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Rezi (AI Resume Platform) - Free Lifetime Deal - $0 (Normally US$129) @ Rezi


Coupon is case-sensitive

For anyone that missed the previous freebie coupon.

Lifetime as in the lifetime of the platform, of course.


  1. Go to the offer link and create an account
  2. Confirm your email
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and click on Upgrade and then type in the Coupon
  4. Use the thanksrezi coupon

Lifetime features:

  • Unlimited resume creation
  • Unlimited cover letter creation
  • Unlimited resume downloads
  • AI Resume Writer (need AI credits)
  • AI Cover Letter Writer (need AI credits)
  • Full access to keyword targeting
  • Full access to content analysis
  • Full access to Pro Samples
  • All resume templates
  • Add resume photo
  • Download as Microsoft .DOCX file, Google Drive

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  • -1

    Says expired

    • +6

      Working. Case sensitive

      • +1

        Thanks, just updated the post with this information.

  • +1

    Works for me thanks

  • +5

    Free lifetime data for Rezi to retain!?

    • +9

      put dummy data for name and contact , update in word

    • -4

      Rezi doesn't use your data for any other purpose, the founder @jakefromrezi said so here

      • +29

        Gosh then it must be true!

        • +5

          Golly gosh their privacy policy says the same thing

          Or are you going to imply that's a lie too?

          • +10

            @spaceflight: You really should assume that your personal data is not safe, no matter who you share it with.

            Once it's "out there" there is little to nothing that anyone can do to "reverse" it, if your personal information is stolen, hacked, or if the service or product is sold to another entity, or if privacy policy is changed (not to mention trying to enforce the existing privacy policy of an overseas entity from Australia is likely to be futile anyway), etc.

            I'm not trying to be argumentative, just saying that if you can't trust your personal information with a company such as Optus (or with whichever health insurance company which also got hacked recently, can't remember now, but it was a big one) then you really can't trust anyone.

            Btw, did Optus get fined or anything? Or were millions of their customers' personal information just stolen with no real consequences for Optus?

            I'm asking because I haven't heard anything about Optus yet.

            • +1

              @BooYa: Yes so let's assume that your personal data is not safe on Rezi.

              We're talking about resume data.

              Do you have a LinkedIn profile?

              • +4

                @spaceflight: No, I don't have a LinkedIn profile, but I don't have any online profiles which have my real personal information in it (except for Xbox which I created when I was young and unaware of the risks, but even there my real information is not on my public profile but in my Microsoft account payment method).

                But my point is not that just Rezi may not be a safe place to provide your personal information, my point is that no online space is immune from hacking or other abuse (Xbox/Microsoft included).

                So, like someone suggested earlier, it's probably better not to enter your personal information into Rezi or similar services, but create an alias and use X and Y for where you worked and for how long (as an example) then save and edit it using a different product/service such as Microsoft Office or Google Docs (or an Open Source equivalent if you feel it's safer).

                My point is about reducing the risk of having your personal information stolen from any online product or service, by keeping the number of entities who have access to your personal information to a minimum (because eliminating all risk is impractical and probably impossible).

                P.S. I don't even use my real personal information to buy from Amazon or Harvey Norman, etc.

                I change my name and address in small ways eg by changing the letter "i" to letter "l" or I "accidentally miss" a letter, so that I can still explain the mistake but collect the order or delivery even if I need to show photo ID and I have never had a problem with it.

                But I know that emails, SMSs etc sent to me which use these misspelled names are either scams (if they come from a different sender) or SPAM if they are sent from Amazon, Harvey Norman, etc, either way, it all usually goes in the delete bin without me opening them (especially if they are from an unexpected sender).

                • +2

                  @BooYa: Any bargains for tin foil hats lately? Asking for a friend who will get it delivered to John Smith next door and will only pay COD.

                  • @ck82: Joke if it makes you feel superior, or if you feel that you have nothing to lose, or if you're just ignorant.

                    I do my best to protect my identity because, if my identity was stolen, I DO have something to lose.

              • @spaceflight: Umm, do you put your home address and phone number on your linked in profile?

                • -1

                  @D3m3ntia: Does Rezi ask or require that information?

                  • @spaceflight: Does your CV not have any contact details?

                    • @D3m3ntia: Who puts their address on a resume, that's stupid.

                      • -3

                        @spaceflight: Cool, name calling, I think all the other Neanderthals are on Reddit. Thanks

                        • @D3m3ntia:

                          Cool, name calling

                          Strange why you would say that, I never came anyone names.
                          I said putting an address on a resume is stupid, which it is.

                          I think all the other Neanderthals are on Reddit. Thanks

                          Yet there you are calling me a Neanderthal.
                          Can you please go back to Reddit?

                      • @spaceflight:

                        Who puts their address on a resume
                        It seems reasonable to me, but probably only because I'm old enough that I remember getting notified of interviews by mail that needed a postal address.

          • +6

            @spaceflight: Oh cool!

            Like how Optus said they would abide by data retention laws yet had customer data far outside the 7 year retention standard because "lol I dunno whatever it's chill".

