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25% off All Travel eSIMs/SIM Cards - Europe, USA, NZ, Japan, Asia & More from $21.75 + Free Shipping @ SimsDirect Sydney


Good morning, OzBargain Legends! πŸ€™πŸΌ

Aidan here! We're running another MASSIVE 25% off storewide sale, we've named it "SIM-tember". πŸ˜‚

For those who aren't familiar with our deals, we've provided over 150,000+ Aussies with prepaid travel SIMs and eSIMs that allow them to travel smoothly, keep in contact with loved ones, access travel apps, or upload cheeky pics to their socials. 🀩🀳🏼

All of our SIMs actually work off the local network towers in their destination countries, ensuring our customers have access to fast, secure, and stable cellular connections while overseas. ✈️

And the best part? There are no sneaky fees! Roam like a local for as little as 70c/day. πŸ₯Ή

As always, we want to share the love with the OzBargain community; you guys and gals have played an essential role in the growth of our small Aussie startup, which is why you'll always have exclusive access to our sales before anyone else. ❀️

I'd also like to introduce Anna to everyone, Anna will be monitoring the comments below and helping anyone with any enquiries. πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»

So what are you waiting for?! Let's get into it;

βœ… Our SIMs activate as soon as you land, offer great value for money, and include fast and friendly true-blue customer service.

🚨 Hurry, our SIMs go like hotcakes.

πŸ™ Thanks for supporting our growing Oz startup!

πŸ‘ Happy bargain hunting! Click our products below πŸ‘‡

The Deal Deets

5 days only! Offer ends Friday, September 8th, at 11:59 PM (AEDT)
Discount automatically applied at checkout.
While stock lasts.

πŸ“Ά All SIMs and eSIMs include 5G & 4G speeds (within coverage)
πŸ”₯ = Hot sellers
⏰ All SIMs can be purchased now and activated at a later date

(Delivered instantly by email πŸš€)
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πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί Europe & UK πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Product Data Calls & Text Discounted Price (AUD)
Physical SIMs
EU & UK 30 Days (71 Countries) 10GB Unlimited calls & texts (EU & UK Only) $23.25
EU & UK 30 Days (71 Countries)πŸ”₯ 12GB Unlimited calls & texts (EU & UK Only) $26.25
EU & UK 28 Days (45 Countries) 19GB Unlimited calls & texts (EU & UK Only) $37.50
EU & UK 28 Days (40 Countries) 37GB Data-Only (EU & UK Only) $59.25
UK Unlimited 30 Days UNLIMITED Unlimited calls & texts (UK Only) $51.75
UK 30 Days 50GB Unlimited calls & texts (UK Only) $37.50
UK 30 Days 25GB Unlimited calls & texts (UK Only) $29.25
Europe & UK 30 Day Travel eSIM (41 Countries) 10GB Data-Only $37.50
Europe & UK 15 Day Travel eSIM (50 Countries)πŸ”₯ 15GB Unlimited calls & texts (EU & UK Only) $45.00
Europe & UK 30 Day Travel eSIM (50 Countries)πŸ”₯ 30GB Unlimited calls & texts (EU & UK Only) $56.25

You can check out our entire Europe collection here: Europe SIM card

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ USA, Canada, Mexico and South America

Product Data Calls & Text Discounted Price (AUD)
Physical SIMs
USA 30 Days (Ultra/T-mobile) 6GB Unlimited calls & text (Oz Included) $36.75
USA 30 Days (Ultra/T-mobile) 15GB Unlimited calls & text (Oz Included) $42.00
USA Unlimited 30 Days (Ultra/T-mobile)πŸ”₯ UNLIMITED Unlimited calls & text (Oz Included) $63.75
USA Unlimited 30 Days (T-mobile)πŸ”₯ UNLIMITED Unlimited calls & text (USA Only) $54.00
USA, Canada, Mexico Unlimited 30 Days (AT&T) UNLIMITED Unlimited calls & texts (US, CA & Mex Only) $63.75
USA, Canada, Mexico 30 Days (AT&T) 15GB Unlimited calls & texts (US, CA & Mex Only) $48.75
South America 30 Days 12GB Data-Only $27.00
USA 30 Day UNLIMITED Travel eSIMπŸ”₯ UNLIMITED Unlimited calls & text (USA Only) $56.25

