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Nokia G60 5G 6GB RAM/128GB Storage $248 Delivered @ Amazon AU (Sold Out) | + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


All time low, 55% off RRP$549. One of the cheapest phones with eSIM, 5G and a good processor.

Key Specs:

  • Snapdragon 695 5G
  • 6.58" FHD+ 120Hz IPS LCD screen
  • 50MP main + 5MP ultra-wide + 2MP Depth + 8MP Selfie cameras
  • NFC and e-SIM
  • 4500mAh battery with 20W wired charging. Nokia site claims 800 charge cycles as a feature.
  • Android 12
  • Released Sep 2022, 3 OS upgrades and 3 years of monthly security updates from this date, 3 years of warranty
  • 3.5mm headphone jack

JB has both colours black and Ice Grey.

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  • +2

    Had mine for a few months. Very happy with it.

    • +1

      any sdcard slot?

      • Yep in the sim tray.

    • I had a 6.1. Loved it. Recommended a friend buy the 7+. Had it refunded within 3 months because the charging port kept breaking due to design flaw.

  • So do nano Sims work as well.

  • +1

    Same price at Harvey and JBHiFi

  • This or Moto G54 for $267?

    • G54 in every way.

      • Why?

        • +3

          Torch shake. I miss that a lot.

          • +12

            @DarwinBoy: I said it before and i will say it again. That karate chop action for the torch should be baked on android os.

            • @xoom: Is there an app that replicates the karate chop action for the torch ?

              • @troyww: Never seen one nor heard of one.

      • How are the software updates on the moto?

        • +2

          Can't compare to Nokia which gives regular updates and guaranteed OS updates. Nokia also has 3 years warranty.


          • +1

            @bobokingdom: Promises is one thing but actual support is another. According to GSMarena the phone was released with Android 12 and more than a year later it is still on 12. Even my 3-year-old 4a 5G is already on 14.

            • +5

              @craving: The Nokia G60 is on Android 13. Click on the link above and pick G60, it will show you all the update history. (Pixel series are Google so you can't compare with other manufacturers.). Pixel 4A will receive it's last update next month but Nokia G60 will receive updates for another 2 years. For $248, I think it is a Bargain!

          • +1

            @bobokingdom: All good. It's unusual for GSMarena to be behind with the latest FW. The post above should be updated.

            • +1

              @craving: No Worries. I think Pixel is a great phone, but we are talking $248 here for a brand new phone with warranties. When Pixel 7 was $499 a few months, it was great deal too BUT you are still talking 2x the money.

    • +1

      Gorilla Glass 5 on the Nokia may be better for the clumsy users, but otherwise the G54 might be better due to the extra 2GB of RAM and slightly larger battery?

      • But this has eSIM, slightly larger screen and much better warranty. Plus it's cheaper.

        I believe this will cost $225.46 after Big W Ultimate gift card bonus 10%… anyone know if that's right and will this deal still be available on Thursday?


        • Very good points, the 3x3 warranty, OS and monthly security updates is great peace of mind. G54 also has e-sim, it's the extra RAM, slightly better processor(?), battery size and a year newer tech/supporting features that makes me think the G54 may perform better in real life usage, but I really don't know for sure.

          Nice tip regarding 10% off at BigW. Does BigW sell the G60? I can't see it on their website, but I can see they have the G54

          • @ChmpgneTasteBeerBdgt: Big W sells the Ultimate cards which can be redeemed at JB HiFi.

            My real world G51 is dying on me after 10 months, perhaps battery related. But maybe that's because I dropped it on a busy road and it got run over by cars and then I did a DIY cheapo screen replacement.

    • where can you get the for this price, amazon and jb bother show $299

      • +1

        Bing Lee on Ebay. I have Ebay Plus so shows $30 off with PLUSNOV

    • +1

      G54 does not support Aptx Adaptive whereas Nokia G60 5G does.

    • Moto G54 for $236

  • Is it double Sim?

    • +3

      nano + eSIM

      • yup best combo both worlds.

