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[eBay Plus] 50% off Sendle & Australia Post Postage Labels until 30/11/2023 (Max 3) @ eBay Australia


At least the 50% off shipping promo is still available and ongoing again this month! Thanks to @test8888 for the heads up

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ISP Notes

50% off Postage Labels Promo

  • All eBay Plus members should have the postage promo in their accounts automatically. You can check if you have the postage promo with the following instructions if you've previously sold an item:

    1. View your orders here for browser (or on the eBay app, go to 'Selling' tab, then 'Sold')

    2. Click on one of your orders and click on "Purchase another label". You should see the promo under the 'Services' section where you choose your courier service and it should say the following statement in green text under the Sendle options: 3x 50% off postage labels for eBay Plus members until 30/11

50% off Sendle Postage Labels (Terms and Conditions)

Promotion details:

  • The promotion runs from 00:00 (AEST) on 1 June 2023 and is available for a limited time only (“Promotion Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel or extend the promotion at any time.
  • Receive a 50% discount on three Sendle shipping labels during the Promotion Period, when purchased through eBay’s labels platform (“Promotion”).
  • This Promotion is only available for eBay Plus members in a Sendle eligible pickup location (“Eligible Customers”).
    To access your three discounted labels, you must have an active eBay Plus membership at the time you print the labels. If your eBay Plus membership ends between the time of listing and the time you print the labels, you will no longer be eligible for this promotion. If you sign up to an eBay Plus membership to take up this offer, standard eBay Plus terms and conditions apply.


  • The Promotion only applies to Sendle shipping labels on eBay’s labels platform and does not include Australia Post or any other shipping labels and services.
  • The Promotion does not apply to eBay selling fees including but not limited to Insertion Fees, Final Value Fees or fees for optional features or services (including Feature Fees), international selling fees set out at eBay.com.au, as varied from time to time.
  • This Promotion does not apply to listings in the following excluded categories: Businesses for Sale (11759), Aircrafts (63676), Boats (26429), Caravans/Motorhomes (32633), Cars (29690), Motorcycles (32073), Trucks/Commercial Vehicles (6049), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Flights (3253), Tickets (1305), Travel (3252) and Vouchers/Gift Certificates (172008).

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  • +3

    When i posted my ebay parcel on Monday 06/11, this promotion was definitely not available. I think ebay just bring it back.

    • I had a similar experience earlier this month. There was a discount for Sendle but not for Australia Post.

    • It must have been added recently I had sold 3 items last week with the only postage discount showing save 7% on Sendle.

  • Thanks OP for bringing it to our attention. As it wasn't available when I checked earlier this month, I wouldn't have bothered checking for the remainder of the month.

  • There's no link to accept this sendle offer? Should there be?

  • +1

    yeah this disappeared for a month or two, good to see it back

  • +4

    I would definitely avoid sendle especially on pick up service. They don't scan it immediately, lodge the confirmation, you will get nothing if the parcel is lost.

    • +3

      and they dont pick up on the scheduled day, sometimes dont even pick up the following day…. i avoid using them even if it's 50% off

      • yep, one of the shops i dropped my parcel off asked me to reconsider as he's been calling sendle for days asking them to come collect, and it's starting to pile up at the back, as he gestures the parcels behind him

  • +1

    Great sold my 3 items from last months promo already this month without the discounted shipping available from start of the month. Wish ebay would at least try to be consistent instead of changing the rules constantly.

  • Seriously? I literally send my parcel yesterday

  • +1

    Yay, now eBay just need to reinstate my Plus membership after banning completely me for "buying too much" 🙄

    • +2

      What's the story here? (Surely "buying too much" is what they want..)

      • +1

        I made a forum post…

        Basically algorithms picked up unusual activity, determined I was a danger to the community, permanently banned me.
        Took 4 attempts for chat to even look at my account, first 3 agents literally said we can't/won't speak to you and hung up on me, ended chat.
        4th told me it was because I'd bought lots of items outside usual spending habits and that is a violation of their policy 🤣.
        He did however reinstate my account, unfortunately there is no way to reinstate Plus membership, so they refunded that and told me to sign up again.
        Useless thugs.

        • You got banned for buying too much and not following usual spending habits?
          Surely there is more to this story?

          • @King Tightarse: I wish I could say I knew more, this is literally what they told me: they have protections in place to protect buyers and sellers from "over buying". They told me I was a risk to the community and it was best to 'part ways'

            First 3 agents said:
            a) won't tell why it is suspended
            b) won't allow an appeal
            c) won't allow me to escalate or speak to anyone else
            d) won't speak to me on the matter again.
            e) hung up, ended chat

            • @cook99: Did you in fact do any unusual buying? Hacked?
              I stand amazed that a retailer can object to you buying any amount unless you ere doing something that costs them?

              • +2

                @King Tightarse: I did buy quite a few individual items from the same seller as that is how they listed it (different colour paints for miniature painting).

                I suspect because it was 40+ items their algorithm thought I was trying to manipulate my feedback score up rapidly ( or the sellers), but they won't say anything more.
                They said even talking about it more is a risk to the community as it helps people circumvent their controls…

                • +1

                  @cook99: It was even worse the 2nd agent:
                  Me: 'you cant just cancel my membership, restrict my paid subscription service without reason or cause and keep my money'
                  Them: 'yes we can' … Hangs up phone

                  • @cook99: Wow what a knob. You could potentially take this to the ombudsman. Sounds like a proper case.
                    They cant just keep your subscription like that

                    • @King Tightarse: I couldn't figure out which ombudsman?

                      I lodged an ACCC complaint but they do nothing for individual cases.
                      He was such an arrogant knob, knew I couldn't do much about him hanging up on me so abused his position for sure. Was infuriating…

                      They have since refunded the eBay plus subscription so I'd say they know they effed up. But I'm now trying to sign up at the $9.99 offer and they won't allow it because I previously took it up (which they cancelled… Lol… Goes in circles)

                      • @cook99: Maybe try getting a level above and say you are 100% certain this is a mistake etc?

                        • +1

                          @King Tightarse: Oh they won't admit a mistake, I've tried. They maintained their was a violation for too much buying… Waiting for feedback from the specialist team so hope they are more helpful than the thugs in the call centre

  • I would avoid Sendle at all costs, both as a buyer and seller. Great deal for AusPost though and despite the issues, are generally better than Sendle.

    • +1

      Sendle - Couriers Please, usually fine
      Sendle - Ararmax = disaster, avoid

      • How do you know which one will be used

        • You find out when you buy it. You can cancel and get a full refund but it can cost you if you have three 50% off like this month

      • How bad is aramax

  • +1

    Thanks ISP!

  • +2

    Hope they bring back the 3 free listings

  • Is sendle good at all? I have not use that service.only ever auspost. Not sure exactly if they're worth it. I assume you will need to drop it at parcel point or something

    • I select the pick up option. They contract with Couriers Please so they pick it up from my house next morning and if delivery is in metro areas delivery is usually next day

      • Right ok any packages lost or delays with deliveries? Couriers please have poor reviews that's my only concern

        I assume you mean prepaid Sendle labels which you just put labels on your items and then courier please will pick up and deliver to buyers address.

        However I thought the weight of the items determines the cost of postage. How would prepaid Sendle cover the varies items with different weight?

        • Weight and Size dimensions determine cost, usually in brackets.

          I’ve never had a lost Sendle parcel. I just leave my parcel at my door and the same person picks it up every morning at around the same time each event.

          He scans it and goes about on his way (I can see all the scans on my security footage).

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