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Apple Airtag 4-Pack $129 (+ CC Fee) Delivered @ digiDirect

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Not the cheapest but still considered cheaper than most places. I tried using the code and it was accepted.

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    Use Cashrewards to shave another couple of dollars via cashback..

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    Sorry for asking here, but has anyone seem or recommend the samsung smart tags? Havent seen a deal on them or see them for sale here.

    • They're not sold locally, you need to import them, which makes them very expensive (compared to AirTags). They do still work here though, and reviews say that they actually outperform the AirTags in terms of tracking accuracy.

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        Are they only tracked by Galaxy phones though?

        I'm not certain on the % market share of Galaxy vs Iphones in Australia, but I would hazard a guess and say there's more Iphones… which would tip the tracking coverage back in Apple's court.

        Happy to be proven wrong!

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          Yes, only tracked by Galaxy phones. iPhones are more popular than Galaxy phones in Australia, so I'm not sure why the reviews favoured SmartTags. Maybe SmartTags were more sensitive, or maybe iPhones have fixed a software bug and they're now better. It might even change depending on what socio-economic part of a city you're in.

          I've been needing to buy some, and I use both iOS and Android, so maybe I'll grab both and do a long-term comparison. I have Tile at the moment, which I loathe.

          • @besttraveltech: Why don't you like Tile? Is there any other option for non-Samsung Android users?

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              @sav11: My tiles just don't work outside of the house. Even inside the house, they aren't reliable, and I will often accidentally press up against one in my pocket and trigger it to ring my phone at an inconvenient time.

              There are heaps of other bluetooth trackers but I'm not familiar with any of them, and I doubt they work better than Tile.

              What's your use case? I have GPS' in my cars. At ~$10/month it's easily worth it to secure vehicles worth in the tens of thousands. I wouldn't pay that much to put it in a backpack, though, which is what bluetooth trackers are useful for.

              • @besttraveltech: Thanks. Main use case is just for my keyring so I can find my keys if I lose them.

                Yep I had a quick look at some GPS ones too but they're overkill and too expensive for my needs.

                Sounds like I need to wait for the market/products to mature a bit more. Appreciate your info, cheers.

    • There have been some deals, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/search/node/smarttag. Got a few for XMas and they work well.

    • yes they are good. Benefit over apple's offering is the 2-way pinging (ie. you can find your phone from the tag too)

    • Yes, ive read the same and like the two way system it has. If anyone finds anything on the plus versions, i would appreciate it!

    • Been using the Galaxy Tag for 3 month. Mini review.
      * Two way ping, can be used to find phone when in Bluetooth range.
      * Has a hole, can attached to objects without buying cases (looking at airtags)
      * Tracking is decent enough(<5min per location update) when in populous areas, gets choppy when in rural suburbia(As expected).
      * The four pack comes in 4 different colours, easy to identity.
      * The button on the tag can be programmed to do other things. e.g. Smart homes/garage doors.
      * Only works with Samsung galaxy phones, NO other androids.
      * Not many accessories options available to purchase.
      * Not officially available in Aus, need to import from overseas.
      Paid around $140 for 4 pack. Everyone has Samsung at home, this is the only viable alternative to airtag.

  • Thanks picked up a pack for our upcoming trip to Asia.

  • These airtags are pretty cool especially when you chuck them in the luggages, tracking them when I travel overseas during Xmas period.

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      They have a Lithium battery in them, and you're really not supposed to have lithium batteries in checked luggage, as they are known to start fires.

      • Kinda defeats the whole purpose if you can't use them for check-in luggage though

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        Almost all airlines allow them because the batteries are low risk - Tiny and not rechargeable.

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        Both Qantas and Virgin Australia told 9News passengers can use the devices.

        Source: 9 News

        The Federal Aviation Administration has ruled that having an AirTag in your luggage is permitted and, in fact, not a safety hazard. The devices only contain 0.1 grams of lithium, which falls below the FAA’s limit.

        Source: CNN

      • There is no issue with having them in check in luggage’s. I personally never experienced otherwise and my parents have recently just travelled and came back a few weeks ago no issues either.

        • I used AirTag in checked-in luggage for my travel by Etihad and Malindo airlines, no fuss at all.

    • Yes put them in my luggage on my flight to Singapore and one of my baggages did not turn up so tracked it and found out it was on the other side of the wall. When confronting the luggage clark to report the bag, she said file a report and the luggage will be bought to the hotel later on. Decided to wait a little while and half an hour later someone bought the luggage out.

  • Thanks

  • Thank you

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  • Excellent. Was looking for 4x for my GF and I for our trip to the US later in the year.

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      Only need one to track her

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        You can never have enough redundancy.

        • of Girlfriends?

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        And one to track her other boyfriend

  • Thanks! I have been waiting for a couple of weeks for any sort of deal to come up for an upcoming trip!

  • Doesn't using the code create an issue with you not being an employee? Previous digidirect special had buyers reporting having to provide proof before purchase went through…but then others seemd to be able to buy: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/748016

    (Bought, so lets see how we go)

    • Order confirmed. Better than last time…

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    Mine was 128 but same same

    • yep

  • Coming up with added payment and handling fee of $1.21. Is that to be expected?

    • Mine was the same but for an extra dollar I couldn’t be bothered figuring out how to remove it.

    • +1

      Yeah I thought this was a bit cheeky as well. Oh well, better deal than anywhere else at the moment.

    • Use ZIP or Klarna and pay it off right away

  • Using find features, It really helped me to locate my luggages being loaded off conveyor belts And put aside by airport workers in KL airport after long custom queues

  • can you put this in your car to keep track just in case it gets stolen?

