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Xbox Wireless Controller $59 + Delivery ($0 C&C) - White Colour @ The Good Guys / Black Colour @ Officeworks


Xbox Wireless Controller White $59 + Del ($0C&C) @ The Good Guys

Xbox Wireless Controller Black $59 + Del ($0C&C) @ Officeworks

Either Black or White you can price match it at JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks or The Good Guys.

Don't forget to use discounted gift cards.
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Or if you want to wait until Wednesday
15% off TCN Gift Cards @ Coles

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


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    Amazon match it ……

    • Please do

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      It's a matter of time to match it. Put it on Camel x3 Alert if you want one. It won't take long to match it.

      Edit: Here is the Amazon link for quick monitoring.

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    • What?

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        The title had color instead of colour.

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          The kings English uses extra letters for all words… :) seriously i wish everything was spelt frantically

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            seriously i wish everything was spelt frantically

            Do you mean phonetically or frantically, like doctors handwriting? Because one of them would make life a lot easier and the other a lot harder lmao

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          Color and colour mean the same thing. However, the spelling varies depending on whether you're using UK or US English: In US English, “color” (no “u”) is the correct spelling. In UK English, “colour” (with a “u”) is standard.

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        @cloudie9 @Scrooge McDeal Don't worry Twix knew what I meant. Thanks mate!

    • Maybe OP is from the US originally?

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        English it's my second language. Never been at an English school.

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          Respect to you mate!

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      Nothing can fix obnoxious people.

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      Mate, this deal you posted:
      50% off ChromeBooks @ JB Hi-Fi

      Should be Chromebooks. Also:

      Don't worry Twix knew what I meant. Thanks mate!

      That's great English writing?

    • *HamBoy69

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    Hm tempting to buy a replacement for my intermittent controller. Just can’t bring myself to buy one when the new one is supposed to release early next year.

    • New one will also have Haptic feedback like the PS5 controller.. I'm also waiting for the new one

    • Yeah mine is starting to have issues also, decided to buy a black PS5 controller since they are $75 atm and wait for the new one.

  • Never had a white one before, may as well get another

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      That's what she said

  • I just bought a PS5 controller for PC. Found it frustrating to connect with the dualsensex software. Will this work seamlessly on PC?

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      Yes it does it's basically plug and play on Windows 10 and probably Windows 11 too well if you use it through the wired USB connection. It's because the Xbox Wireless controller and Windows are both made by Microsoft so it's got native support built in. For wireless i would say you would need the Xbox wireless dongle for PC.

      • Afaik the controllers from the xbox series s/x work via Bluetooth to Windows PC's. I've got the second version controllers from the xbox one s/x and they work via Bluetooth too. It's just the first version controllers from xbox one s/x that need the wireless dongle.

        The only disadvantage I've found to using Bluetooth instead of cabled to a Windows pc is that you can't remap buttons with the Xbox Accessories app.

  • Will this work with quest 2?

  • Whats difference between 00003 & 00006 models?

    • Could be cables. I think one might come with a USB C whereas the other might be a dongle only. Ill need to double check

      EDIT: Its the colour. 3 is "White" 6 is "Robot White".

  • Harvey Norman seem to have black and white for $60 but also the other colours for $65 (red, blue, green, pink and high viz yellow)

    • Price match JB Hi-fi and stack with GC.

  • Does anyone know if this works with the old Xbox one wireless dongle on PC?


  • Is this for the Xbox series x or does the x come with better controller?
    Also does controller from an older Xbox one work with the x

    • Yes it's the Xbox Series X controller. Also is backwards compatible with Xbox Series S and Xbox One.

  • This would have been good with the free good guys $5 gift card keep missing it as when it comes up as we are 4 hrs behind you.

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      EB Games (ebay) has heaps of items 20% off Xbox, PS, Nintendo Switch etc
      Code: BFDEAL

      $659 Xbox Series X 1TB Console + Diablo IV Bundle - Xbox Series X

      $71.20 Xbox Wireless Controller - Remix Special Edition (Includes rechargeable Battery)
      Click and Collect or have to pay postage on this one.

      $71.20 Xbox Wireless Controller + Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 - Xbox Series X

      $59.20 Xbox Wireless Controller - Shock Blue - Xbox Series X

      $55.20 Xbox Wireless Controller - Carbon Black - Xbox Series X

      • Legend. Thanks for that. Now to find stock near me for the remix controller

      • $71.20 Xbox Wireless Controller + Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 - Xbox Series X

        Why would you need an adapter when it can connect via bluetooth natively?

        Edit: i think I found the answer

        With the included Xbox Wireless Adapter, you can connect up to 8 Xbox Wireless Controllers at once and play games together wirelessly on Windows 10 PC.*

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    What’s the new Xbox controller you talk about coming out next year? What’s different with it and obviously it be more expensive.
    I got myself a Xbox x on a deal the other day and thought it be good to grab a spare controller was thinking white but maybe looks odd when console is black and other controller.

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