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China Return SYD/MEL: Guangzhou $336, Shanghai $350, Chengdu $350, Shenzhen $372, Beijing $398 & More on Hainan via Haikou @ BTF


The deal:

I've gone through some example cities and routes below, but anywhere that Hainan sells/flies, appears to be on sale. If you find any dates cheaper than I've found, please add in comments for others!

Accommodation is also available for sale in these cities

Sydney to Beijing (31 Oct - 31 Mar) from $376
Sydney to Shanghai (30 Sep - 31 Mar) from $350
Sydney to Guangzhou (30 Oct - 31 Mar) from $336
Sydney to Shenzhen (1 Nov - 31 Mar) from $385
Sydney to Chengdu (1 Nov - 31 Mar) from $350
Melbourne to Beijing (29 Oct - 25 Nov) from $430
Melbourne to Shanghai (1 Nov - 31 Mar) from $382
Melbourne to Guangzhou (3 Oct - 31 Mar) from $372
Melbourne to Shenzhen (1 Nov - 31 Mar) from $372
Melbourne to Chengdu (1 Nov - 31 Mar) from $385

Sydney to Beijing

Dates: 31 Oct 23 - 31 Mar 24

Return Price Travel Dates
$495 31 Oct to 27 Nov
$450 4 Nov to 17 Nov
$376 7 Nov to 4 Dec
$376 7 Nov to 8 Dec
$617 9 Nov to 4 Dec

Sydney to Shanghai

Dates: 30 Sep 23 - 31 Mar 24

Return Price Travel Dates
$448 30 Sep to 30 Oct
$495 4 Nov to 17 Nov
$350 7 Nov to 4 Dec
$352 28 Oct to 6 Nov
$350 7 Nov to 4 Dec
$350 7 Nov to 8 Dec
$631 20 Jan to 5 Feb

Sydney to Guangzhou

Dates: 30 Oct 23 - 31 Mar 24

Return Price Travel Dates
$388 31 Oct to 3 Nov
$388 31 Oct to 6 Nov
$482 4 Nov to 17 Nov
$336 7 Nov to 4 Dec
$336 7 Nov to 8 Dec
$339 7 Nov to 22 Dec

Sydney to Shenzhen

Dates: 1 Nov 23 - 31 Mar 24

Sydney to Chengdu

Dates: 1 Nov 23 - 31 Mar 24

Return Price Travel Dates
$617 1 Nov to 17 Nov
$617 1 Nov to 26 Nov
$350 7 Nov to 4 Dec
$352 7 Nov to 22 Dec
$617 9 Nov to 16 Nov
$617 9 Nov to 25 Nov
$556 9 Nov to 4 Dec

Melbourne to Beijing

Dates: 1 Nov 23 - 25 Nov 24

Return Price Travel Dates
$430 29 Oct to 1 Nov
$430 5 Nov to 8 Nov
$430 5 Nov to 2 Dec
$430 9 Nov to 22 Nov
$430 9 Nov to 25 Nov
$453 3 Mar to 16 Mar

Melbourne to Shanghai

Dates: 1 Nov 23 - 31 Mar 24

Return Price Travel Dates
$382 5 Nov to 2 Dec
$382 5 Nov to 6 Dec
$384 9 Nov to 22 Nov
$384 9 Nov to 2 Dec
$382 9 Nov to 6 Dec
$425 3 Mar to 16 Mar

Melbourne to Guangzhou

Dates: 3 Oct 23 - 31 Mar 24

Melbourne to Shenzhen

Dates: 1 Nov 23 - 31 Mar 24

Return Price Travel Dates
$638 1 Nov to 26 Nov
$658 9 Nov to 16 Nov
$394 9 Nov to 22 Nov
$372 9 Nov to 25 Nov
$412 3 Mar to 16 Mar

Melbourne to Chengdu

Dates: 1 Nov 23 - 31 Mar 24

Return Price Travel Dates
$593 1 Nov to 17 Nov
$593 1 Nov to 26 Nov
$593 9 Nov to 16 Nov
$430 9 Nov to 22 Nov
$385 9 Nov to 25 Nov

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  • +9

    One way trip

    • +12

      If you are 007.