πŸ‡³πŸ‡Ώ New Zealand & Fiji

Product Data Calls & Text Discounted Price (AUD)
Physical SIMs
New Zealand Unlimited 30 DaysπŸ”₯ UNLIMITED Unlimited calls & text (Oz included) $63.75
New Zealand 30 Days) 10GB 200 mins calls & text (Oz included) $36.75
New Zealand 30 Days 3GB 200 mins calls & text (Oz included) $21.75
Fiji 15 Days 6GB Data-Only $41.25
New Zealand 30 Day Travel eSIM 3GB Unlimited calls & texts (AU/NZ only) $21.75
New Zealand 30 Day Travel eSIMπŸ”₯ 10GB Unlimited calls & texts (AU/NZ only) $36.75

🍜 Asia

Product Data Calls & Text Discounted Price (AUD)
Physical SIMs
Japan 30 DaysπŸ”₯ 10GB Data-Only $33.75
Japan 12 Days 6GB Data-Only $26.25
South East Asia 30 Days (12 countries)πŸ”₯ 10GB Data-Only $33.75
South East Asia 12 Days (12 countries) 6GB Data-Only $26.25
Indonesia 30 Days 10GB Data-Only $33.75
Indonesia 12 Days 6GB Data-Only $26.25
Thailand 30 DaysπŸ”₯ 15GB Data-Only $21.75
Asia 15 Days (20 Countries) 6GB Data-Only $41.25
South East Asia 30 Day Travel eSIM (12 Countries incl Japan)πŸ”₯ 10GB Data-Only $33.75
South East Asia 12 Day Travel eSIM (12 Countries incl Japan) 6GB Data-Only $26.25
Japan 30 Day Travel eSIMπŸ”₯ 10GB Data-Only $33.75
Japan 12 Day Travel eSIM 6GB Data-Only $26.25
Thailand 30 Day Travel eSIM 15GB Data-Only $21.75
Hong Kong 30 Day Travel eSIM 20GB Data-Only $22.50
Hong Kong 90 Day Travel eSIM 25GB Data-Only $26.25

✈️ Rest of the World 🌍

Product Data Calls & Text Discounted Price (AUD)
πŸͺ Middle East
Middle East 15 Days 6GB Data-Only $41.25
🌏 Global
Explorer 365 Days (71 Countries)πŸ”₯ 12GB Data-Only $63.75
Tourist 15 Days (120 Countries) 6GB Data-Only $41.25

eSIM compatible devices

All models from the iPhone XS, XR onward, including the iPhone SE 2 (2020).
From the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra onwards.
From the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Fold 2 and onwards.
From the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and onwards.
From the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and onwards.
Huawei P40, P40 Pro (does not include P40 Pro+) and Mate 40 Pro
Google Pixel 3, 3a, 4 and onwards
Motorola Razr 2019
Oppo Find X3 Pro, Reno 5 A, Reno6 Pro 5G
You can view a full list of eSIM-compatible devices here.


All orders will be shipped from Sydney via Australia Post.

We ship orders Monday to Friday and offer same-day dispatch before 3 PM AEST.

🚚 Standard Tracked Shipping (free) ⏱ 4-7 business days
🚚 Express Tracked Shipping ⏱ 1-2 Business days
πŸš€ eSIMs delivered instantly by email (free)

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee with all products.

If you have a technical issue we can’t resolve or cancel your trip due to new lockdowns.

We will refund you in full. βœ…


If you have any questions, please leave a comment here on OzBargain, email us at [email protected] or live chat with us on our website.

Again, a big thank you to everyone! πŸ’›


Aidan & the SimsDirect team

P.S If you see value in this deal then please consider leaving an upvote! πŸ₯³

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closed Comments

  • How far in advance can I buy a Japan esim? I’m going in Feb :)

    • +4

      Hey @cynicor!

