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AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D $479, 5700X $279, Team MP33 1TB NVMe SSD $79.95, Galax RTX 4080 $1899 + Del + Surcharge @ Shopping Express


Kicking off from 8pm AEDT on 25th is Shopping Express' Christmas & Boxing Day sale and given this is my 2500th deal I've been able to confirm the prices for a lot of the products already hinted.

1% surcharge for Card & PayPal payments.

The prices for both the AMD Ryzen 5800X3D and Galax RTX 4080 seem to the lowest price yet and the Team MP33 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD for $79.95 is really good value in my opinion.

Anyone that picked up $20 or $60 store vouchers earlier in the month will be able to use them in this sale.

Below are some of the deals that'll be available:

8pm - 25th Dec

9pm - 25th Dec

10pm - 25th Dec

11pm - 25th Dec

12am - 26th Dec

1am - 26th Dec

2am - 26th Dec

9am - 26th Dec

11am - 26th Dec

12pm - 26th Dec

2pm - 26th Dec

2pm - 26th Dec

6pm - 26th Dec

8pm - 26th Dec

10pm - 26th Dec

11pm - 26th Dec

11am - 27th Dec

12pm - 27th Dec

3pm - 27th Dec

4pm - 27th Dec

8pm - 27th Dec

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2022

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    • +18

      2500th deal. That would be my 73 forum posts, competitions and friendly TWAMs :)

      • Where are the $800 3080s that HODLers promised? where? where? where?

        • +1

          Hold my friend. Miners have fuked things up badly ;) All non-LHRs fault. He nicely got away with his sins.

          • @John Doh: Dddddiddd you just neggggeedd meee??

          • @John Doh: so HODLers are now left without GPU again or still using their GTX 970, these X and KF series CPU don't have integrated graphics lol.

            • @[Deactivated]: Just imagine whom they will all curse ;)

              • @John Doh: probably Jimmy and the gang

            • -3

              @[Deactivated]: Nah, most of us are just suffering with AMD cards, with 'typical;' AMD driver stability while we wait for NVIDIA to sort their shit out.
              At least they still game OK at 1440p.

        • +1

          Better ask a HODLer. I wasn't one of them.

          • @Clear: 2500th post should be celebrated with $2500 RTX 4090 deal….

            please ask SE, that would be awesome…

            disclaimer: jimmy still complaining as its not $500 gpu…

            • @[Deactivated]: 2500$ is a lot of money. Not everybody earns like you or wants to spend like you.

        • +2

          Still sitting inside Jensen's warehouses :)

        • EBay mate 🙂

        • You aren't HODLing if you are complaining you just extended the HODL time.

      • -1

        Thats very nice of you. But if you dont change your DP. I might accidently downvote your deals or comments ;)

  • +1

    Ryzen 5700x is a good deal.
    Can anyone suggest the best/cheapest cooler?

    • +1

      It’s still on backorder but I’m planning to get this for my 7600x https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/aw/d/B0943WXWQS/ref=ox_sc_saved…

      • I've got the GAMMAXX 300 with a 5600 and it's been great, and a hell of a lot quieter than the 3070 brrr-ing away when gaming

        • beware gammax 300 can disapate about 100~120w heat depending on room temperature, whereas gammax 400 will do 150~180w depending on room temp.

          both 5600/5700 can hit more than 120w at some specific load, best not to limit yourself consider the cost difference on cooler is less than $10 in most case.

    • +1

      How about a good MB for this CPU? Suggestions?

      • yeah i was gonna buy that asus tuf mobo that was $165 but it's OOS nos sad… the other am4 mobo that's decent is like $180…


        I'm waiting for am4 mobo deals but guess they drying up, specificly b450 / b550 that are confirmed to support the 5700X etc

    • +1

      I have a 5700X and it barely gets hot. I have a H100i V1 cooling mine and never been over 55°c at 29°c ambient and uses FA power.
      Any air cooler can cool this chip. So maybe a hyper evo 212 and up ahould do the trick. No need for a D15 or anything so big.
      Only reason i'm using this AIO is because i built a new rig and re-used certain parts.

    • I'm using this https://www.ple.com.au/Products/639687/id-cooling-sweden-ser… and barely breaks a sweat, fan set at almost perpetual 900RPM as it never hits over 60C (which is my next speed increase point)

    • +1

      Likely some type of thermalright assassin 120, here's a few on Ebay.

    • Budget is always needed; "best" and "cheapest" in cooling rarely cross over.

      The PureRock2 is well proven, at $60, for example.

      But things like the CONTAC12 usually 'get you by' just fine (good stability, but less boost) for less than halfd the price.

    • I bought this CPU a while ago, I went for the classic Noctua NH-D15. It's a big boy but it came highly recommended and well regarded. Agree with the other commenter that this card doesn't really require anything special.

    • i use arctic aio cooler fot 3600. it should be more than enough since they are similar tdp.