    • why is that?

      • -2

        I guess because if your govt pisses off China while you are there then they will kidnap you and use you for a prisoner swap

        • +5

          I doubt this is an everyday common thing. It would be like saying you would not come back from the USA because you will get shot by a gun nut.

          • +2

            @skidexa: Of course it's not an everyday thing, but to pretend it doesn't actually happen is ignorant.

          • @skidexa: I don't know. Personally, I would avoid America and China for much the same reasons.

  • +14

    Surrender your hunny and your safety shall be guaranteed

  • +7

    Wow what a bargain!

    • +1


        • +36

          They're not making the claim. Skytrax rates airlines worldwide. They're making the claim.

          Whether you agree with Skytrax is another issue.

          They've been around 34 years and codeshare with Virgin Australia.

          Their fleet is closing in on twice the size of Qantas's fleet.

        • +1

          you got owned 😂

        • +6

          Lmaooo you sounding so blatantly stupid. Travel watching rofl. So much credibility. You think airlines make their own claims? So much for all your travel watching.

          • -1

            @TightAl: your comments about america in another thread dont exactly make you sound very intelligent mate

            • @perfectlydark: So what exactly did I say that was wrong? Lmao, I'm waiting.

              • -1

                @TightAl: you dont sound very travelled at all. absolute hyperbole

                • +1

                  @perfectlydark: Haha ok, that's all you could muster from trawling through my post history? Congrats.
                  Go look at performance this FY of retailers in the US. Stats don't lie.

                  • -1

                    @TightAl: no trawling, come across. to be honest you are coming across as extremely cringy, perhaps too many youtube videos you watched? i dont think this is going to go anywhere, i hope you manage to get a passport and see the world one day, it might open your eyes

                    • +1

                      @perfectlydark: Its always nice when someone online provides advice to a stranger online.
                      You must be fun at parties. Youtube videos lmao.

        • +2

          for starters ive literally never heard of them

          For starters you have never heard of Boeing frauds and murders:


          • -7

            @billadm: well that i have. still unsure why not hearing of some random chinese airline is like some sort of gotchya moment everyones circle jerking over but hey not like i really care

        • I bet you enjoy cuck porn

        • +2

          They've also been posted about on ozbargain since at least 2018: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/357247

          • -4

            @beatthatflight: thats fair. honestly first ive seen. not sure why people think its some weird gotchya moment to have not heard of them though

            • +10

              @perfectlydark: I think it's probably more calling them a nobody airline, just because you'd not heard of them. It's like someone who hasn't heard of say, Chengdu, saying it must be some crappy backwater city in China, when it has over 16 million people :/ But hey, you learned something today! :D

        • https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/06/business/hna-was-once-chi…

          HNA had its up and downs in the past decade, due to unspoken reason that is bigger than airline industry dealing.

          I flew with them before and would rate them in the A to B tier.

          They are not the best for sure like EK, QF or SQ, but they are definitely way better than some budget airlines.

        • +1

          … i do a LOT of travel watching." 😂😂😂. I do a lot of fcuking watching.

    • +9

      You obviously not travelling much or know nothing about airlines. They were really Top 10, not ranking by themselves, by SkyTrax. I travelled with them so many time to Europe and they were fine.

      • -6

        Skytrax has little credibility, and "fine" does not equal top 10.

        • +8

          Dude, stop digging a further hole for yourself… lol

    • Hainan is basically the only Chinese airline I'd consider flying. Having been on them all theyre a class above all the other Chinese airlines.

  • +1

    Any cheap flights form Perth?

    • Hainan doesn't seem to fly out of Perth

    • +18

      Perth is not Australia, so no.