  • +4

    been helping the missus shop around for an iPhone so excuse the off-topic discussion but it's crazy how a phone that's 1/5 of the price of an iPhone can offer 120hz but they can't, it's literally extortion lol

    • +10

      Let me guess she is still going to buy the iPhone so they have no incentive to offer better specs.

      • +5

        Its almost fashion accessory, I have given up the fight with my Mrs.. problem is you become tech support for something you told them not to get in the first place

        • +4

          At new phone time, I buy two identical. One for me, one for my wife. I am the tech support and one learning effort for both phones is good.

      • +1

        to be fair, she had a flip4 before and Samsung customer support is absolutely terrible, she was willing to pay the apple surcharge to not go through that ish again and i don't blame her

        • +1

          Tbh I haven't had a good experience with Samsung either.

          Many go Apple or Samsung lol. Wasn't that long ago I knew people that called micro USB cables "the Samsung cable".

          Similar with Macbooks. People would buy a $300 windows laptop, find it shit. Spend $3k on a MacBook and find it heaps better lol.

          Either way Apple is an easy bet, just pricey. And to be fair people I know do seem to own the phones for a while and because they're so popular it's easy to get a 3rd party to replace the battery when it starts to fail (as well as other things).

    • +3

      It's been that way with comparable specs in general for the last 10 years.. I marvel at the clowns buying a $1k+ phone every 1-2 years when a $500 samsung is basically the same thing.

      I mean they bring out USB-C after they are forced to and act like they INVENTED the damn standard…

      • +1

        But it’s not the same thing. iOS is a big part of what makes people buy an iPhone. I love and use both Android based phones and iPhones. But if I could pick one it would always be an iPhone. Overall it may be limited in some functionality… but it’s hard to argue against the fact iOS just does it better. They are 100% overpriced, no doubt. But so is a Lamborghini or an apartment in New York City. You are paying for more than material worth.

        • +1

          It's also fairly easy to justify the price if you plan to use it for like 5+ years, and use it for literally hours every single day. Personally, I'm rocking a Samsung S9+ and my daily average screen time is about 4 hours. When it eventually dies I'll have no issue spending a bit more money for something more premium with more future updates.

          • @Wooluff: I get that. To be honest I've found the cheaper phones better for me. Mainly as the battery life tends to increase as the screen quality and other specs are worse. So I've actually loved the long battery life of a $500 phone. That said the last flagship I had was the S7 edge. So things may have improved a lot.

    • +2

      I'm the only one in my family that doesn't use iPhone. My phone (P7P I got for $869) was cheaper and is better than all of theirs. I get asked to take all the photos these days. Incredible marketing from Apple to be fair.

  • +4

    800 charge cycles

    Isn't that kinda low?

    If you charge your phone everyday, that'd last you like 2 and a bit years?

    • +1

      99% of people are certainly not going to completely drain and refill the battery every day. Should last until it's time to upgrade imo.

      • +4

        99% of people are certainly not going to completely drain and refill the battery every da

        Idk about that

    • +4

      Isn't that kinda low?

      I believe that is how many full cycles you can get before the battery capacity drops below 80% of the designed capacity.
      Quoting HMD Global for a different Nokia model

      your Nokia G42 5G battery will keep 80% of its original capacity after 800 full charging cycles (source)

      Apple only guarantees 500, so at face value Nokia is better (source)

      Also a full cycle is 100% drain, for example if you charge every day at 50% then a full cycle will take ~ 2 days.

    • +4

      800 charge cycles from zero to 100%, which is never good for a lithium battery. If on the other hand you charge 20-90% you'd get 1200 or so recharges perhaps more, because you haven't stressed the battery.

  • -4

    Good rock solid and under $250 of the phone threshold.
    Phone: Nokia
    Bike: 1939 Norton 500 cc, or BMW
    Helga: German

  • +1

    This or second hand pixel 5?

    • This

    • +2

      Pixel 5 is a great phone, small, light and has wireless charging. Gets Android 14 but don't expect any more stock security updates, plenty of alternative OS options if you're up for that.

