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Bonus $10 Card.Gift Digital Gift Card with $150 Spend @ Card.Gift


T&Cs: Promotion available from 31/10/23 to 01/11/23 11.59PM AEDT (unless sold out prior). Promotion is spend $150 or more on any Gift Card at www.card.gift and receive a $10 bonus digital Card.Gift Card. 1 x $10 bonus digital Card.Gift Card per eligible customer, per order, and only while stocks last. Promotion code BONUSBDAY2 must be applied at checkout to receive your bonus digital Card.Gift Card. The bonus digital Card.Gift Card will be sent to the email address of the person purchasing as a separate email. Please allow up to 3 business days from date of purchase to receive this email. The bonus digital Card.Gift Card is non-transferable or refundable. Promotion available for AU customers only. Card.Gift can withdraw this offer at any time. If Card.Gift believes that a customer has engaged in any activity that is designed to circumvent the one eligible bonus gift card per person limit, Card.Gift reserves the right to cancel any purchases, gift deliveries or accounts in its absolute discretion. For all enquiries regarding email communication from Card.Gift please contact [email protected].

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  • The snackback email harvesting has paid back lol

    • Email harvesting?

      If you setup your own domain (cheap using google turkey domains) can make unlimited emails

      • Good idea, only thing is Google killed Google Domains a few months ago

        • I bought like 10 domains lol

          • @Turd: I heard of the handover. Is it still available if I buy 1 now?

            • +1

              @Bii: Not sure. It I did just upgrade my 1 year domain to 9 years and paid only $35

  • +17

    For those that can't make up your mind yet, you can get this generic gift card that can be swapped with other gift cards in the future.

    • can you swap to visa/mastercards?

      • +1

        the answer is (surprisingly) - YES

        Although VISA/MC cost is $4.95 higher so you will still need to cover the difference.

        • +1

          Damn I know but they run offers for no fees.

          Guess the downvotes is from those who don't want this leaked. Probably those who swapped prepaid cards and waiting for no fee activation.

          • +1

            @Sheng: It worked for no fee digital EFTPOS last time. Patience was paid off.

          • @Sheng: This will depend on your (our) luck - if they run a promo for no fees through a promo code, you will not be able to stack both together.

            If the promo for no fees is a blanket one and no promo code is required then you could potentially swap the generic card to VISA/MC without being out of pocket

            • @nsingh21: Save the genetic card.gift here and wait for no fee promotion.

              • +6

                @Neoika: with bank annual interest rates at 5.55%, and uncertainty of timing when the no fee promotion will come, the potential 6.25% saving upon conversion to MC/VISA vs benefit of bank interest on the funds is something to consider….how much does the extra % really mean.

                • +2

                  @nsingh21: That's 5.55% per year, and taxed. Meaning you have nearly 2 years to use this gift card before you break even with potential bank interest.

                  • @wangasm: Nobody forces you to religiously wait for it. Redeem it for a certain retailer eGC When necessary.

                  • @wangasm: Thanks wangasm, although I like your tax insights factored in, some people (using legal ways) should be able to structure their tax to hopefully offset that interest income to NIL.

                    The 6.25% saving is assuming you fully consume the gift card on the same day, as months go by, I'd reduce its value thanks to time value of money, and inflation (from a finance perspective).

                    Anyways, just to keep this one simple - guess my suggestion is to buy these (esp if you consider buying in bulk), if you have to use them in the short term, otherwise its just unnecessary hassle of jumping too many hoops whilst carrying a risk too.

                    • +1

                      @nsingh21: Yeh I'm aware you can avoid tax if you have a loan offset for example, but not everyone has this.

                      The face value being reduced and inflation is a constant for everything, not just gift cards, so this can be ignored in comparisons.

                      That just leaves the risk which I agree is higher than interest, but I think it's still low compared to other investments given what wookiemonster said below about the parent company Incomm being a major international payments business.