      I just paid $2800 flying AirAsia next month for 3 people return. With no luggage and meals included

      • +1

        Perth is not Australia

        So that means we are not all Aussies.
        Their public (private) transport have racist and anti Australian restrictions on interstate Australian pensioners or Seniors who wish to go visit Perth.
        The discounted fares only allow to use trains and buses up to 15:30!

        • +3

          Pensioners should visit New Zealand rather than the Republic of Perth.

    • Try Phillipines airlines, some nice deals up for grabs if you keep an eye..

  • +3

    very nice, bought it already, book via hainan airline official website is a bit cheaper.

  • +23

    Qantas will not be happy. Expect a ban in 3, 2, 1…

    • +2

      Qantas should ban all the international airlines.

      • Qantas should ban all the international airlines

        China should ban all Qantas flights and your entire family.

  • +1

    Do they provide accommodations for long layover?

      • +18

        Don't be political and just be a tourist and you be fine. At the end of the day, you wouldn't want to scream or calling out the royal family in Dubai would you?

        • -5

          Not completely true, you could be a completely innocent tourist but might end up in hot water depending on your occupation here in Australia.

        • +8

          Australians issue with holidaying in China (and Dubai for that matter) is that we have absolutely zero confidence in a free and fair judicial system. If you are an innocent tourist, yet get detained for supposedly being a spy in China, what chance do you think you have of being found innocent in court and being released?

          In most countries around the world, including Australia, if they they cannot provide clear evidence that you are a spy you would either be released, or at worst sent home.

          In China (and Dubai) you run the risk of being wrongly incarcerated for the rest of your life on the whim of the great leader who is trying to make a domestic political point that foreigners are evil.

          • @dtpearson: Seems there is a fair judicial system in Bali?

            • -1


              Seems there is a fair judicial system in Bali?
              You should worry about the Australian judicial system before worrying about other countries.

              • -2

                @billadm: You should say this to the one above me.

    • +2
    • Better to ask Airlines directly to be safe.

  • +7

    nearly all of those flights have stop over time of 12hrs.

  • How hard to get a visa?

    • +5

      Pretty easy, 1 visit to the visa center with your booked itinerary and form filled. Unless you're a criminal, no worries.

      • +3

        Is it true the visa form now ask for your employment and education history now? Do you still need to report/register at the local police station upon arrival?

        • +3

          They do ask about it on the visa form. But you dont need to register with police or anything just show them your passport and you're in the country.

        • +3

          Hotels does the registration process. If you're not staying in a hotel that's where registration at police station is technically required.

          For that reason pick a foreigner friendly hotel as not all them knows how to do the registration process for foreigners. Local chinese have to register in hotels too, but they just tap the mainland ID card.

        • +1

          Do you still need to report/register

          As a tourist you may only stay in designed hotels because they are able to forward your details to the local authorities.
          Other than that, enjoy your holiday as no one will bother or threat you and especially during night time you're free to walk on the streets without fearing to be killed.

        • Yes form calls for this but I doubt they check. No need to do anything further, no one asks for this.

          Itinerary not necessary if you have an invitation.

      • +1

        Hainan resumed the 30-day visa-free (or visa-on-arrival) policy in March - I'm confused if it helps with onward travel, though. From the website:

        Travellers who need to extend their stay in Hainan or travel to other parts of China must apply for a visa through a Hainan travel agency.

        Is this any cheaper or easier than applying from Australia in advance, and is it even possible when one is only transiting in Hainan?

  • +53

    comments are cringe af

    • +34

      Should see what happens on deals to Wuhan :/

        • -2

          Geez why all the negs? Was a true story.

    • +30

      FYI most of the things posted here are made in China 😆😂

      • My Samsung Fold4 was made in Vietnam. In fact most Samsung electronics are made in Vietnam.

        • -2

          why you supporting another communist country which is more or less the same as China?