      Yep - you can most definitely grab your Japan eSIM now for use in Feb 😊 It will be ready to go when you are! ❀️


      • Thanks!

        • πŸ™

    • Holafly is a better deal if you want data and I had excellent service with their unlimited plan. 6gb is little…


      • Depends what they want really. Free wifi can be found in Japan in most areas. Holafly want to charge me $67/14days or $99/30 days, whereas Sims Direct charge $26.75/12 days (6GB) or $33.75/30 days (10GB). I'm definitely going with Sims Direct.

      • As I recall they like US issued credit Cards and overseas ones can present a challenge….

  • I've been looking at sims for an upcoming UK trip and these are great prices even compared to what you can get a sim for at the destination. The added bonus that you have it before you go!

    • Hey @jfsmoose

      Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for the good vibes! Hope you have an awesome upcoming trip! 😊


  • +4

    Travelsimcardspecialist on Ebay has Japan physical sim 15 day 10GB for $22 excl delivery, and 15% less using code AUGG15 (expires today), total $21.70 incl $3 delivery, better value than the 12 day 6GB sim above. Mine was delivered in 5 days.

    • +1

      Hey @Herbs

      Nice one! Sounds like a good deal πŸ‘

      Something to keep in mind is our Japan SIMs work in an additional 12 countries across Asia and operates off the Softbank - a premium network!


      • The additional 12 countries is the reason I just ordered the Japan SIM and because it had a much longer expiry (June 2024) than the other comparable Asian offerings. I intend to use it in Indonesia in March 2024 so i needed the longer expiry. Thanks simsdirect.

        Edit: Nice to see a lot of the Asian SIMs have been updated to 31/12/24 πŸ‘ I was finding the options very limited earlier when they were showing end of 2023

        • Awesome @Herbs good to hear!

          And yes -all expiry dates have been updated now so plenty of time to use these ones! 😊

  • Does anyone have any suggestions for sims for Africa (specifically Kenya, Uganda and Mauritius)?

    Data seems bloody expensive in Africa in general and even finding a sim that works there is a challenge!

    • +1

      hey @Balthraka
      Definitely feel you on this one - can be really tricky finding good SIMs for Africa! Might actually be your best bet to pick up something locally.


    • Not many options from overseas I am afraid.

  • Had picked up 2 sims this year in April for my Japan trip and it worked great. Would recommend.

    • Great to hear @materix01

      Thanks for the love & hope you had an amazing trip!! ❀️


  • How do you activate the Esim or Physical Sim card in Malaysia ? Do you need to wait and activate in malaysia or u can activate here in oz few days b4 ? Thx

    • +1

      Hey @tanastra

      The eSIM and physical SIM card both activate on the first network connection, meaning they do not start until you land and they connect to the network towers.

      Let me know if you have any further questions! ❀️


  • Which eSim would you suggest for a trip to Singapore & Hong Kong ?

    • Hey @CrustyFossil

      We don't currently have any eSIMs that cover both unfortunately. We do have a couple of different options that work in each place individually though! Can definitely recommend both our Hong Kong and South East Asia eSIMs 😊


      • I see the UK/Europe physical Sims list Singapore & Hong Kong - could I use one of those ? (I'm not going to Europe or UK though - can I just activate it here in Aus)

        • Hey @CrustyFossil

          Yes, you can use that SIM Card; however, it will be data only.

          Let me know if you have any further questions! ❀️


  • Can you please indicate options for India up to 14 days?

    • +1

      hey @jamities

      Can definitely recommend either our Tourist SIM or our Asia 6GB SIM. Both work in India and are valid for 15 days. 😊

  • It says sale is for 72 hours but then it says valid until Fri 8 September which will make it 120 hours. So confused when this sale ends

    • Hey @illusion99

      Thanks for picking that up and letting me know! I've gone and edited the deal.

      The deal ends Friday this week!

      Let me know if you have any further questions ❀️


  • Hi SIMs Direct, may I ask who is the operator/issuer of the SIM for the Asia/Japan? Previously I thought it was China Unicom HK but I can no longer find that info easily on the website, so just want to confirm. Thanks.