    • This is what I have on my 5800X3D
      I have had the plain yuck colour version for yonks as this is the best cooler if your case (and mobo) can take it
      The above place is the cheapest where I could find that cooler. It looks like every1 has has a hard on for the cooler,
      so the prices have shot hrough the roof; while everything else is going down (for now). I bought by black D15 for about $90 I think at the start of this year, or there abouts

      • Why has Santa no kids?
      • Because he only comes once a year, and even then it is down the chimney
        (is that how he slides up & down the chimney easily?)
  • +9

    13700K @ $629 is a solid deal
    13600K @ $469 also, I would rather have this than 5800X3D if building a new system, coming from 5600X + DDR4 3800 to 13700K + DDR5 6400 has been a bigger improvement than I expected in every way. Can understand 5800X3D if upgrading AM4.

  • Dammit. now i feel that i overpaid for my TS464 at $745 :/

    • I missed the first lot of specials at $745 and ended up at $679 (including the $20 SB cashback - still setting it up and transferring all my data from my old NAS now)

      • ohwell. my second hand qm2p2-244 card for $100 makes up the difference

      • I wonder if i can buy the Shopingsquare for the $659 and then return it to Umart as if it was the one i bought from them - within their 30day change of mind policy.

        oh the ethics!

        • +1

          They may record the serial as normally manuf know what what shipped to where via disty

      • A 464 with an 8tb drive would be nice…

        • you can actually fit 4x nvme ssd and 4x big spinny disks with the expansion card :D :D

          • @FoxJump: I'll end up with 4 x 14TB drives in mine once I finish my migration and shuffling of disks around (and up to 4 x 8TB in the old NAS). I think I'll upgrade the memory in mine to 16GB as well (and maybe add a basic nvme for some read only cache - my use case doesn't really warrant adding nvme)

            • @Remorhaz: wow that's a lot of data !
              i dont have much. for me its just about an easy centralised backup location.

              You can upgrade the ram to 32 and maybe even 64gb. I have 1x slot 16gb on mine. I dont need more ram. of course, all unofficially. but googling suggests 32 is ok and 64 maybe ok

              • @FoxJump: It is worth getting another stick the same as you will get double the bandwidth so it is noticeably faster even if you don't need the space. Since they are dual channel memory controllers you get this improvement but not again when you go to 4 sticks.

                • @Dsiee: i see.
                  My performance is currently limited by WiFi :)
                  so .. not an issue right now.

                  My pet peeve right now is that my 2x 1TB cheapy SSDs have more capacity than my expensive Samsmug 1TB SSD by 20GB … whichh … means i can't use the Samsmug one as a spare :( as its too small :(

  • +1

    If you would like to order items that are on special at different times will you have to pay multiple shipping fees? Or risk them going out of stock I guess…

  • Gonna scoop up that Intel Nuc M15 for $899. Missed it last time!

    • Is the $899 one the i7-1165G7? how does that compare to the i5-1240P that will go for $999?

      I think the i5 misses out on touch screen, but would performance be better?

      • Not sure of performance but the $899 is black (which I prefer) and has touchscreen

  • +1

    The laptop looks crazy for the price . Anyone have any feedback ? coming from a MSI gp 63 8750h / 1060 and looking for an upgrade

  • -2

    Quality over quantity every time, you should know that by now.

    • +2

      Seems you could learn from both, U Muppet.

  • +2

    Hmmmm has the 4080 dropped enough for me.. was holding out for OC 7900xtx but will be over 2k.

  • If anyone is able to get the 5800X3D with a 60$ off coupon, please send me a screenshot during checkout :)

    • Plus 30 shipping to my state

  • +1

    AMD are due to announce the Zen 4 X3D lineup at CES on Jan 6. They seem to have moved the launch date for these forward, as there are indications they'll be available from the 23rd of Jan.

    There was also an announcement about existing Zen 4 prices dropping again yesterday, so approach all Australian pricing for the next week or so with some caution, as the whole stack is due for a bit of a reset.

    Personally if I were looking for a gaming CPU I'd wait to see what the 7900X3D and 7950X3D looked like price wise, if the performance is anything like what's being predicted these are going to absolutely destroy everything else in gaming performance.

    • +1

      There's nothing rumoured below the 7800X3D so I'm really not sure anything other than the highest models will be pushed down. Maybe the 7700X would be pushed down a little by the 7800X3D but I imagine that gap between the 7700X and the 7900X is the spot for it.
      I mean it's not a huge discount on the 7600X here but I wouldn't bank on a big drop in Jan/Feb either.

      • +2

        No, the price isn't being adjusted because of the new X3D models, it's being reduced by AMD to make them more competitive.


        Also here: https://videocardz.com/newz/amd-ryzen-7000-prices-in-free-fa…

        • Ah cool, I didn't know there were more cuts after the Black Friday "temporary but not temporary" ones. I'll still likely end up with a 7600X because I doubt the 7700X will be sub $400 but it will at least help offset the cost of a B650 motherboard a little bit.

