Chromecast with Google TV: HD $39, 4K $79, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (2nd Gen) $39 + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Combine with 15% off gift cards to make the Chromecast 4K $68, HD $34 and the Fire Stick 4K 2023 $34.

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    Chromecast with Google TV 4K been cheaper recently
    Or this deal
    I would wait for a better deal to come up

    Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2nd Gen) $57 @ Amazon worth getting the 4K Max instead of the 4K. Pricematch and use the discounted cards.

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    Bargain on the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (2nd Gen).

    Anyone upgraded their 1st Gen and noticed much improvement? oops, I thought this was the Max. My question stands but refers to the Max.

    • Upgraded from 1st gen 4K Max to 2nd gen when on sale in early October. It could be subjective, but, I think 2nd gen is a little snappier when scrolling thru Home screen, Menues etc. There are plenty of comparative reviews on Youtube

    • don't have one yet, but the increased storage would be very handy.

      The way the storage space is advertised is very mislead. Rather than quote total space, usable space is what is important especially on these devices with minimal onboard storage. You loose 25% of the quoted storage if the OS takes 2GB out of the 8GB.

  • The firestick is worth it. Definitely stay on android OS so you can continue to install downloaded APK files.

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      Any good recommendations apk file or apps that not available in the legal/secure source?

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        Stremio and Smart Tube are great to additions

      • Smart tube for adblock and sponsorskip. Netflix for android to bypass location sharing restrictions (though it's cumbersome to use; need to connect external kb mouse). "Send files to TV" is helpful in transferring the app files over instead of trying to navigate and download on the device itself.

  • Never used a firestick how the the ui compare to a chromecast?

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    If mainly using it for plex, is Chromecast or Fire Stick better? Ignoring cost as $10-20 price difference is bugger all really.

    • one thing that annoys me with plex on fire stick, is if i have a movie with aac 5.1 audio, it doesn't passthrough to my receiver as 5.1 (when the video is playing as direct-play from plex server).

      However, ac3 5.1 audio is fine for hdmi passthrough to my receiver.

      Unsure if this is the case with chromecast. However, having used a chromecast with google tv before, I think I prefer its interface

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    Officeworks has the Google TV it in their Black Friday Catalogie for $37 (Offer valid Fri 17 Nov - Mon 27 Nov 2023).

    • Thanks for your comment geek,
      Got JB to price match it as their store is significantly closer to my home. $37 CCHD is great xmas gift.

    • Thanks for saving me a couple of bucks.

  • Can you use the chromecast to cast channel 9 to your TV. Extremely stupid, but my TV reception doesn't work for channel 9 and I only use free to air to watch sport, so I've had to watch 9Now on my laptop and connect it to the HDMI which is too cumbersome.

    • I hope so. I'm looking to get one for this use case myself.

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      Yep you can download the 9Now app directly to your chromecast, we watch all free to air channels via our chromecast now

      • Amazing! Thank you! You've saved me having to bend over to set up my laptop each time I want to watch the cricket.

    • Can you use the chromecast to cast channel 9 to your TV.

      Yes you can.

  • In regard to Fire Sticks 4K, here's my story: - the experience was probably co-incidental and a one off. Nevertheless, it's turned me of Fire Sticks.

    They've been replaced with Google Chromecast/ TV 4Ks.

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    the 4k chromecast is $75 on amazon if you cant be bothered doing the coupon thing

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      And officeworks.

      • I purchased from JB yesterday, they matched officeworks $75. Was still $99 instore.

  • Hi all. Does anyone know if I can sync the Google TV to my G-Drive and stream from there directly to this?

    • Or to an Amazon Firestick, for that matter.

    • I'm not aware of a way of doing it directly. But you should be able to via Kodi or Plex as long as G-Drive streams fast enough.

  • I gave a Chromecast TV to my parents. It worked well for 12+ months. Now it needs new batteries every 2 weeks apparently…
    Anyone else experienced this?
    Have I got any chance of getting a free replacement?

    • We have 4 in the house, 3x 4K and 1x HD. 3x have been running fine for over 2 years and the last one has not needed batteries yet.
      Seems your unit is behaving unusually. I doubt if older than 12 months it will be eligible for a replacement. There aren't many appliances that offer that this as it is…

      • are the batteries rechargeable?

        • The remote takes 2x AAA batteries. You can make them rechargeables if you wish.
          Otherwise no, the ones that come with it are not rechargeable.

    • what you mean new batteries?

      can't you just use eneloops?

    • Check to see if one of the buttons on the remote is stuck.
      Perhaps sending a continuous IR signal ?

  • So it's the same price for Chromecast HD and Firestick 4K.
    Does that mean it would be better to get Firestick since you'll get 4K?
    Or is Chromestick better around other things?

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      I have both and will always choose Chromecast because:
      - Firestick has no profile pin ability. Anyone can access your profile and do anything they want. Chromecast does
      - Firestick has no parental controls - I have kids with their own profiles that have their own age content set for each profile. Chromecast does
      - Some apps are not available on the firestick. Cannot remember which ones they were now, but it was annoying
      - My Firestick would randomly boot me out back to the homepage for no reason. Didn't matter what he app was, as I tried to isolate it. Gave up in the end
      - Casting to Chromecast from all our android phones was easy. Firestick took more effort

      If none of the above is a concern to you and all you want is 4K over HD, then sure. Firestick is for you.

      • That's a very good insight, thank you!
        I mainly want to use the device to cast from my Windows PC. Is there any difference in PC casting with Chromecast and Firestick?

        • I never tried to cast from my Firestick, so cannot help there. Sorry.
          Casting a web browser page or desktop from my laptops/chromebook or PC is very easy using the chrome browser. I had never tried to cast a game before, so your question made me curious. I found this and it worked exactly as it was written:


          I loaded up Starfield from my PC and cast it to the Chromecast on my 65inch OLED TV. It worked immediately. You can even send the sound from your PC to the TV (it cuts the sound off on the PC end if you do this - but it can be turned off). I never realised it could do that, so thanks lol
          There is an issue though, the mirrored gameplay on the TV I was casting to was not smooth. The picture was clear and crisp, but movement was a bit stuttered. The TV image also has slight lag from what you do on the PC to when it sends it to the TV. Everything looks normal on the PC end though, yiou wouldn't even know you were streaming.

          • @Arcticfox: That sounds good!
            Looks like I'll be getting myself a Chromecast 😁
            Thank you so much!

  • Doh. I bought this yesterday and now there's a better deal

    • Ahh it's fine. If it's the worst choice you made all weak, you're doing better than most :-)

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        The other deal was soo good I bought another one for the second TV.

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