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Myer: Up to 24% Cashback (10am-2pm, EXP) + [Westpac] Bonus 15% Cashback (All Day, $30 Cap) @ ShopBack


Reached out to GYB via DM to see what's on offer for Black Friday. Westpac deal

Myer - 24% (uncapped) between 10am-2pm + 15% Bonus via the Westpac Lounge (all day)

Footwear 24.00%
Fashion 24.00%
Accessories & Watches 24.00%
Lingerie & Sleepwear 24.00%
Beauty & Cosmetics 24%
Marketplace 12.60%
Home & Furniture 12.60%
Lifestyle, Toys & Games, Luggage & Travel 12.60%
Kids & Baby Clothing 12.60%
Entertainment & Electronics ( Includes General Appliances, Personal Care Appliances, Small Appliances, Heating and Cooling ) 12.60%
Food, Books & Magazines 12.60%

Referral Links

Referral: random (4102)

$30 for referrer, $10 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Users will need to fulfil the referral criteria within 180 days from referee's sign-up date to unlock cashback.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +25

    RIP Cashrewards' MYER deal today.

    • +4

      I was just about to leave work and saw this. My cart is full waiting for 6pm today. I'll wait till tomorrow lol

      • +7

        Same here! Cashrewards is just lacklustre these days.

        • Not sure why you got downvoted for a legit comment.

          • +5

            @firestint: People are diehard CR fans. Anyone questioning CR gets negged. TA fanbois

        • +2

          Agreed. Did they go public? So ordinary these days.

          Gone are the good cashback deals to get excited about that I barely even visit CR website anymore. SB gets all my clicks.

          The only thing I was using CR for was FCL and Liquorland upsized cashbacks but they gone now.

          • +3

            @Skramit: Yeah they've definitely gone soft after going public. I probably use 1x CR for every 10x I use SB nowadays.

          • +1

            @Skramit: You may be pleasantly surprised as I was to see FCL and Liquorland are back again on CR and SB. Just noticed today.

            • @Bigkevlovesabargain: Woah.

              People post “deals” when some indie game gets added to Xbox game pass but not when Alcohol just got cheaper?!

              Edit: 3.5% is nice at both CR and SB. But will be interesting if the same upsized cashbacks appear regularly again.

              • @Skramit: Yep, let’s see what the offer is tomorrow. I have hope!

                • +1

                  @Bigkevlovesabargain: The fanboism is weird. At the end of the day both are companies out to make a buck. Best company is the one that gives you the best deal in real time, and this changes all the time.

                  That said, I back the observation of the lackluster deals from CR these days. My SB:CR ratio the last six months is around 10:1. Here's hoping they step up their game.

                  In the end OZB people should be on top.

      • +1

        Surely won't get better than 24%.

  • Thanks!

  • +4

    Love it, sounds like a jetpack variety

  • +1

    Rayban sunglasses comes in fashion ?
    If I get one will they be tracked🤔

    • +1

      Just purchased some from the CashRewards deal and they tracked as the 22% back so assuming they do come under Adult Fashion & Accessories.

      • Thanks @Nomz

  • +1

    gonna be 45% cashback before end of the year the way they're going tit-for-tat

    • They gotta be struggling, surely.

  • Westpac rebranded/changed name?

  • 12.6% lego, come on go at least 20% for Black Saturday

    • +1

      with westpac 15%, it's pretty good actually. the problem is, current Myer lego sale ending today, so not sure if they'll have different sale tmrw.

      • Surely they'll have some things on the actual black friday.

      • Would have brought the millennium Falcon 75192 down to $890, but it’s out of stock now. People blew their load on the CR 10% cashback.

      • They change dates everyday for same sale. Check again.

    • +1

      All the good ones will be gone by then unfortunately 😕

  • +1

    Well fack me. Just bought from the ordinary directly in their sale.

  • Does this mean electronic will be 12.6% + 10% if using westpac (uncappedl) ?

    • +5

      The 12.6% is uncapped but Westpac is capped at $30, so a $220ish item (including GST) is the sweet spot for Westpac, you'd get about $55 Cashback if my maths is right. Can redeem multiple times if you're getting a couple smaller things tho.

      • Thanks got it.

      • +4

        Wait so I can split my cart into multiple purchases to get multiple instances of the 15% westpac Cashback?

        • +1

          Keen to confirm this too that it's not 1 westpac transanction per shopback account?

        • +1

          I want to know the same if both cashback (normal + Westpac) are per transaction?

      • +2

        Hey @gotyourback, can you please confirm if it's $30 per member or $30 per transaction for the Westpac bonus? I think this would make a huge difference to all of us :)

        • With how shockingly cagey @gotyourback is being about this, I'd assume it's the worst case i.e. per account.

          • +1

            @xrailgun: Lol, I assumed best case :( - per transaction.

            I just remember reading the typical comment by @gotyourback regarding this; "It's always per transaction unless specifically stated per account".

            However, please don't hold me accountable unless @gotyourback confirms!

            • @b-t: haha I'm trying to Cunningham Law them into confirming

          • +3

            @xrailgun: Hahaha cagey and I said above that you can redeem multiple times. To confirm, the Westpac Bonus is per transaction, meaning you can redeem multiple times so long as you exit the store and click through again from ShopBack in between purchases.


