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MSI GAMING X TRIO Radeon RX 6950 XT 16GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $1097.24 Delivered @ PB Tech


Yes, same card from the Amazon deal
It takes a US giant and an independent NZ retailer to offer better GPU pricing than the Synnex, Ingram and Dicker monopolies in AU


Boost: 2454MHz, 16GB GDDR6 (18000MHz), PCI-E 4.0 x16, 1x HDMI 2.1, 3x DisplayPort 1.4a, 12 months warranty
Length 325mm, 3 slots, 340W power, 850W or higher PSU recommended

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PB Technologies, New Zealand
PB Technologies, New Zealand

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    "Synnex, Ingram and Dicker monopolies in AU" who tf are these ppl

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      Big computer distributors importing for the resellers everywhere.

      • why don't more retailers go "independent" like this NZ store?

        • +5

          As a grey importer the retailer has no manufacturer support for warranty claims, and neither would their customers. They also get no other support such as being able to return / swap unsold stock for other SKUs, pass through discounted list prices, or financing. They would be the same as someone buying cards from the US and selling them on eBay, carrying all the risk themselves.

          The NZ store may be sharing stock with another store located overseas.

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      Dicker Data prices are trash, cheaper to buy from a retail store lol

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        Yep same with Ingram and co …it's always been this way since the dawn of box movers …lol

      • They're not going to give you reseller pricing matching their channel partners if you are buying one card.

      • If youre an IT guy setting up an 80 desk office fitout you wont go to retail stores to get your stock.

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          Correct; You order 80 LG screen's from Dicker Data (or any other distributor you may have an account with), who in-turn adds their % cut before placing an order with LG for direct delivery from the LG warehouse to your chosen address..

        • Definitely depends on how much this IT guy's company buys from DD. Instances where it would be cheaper to buy from a retailer vs from DD (or any distributor in this case)

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      The Grand Puppeteers of the Australian Tax

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      im going to assume these were the middle men who at the peak of GPU prices, were only selling GPU's with bundles of motherboards,cases,keyboard,etc

      Which in the end gave us crazy cheap AM4 Motherboards

      • Only just started using my $60 B550 board a couple of weeks ago, but still a great buy almost two years later!

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    Bought this card on 01 Nov 2022 with the price $1079. Decent one so far.

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    any real reason to get this card when the 7900xt costs ~$100 more?

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      $200 more based on the most recent deal. But yeah, even at this price point I'd rather wait.

    • +1

      To get ripped off? Why else do most people here post "deals" with bad prices

    • No not really.
      This card uses so much more power than the 7900XT as well.
      That will acutally make this card cost more after a year or so of power bills.

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    With RNDA3 dropping in price (should still be cheaper), it's hard to justify these RDNA2 prices. It's old tech and should be way cheaper. Wait for the mid range RDNA3 to drop.

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    Yeah i'm with the above people on the waiting part. For $150-200 more, get the latest tech 7900XT card. If i was busting for a new gpu, sure it's an OK price but not the best. Considering these should be at the $1k mark or less imo.

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    Bought from the Amazon deal too with price protection, good card. FYI I'm using this with a 650w psu with no noticeable issues.

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    I unfortunately paid nearly double this price for the very same card. 1 upvote = 1 prayer for my paperhands.
    It might just be the card I got, but I'm not hugely impressed with the temperature spikes I'm seeing with it. You can be in a game at 50deg and INSTANTLY it'll shoot up to 90deg when fog or something complex appears on screen, there is a noticable drop in performance and clockspeed too as it thermal throttles.
    My old 6800 xt under exactly the same conditions would gradually climb and never max out above 80deg, even with a more reserved fan curve.

    Considering pulling it apart to verify there are no dry spots with the thermal paste application as it doesn't feel like normal behavior.

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      I'd try undervolting it and/or lowering the power cap. These higher end cards are often tuned to eat a large amount of extra power (and thus heat) for minimal performance gains.

      • +1

        Thanks scixm, unfortunately that didn't work either, it did reduce the severity of the spikes a bit, but they still happen. So far I've tried:

        A very aggressive fan curve
        Undervolting by "-5" on their scale
        Manually lowering clock and memory speeds
        Adding additional fans (loud and big 140mm units) blowing directly onto and around the card via the front and top of the case

        So far none of these have helped all that much. I know the new series of cards have issues with heat dissipation (a friend returned theirs because of this) but can't find anything online specifically linking the 6950 xt to such issues.