                      • @wangasm: haha given how strongly you've defended this deal, hope you've given big business to card.gift 😉

    • What a bloody horrible website. Where does it even list these 150 stores?

    • +1

      do you know where is the list of 150 stores you can swap to? Thank you

      • +1



        Toggle 'Digital' if you dont want to see the physical ones & vise-versa..

        • Can the $150 be split? I’d get the generic then Kmart which maxes out at $100.

          • +2

            @sween64: Yes, I bought a card.gift / generic card this morning and its basically $150 credit to use either partially or wholly on their site.

            You could then buy a $100 kmart and later a $50 kmart or whatever else.

            36M expiry on the generic.

            • @nismo: Have you used the generic? How do I do it? I've tried entering the code in to the discount code during checkout, is that right?

              • @sween64: Mine automatically adds the code to the order when clicking thru from the email. I clicked thru 2 cards (150 + 10) and used them both together in the checkout. You can see the code in the cart (but they added automatically)

                • @nismo: Hmm wasn’t working for me. Might have to try a different browser or call CSR.

  • great

  • +14

    Before everyone ask where is the bonus $10,
    from previous experience, it took 3 days for the it to reach my inbox.
    Hopefully it will be different this time.

    • +2

      Can confirm it's not instant.

      • Tks…

      • But they take your money instantly? They optimized that step?

  • -3

    so multiple order per customer is ok right?

    • It helps to read the T&Cs in the description :)

    • Right, you can have multiple order.

      • Don't think so, when I tried to place second order it says: The BONUSBDAY2 discount code has already been used.

        • +2

          Need different email address and phone number.

  • Can you pay for this via Paypal. On the other note cannot see the Coles gift card has $150 value…

    • Yes,I paid via Paypal using a Coles prepaid gift card.

    • +3

      Just do 3x$50 or 100+50 ? Surely

      Add to cart then change quantity

      • How to do 3 x $50?

        • Add a $50 coles card to cart (for example), then in the cart change to x3 quantity.

  • -1

    How do you know you’re “eligible customer” 🤔

  • Hopefully the code would work for card swapping again…

  • +3

    Anyone know whether I can pay the ATO with the generic Visa or Mastercard giftcards?

    • Same question! @here : Any suggestions Oz Members?

    • +2

      No they only accept iTunes gift cards. Alternatively you can also send cash wrapped up in gladwrap and posted to a special address

    • Same question. Waiting for coles master card for so long.

    • Following

  • Applied the code and says BONUSBDAY2 (-$0.00) does it mean that no bonus ?

    • +3


      It means that the promo code has been applied to your order, but it also means you get no upfront discount for using that promo code (which makes sense, because this promo code is for a bonus gift card to be sent to you later).

      • has anyone received the $10 bonus yet? T&Cs did state it can take up to 3 days ….

  • not instant….hopefully not as long as 10 days….

  • +2

    Not many gift cards that have a minimum of $10 or less. For me the only one worth getting would be a $10 Wish gift card. Or else I'd need to spend more with the $10 bonus one to get a gift card that I want from Coles, Woolworths, JBHifi, etc.

  • +2

    Is anyone struggling to even receive the 150 gc? I haven't received mine and ordered like 30 min ago

    • Mine was in my junk mail.

      You'll get an order confirmed email, then an invoice email, then a gift card email ('Congratulations! Here is your Gift Card'). If you have the invoice email, you should have the gift card email too.

      • Well. I ordered one using Paypal and I got that from junk mail. Ordered 3 more but didn't get any of them even in my junk mail.

    • I received both my Card.Gift $150 gift card and swapped Wish gift cards a few minutes after ordering. Paid with PayPal.

      • Well I received order confirmation but that's where it ended. It's odd.

    • I had exp from last run, called and been told my email was flagged by their system - no reason.
      but support could re-send GC to another email.

  • -3

    It's been 30 mins I haven't received my bonus gift card yet

  • check your junk mail people…

  • Are we eligible for the bonus if we also redeem a previously purchased Card.Gift gift card to contribute to the payment? I have $20 spare from before.