    • Hey @zrmx

      The South East Asia/Japan SIMs are manufactured by China Unicom HK but they roam onto local networks like AIS, DTAC etc. (depending on the country you are in).

      Hope that clears it up for you!


  • +1

    I was always a "buy a local sim when we get there" type of traveller however with many Asian countries becoming stricter on buying sims bought these for the family for a Singapore, Japan and Korea holiday last year. To turn our phones on in Singapore and not have to stuff around as we country hopped was so much more convenient. Going to Penang in December so will grab some sims for that trip. Good timing (assuming you don't have a better deal before then, then I'll be grumpy…. 😊)

    • Hey @Limbot

      Sounds like you've got an amazing trip coming up in December, and perfect timing to grab your SIMs so no need to be grumpy! πŸ˜‰

      thanks for the love ❀️


  • +1

    any sims that cover turkey and euro?

    • Hey @zanzir

      We sure do! Your best bet would be to check out our tourist sim

      Also you can check out this 37GB SIM too!



  • Hi OP, any 15 day NZ sims? Only going for 10 days or so, and dont want to spend extra $$ to get the 30 day ones

    • Hey @Freak00718

      We don't currently have any 15 day NZ SIMs unfortunately! But we do have some great 30 day options - you can check our entire NZ range here.😊


  • Hi there,

    Im going South America in oct/nov this year and will be travelling to Chile, Peru & Columbia.

    Will the eSim cover this and what happens if use up the 12gb of data? Can it be topped up and what would be the cost?

    • Hey @CocoVanBanana

      We do not have any eSIMs that work in those countries (yet!).

      We do have a 12GB South America Physical SIM Card that does, though.

      One thing to keep in mind is that it's data only. If you use up the data, it will stop working, and it cannot be topped up. If you feel you will need more data, you can go ahead and buy multiple SIMs and swap them over as you go.

      Let me know if there is anything else I can help with ❀️


  • Similar to another question, how far in advance can I buy a Japanese physical SIM? Not Esim. We're going in April.

    • hey @stevied71

      You can most definitely grab your physical SIMs for Japan now! They will be ready to go when you are in April 😊


      • Thanks Anna

        • No worries πŸ€™

    • Hey @stevied71

      You can buy it and hold onto it up until 30/06/2024 :)

      Plenty of time!

      Let me know if you have any more questions ❀️


  • +1

    Rep with respect to your great deals to most regions I find that the NZ sim deal is not as good as what I can buy local in most stores there I purchase there $22 nzd sim with unlimited calls/texts to oz /nz & 3 gig data or do you have something to match this kind of deal Thanks .

    • Hey @spock

      Thank you for the kind words! ❀️

      That's fair enough, what provider is offering this SIM, I'd love to see it!

      The only NZ SIMs we have are the ones listed in this deal.


      • The retail store is warehouse mobile ,I also do understand that there is better convenience with your sims as there ready to work as soon as your at the destination so there's no having to call into a store etc thanks .

        • It's an entirely personal preference! Some people like the convenience and will buy prior, and some don't mind getting SIMs overseas; completely up to you πŸ˜€


        • I figure any woolies or whatever would have prepaid sims in NZ. Places like Jucy normally have a heap as well.

  • +1

    Japan SIMS are cheaper and longer term on Amazon Japan and you can get them delivered to Amazon parcel lockers at Haneda and Narita or any Convenience store. Japan travel SIMS are data only. If you need calls and text, head instore to Yodobashi Camera or BIC Camera. NTT Docomo and SoftBank networks have similar coverage.

    • Link?

    • what is the best japanese carrier for coverag in japan in the outskirts?

    • +1

      Hey @Tradey

      Definitely a great option for those who are looking for calls and texts as well!

      All Japan SIMs and eSIMs are data only - something to keep in mind though as well is that our Japan physical SIMs do work in 13 countries for all those folks who are travelling around a bit and need a little more coverage!


