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Rovin Portable Fridge DC/AC 50L $199 (RRP $499) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Mitre 10


The deal is back on, same as expired

Provides ample room for plenty of drinks and snacks with a 50L capacity
Can be powered from 12/24V systems and prevents over-discharge with a low-battery cutout
Superior insulation that cools drinks down to -20°C
High mount refrigeration compressor for easy maintenance
Convenient to transport with telescopic handles and wheels
Digital controls can be monitored through a mobile app with a USB socket for charging smart devices

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  • Wow that surprising because they couldn't supply everyone last time and quite a few missed out.
    Guess they found another container

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    hmmm its not clear, but does it have an internal battery or does it always have to be connected to power?

    • it always has to be connected to a power supply 12/24 and 240v power adapter comes with it .

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      batter would last less time than ice !!

  • Can be powered by a car socket presumably? Does it come with a car charging power cord?

    • 12v car adapter and 240v mains adaptor come in the box

    • I bought one last deal . comes with power pack for 240 and cigartte 12 v plug.
      Pulled down to 0 degree in about 2 hours from memory. Only put in a bottle of water to test.

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        How many cans can you get into it?

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          have not tried . but i think you would get at least 18 .

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            @boo hoo: 20L one can fits more than 20 cans.

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        You should plug it in 240V first until it go down to 0 degree then plug in to your car to maintain the temperature

        • yes . that is what the instructions say,

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    This might be a good price for a portable fridge but I would rather spend the money and get a good quality esky with decent insulation. Ice is cheap enough, the esky would take less space than this in your vehicle and it won’t break down.

  • Thanks OP, they cancelled my order last time

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    Some more specs that aren't published on Mitre10:

    Length : 586mm
    Width : 378mm
    Height : 545mm
    Weight : 18kg

    DC Plugpack Voltage : 14.5V
    DC Current Draw : 6A
    AC Plugpack Voltage : 240V
    AC Current Draw : 5A

    It seems to support an internal battery (sold separately) in case you don't have a dual battery setup for accessories, in addition to a solar charging accessory for the internal battery (also sold separately) but these may be difficult to find as the product has been marked as discontinued in many retailers.

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      I didn't think this model supports the internal battery.

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        You are correct, nowhere physically to put an internal battery

  • None in WA that I can see unfortunately, dang

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    I got one last time. It's pretty good for the price.

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    • What's the difference between the two?

      • one with cover, wheels and handle, one without. dimensions are slightly different, otherwise pretty much the same.

        • Yeah that cover is very useful - has tie down points too

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    I think the older deal was better (if you can still get it). I paid $249 for the Rovin 45L fridge and freezer version. It comes with a solar input and a 7.2ah battery that goes inside for an extra $30.

    Then bought a 30w panel from eBay for $20, and a solar extension cable for $4 (so fridge doesn't need to be anywhere near the sun).

    I set the freezer at -10C and fridge at 4C. It runs all day off the solar panel (as the compressor cycles and 30w is enough), and even gains charge. Battery doesn't quite last all night. But still cold in the morning. Repeat.

    Can also use drill batteries for extra capacity.

    Most important. A full carton slips in the fridge section no problems. That includes Guiness (440 ml cans) + one more 6 pack in the freezer if you want. Then another 18 x corona skinny cans in the gaps. So 48 fit in the 45L no probs.

    • Nice setup. Are you using at home?

      • Yeah, off and on..stocked up on the Kilkenny / Guiness deal. But the battery only has a limited number of cycles. So not on 24/7..

    • Yeah wow great setup. I got the AC/DC one and wish it had the battery function to keep it running, as it only runs when the car is on. And i read that its not great for the compressor for it to turn on and off. Anyhow, its been useful to keep groceries cold when we're out for the day and for roadtrips. Goes down to 5 degrees in half hour on 12V.

  • Doesn't appear to be any remaining stock in/near Sydney.

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    I got one on the last deal but had to wait for it to be delivered to Bunbury, WA. Just sits in the back of my cruiser plugged in all the time on 12v lighter plug. Keeps meat and drinks very cold. Very happy with it so far

  • Oos

  • Excellent fridge got it on last sale. If you keen to drive around I had to look at other stores a long way from me to find one in stock. Worth the drive and effort though.

  • What's the difference between this and a King's 50L when they are on sales? I don't think this comes with an insulated case does it?

    • It does come with the case that had the strap down points, they just didnt add the photos

  • I can still add it in my cart and looks like its allowing me to check it out with a Delivery Option….or you think they will just simply cancel it?

  • Trying real hard not to buy this. :(

    • Don’t worry OOS

      • and it's gone

  • +3

    I just picked one up in Geelong South - Vic. They said they still have a few units in stock.

  • Is there much difference between this unit and the one in this link?…

    • The linked one comes with a free cover and has wheels

  • OOS

  • Cancelled and refunded again

    What a fail

  • Cancelled and refunded

  • OOS and refunded 😔

  • Ready for collection! Thank you!

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