          • +2

            @Creamsoda: Vietnam is not "more or less the same" as China… While it's hardly a flourishing democracy, they are very different countries.

            As someone who does consider morality a little when deciding where to travel, and have visited both countries, I'd be much happier selecting Vietnam as a destination than China.

            • -1

              @callum9999: Lmao you'd rather visit Vietnam because it's crippling corruption has halted any meaningful development for it's citizens in the past 30 years. Cheap holidays are great!

              • @TightAl: No… Firstly I wasn't choosing my favourite holiday destination, I was responding to the ridiculous claim that Vietnam is just as authoritarian as China is. I'd in no way label it free, but that's just a ridiculous claim.

                Secondly, I'd rather visit Vietnam than China because I find it a much more pleasant country. It has nothing to do with how cheap it is given I've never found China expensive.

                Thirdly, I (loosely - obviously there are limits!) value morality above economic development. If you'd like to trade away freedom and basic human rights for a bigger TV then be my guest - you'd certainly fit in very well in China.

                • @callum9999: Basic human rights, I'm replying to you from the ground in China right now on an OzB flight deal.

                  Everyone is definitely free, it's safe, plenty do and see. Not sure what freedoms and human rights I'm missing. I haven't been once scammed, heck i haven't even seen a single rat roaming around. Certainly eye opening when you can ride the clean underground rail around Beijing, and high speed rail around the country. Mind you, all this coming from a country that was dying from famine not long ago.

                  If you mention the so called made up camps, you can believe the MSM narratives. Every third restaurant I've eaten at has been Halal, funny that?

                  • @TightAl: I'm almost lost for words…

                    If you're a party employee then you need to work on the believability of your posts a bit more. If these are your genuine thoughts then… Wow!

                    Edit: Looking at a few of your other posts it seems like it's the latter. If you're so jaded against the West that you're happier listening to authoritarian dictators than you are to "the mainstream media" (such a lazy stereotype…), your own government, the UN and every major human rights organisation then I'd have more success arguing with a wall. Hopefully you open your eyes a little more during your trip but, if not, enjoy it anyway.

                    • +1

                      @callum9999: Travel is a good thing. When you see it in front of your eyes, then only you know 'western' media has been very dishonest about China.

                      And actually, they are frequently dishonest about events happening here. The reporting sometimes is so twisted, opinion disguised as facts etc, they made Joseph Goebbels look like an innocent man.

                      My 2c - not a party member - either CCP, Liberal or Labor ;)

                      • -2

                        @YRT: Travel isn't any good if you're doing it with your eyes closed… The reason for my exasperation is that I have in fact been to Beijing and am gobsmacked anyone could walk around that city and think "this looks like freedom".

                        Of course the media lies sometimes. If you think the CCP is the most accurate source of information however, I'm not going to waste my breath trying to reason with you.

                        • @callum9999: My definition of freedom is freedom within the boundary of law. For example, freedom to kill is not a socially acceptable form of freedom but a crime in disguise. I think we can agree on this one.

                          'Freedom' then relies on the enforcement of law. A well run, law enforced and law abiding society is by definition a free society.

                          Beijing isn't a city that scores high on happiness index, but as a relatively well run city sure it is free in my book.

                          • -1

                            @YRT: Well that's a ridiculous definition of freedom. You therefore think North Koreans are free too?

                        • -1

                          @callum9999: This just shows how lowly you think of chinese people when you pretend to know simply because you visited. Do you think the CCP can really stay in power if they were lying to its citizens?

                          This isn't Australia where we're ok with most election promises that never come to fruition.

                          • -1

                            @TightAl: You can't be a real person!?

                            1. I didn't pretend to know simply because I visited - learn to read. (In fact, your good friend YRT is the one who made that argument - but they agree with you, so I suppose it's suddenly fine?). EDIT: Even better - YOU started lecturing me about "what you are seeing on the ground"!