            • @Telios: Yeah that too, good point.

            • @Telios: Yeah. My details are out there now thanks to Optus and Medibank. I just assume everyone has my details now.

  • +1

    Worked for me too, thanks :)

  • +17

    Doesn’t include any AI credits… seems useless without them?

    • What dat is?

    • Yeah, it doesn't work without the AI credits.

    • +4

      guh, so many upvotes for something people didnt try

      • I upvote a lot of deals for Amazon books I'll never read, and a lot of courses I'll never do.

        Maybe we need a rating instead of an upvote, so these deals can get a 1, whereas deals that save us money get something closer to a 10.

        • +1

          id feel a deal vote + customer/consumer vote more efficient

  • Where is this AI going i wonder?

    • +10

      To literally steal your job. Submit a better version of your resume, take all the work from home jobs and then use all the money it earns to buy more data centre time.

    • +4

      Play "Detroit become human" ps4/5/pc and you will find out about our future and ai!

      I'm dead serious!

      • Hahaha, the shite I was trying to do in that game. It's scary of the possibilities but we ain't there yet, no way no how.

  • Excellent work OP! I don't need this but why not eh?

  • +1

    The Rezi builder is OK for people with less work experience, but when you move to over a couple of decades, it is better to do a manual resume or use tools like chatgpt.

    Personally, would use chatgpt if I need an updated resume.

    • It also works fine for those who have had a good solid history at the same company and just need something lightweight to highlight achieved outcomes and the evidence of measurable skill or value in previous roles. I've used it to submit the resume I used for my previous two promotions without problems. (Although I've never used any AI component to modify the resume)

      However, mileage will be different for each person due to the nature of many factors that go into the selection of suitable candidates given the resume is usually the first filter. Some people who hire spend about 5 seconds glancing over each resume and only deeply read if there is something of interest that captures their eye.

  • +3

    Didn't know what Rezi was but turned out I already had an account with a lifetime subscription.

  • +5

    How is this better than using plain chat gpt?

    • +3

      It's not, its basically chatgpt but they do the prompting for you

    • +5

      I used it extensively for a few months recently and it turned out pretty average results. I had more success with writing my own and getting suggestions from ChatGPT for tweaks for a particular advert. Any pure AI output was painfully obvious as they all seem to use an American language style. It may sound small, but it's really stands out in Australia.

  • Does anyone know how the Cover Letter creator works (and if works well?)
    Do you just feed the AI the job advert details (eg. Job ad title + short description of the advert) and it will pull from the data on your CV and write up a Cover Letter?

    • +1

      I tried it and it just regurgitates the points in the advert. Run it, then rewrite it in your own words.

  • Code expired error now

    Edit. It's not expired it needs to be all lower case

  • +1

    As others have said. Free is free, which is great. But unless you're going for an entry level position it creates more work than it saves.

    For mid level management or roles as an SME the generic fluff it creates will be spotted from a mile away.

  • This should be used as a foundational tool. I would recommend configuring it a lot as I can imagine how many recruiters are now bombarded with copy and paste AI generated applications

  • Based on my account, 5he benift of the member lifetime deal:
    - Unlimited Resumes
    - Unlimited Cover Letters
    - Unlimited PDF + DOCX Download
    - Export in Google Drive
    - Full Content Analysis Tools
    - Full AI Keyword Targeting
    - Alternative & Compact Format
    - Add Resume Photo
    - Priority User Support Response

    Doesn't include AI resume writer and AI cover letter writer (need credit). OP should update the inclusion as above and seperate the inclusion with the AI resume and cover letter writer.

    It is like say you will get any pro app lifetime free with extra cost to remove adv.

  • +5

    As someone who is about to lose their job due to spending too much time browsing ozbargain, this is going to come in very handy real soon.

    Thank you.

  • It worked, thank you OP!

  • Works perfectly. Thanks 🙂

  • Thanks resi

  • Any one tried the Ai interciew yet ??

    • What's your biggest work related weakness?

  • the code works, but the AI is useless. just templates

  • Probably not going to use it but I signed up anyways. Thanks!

  • Thanks OP.

    Code still works. I just used it.

  • Is the website working?

  • Thanks for this. Confirmed its still working

  • +1

    When something is free like this… you're the product.

  • You still have to pay for Pro mode.

  • -1

    "It's a trap" - Admiral Ackbar

  • Code works for me with some very basic suggestions and poor re-writing skills.

    bit average - generates a simple resume though!

    EDIT now fails when generating the cover letter

  • Reading the comments, I guess I better stay with chat gpt.

  • +1

    Yeh as others pointed out, the 'free subscription' is total BS. The real value is hidden behind "AI credits". I gave it a try to see how far they stretch. Something as simple as generating a single bullet point under a job experience heading burned through 400 credits and gave a result no better than blind prompting ChatGPT. Questionable value at best, crosses the line into scam vibes with the fake 'everything free' subscription.

  • great

  • Amazing, thank you!

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