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PNY RTX 4070 12GB Dual Fan Graphics Card $823.20 ($802.62 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Smarthomestoreau eBay


Looks like a new low for a decent card. And it's small enough to fit most cases! Comparable performance to the RX 7800 XT from this deal.

Product page says more than 10 available as of writing.

Combine with $10 eBay Plus for more discount.

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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        4070 ti should be this price lol

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          Ti super should be in this price..

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          I see their marketing tactics have worked well.

          4080 strix should be this price. And it should come with the stupid carry pouch, poster and "elite gamerz klub" membership

        • Yamum is this pruce

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        some are easily satisfied

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    Been eyeing this deal since last week. It comes down to $754 with the gift card exchange offer which is tempting but I still don't see it as great value and can't really justify upgrading to it from a 2080 super

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      Yeah, I'm in the same boat. 2070s here, but also having a hard time justifying some ~$750 for just some games running on ultra instead of high presets.

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        is this the best value atm though, if you didn't have a graphics card?

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          if you want to play at 1440p then this is pretty much on point,

          at 1080p there are plenty of much cheaper options,

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            @Rod M: 1080p best value may be 6700XT ??

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              @Naigrabzo: yea, or the 3060it or 3070 if you want an nvidia,

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          Assuming it suits your needs I reckon it's the best value in the 40 series, yep. If I had to buy a gpu right this second it'd be this.

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          Best value is the exmining RX 6800 with one year warranty for $460.

        • No it's shit value. Get an rx6600

          In all honesty why would you upgrade a 2080s? Especially in an era of gpu price gouging

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        Same have been running my 2070s for few years and looking for a white gpu for new build.. but the 4070ti at $1.3k is too much lol

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          You can wait for 4080 super etc to drop. Then reevaluate.

          • @Naigrabzo:

            • me hoping 4080 super is better and cheaper…now wouldnt that be a dream
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        Im glad im not the only one in the 2070S predicament

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          Still kicking with my 980ti

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          I have a 6600xt which is the same with worse memory architecture.

          nfi why I would need to upgrade. All my online fps games run over 100fps 1440p high/ultra. Games like FS2020 will run 40fps on a 3080 anyway

          I also got a steady 40fps 1080p on my old GTX 970 playing cyberpunk too.

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      I wouldn't. I have the same GPU as you and if decide to upgrade, i would opt for at least 16GB VRAM. I still run decent titles on 4K 60p

      • I'm hoping the upcoming new super cards create some better value either themselves or in these current cards, but I'm ready to be disappointed.

        • IMO, the GPU monopolies rather prefer the consumer to pay top overpriced dollars. So I doubt that you will see value in the forthcoming future. There are too many people paying exorbitant prices for GPU's. If you are a gamer, then you're better off buying an Xbox series X or PS5 for $700, as they run 4K games well. Then keep your trusty older GPU, such as my RTX2080S (I have purchased for $200 recently off FB believe it or not) for general computing and PC games (the free Epic games & non-console games… etc) that can do with some tweaking to run smoothly. That is what I have done. I am no way going to spend $2.5K+ on a 'respectable 4K' GPU because of Nvidia & AMD playing games to profiteer.

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      I never see a point in upgrading unless I can double the output at a reasonable price. So I'll be waiting a few more years for my 2080 super upgrade.

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    RTX 4xxx Super series rumored to be announced this coming January.
    Not saying it will fix current gen pricing but at the very least more options and points of comparison to those who can wait.

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      TLDR, buy NVDA shares so you can afford the 5080 when it is released

      When PNY and Gigabyte prices move, it means the refresh cards are already being produced

      NV will not provide any new value, just more segmentation to give you the illusion of choice:

      4070 12GB = street price settles at AU$800
      4070 Super 12GB = 10-15% faster than 4070, pricing starts at AU$1K
      4070 Ti 12GB = street price settles at AU$1.2K
      4070 Ti Super 16GB = 10-15% faster than 4070 Ti 12GB plus extra VRAM, pricing starts at AU$1.5K
      4080 16GB = street price remains at AU$1.8K
      4090 24GB = street prices accelerate past AU$3K because of the China ban

      Intel Battlemage and AMD mid-tier RDNA 4 might provide a few sub $1K options for 4070 Ti 16GB level performance but for those who think the discrete GPU market will reset back to the 1080 Ti days, keep dreaming

      You will be left with the choice of budget APU's from Intel/AMD, consoles that replace the PC mid-tier and expensive 50 series from NV with AMD/Intel providing a few "value" choices that are 10-20% cheaper

      • Any thoughts on what you think the "4080 Super" street pricing might be in AUD?

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          Given the $300 jump from the 4070 variants, I would suspect a $300 increase at minimum. So $2100+

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          I believe it is assumed that the 4080 super will replace the current 4080

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            @povogamer: If the 4080 Super cards replace the 4080 cards, i wonder what prices the 4080 will drop to.

            Moores law is dead YouTube channel suggested that it's possible NVIDIA will sell 4080 Supers for $1000 USD which would be interesting.

            At 12:23

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              @huju: yeh that's the only hope - that there's some truth to the rumour that the 4080 vanilla wont continue to be produced (4080S will replace completely) and so we get some stock clearances… but I aint holding ma breath….

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          $1.8K to $2K

      • 4090 24GB = street prices accelerate past AU$3K because of the China ban

        Could you elaborate on this one please?

        Edit: wait what the hell is this? US are banning 4090's from shipping to China, and China are stopping them from being produce in their factories?

          • @Look Up: This is kind of annoying and seems… ineffective? Couldn't they just horizontally scale the weaker cards like 4080's?