    • Wondering this myself. I'm guessing they're battery-powered, wonder how long they can go between charges… Guess it's time to do some Googling.

      • Not rechargeable - just has a replaceable button battery.

    • Yes, you can!

    • I don't see any reason why not, you can put this anywhere you want. Just don't use it for stalking someone.

      • I thought that this device works by Bluetooth, and you can not track items that are far away from you.

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          Then don't think, search.

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          They report to you via any iPhone with Bluetooth enabled. So if it is 10k away and someone with an iPhone comes in range, it will ping its location to you. If no phone near it, you will get a pin-drop from last known location.

          Your Bluetooth range is only relevant when you are really close and you want to get to it - by then you should have seen your car, but in the case of luggage as mentioned elsewhere, it might show it is on the other side of a wall. It will track down your keys to within half a metre.

    • Sure. If the thief has an iPhone it will tell them there is a tag close by that is following them which in itself, is another theft protection feature of them. Not if thief is an Android fanboi though :)

      • The thief could use an anti-tag app working with either iPhone or Android

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    is this the lowest it's been? looking to get me some, but not really in a rush. has this ever gone under $100?

    • probably $117 from my memory..

      • ok, ty. not to far off, i guess i will just buy this now.

    • No, but close.

    • The 4pk has been as low as $99, but that was a flash sale with extremely limited stock. This is just about the best price outside of that.

  • Thanks

  • Thanks so much for this. I just missed out on the Costco ones last week! And this works out slightly better too!

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    Damn…I thought Apple were making a silver bullion coin.

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      They may not make them but I think they will have to buy silver or a silver mine or two soon!

  • Thanks OP, Just ordered.

    Came up at $127 but changed to $128.21 at check out.

    Cash rewards 2% back makes up for it though ;)

  • What accessories go with AirTags? What other uses for them other than luggage and keys?

    • Bikes, trailers, boats

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      I got one taped to back of the TV remote, and one in my wallet

    • I bought mine with a cheap third-party keyring.
      I have hooked it onto my five-year-old’s belt when we have been to places like the Royal Melbourne show, Luna Park etc.
      Is that considered stalking?
      Also, hidden one in our car, which has helped a couple of times for my wife when parking…
      Note that as the tags are registered to my Apple account, when my wife drives the car, she gets a message on her iPhone saying that an AirTag is close by and she is possibly being tracked. This is an Apple safety feature, and also allows me to know which pub she is at.

      • How does the Airtag help your wife while she's parking?

        • I wasn’t clear. She has misplaced the car a couple of times while parking.

    • Cats. Used to be good, not sure now. If you have seniors trying to escape nursing homes, they are good too…

  • I tried buying from them last time and they cancelled the order, I ended up getting it from CostCo for a little more.

  • Thanks!

  • Damn I just paid another $10 for these on Amazon 2 days ago

    They seem alright but screw Apple for making such an impractical design. You'd think they'd be designed to securely attach to things, but no, complete opposite. They made a disc with no attachment points, and then rounded the faces so they can't even be gripped.

    So they either roll around in a bag like a loose 20c coin, or you get some chunky case that completely envelops them, losing whatever size benefit they might have had. So dumb.

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    If anyone is in the Northern Beaches, Sydney and wants to split this, PM me

    • I'm Chatswood area and regularly in Brookvale, sometimes out Mona Vale way. Does that work for you?

  • Anyone in Melbourne would like to split pls PM

  • +1

    Thanks. I'm based in Wollstonecraft/Crows Nest. If anyone wants to split then PM me :) I have already bought a pack.

    • Hi mirovich - I am interested and in Crows Nest - new account so I can’t PM yet.

      Get in touch with me if still keen, I am home over the weekend if that suits.


      • +1

        I have member who is interested as well, you can be backup :) Looks like you dont have PM enabled so can't message you.

        • As I said previous - new account so can’t PM in first day.

          I can pay and pickup this afternoon or over weekend. If after the weekend then disregard as I will go with my backup option.

          Thank you :)

          • +1

            @Tyrone Biggums: Hey mate, i did delivery, not pickup so it will take few days to arrive.

            • @mirovich: Ok thanks for the info - keep me in the loop with the split with the other person and I will let you know if I go with my other plan if not before.

              Cheers and enjoy your weekend.

  • I put one in a parcel to Europe, its fun seeing it pop up on transit airports :)

  • Did anyone get an email from Digidirect saying "request received"?
    I didnt raise any request. What does it mean?

    • I recall from past orders that they treat orders like a request tickets. Could be that.

      Though for this one it didn't go through like that. Got order confirmation last night and invoiced this morning.

    • Yes received that.
      And now I have been sent an invoice.

  • PM me if anyone wants to split, I'm based in Auburn 2144 and will travel to CBD on weekdays

    • Let's connect.

  • So it makes sound if someone else is nearby for long time ?

    • +2

      It notifies the iPhone user that there’s an airtag nearby. But not sure what’s the algorithm. I never had this notification public, only when a friend of mine came over to our house for several hours, turns out his kid’s bag has an Airtag in it and I was standing next to it when I saw the notification pops up

  • where can I put in the discount code??

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      Checkout just the page after you set your shipping/pickup detail. One of the first few fields (above payment detail) are for gift card and coupons.

    • +2

      Not overly obvious - need to select drop down at last step before payment

  • Oooo perfect im in Perth and would love to split one. My kids love running off and we are going on holidays soon!

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