        Only 'solution' I've got is to sacrifice quality by turning down the settings a large amount and running at 1440p - not something I'd expect to have to do on a flagship model and means I'm not really using any of the headroom the upgrade provided.

        Again though, could likely be limited to just the one I bought as no two cards are created equal.

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          Based on the reported behaviour, yeah, look up a tear down guide (if needed) buy a fresh tube of thermal compound, non-conductive, and check that. Probably, worth applying it, seating the cooler and tightening it, then undoing it again, just to see if the cooler is being applied evenly. Good luck!

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          Dodgy vapor chamber perhaps? The high speed temp ramp sounds like something is refusing to transfer the heat so it's staying in the die.

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      Something wrong with TIM compound application on your card. If purchased from new and under warranty, send it back for RMA.

      If purchased 2nd-hand or card out of warranty purchase some good compound and replace it yourself.

      I would look to only do the GPU core TIM re-application, leave the thermal pads alone, unless you know what your're doing and know/have good quality of the various thickness thermal pads around.

      (Thermal Conductivity: 11 W/m.K)

      There are more expensive/heat conductive compounds around (example below), but for general CPU/GPU use the MasterGel Maker (ensure you buy the 'Maker') is fine.


    • Might be QA issue, try to RMA it. If u cannot, first try to tighten the screws. Use the included GPU support if u can, lay the PC flat and see if any improvement, just to rule out heat sink might be separated from the PCB due to its weight.

      Not familiar with Radeon, what is the difference btw core, hotspot and memory junction temp, at idle and at peak?

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    according to https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gpu-hierarchy,4388.html
    6950xt is 3rd fastest GPU 1080 ultra fps (fsr/dlss off, RT off) behind 4090 and 7900xtx
    6950xt is 5th fastest GPU 1440 ultra fps (fsr/dlss off, RT off) behind 4090, 7900xtx. 4080 and 7900xt (by 0.8fps).
    6950xt rank between 4070ti and 3090 in 4k ultra (fsr/dlss off, RT off)

    • +2

      Why on earth is the 6950xt fairly solidly beating the 7900xt???

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        6950xt only beat 7900xt in 1080 category the website. but In this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vf9GL5Whcj0 7900xt beat 6950xt by 17 fps (10%+) 1440 in 20 games avg fps. The setup, software or games select may effect the difference score i guess.

      • +3

        1080p is meaningless on 7900xt or 6950xt, as cpu will bottle neck the performance, gpu won’t be fully loaded.

        The only meaningful test is 1440p ultra (high refresh fps games) or 4k ultra for these two cards.

        • +1

          I'd take the position 4k is the only relevant metric.
          Buying either of these cards for 1440p gaming doesnt make sense to me.
          1440 ultrawide at 200+Hz might make some sense I guess.

    • +6

      I would strongly recommend avoiding TH for this data; as the other commenter has alluded to, their results contradict basically everyone else's regarding performance of some cards (including their own review data at times!).

      3DCenter has commentary in German, but their numerical results summarise other reviews to reduce the effects on any single review setup and are perfectly understandable on their own.

      • Dang, I usually use TH as a quick reference but the 6950 XT beating the 7900 XT did sound off.

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    Ah yes, the lovely Synnex, Ingram and Dicker that were forcing GPU bundles on retailers such as motherboards, cases, power supplies, "gaming" chairs and other crap they just wanted to get rid of by exploiting the market situation. Want a GPU? Gotta buy 10 (overpriced) motherboards! No to those? Then 3 gaming chairs it is.

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    well, 7900xt is only 1249 now, considering 7900xt is newer gen gpu.

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    Meh also, make amd and nvidia sweat and eventually heavily drop prices for current gen.

  • I have bought server gear from pbtech, great prices and fast delivery

  • I hope everyone got to enjoy their $1999 6800xt.


    vchor "Nvidia will not let that happen"

    lol at all the scare mongering. Only a year later and $1400 already flushed down the toilet to play 1440p. The members on this gpu page are terrible. They literally belong on xtremesystems/pcmasterace and need to go away from ozbargain.

  • ChatGPT can you please send more deals. Your friend HODL since 1080ti

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