            • @gotyourback: Probably the least of your concerns, but this per-transaction cap + Myer's "return/exchange size for one shirt = voided cashback for entire cart" policy + Myer not batching shipping for some reason, probably add quite a bit of waste/cost in individual packaging and shipping.

    • +1

      Westpac 15%

      • Ah yes 15 westpac not 10, but GYB said its capped.

  • +1

    Was going to look at a pair of RM's, even with 25% off they're still exxy.
    $649 RRP is a joke.

    • Worth every cent.

      • +2

        But $650 is too much.

        • It isn't bargain prices…. but they will last you (depending on use case) a decade.

          • @basketcase86: There are about 5 other brands who are just as reputable, high quality, comfortable, and last just as long for ~~$100-$200 cheaper. Don't see why I'd randomly pay so much more for RMW.

            • +1

              @xrailgun: Hah. RMW. You could very well be right. I haven’t bothered checking others. Can only say that they are insanely good quality vs Myer type $150-200 shoes.

    • +1

      $420-$440 is the sweet spot for those iirc.

      Thanks for shopping with Myer Online.

      We're so sorry to advise that the item(s) at your nominated Click & Collect Store are out of stock.

      We apologise for the inconvenience caused and have processed a refund back to the payment method used on this order.

      I ordered "Comfort Craftsman Regular Fit Shoes in Chestnut" in size 8.5 G today at 10am on the dot, but sadly just got this email now. Seems fishy, as they still seem available to order/in-stock online. Perhaps even an unobtainable deal honestly.

      • Guess if everyone ordered at the same time they may have gone out of stock.
        They probably know that they'd have no issues selling them instore, and the sale has been going for a while.

        Cashback is a waste of effort half the time, especially if you have to exchange an item for a different size, the whole order is knackered.
        Just go and get some if you really want them.

  • Just bought stuff today…

  • Anything good for kids? Nephew 8, niece 5! Lol

    I hate shopping

  • +2

    Cash back for Myer one price?

    • +9

      Yeah the Myer one prices are auto applied discounts, you're good to go there. Cashback will be invalidated if you used Myer One points to purchase however.

  • +1

    24% off colognes is not bad

    • True, got link? Is the one available? 24% plus 15% cashback would be nice
      I wouldn't mind buying for that!

    • +1

      Damm Paco Rabanne
      1 Million EDT 100ml $160 Myer, $99 chemist warehouse lol

  • +4

    Rep, does Beauty & Cosmetics have any exlusions?

  • +1

    Shopback has raised @tightarse. Does CR call the bluff?? :D

  • Do Pillows fall into any cashback categories?

    • +3

      If they do, at least they’ll have a soft landing.

  • Does it work if you pay by gift cards?

    • -1

      Did you read the Shopback T&C?

  • Is it still eligible for the products with the 'take further 20% off' *banners? The discount gets applied at checkout. Is that ok or is it ineligible?

    Question is, do we wait for this tomorrow or do we jump on cr's current offer? Decisions, decisions…

    • Yes that's fine. I use those deals all the time as it automatically adjusts your cart, no coupon codes required.

  • I’m not using Cashrewards much these days. Shopback ftw again!

  • Don’t forget to check email for the Black Friday e-voucher offer from myer.

    • How much they usually offer? Just opted my account in to marketing anyway, hopefully still get it.

    • When did you get this email?

      • This Monday.

    • Would this invalidate cashback?

      • @gotyourback

        • Did you find out whether or not this would invalidate cashback?

    • Can one still get the cashback using the e-voucher?

  • +1

    Which category kitchen utensils falls into. Home?

  • +1

    Which category does Christmas fall into?

    • Festive?

    • also wanting to know the same thing

    • Yeah I want to get a Xmas tree. I imagine one of the 12.6% categories but would like to know

  • Oakley sunnies should come under accessories? Very tempted…

  • +5

    Even with 24% cashback, it's not worth it because Myer has jacked up the prices for it's Black Friday deals. Lots of stock prices have been jacked up, for eg. Gazman mens Harrington Jacket was listed for $79 only last month and had a cashback of 18% with Cashrewards. And presently it's list for $104 and that too for only the Myer One Members.It's just ridiculous. I'll be waiting for them to drop prices after this BF period is over.

    • +1

      Seen a few retailers do that on things I am keeping a track of.

      Cheeky buggers using FOMO and time pressure to make you buy thinking you got the deal of the century.

  • Just checked out with the regular CR offer. Will order again tomorrow and return my original order.

  • I'm assuming pots and pans are considered the appliances category…

  • +1

    Is normal + Westpac cashback per transaction or per user?

  • +1

    Do you know if garmin watches part of Electronic or Accessories & Watches?

    • Seems they would not be Accessories & Watches, according to this comment

  • Is this more worth it now or should I wait for tomorrow? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/814761

    (or not worth it at all?)

    • +2

      The banner say "Sale ends: 23/11/2023 11:59pm AEDT"

    • +1

      I will screenshot the Myer one discount, buy tomorrow with ShopBack and claim the difference with 28degree card

  • +1

    Why is this marked as "later today"? It should be "tomorrow"?

    • -1

      Westpac 15% off starts tomorrow. The bonus cashback is for 4 hrs only.

    • huh? marked up as tomorrow for me? how do u see later today?

      • What you see depends on your timezone, AEST vs AEDT

  • Bose will be 12.6%?

  • +2

    Hmmmm do kids shoes fall under Footwear?

    • would like to know this too @gotyourback!

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