhorses for the price.
    I just wish they had more models with a dedicated GPU.

    • I wish the X1 yoga had dedicated graphics (i have been using X1 yogas for the last 6-7 years), there are significant concessions to make for the 2-1 (GPU, soldered ram, ThinkPad tax and tiny battery being the main ones).

      I still love mine, they handle mistreatment very well, I usually get the previous-gen at half price.

  • Any with 16gb ram?

    • +1

      for $1499, yes

  • Damn good price… I just ordered the Lenovo Flex 5i last night for around same price… decisions decisions.

    • I saw that one, but the screen is weaker there, isn't it?

      • Yeah its got lower specs all round.. but its a 2-in-1… for the 1 day a year you use it as a tablet.

  • Thoughts on this laptop vs this one?? (Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Gen 7 14" - AMD Ryzen 7 5825u): https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/708590

    • ideapad is more conventional laptop. simpler build, not thin or light, 1080p panel, smaller battery, but may be better performance. not apples for apples

    • 5825u Ryzen CPU is more power efficient and better overall then this 11th gen Intel H series. However, it's an entry level Ideapad chassis and not in the Pro like this deal.

  • Thanks. Bought one at tgg for pickup and they have $80 for pickup order + $30 cash back :”)

    • sweet

    • You get $120 for pickup plus PayPal pay in 4.

      I never understood the business plan behind giving away money to get me to use BNPL.

      • I used Amex to get extra 1 year warranty and broken screen insurance so can not use paypal instalment

    • Which one did you buy?

  • +4

    Not the right device for me, but THANKYOU for including ports, screen brightness, and RAM soldering in the description so I didn't have to look it up!

  • +2

    Literally just went up to $999
    Opened the link twice in a minute and this happened

  • Yep Amazon just went up to $999 but GG still at $799 with in-store credit and cashback.

    • updated thanks

  • With 16GB of RAM or upgradeable RAM would be a no brainer.

    • +5

      there is one, for $1499

      I think you expect too much at this price point. this is a premium build high quality screen, H class CPU, light and portable 14 incher. if it had 16GB soldered on top of all that, it would cost $1499. which it does lol

  • Go TGG for local warranty?

  • Not sure it should have "Pro" in the name if it's only got an i5

    I've got the ryzen 5800 model, its hard to fault except the keyboard is a bit shallow with less buttons

    • Yea i agree the keyboard feels a bit mush and spacebar kinda weird.

  • Thanks OP perfect EOFY timing! - Purchased one from TGG for pickup.

    • +1

      Cancel if possible and reorder with 15% cashback through CR https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/709655

    • Which store?

      • Picked up in Frankston! I was gutted to see that I missed the 15% Cashrewards but I think it was basically OOS by the time that became valid.

  • How the battery life on this laptop? Reviews online (YT/Reddit) seem pretty mixed. Battery was around 4-6 hour mark whilst other 8 -10 max on low settings.

  • Would this be a decent upgrade from my ThinkPad E470 (i7, 16GB) and is downgrading from 16GB to 8GB wise if I'm currently consuming 9GB with Chrome?

    • You pretty much already answered your question

      • I thought so, but also thought about the newer tech, ram allocation and speed. Closing down a couple of tabs could be doable?

  • +2

    Stack with all the promos and 15% cashback today

    • Wow, thanks for that, waiting for 5pm Cashrewards today!

  • got my laptop last night. nice device, great screen and build

    but I am having issues with thunderbolt: every other device I have has no issues working with the Lenovo USB-C monitor

    however when this device is connected, wheels start to come off:
    - delay when typing on keyboard (key press is registered only every couple of seconds)
    - no charging via usb-c cable
    - while monitor functions ok and even network via monitor hub also works

    so far I tried a few things but no success. interesting that while the system was installing, it charged fine. maybe driver issue

    otherwise when not connected to the monitor works fine

    thunderbolt 4 flop

    • monitor driver?

      • been down that path, no luck. no other device needed any drivers, either

        noticed that if I allow the laptop to "sleep" with the monitor connected, and then wake up, then everything starts working as it should: charging, keyboard. but I can't live with such workaround I'm afraid

  • What's the max resolution for video on the tB ports? Hoping it would do atleast 120hz on a qhd ultra wide

    • I am doing QHD 75hz no issue - that's the top my monitor supports

      • Thanks for that. Is the screen glossy or matte?

        Edit: nvm saw on the Amazon spec sheet that it's matte

  • I'm assuming correctly that this model has a backlit keyboard and you can charge the laptop itself via usb c pd?

    • +1

      Yes it has a backlit keyboard and I am using a Xiaomi USB C PD and it's charging fine.

  • Thanks for reply and good it's Yes to Both lol.

  • sadly I am returning my unit because of issues with the Lenovo USB-C monitor that I got

    it is great as a standalone device, but it doesn't solve the issue that I intended to solve with it: being able to work with this Lenovo P24-2L USB-C monitor. when connected via USB-C (using either TB4 port), the keyboard is unusable, and feels like the connection with the USB-C hub falls back to USB2.0 speeds, and there's no charging.

    every other USB-C device in the house doesn't have an issue with this monitor (Surface laptop with same gen CPU, Lenovo DUET, even Samsung S21+).

    but like I said it's a fantastic device on its own, and maybe works fine with a different USB-C dock? I can't confirm.

    • Will you be asking for a refund or exchange?

      • I got it from Amazon so it's an easy return. I got a Thinkpad E14 G4 from Lenovo EPP for $850 instead

  • anyone know ammex paying with paypal pay in 4 will void the extended warranty ??

    (Given paying all 4 installments with Ammex card, and straight after buying pay in 4 ? )

  • TGG at Tempe and Alexandria do not have stock for click and collect and unable to get store voucher of $120 using paypal. Good deal but a waste of time if stores do not have stock for click and collect.

  • No stock avaialable in Melbourne metro area

    • No stock in Brisbane area.

  • It says I am not eligible for PayPal Pay in 4, does anyone know what would be the reason for this?

    • credit check?

      • I don't think so, but I will check.

      • The credit check looks fine.

        Is there anyone successful with the PayPal Pay in 4 option?

  • Does anyone know if you can upgrade the storage drive and also is it worth paying extra for the concierge?

    • from youtube, it seems using a 2242 PCIE x4 SSD, so upgradable to 512GB or 1TB, I am planning to do it.

      • Did you end up upgrading it. I would assume it would void the warranty? I ended up getting the TGG concierge.

  • has anyone who got it delivered get an invoice? i didn’t get one in my email, messaged them twice and still no reply. Missed out on the intel cash back deadline :(

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