          • +1

            @Diji: I expect there will either be cuts to motherboard prices or new models will be released next year that magically only cost half as much to manufacture and thus will be far more palatable. The RX 7900 XTX should drop in price by a few hundred by Q4 2023 with the release of the 7950 XTX also, and the existence of RDNA3 is already putting significant pressure on nvidia to drop the ludicrous price of their cards - an OC of an Asus 7900 XTX had it outperforming the RTX 4090 in Cyberpunk 2077, which makes the $1,500 price difference pretty difficult to swallow.

            • @TrevorX: I'm praying for new cheaper mobos but I don't think I'll be waiting for RDNA3's mid-range, in a pretty dire need of an upgrade (GTX 1060) and who knows how long it will take for that to reach the $500-600 mark. That said it seems like the prices of current cards have halted and in cases like the 6800 XT are actually going up due to stock drying up so who knows, I might have to wait another 2 years if I keep being indecisive about upgrading lol

    • -1

      7000 series you have to buy the overpriced am5 boards and ddr5, no thanks, the holes in the plate are personally unlikable

  • I upgraded from 3600x to 5800X3D for $500, certainly a toastier CPU, but it's beautiful

    • Exactly where I'm at… 3600x up.. but what heat sink would be needed forthe 5800x3d

      I guess these are the sales where unless you have a bot you have zero chance of getting anything…

      • I'm just using the big boy Noctua Air Cooler, when gaming peaks to around 80 degree's, i'm fine with that

        • Me too. went from a 3700x to the 5800x3d. Cruises at about 70-80c whilst gaming using a Noctua D15. I imagine this would go higher if I upgraded the 2080s to a 7900xtx. Very happy with the 5800x3d though.

          • @retrain21: I went from a 3800X to the 5800X3D & I have the Noctua D15.
            I played with the fan profiles in the BIOS, it ramps up with the action,
            it adds to the sounds of machine guns running hot. yeah baby

  • +3

    I upgraded from AMD 3900x to a 5800X3d. Almost all AAA games was using only 70% of the 4090 on 4k. Lot of stutters as well. I was disappointed to see that. Ran to store and got a 5800x3D. BOOM !! GPU load shot back up to 99% and most importantly all stutters were gone and a smooth gaming experience.

    TLDR - get the 5800x3D if on AM4

    • Yea IM on a Asus rog strix b350f gaming Mobo…
      I'd be impressed to see that sorta improvement, but for me does require latest BIOS to run it.

      • I have an X570 tomahawk. Had to update the BIOS as well to support Zen 3

    • Would a H100i Corsair AIO be enough to cool this beast?

      • +2

        I would be looking at H115i if you can accomodate that.
        Not an expert but 5800X3d runs a bit hotter than the other CPU's due to the 3D cache design. H115 would give you a peace of mind.
        Thats what I am using.

    • I'm really interested in it to max performance in Satisfactory, haha.

    • +2

      I got one and I wasn't even on AM4. The 5800X3D runs circles around my old i9 10850K, especially in MSFS.

      • +2

        Yeah. 5800x3D is a legendary CPU from AMD!
        It even competes with AMD Zen 4 CPU's and Intel Raptor lake 13th gen CPU's which is giving both teams a headache.

    • been thinking of upgrading my 5700g and the 5800x3d was the only one that caught my eye, 5700x wasnt really an upgrade to it

  • Do you recon HP Omen is worth the money?

    • +3

      dont buy hp, learn from my mistake, so much bloat

      • Just fresh install Windows?

        • didnt realise how bad the bloat was till i already have important files, also stole the windows key for my pc

    • Hard to say, no mux switch gpu limited to 100w, it does okay but not as okay as other laptops with a 3070. And that's it's downfall. Jarrods tech on YT explains it all.

      • Any source for this info please. I mean the no-mux switch?

    • +1

      I have HP omen laptop from 2018. Durability on these are bad. My screen and usb ports stopped working a year back. There are lot of quality issue with these Omen series laptops. Do your research before you buy.

  • +5

    Classic SE. The Crucial 2TB SSD apparently has a sweet $10,998.90 RRP. Bargain!

  • Hmm, I wonder if the Gigabyte UD1000GM includes free complementary Christmas sparklers —- out the back of your PC. </joke>

  • +1

    Have been waiting for a 5800x3d deal. I'd be happy with the $500 mark.

    I'm hoping some other retailers follow suit with discounts soon given these 5800x3ds will almost certainly sell out quickly and I don't like my chances of getting one!

    • +1

      I'm just hoping there's not 5 of em in the sale that will be gone in a trillionth of a nano-second….

      • +1

        its okay when Amazon had them for $499 they had them for a while. No one really bought them. The deal just expired. I'm hoping my upgrade from the 3700x CPU would be worthwhile!

  • +1

    I was hoping for another 5600 deal.

    • I checked and only the 5600X and G are included at this stage.

      • How much is the 5600x reduced to?

        • Fairly certain it's $249

      • how much is the 5600G reduced to?

        • +2


          I'll do another post tonight as I know more of what's on sale

          • @Clear: Cheers! Missed out on the last 5600G deal on Black Friday.

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