  • How much time does it take to swap a generic card ?

    • +1

      I swapped a $150 generic card for 3x $50 and received them immediately.

      • I tried swapping it for ebay and been waiting for an hour.

  • +1

    ok got 2x $150 with 2 diff. email address and 2 diff payment method
    hopefully i got the 2x10

  • -2

    is card.gift website legit?
    never used this website before

    • +1

      1776 clicks
      cant be illegal

    • +4


      Card.Gift is operated by The Card Network (TCN), which operate a number of gift card schemes in Australia sold instore and/or at major Australian retailers (e.g. Coles, Woolworths, Target). You may have seen their multi-retailer gift cards at a supermarket or in a supermarket catalogue in the past (e.g. TCN HOME gift cards, TCN HER gift cards, TCN TEEN gift cards).

      TCN is themselves owned by InComm, one of the major players in the gift card business internationally. They handle a number of gift card schemes across the world, including Netflix gift cards, Uber gift cards, Vanilla Visa gift cards and Coles Mastercard gift cards.

  • actually, whos b'day?

  • I still haven't received it. It has been 4hours already. Nothing in spam! Anyone else in the same boat?

    • If not soon, your order has been cancelled most likely. You'll receive an email tomorrow.

    • I ordered mine at noon and still haven't received the $150.
      Their support form is giving a server error too.

      • You'll receive this tomorrow. Support can do nothing as I think it is an automated process.

  • Bought a generic one which was sent almost immediately. Will wait for the bonus $10. Thanks OP!

  • Unable to use the code. Getting error “Discount code is not valid for your order”. Have tried many gift cards but same error. Is the promotion over ?

    • Worked for me at 8.28am. Code was accepted but i didnt continue to payment. When did u get the error?

  • 2500 clicks. Some bought multiples. Probably game over

    • why game over?

  • Order ____ - Thank you for your recent order with card.gift. We’re emailing to inform you that we are unable to fulfill this order, and your credit card has not been charged. We take security very seriously, and a major part of that is ensuring that orders are placed by the legitimate cardholder. This keeps our customers, other credit card holders and card.gift safe. Unfortunately, we were unable to verify this purchase, and it was declined out of caution. This is not a reflection on you as a shopper, and we apologise for the inconvenience. We understand that you have a number of options when making a purchase, and we’re sorry for this frustration. We invite you to revisit card.gift and place your order again using details – such as phone number, email and billing address – that match the cardholder’s information. We will then re-evaluate it for fulfillment. Thanks for shopping at card.gift. .

    WTF. I even used PayPal!

  • Does anyone know which gift card worth around 2k. An be used to gift internationally? Like a visa /mastercard prepaid option and a best one suited for Europe /denmark

  • +1

    To me I received the digital card on next day and it was in my spam folder so I had to pull it out from it
    And according to the T&C I need to wait for up to several days to receive the bonus card, so I'm still waiting for that.

  • +1

    Just received the bonus $10 gift card

  • Bonus received. Not bad for the speed.

    • What was the title of email and from which email ID?

  • +3

    Nice. Code still worked for card swapping. Received 2 bonus for 1 purchase ✌🏼

    • You mean you used the first GC to purchase a second one to get 2x$10 bonuses?

  • Got mine too, you can also use multiple during checkout to buy a higher value GC (or just pay the difference).

    • I used multiple and havent received the card yet. The others were close to instant.. Did you have same issue?

      • Mine was instant but I only did it once.

  • is TCN grocery GC accepted at both Woolies and Coles? I can't find any details on participating retailer for this card…

    • +2

      You can use the grocery gift card on the ww portal to get a ww GC with the 4% discount if you have access to NRMA, woolworths mobile etc

      • +1

        what a beautiful hack….cheers mate..I'll give it a go..

      • +1

        tried via NRMA…throwing this error -

        Something went wrong. Our service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again after 24 hours or contact our Gift Cards Team on 1300 10 1234 (Option 3) for assistance

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