      • what if all I care about is camera quality (for social media) with a budget of $300 ?

        • +4

          Pixel beats any phone for that price. Nokia cameras, even the flagships, are average at best, and often worse than the competition. Don't be fooled by the 50MP sensor, these are actually budget sensors and much smaller than 50MP flagship sensors from Samsung or Google.

        • +1

          Pixel. You can install custom roms and Gcams to further improve the quality.

  • Anyone happen to know how the camera performance compares to iPhone etc,?

    • It's a $250 phone, so I'd probably say it's quite a bit worse. I've had phones with good looking specs perform badly (and the photo size is still excessively large). IPhones tend to take really good photos from what I've seen. I personally think this phone would be sufficient but if you're comparing the quality to your mates iPhone it'd probably fall short.

  • -8

    anybody can find on this list


    $200 iPhone at 1600 points hard to beat

    • +10

      feel free to find and post a brand new iPhone with a screen bigger than 6 inches, battery that lasts more than a day, 120Hz refresh rate, 5G and a 3 year warranty for $200 instead of commenting this on every Android post that is posted and never backing your claims up.

      • +5

        He thinks everyone wants an iPhone the poor fool, I personally wouldn't buy one even if they were competitively priced.

        • -3

          it’s funny how I trigger so many ppl just posting benchmarks

          you buy whatever you want that’s why it’s a free market

          I would actually prefer android too but the cost performance is terrible

      • -2

        what’s the point of 5g and 120hz when the processor has alzheimers, about the same speed as my $90 android phone

        hilarious they’re pushing this junk in 2023, similar priced iPhones are 2.5x the speed

        • +2

          as usual, you fail once again to provide a proper Apple alternative. If you read reviews and not benchmark numbers, you see that 5G and 120Hz isn't an issue for the processor.

          In your language:

          • -2

            @shxhshzhz: I did give alternative read my first post

            new is 300

            if you’re not afraid of used iPhone SE 3 was around $350 on sale, that’s higher score than any android phone on the market right now including $2000 flagships

            how ridiculous is that

            • +2

              @abctoz: Inflated benchmarks don't translate to real world performance

            • @abctoz: Once again fails to meet any of the same level of features. If benchmarks were the only thing that mattered, everyone would be using $1849 Iphones

              • @shxhshzhz: let’s just ignore the performance elephant in the room then

                people buy what is advertised, doesn’t mean it’s worth it

                i don’t need the $2000 iPhone that would be too much, a $350 iPhone can beat every android phone out there

                • +1

                  @abctoz: Once again, a phone does not only consist of a processor, people don't walk around with bare motherboards in their hands and interact with just the chip. There are many other components which determine the user experience such as display, battery life, etc.

                  • @shxhshzhz: the other components are not worth much money as evidenced by my $90 android phone

                    they can try whatever they want but performance is hardest by far to come by

                    • @abctoz: If you mean the Realme C3, you severely lack knowledge about phone specifications. You also fail to understand most people don't use anywhere near the high end of a phone's potential.

                      • @shxhshzhz: what I lack I gain with common sense

                        I’m not wasting my time researching a 120hz screen on a slow ass phone, like what do I even need it for I don’t game in my phone

                        • @abctoz: If it was never needed, your favourite company would not have included it since the 13 Pro.
                          Feel free to try the phone first and prove your claims.

                          Do something useful on here for once instead of commenting this rubbish every time.

                          • @shxhshzhz: not my fav company

                            this might seem shocking but I would pick the android phone given same cost performance, it’s just they suck so hard right now

                            apples phones might actually be fast enough to drive that 120hz screen just saying

                            I don’t have time to try a million phones that’s why I use benchmarks

                            • @abctoz: And that is why you fail to understand that 120Hz works just fine on a processor like the 695. If you experienced phones in real life and not numbers, you wouldn't lack this common sense. 120Hz is not something that requires the strongest hardware available like running 4K 500 FPS on a PC graphics card.

