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Renew eBay Plus Membership, Receive 2x $20 Vouchers ($50 Min Spend, Category Exclusions Apply) @ eBay


I was planning to cancel my eBay plus annual membership mid month, but just saw this banner. Trying to figure out if these vouchers are going to be worth renewing for another year at $49. If they are too difficult to redeem then I won't bother renewing 🤔

According to the T&Cs it looks like you can use the voucher on anything (other than the exclusions) over $50 and they don't stack with any other deal.

“Excluded Items” means all items listed:
in the following categories:
183477=Vintage Luggage & Travel Accs
123416=Other Tickets, Travel
9800=Cars, Bikes, Boats
10542=Real Estate
184609=Gift Cards & Vouchers
by the following sellers:


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    Nah gotta spend 100 to use them…..id rather wait for another $1 or $5 a Year deal

    • would it not technically be minimum of $60 to use them? ($50-$20)*2?

      • +12

        Maths not my strong suit……..anyways back to my accounting job lol

        • Technically you gotta spend the $49 membership fee too… so you were right after all 😂

      • They don't stack with each other so you'll need to make 2 transactions each over $50 for the voucher to apply.

        • The only ones I find of any use is $5 off $15, but who knows, something may pop up. Agree harder to spend over 50$ on items.

          People forget that eBay plus opens up other deals and codes over the year that wouldn't have access to as well. Free shipping and returns handy. Not everything is on Amazon

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      why you even want to pay, when you can get paid to buy ebay plus, TopcashBack will give you $20 for that $10 deal.

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    Wait and see if this deal is still on and use it instead https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/808968

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      I totally missed this post, thank you for sharing! I wonder if I cancel, if I will be able to get a new membership for $9.99. I would rather do that than get two vouchers that I may or may not use!

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    You are better off signing up for the $9.99/year deal - saves you the headache of the eligible items BS

    • +6

      I think I am going to cancel anyway. I barely use eBay plus. The $5 off anything vouchers were the only benefit I used. In my experience plus shipping is the same speed as normal items.

    • Wot dis

  • I can’t seem to find this offer on my eBay plus page. I still get the option to get $30 for not cancelling the membership.

    • mine showed on the home page

    • I got an email saying you will automatically get the offer when your eBay plus auto renews.

      I went to cancel and get the $30 GC offer and it said it went through, but at the end of the day it reverted back to normal for some reason like it never happened.

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    EBay’s vouchers really suck with undocumented criteria and they preclude other good deals by way of coupon code.

  • +1

    Use topcashback and get $20 cashback on eBay plus sign up

  • +1

    how the hell do you tell how long your current subscription has left to last?

    • Go to manage your account via the eBay plus tab

  • +3

    My eBay/eBay Plus/Manage your membership (Will be hidden halfway down the page). They really do their best to not make it obvious.

    • +2

      ahh it seems i didnt have an active subscription.. so i got it for $10
      Xmas is coming after all

  • I guess the go is attempt to cancel, get the $30 gift card + these two $20 vouchers. Not bad

    • I was considering but too risky firstly if they will send all three vouchers and secondly the $20 vouchers are $20 off $50 anyway. Need to consider if can find something at $50 that actually want. I used to use most vouchers on Australia Post eBay store, but the store often restricted now to not allow most voucher codes.

  • +2

    Got similar offer when I quit, but can't really think anything I can take advantage of those vouchers (I can barely take advantages of the monthly vouchers) so still quit.

    Feels nothing when I'm eBay Plus-free.

  • +2

    When my ebay plus membership was near expiry, i opted to cancel the membership but was given the option to continue for another year and get 40$ voucher.

    I thought 10$ for one year isn't a bad option, so opted to continue and paid 50$

    About a month or so passed and I did not receive any voucher. Contacted ebay on chat and they said we will open a case for you. After multiple followups they sent me 40$ vouchers after 2 months or so with 2-3 weeks validity and a minimum spend requirement.

    The voucher just went un-used.

  • +3

    I just cancel my eBay plus membership this morning, couldn’t be bothered with their offer plus I’m with Amazon much easier to deal with than ebay if you got problems with items or delivery.

    • I agree. Cancelled mine last night.

      • The irony isn’t lost on me.

        Ebay send out a targeted discount code and it triggers cancellations by others who didn’t get it (me included).

        • Good for certain stuff, can't believe people would miss 20$ per year. Amazon is a great must have though either way (people forget that's $10/m but don't bang on about it all the time lol.

  • +2

    I just cancelled mine, I got offered $30 and it’s still not worth the remaining $19 it’s absolute garbage now they destroyed it

  • I saw on my eBay it says if you let your current eBay plus rollover they'll give you $40 iirc, so basically the same deal.

    • +2

      If they remember to give it to you that is….. Notorious for not honouring after the fact :( once bitten twice shy

  • How do you cancel it?

    • Click on the plus link at the top of the page, scroll down a little till you see the banner to manage your membership.

      • Thanks

  • +1

    I've noticed the amount of eBay-based deals on ozbargain go drastically down, and the number of Amazon ones increase. I think it really reflects consumer attitudes at the moment - why bother with eBay when Amazon will deliver things in one day for not that much more?

    • +4

      EBay & Amazon they are barely comparable imo

      EBay for tv, whitegoods & coupon stacking on top of sales prices, majority of time cheaper then elsewhere due to coupons, but lost a lot of stores the past couple years big w, dell, Coles, video pro, appliance central etc..

      Amazon good for quick delivery, easy returns, no coupons, TVs, whitegoods,, more only matching other retailers then having their own deals

      Personally think both have gone to shit the past year

      • +1

        Shocking how Amazon has gone to shit. After the last major sale last month it appears most items were being put in one massive box and shipped via Toll. Imagine one box with boxes of cereal , roll on, lotion, 24x600ml water etc. I was disappointed and simply cancelled my subscription. Couldn’t be bothered complaining.

      • +1

        Don't forget about when Boozebud and Dan Murphy's were on ebay too!

        Coupons, discounts, sales, paying with discounted gc's and Cashback! Madness..

        Remember picking up a bottle of Glendronach 18 (Olorosso) for around $140 or less from Dan's ebay. Magical

        • +1

          Agree, people forget about all the codes and deals during the year that are eBay plus specific (afterpay is a good example, codes unlock the sharpest prices to date), wireless1 and other tech deals.

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    Just tried to cancel my due to be expired in Feb24 membership and was given a $30 voucher if I stayed on.

    • +1

      I got that same offer when I cancelled this morning.

    • +1

      I tried to cancel and only got $30 too.

    • ditto

      • +3

        You get a $30 voucher and you get a $30 voucher and you get a $30 voucher

    • did u get actual $30 voucher or "promised" offer?
      I did last year only saw offer but no voucher received. then I re-joined via SB promo.
      eb support said I have to renew at original price then will receive $30.

    • likewise

  • I got the email 😊

  • $9.99 deal might disappear. $1 & $5/year are really rare imo and might not receive.

  • +1

    $50 minus 2x $20 ($40) = $10. So may as well get the $9.99 for 1 year deal without worrying what to spend 2x $20 vouchers on: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/808968

    • Funny how everyone in that thread wants all the other vouchers and cashbacks as well as $10 instead of $50. What a cluster lol.
      $10 is a great deal anyway, I would have jumped on that if I didn't resign up two days before (with the $20 voucher for $49), may as well ask for another voucher.

  • I just logged on and was offered a year for $10.

    • I just did the same, glad I went ahead and cancelled last week. $40 discount is better than 2x$20 vouchers I'll most likely forget about.

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