    • Agreed @Tradey and you can even order Japanese data SIMs from Amazon AU, with free delivery locally in a couple of days if a Prime member.

      e.g. 15GB on DoCoMo for not much more than offered here for 10GB and 180 day expiry ($39.99).

      Just search "japan sim card" on Amazon AU and plenty of options (including unlimited for set number of days).

      • That Amazon option looks good value but mixed reviews about speed, and activation date passed,

        Have you had personal experience with that particular DHA/Nippon Sim?

        I’m chasing a sim with minimum 45 day expiry…

        • Don't have experience yet, but just ordered one for upcoming trip.

          Can let you know towards the end of the month, when I'm using it

          • @opposablethumbs: Hey @opposablethumbs - did you end up using the Amazon sim?

            • @wartex11: Have put in my old phone and tethered to it a few times without problem.

              Haven't needed to use it extensively though as many places have wifi and my partner is also carrying around a rented pocket wifi, that has been good for most circumstances.

              • @opposablethumbs: Used it yesterday for data in a dual SIM mobile phone, mostly for Google maps and a bit of email checking/web surfing. Performed fine.

                Probably not going to challenge it much until later in the coming week, but unlikely to be streaming videos or anything too taxing then either.

                Speedtest app gave me 20/5Mbps when I just checked it (in a more regional prefecture, a while out of Tokyo). I'll see if there's any improvement on that when I head back to Tokyo.

                • @opposablethumbs: Thanks a lot

                  • @wartex11: No worries.

                    Was not great on bullet train out of Tokyo to northern most part of Honshu, but free wifi on board anyway that is adequate enough.

                    Outside in a small regional city near the coast just got 75/9Mbps on speediest app.

                    • @opposablethumbs: Seems good overall, I’m just chasing reliability - I messaged them about the June 2023 activation date and they’ve updated the Amazon page

                      Will purchase soon

                      What regional places are you visiting? Keen for my end of year trip

                      • @wartex11: Just visiting family in areas about an hour north-east of Tokyo by bullet train and in northern most prefecture of main island.

                        Can't really go wrong with where you visit in Japan (previously lived here for many years and been to most regions other than Okinawa).

                        What's surpised me most this time is how cheap it is compared to Australia for going out to eat.

                        Before Google maps existed I used to recommend even trying to get a bit lost as will have more fun in the places you find by chance and by how helpful and friendly people are.

                        There is lots of free wifi around in cities and haven't even bothered with a local SIM in past. These days though, I can't afford not to be able to be contacted or make calls back to Australia at any time for work, so needed the data SIM for a VoIP-based Australian mobile service through CrazyTel that I've found much cheaper and more reliable than using roaming on my standard Australian SIM.

    • Do u need to provide id for local Japanese sim? Can I get st the airport?

  • +1

    I am in Korea at the moment and using your sims. I purchased the 10gb and realized that I may run out of data soon. Do I need to purchase another esim when that happen or is there a way to top up the data?

    • i have the same question. how do I top up data? we have plans to go to Japan and Philippines in January

      • @cfritz - sounds like a cool trip! For physical SIMs, can definitely recommend this one as it covers both Japan and the Philippines. If you think you'll go over the data limit, we recommend you grab a couple so you don't get stuck 😊


    • Hey @Farmacist

      Our eSIMs are one time use only so you're not able to top up the data - but you can definitely grab a replacement to swap out when you run out of data. It's super simple to add the new eSIM once you're done with the old one. 😊

      Hope your trip is going fab! ❀️


  • -1

    I'm confused - do most customers port over their existing number when they travel with an international sim or do they use a 'temporary' number supplied?

    • +1

      Hey @davidbowieisalive

      The SIMs we offer come with their own local numbers or don't have one at all (if it's data-only).

      If you have a dual SIM device, you can keep your Aussie SIM and use our SIM for data to keep your number but avoid expensive data fees from your home carrier.

      If you do not, you need to get a roaming package from your home carrier or use a messaging/calls app like WhatsApp.

      Hope that clears it up! Let me know if you have any more questions ❀️


  • when you add another esim to your phone… how does it know which sim to use when connecting to the network when you're overseas .. eg im going to japan and i add a japanese esim, how does the phone know not to use my normal phone sim to avoid overseas charges?