                            2. Yes… They stayed in power after orchestrating the famine you previously referenced, why on earth do you think lying is some kind of special bar that can't be overcome? The argument doesn't even make sense… Do you think Western media can really keep operating if they lie to their users?

                            3. You are just as clueless about what the word freedom means. 100% yes I feel more free in California or on Elizabeth Street than in China. While you could argue you need safety to make effective use of having freedom, they are not remotely the same word. After ranting online about how much I despise Trump and how he needs to arrested, I didn't risk being abducted and prosecuted in California. I didn't have my comments deleted and censored in California.

                            If you want to change your argument to "Beijing is generally safer than Skid Row" be my guest, but that's not remotely what we started with…

                            • +1

                              @callum9999: Don't divert, you said you went to BeiJing and it didn't feel like freedom. So what exactly made it not feel like freedom.
                              Don't make throwaway comments.

                              • +1

                                @TightAl: Noted - you can say anything you want, I'm only allowed to stick within narrow parameters you dictate. How very China (and if you keep doing that I won't respond at all…).

                                The blanket coverage of CCTV cameras, being stopped at police checkpoints multiple times a day for ID checks and having my access to critical information on the internet blocked.

                                • @callum9999: Lmao you're too funny,
                                  You know the US and China have comparable numbers of Cameras per individual?
                                  Numbers must be hard for you. Wow being stopped at sensitive locations where terrorist attacks have happened.

                                  Why are you worried about CCTV? U heard of VPN? I accessed everything just fine over there. Are you there committing crimes? The logic All those police checks and you came home safely lmao. Critical Information lol, like what? your 400k mortgage?

                                  People hate crime but hate CCTV at the same time, make up your mind. Also seems like you need to use your passport because you certainly haven't been to London either :)

                                  • +1

                                    @TightAl: Lmao you're a joke.

                                    That's irrelevant. You asked why Beijing didn't feel like freedom - because it's littered with cameras. Everything I've just read online has highlighted Chinese cities like Beijing as having the highest numbers of CCTV cameras per capita (one example - https://www.comparitech.com/vpn-privacy/the-worlds-most-surv…) - where are your numbers coming from? It's also very different having a wholly unaccountable authoritarian government watching those cameras from control rooms as opposed to random businesses having them for security and only accessing footage when required - it's not solely the number of them…

                                    I was stopped on random streets numerous times a day… It has nothing to do with terrorism, it's state control (I was fine being waved through with a passport - the locals having their ID cards scanned, their movements tracked and their associations monitored is the major issue).

                                    I think it's blatantly obvious why I'd be worried about CCTV if I was protesting and campaigning against the government…

                                    I have indeed heard of a VPN. If I'm "free", why on Earth do I need to use one to hide my browsing activity from the government? Why do I need to use one to access a wide variety of services that the government have censored? Critical information like "what happened in Tiananmen Square"…

                                    Make up my mind about what? You're the one obsessed by crime and won't stop banging on about it - it doesn't particularly bother me at all…

                                    I'm British… I've spent a large amount of time in London and no, the CCTV isn't as prolific (if that's what your comment was meant to mean?). Though again, given its not being monitored by a government that puts you in prison for dissent, the large number of CCTV cameras in London doesn't hugely concern me regardless.

                                    If you're going to continue equating crime rates with freedom then please let me know now so I can end this discussion. They are NOT THE SAME THING. Argue away at how safe China is all you like - it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with freedom.

                      • @YRT: Exactly, it's always the case.
                        When provided details, most people don't address any of what you say. He mentions no freedom but provides little examples. Classic.
                        If walking about Beijing doesn't feel like freedom maybe California does with its rampant crime and drug epidemic. Or is it walking down elizabeth st surrounded by homeless setting up makeshift master bedrooms in the middle of the city lol. Or is it like Alice Springs? Don't go out at night IYKYK.

    • +3

      China says not welcome you! Dont use your phone, or anything from Kmart, Big W, target or literally everything in your house !

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