                              • @shxhshzhz: I understand it works fine because the gpu is doing the work

                                its just not very useful for me as I prefer my websites to load faster with a faster cpu

                • +1

                  @abctoz: But you only have a $350 used iPhone with terrible smallish screen, small capacity battery, apple eco system with no warranty.

                  BTW, what benchmarks are you referring to? I guess you just mean CPU performance on 1 or 2 websites.

                  But there are BENCHMARKS and you have to add them all together to get a comparable scores,

                  To a battery manufacturer, benchmark can be Battery Life or Capacity or Recharge Cycle (e.g. can re-charge 800 times)
                  To a Screen manufacturer, benchmark will be Brightness, Refresh, Size, Screen Technology, etc. (e.g. the biggest phone screen)
                  To a phone manufacturer, benchmark can be satisfaction ratings, reliabilities, profit margins, etc
                  To a user (as you can see in all the responses that you get), benchmark can be COST to Screen Size, Cost to Battery Life, Cost for Repair, etc.

                  For example, if I am 80 years old and I have terrible eyes, I won't care about your 4.7 inch "super fast" 2nd hand iPhone, I will need a 6.7 inch screen so I can see.

                  • @bobokingdom: you should scroll up and see comparison of many different benchmarks

                    I believe I’ve addressed your other points check my comment history

                    I’m not 80 yet so I’ll be ok
                    I’m not saying everybody should buy an iPhone I am providing a performance comparison, you have to think for yourself

                    a $200 used iPhone is roughly double the performance of this phone, it’s a simple trade off

                    • @abctoz: After all the posts, I felt sad for you. We tried to help you but we failed. :(

                      • +2

                        @bobokingdom: I’m sorry I didn’t obey your instructions sir

                        I have brought shame upon my family and will now commit honorable senppuku

                    • @abctoz: 4.7" low res screen is a horrible trade off.
                      Maybe you have no issues with your eyesight now, but continue using that phone and you will.

                      • @Tiggrrrrr: depends on usage, it’s not nearly as bad as I thought, I had a 4.5” before, I do get some eye strain if I stare at it too much

                        but the speed gains are totally worth it like i would put it on top of my list now, plus it’s not all bad small phone easy to hold

  • Still can't decide G54 or G60?

  • anyone know if this dual sim actually works fine with

    data on one sim, (while using call on other other sim ??)

    A lot of simple dual sims phone dont work like that, (they stop the sim 2 service- aka no OTP or data on sim 2, when on call with sim 1) it's super super annonying, and defeats the dual sim point.

    • You can use sim1 for call+text, sim2 for data

      • at the same time ?? - as that is when the problem usually strikes, (and reason why i switched back to non dual sim) But again just saw amazon OOS ( before I got my pay this week)

  • SD card slot?

  • Trying to split hairs over this and the Poco x5… They are almost identical but the Poco is $320 off AliExpress(very limited warranty)..

    This is a great deal!

    • Get the Poco x5! Poco smartphones are great!

      • across counter at JB hifi with AU charger and warranty vs get from Aliexpress, wanted to send back a charger from Ali that died, seems Ali have 15 day dispute window so I'm stuck with dead charger that is 4 weeks old.

    • are you saying poco [this?] is better? does it have a local warranty? and local bands. newbie in tech. learning from the wisdom of others on this thread. pros and cons would be better

      • years ago phones cost a lot in Australia and Xiaomi and some motos were the goto and had a big enough price difference that you'd import, we seems to have lots of local deals now and more brands, for the few bucks of savings and warranty issues, buy local …..

    • Can't see any reason to get the Poco at that price (apart from the fugly plastic on this one)

  • I purchased the Nokia Pink g42 for $400 the other week its a Christmas pressie for my daughter, wondering if i should return it and buy this for $248?? Am i missing something?

    • +1

      Yes, if she doesn't mind Black or White colour. G60 has better screen and faster processor, overall, a higher tier phone.

    • +1

      Return it imo, this has a much better screen and $150 is a big difference.

      • +1

        Returned today ;-)

  • Lots of hardware discussion but how much bloatware on this? How close to vanilla android is the Nokia experience?

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