    • +1

      Hey @hippyhippy

      You can switch between your physical SIM and your eSIM through your phone settings so that you're using the eSIM as your main - easy peasy! 😊


    • +2

      I have a Samsung and use a physical sim and esim while overseas. Not sure what iPhone is like, but if you have Android you do get to select which sim card you would like to use for either data, calls and SMS.
      You can also switch off a certain Sim card if you're not using it which is quite handy. I tend to switch off one sim that doesn't have roaming as it drains my battery constantly searching for reception while overseas.

  • Travelling to US in April next year. Will this work? Also am i better getting an esim or a physical sim?

    • Hey @Rocsta1975

      Yep, we have eSIMs and SIM cards for the US, which you can buy now and use in April.

      It's entirely up to you to use eSIM or a SIM card.

      The advantage of an eSIM is that it is sent to your device directly, and you do not need to swap out your SIM cards.

      However, we do have a broader range of physical SIMs available currently.

      Let me know if you have any further questions! ❀️


  • How far can we buy eSim for UK/Europe ? We are travelling in April'24.

    • Hey @Sd14

      You can buy well in advance! There would be no issues with buying now and using it in April next year.

      Let me know if there's anything else I can help with ❀️


      • Thank you!.
        Also, can I buy 2 e-sims(one for me and one for my partner) together on a single email ? Or do we need to buy separately with different email IDs ?

        • You can buy both on one email, you will just receive 2 separate emails with a different QR code in each.


  • Is your site down?

    • Hey @Yoo

      Everything looks fine on my end - probably just super busy due to everyone snapping up the great deals! πŸ˜‰

      Give it a refresh🀞 and try using a different browser just in case that's causing any issues!


  • any difference with south east asia sim card vs japan only sim card if i was to travel to japan only?

    • hey @khoed792

      The SIMs are fairly similar & will work in the same places on the same networks. Just a heads up though if you grab the SE Asia SIM, if needs to be activated by 31/12/23 whereas you've got until the 30/06/2024 with the Japan SIM.

      Hope that helps!❀️


      • omg thanks for the heads up

        • No worries! πŸ€™

  • Can i travel to japan and philipines within 30 days and use the SE 30 day coverage e sim for both countries? any difference if i just bough tthe japan esim seperately?

    • Hey @khoed792

      The SE Asia eSIM will work in both Japan & the Philippines so you'd be good to go in both places with that one.
      The Japan eSIM does not cover the Philippines, so your best best is probably the SE Asia 😊


  • Shorter duration USA esim would be awesome to have.

    • Hey @jatbinks

      We're always looking for new products to expand our range so thanks for the recommendation! We'll definitely keep this in mind 😊


    • The esim is more expensive than a physical SIM it seems. Is there a reason?

  • I'm going to Germany next year but it will be in June-July so if I buy an esim now, will it still be valid then?

    • Hey @DoomTrooper

      Yup, you will be all good to grab the eSIM now and activate it when you're headed off to Germany! πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ


      • Is the 30-day window from the moment it is first activated or do I have to nominate a start day?

        I'm going from mid-June to mid-July

  • Got any SEA 30-day physical sims that can be activated on Jan 7th?

    • +1

      Hey @mwmw

      I've just realised the expiry was wrong on our site. Its 31/12/2024!

      So you are totally cool to purchase, I've also updated the site.


      • Nice to see a lot of the Asian SIMs have been updated to 31/12/24 πŸ‘ I was finding the options very limited earlier when they were showing end of 2023.

        • Fair @Richard Gimbal !

          They should all be updated - plenty of time to use now 😊


  • What provider do the NZ sims use?

    • Hey @Quarter Pounder


      Let me know if you have any more questions ❀️


  • https://simsdirect.com.au/collections/esims/products/eu-uk-b…
    French Number, but not listed in Coverage countries?

    • +1

      hey @rockthekazbah

      Good pickup! this eSIM most definitely works in France - we'll get the website updated to make sure it's included.


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