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US$6 off US$45, US$10 off US$80, US$20 off US$150, US$50 off US$300, US$80 off US$450 Spend @ AliExpress


Here are the sitewide coupons for the Black Friday sale at AliExpress kicking off on the 23rd. They should apply on pretty much everything and shouldn't be limited like the app only coupons

Stacks with US$4 off every US$20 promotion

Coupons are 1 per account, do not stack with new user 'Welcome Offer' and minimum spend excludes GST and shipping.

Discount Min Spend Coupon Code
$6 $45 BF8
$10 $80 BF10
$20 $150 BF20
$50 $300 BF50
$80 $450 BF80

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Referee gets AU $7 in coupons. Referrer gets AU $4 coupon per referral.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Hopefully a higher cash back tomorrow :D

    • I asked GYB today and he replied "none locked in for the weekend at the moment" πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  • -2

    what is that converted to AUD, we are in Australia. I think AUD is more useful than posting in USD. why would you post in USD?

    • +3

      USD is more useful because it doesn't fluctuate on the website, while the AUD rate does.

      Furthermore the AUD price depends how you pay. If you set AliExpress to AUD, let PayPal do the conversion to AUD or use a card without currency conversion fees you're going to be paying more than the exchange rate.

      Here's how I do it. I set AliExpress to USD, then in PayPal I select my card without currency conversion fees, click "See currency options" and bill the card in USD instead of AUD. Then I get the current MasterCard rate

      And finally as per the OzBargain posting rules it needs to be in USD due to my first point above πŸ˜‰

      • What is the quickest no currency conversion fee card that we can get? By tomorrow perhaps? Thanks

      • Thanks for sharing, all these years on OzB, I didn't realise this hack. Been buying with AUD settings on the Ali app via Shopback all along, just did a comparison of a AUD$1000+ purchase I did yesterday, had I paid with my Bankwest card in USD, would have saved AUD$46… 🫣

        Read and learn, never gonna happen again, thanks again for the tip πŸ‘

        • +1

          PayPal have changed the process a few times over the years. It used to be a setting you toggled in your profile and later they quietly removed it.

          The true way of saving is by having USD itself sitting in your PayPal account. That can be harder to do however.

          • @Clear: Yes agreed, I don't have wealthy American relatives… Only a retired Republican in Florida.

            I was thinking, going forward, I'll do what you do for the double layer of protection - pay in USD, via PayPal, selecting my linked Bankwest card.

            If PayPal changes this approach, I'll save my Bankwest directly to AliExpress. As a premium card, they should bat for me if a dispute arises.

  • Codes not working for me on an $89 order.

    BF10: The order amount(excluding shipping fee) is under the minimum spend of this promo code. Please apply another code.
    BF6: This coupon code is for single use only and can't be used here

    • US$89 and excluded GST/shipping? Are you a new account and never made an order?

      • Yeah realised the currency - I meant AUD, so the BF10 won't work.

        The BF6 should still though, but I get the error above. Second order on this account.

        • Does the product have a black friday banner?

  • Nice Clear, works on the Steeldive SD1970 & Addiesdive Tuna.

  • Cheers OP! 🍻

  • +1

    AEBF40 for $40 off US$250+ orders

  • nice.

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