            P.S. I've been trying to pick up used 3090's when they're cheap, do you think this will have an impact?

            • @idonotknowwhy:

              Couldn't they just horizontally scale the weaker cards like 4080's?

              No - in AI, VRAM is everything and NV deliberately cutting NVLink on 40 series makes it worse

              …do you think this will have an impact?

              Yes - if 24GB 4090's rise in value, then 24GB 3090's will do the same

              • @Look Up:

                No - in AI, VRAM is everything and NV deliberately cutting NVLink on 40 series makes it worse

                Yeah I guess, though on the 30 series, it was only on the 3090's, and (at least on mine), I can only connect 2 together with that expensive nvlink bridge.

                You can still go via the PCI-E bus (same speed for inference), so at best they'll be slowed down doing 16GB (4080) per PCI-E bus vs 24GB (4090)?

                Yes - if 24GB 4090's rise in value, then 24GB 3090's will do the same

                Cheers, I'll have to pull the trigger faster then. 3090's can do things 4080's cant.

      • Can't see the 4070 Ti and 4080 hanging around long after the refresh, while the 4070 Super will drive down the prices of the remaining stack. That pretty much saturates every affordable bracket for NVIDIA, and they'll just go aggressively against whatever Intel and AMD put up.

        RDNA 4 is a bust, just looking to soak in decent money from the loyalists while getting the most out of every wafer. 50 series will be something of a return to normalcy as consumers gain the benefits of the AI revolution instead of just the costs.

        Share price doesn't exactly have much more headroom until the next generation of cards, even if Q* came out tomorrow. Even then, they can't keep pressing consumers, or they'll alienate a generation of future workers by pricing them out of the ability to tinker and play.

        Intel are now the #2 player in terms of the hardware design, and RDNA5 seems to be the correction for AMD, so people will just shift then if NVIDIA keeps pressing aggressively with R&D and software costs.

        • Pretty much I'd be more likely to buy INTC than NVDA at this point. They really need to invest in software though (drivers for gaming, software for AI)

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    My 1080 Ti from 6 years ago has 11GB DRAM, for which I paid around the same price as this. What's going on?

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      Ain't that the truth. Long Live the 1080Ti.

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      What's going on?

      AMD's failure with RDNA 3 and collusion with NV on current gen pricing

      Intel's delays with Arc so Battlemage does not appear until June at the earliest

      NV knows gamers are soft and weak willed so they keep jacking up prices knowing full well people will keep buying them

    • That was honestly a fantastic card! There was no reason to upgrade it at all throughout the 20/20S series.

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      Well people seem think this is a bargain. So they must've been like 8 years old when the 1080ti came out. Why else would they lap up an $800 gpu with a 192 shitrate.

      If you're referring to the 38 upvotes that's completely normal on ozmsrp/ozminers, the upvotes come from the impatient people who paid too much for a card and are happy prices aren't falling. It justifies them overpaying in their mind.

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    I own this card,

    short review is: under stress Temp is on the high 70 range in room temperature with good case airflow, tear down the card reveal the back plate is covered with plastic on the back side with no thermal pad.
    Default BIOS have 200w power limit with no ability to increase, flashed ASUS BIOS with provides 216w+8% headroom. Though it peak at about 210w, 4070 don't know how to use additional power by the look of it?

    btw I send mine to Bykski to for them to model a waterblock for this PCB earlier this year, so Bykski waterblock is available for this very model.

    • Seems silly to have plastic back plate???

      How's the thermals now with water block??

      • It's a metal plate, but with plastic insulator and no thermal pad, in another word, it's a heat insulator.

        after applying waterblock, 180w ish @ 50c.

    • 4070 don't know how to use additional power by the look of it?

      Max 230W with custom VRM and waterblock

      btw I send mine to Bykski to for them to model a waterblock for this PCB earlier this year, so Bykski waterblock is available for this very model.

      Looks nice for AU$300 though a standard 4070 Ti comes to the same total $1.1K

      • +2

        I borrowed my card to them to model PCB, meaning they give me the block for free as return.

        If you order straight from their shop at taobao, it cost 650 CNY so less than $140, factor $20 ish shipping = $160, similar to if you buy a high-end card.

        the card you referring to have a 250watt BIOS and adjustment, if I wasn't mistaken, so…. 230w is relatively low.

    • Yup, hence why I reluctantly bit the bullet and paid a bit more ($845 with code and GCs, but with Alan Wake 2 bonus) to get the Asus Dual for my ITX build - runs cooler and quieter than the PNY

      • well to be fair high 70 is still relatively cool (at least this card has a usable cooler and ain't full garbage.) but with the tiny price difference you definitely made the right move.

        now my PNY card with waterblock runs the same BIOS as yours, we are equal :)

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    Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4070 WINDFORCE OC 12GB GDDR6X

    $818.22 eb+


    and it's got THREE fans. That's 50% better! :-)

    • Same codes?

      • +1

        says BF22AU for me (ebay plus)

        Jokes aside, I'm wondering if 3 fans would actually be better for lower noise levels. I assume either card is fan-off-silent when not under load.

  • Sorry guys, but How do i use the Coupon code? I try to use on the checkout, but it says that "This code can't be applied to your order."

    • Do you have ebay plus membership?

      • I don't.

        In my case, I should be able to get the 20% discount right?

        • Have you already used the code 5 times in your household?

        • That might be the BFDEAL code.

  • This graphic card is as expensive as my newly ordered gaming PC (Ryzen 5 5600 Asus / 16GB / TUF B550M-E WiFi / PNY 3060 Ti 8GB…)

    I know what I am getting (more than enough), will keep buying NVIDIA shares ;-)

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