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PowerColor Red Devil OC RX 6950 XT 16GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $1099 Delivered ($0 MEL C&C) @ PC Case Gear


Better deal than the Scorptec Nitro+ - top tier Red Devil OC cooler and VRM design, higher stock clocks and free delivery


Boost: 2435MHz, 16GB GDDR6 (18000MHz), DrMOS VRM, PCI-E 4.0 x16, 1x HDMI 2.1, 3x DisplayPort 1.4, ARGB
320 x 135 x 62mm, 3 slots
3 year warranty

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  • Dont know high end amd cards that well, is this even a good deal given we have seen 7900xt - a whole generation newer - at this pricepoint? Or can the newer 7900xt not match it in performance somehow?

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      The $1157 TUF OC was a very targeted Grand Store Opening deal

      Very likely ASUS funded that one for the <20 cards available

      Standard deal pricing on the 7900 XT is $1249 which is 14% higher than this 6950 XT

      Not surprisingly, TPU has the 7900 XT as 14% higher relative performance than the 6950 XT

      This is a good deal if you want the vastly better than reference cooler/VRM combo, can't wait for the next $1249 deal and can't stretch the extra $150

      • +2

        Ah I see. thanks for the explanation.

        btw - how did you get your fonts looking like that? dont remember it being part of markdown?

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          Use backticks.
          `This` becomes:

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    I still keep thinking about that $900 Amazon import 6900xt.. damn, should’ve tried my luck.

    • You might have gotten a $900 box of face masks though…

      • +1

        Why the negs on this one? Didn't the pink face mask thing actually happen to some people who bought graphics cards through Amazon US

        • That's what I was referring to, and it really sucked for those that received them…

  • +9

    beep boop beep doesn't compute

    just wait for another 7900 deal crystal ball says

    let those 6xxx cards enter the freefall they are primed for

    • +11

      This is a way better deal than a $1k 4070 though.

      • +4

        that's a trap right there "it's a deal because it's a better deal than the other deal"

        no, wait till its a great deal full stop

  • +7

    Yeah nah 7900xt makes this product redundant unless it costs $200 less than this price. Maybe Red Devil at $999 could be acceptable.

    • True if it's a new build. If upgrading will need to consider dimensions (esp ITX case), and PSU capacity, in which case 6950xt has some advantages if the price is right.

      • +5

        6950xt has no advantage over the lower TDP 7900xt in this regard

        • +1

          Or size, for instance the size of this puppy seems to be too tall for my NR200, founders Ed 7900xt would fit fine and my 750w psu would also be ok.

          • +1

            @scud70: Is the FE even available in Australia? Asus Tuf Gaming 7900XT should also fit in the NR200 - I am watching the price movement of this one.

            • @viirgon: Sorry i meant refernce model, AMD don't do FE (sort of) that's an nvidia thing… lots of Ref models around like this one

              7900XT Ref

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    Waiting for 7900xt and xtx price drops

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    Get the 7900XT for the sake of an extra 100 bucks!

    Realistically, this card was released end of 2020 in the form of a 6900 XT. Very much encourage prospective buyers to go with a 7900 XT. Among other things - The 7900 XT is more power efficient (with possibly some gains to be had with driver updates but don't bet on that) and has an extra 4GB of VRAM. Given I have seen Hogwarts Legacy hitting 14GB + VRAM, it would be nice to have an extra buffer for the future.

    That said, I rumour has it that the 8 series cards are going to be a big step up (which we haven't seen in a while IMO).

    • +4

      Rumours are useless, it's the same every year. Someone rumours that the underdog is going to rise and save us all and then we're all disappointed again. Tbh, the 6950xt and 7900xt are similar quality deals at their current prices. If you need a new PC/GPU, buy the one that fits your budget. If you don't need it, wait for a better deal. The general price trajectory is down

      • 8000 series is set to use the same x3d memory technology currently deployed by AMD in their cpu's, the 5800x3d and 7800x3d. Its far more than a rumour, potential actual performance numbers though are anyones guess.

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    Thanks op

  • good find

  • +1

    At the least it has 16g of vram which should be a minimum at this price.

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